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The Mask (Andy)

I wear a mask to hide who I am inside; My mask makes me look plan, Like everyone else; It makes me look boring, uninteresting, and plan; But really underneath inside I am a person, I am a person; a … Continue reading

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Not a normal life (Andy)

Introduction As I write this I writ it from my perspective. I write it as if it was me who this was happening to. Now in this I write some sexual stuff. It may sound as if it is gay, … Continue reading

My Vegas Trip (Wheelmouse)

To be totally honest, this diary begins on the second day of my vacation. The first day, we left for the airport at five, got there, got on the plane, etc. After getting off the plane, getting our rental car, … Continue reading

Lab Animals (Fred)

This story was sent to me a while ago from Fred.  I apologise now for not posting it straight away.  It is a revised version of the story Lab Animals (I’m sorry I can’t remember where Fred posted it first).   … Continue reading

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Hiking (Rorschach)

I was going through some old files, and came across this story that I must have written ages ago. Well really a year or so…anyway it’s incomplete and I have no plans to finish it so I’m entering it into … Continue reading

Coming Out (Mya)

Part One As long as Mya could remember she wanted a chair. Everybody knew it, because she used to whine to her parents about it. When she went to school she made comments about them that her friends thought were abnormal. … Continue reading

A member’s life story (Alp)

I forced myself to remember when my first intention to be a handicapped and resume with such a story. Having a house in a garden, lot of friends around me, about 5 years old we moved to an apartment, my … Continue reading

A Fantasy or a Nightmare (Andy)

Chapter 1 It was late at night and Bob was sleeping peacefully in his comfy warm bed. He had been asleep for a couple of hours now, and everything seamed to be a peaceful night. Suddenly a hand grabbed Bob’s … Continue reading

A day at the mall (Wavering)

The hand rails on the stairs rotated as a silhouette of a wheelchair as he looked over at the bookstore upstairs. But then this was common for things to first be taken in this way. Robin’s thoughts always seemed to … Continue reading

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