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Unfortunately Binkly has been unable to continue to keep his website Neck Brace Appreciation Klub (NBAK) up and running and it has meant the story section was lost as well. I decided that the stories were too valuable to lose and have started asking authors permission to repost their stories here (I have been unable to contact Binkly). If anyone knows Binkly, or one of the authors please ask them to contact me asap.

The Job

At 33 I was in a job that was going nowhere. I am a software engineer, and have won a few professional awards for my work. My job was getting stale. I was looking for a new challenge. I carefully … Continue reading

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The Girl Next Door

Chapter One I had just turned twenty and was off on my own at college and totally independent for the first time in my life and just lovin’ it,.the campus was really small,  so, as a result they had a … Continue reading

The Flight Attendant

Chapter One – “Checking in” The flight from SFO to Vancouver was a routine, mundane flight that I took a few times a year, and this flight was really no different than others I had taken in the past except … Continue reading

The Change

Chapter One It is the beginning of my second month living full time as a female. I am becoming more adept in my new life every day. Getting the job really helped. Oh I am a much better machinist than … Continue reading

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The Brace

I was having pains in my back so I went to see a physiatrist. He had me start a regimen of exercises which stretched my leg muscles. After three weeks my pain had not gotten any better. I went to … Continue reading

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The brace came off with ease XXX

The brace came off with ease, I had undone it so many times in the past, not to mention the past weeks. Anna seemed satisfied that things were now going her way. Mostly because I didn’t want to lose her, … Continue reading

The Attic

The door opened slowly, and I could hear him walking towards me. I strained my eyes toward the direction of the door but as usual wound up seeing little other than the far reaches of the ceiling. He took his … Continue reading

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Tech Conference

I was on my way to a computer technical conference. I had decided before I left that I was going to wear my Malibu Collar for as long as I could. About two miles away from home I took it … Continue reading

Tam’s Milwaukee Experience XXX

How Tammy and I initially meet is not important, but suffice it to say it was in an unusual way and completely by chance. As we talked more, we both discovered that each of us had a very similar appetite … Continue reading

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Student Loan

Chapter One Let me start by first introducing myself before telling you my story. My name is Heather and I am a 24-year-old college senior working on a degree in physical therapy. I had exhausted all of my educational grants … Continue reading