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This is just a little update, I guess kind of to give you insight into my day to day life.  I don’t go shopping very often at all, most of my clothes are threadbare, I’m terrible at shopping and I … Continue reading

Packers don’t complain

Part One As I stood at the packing belt, all I could think of was how badly my back hurt.  I would never complain because I know that the majority of my workmates’ backs hurt as well, but the pain … Continue reading

My new old chair

I finally have a chair of my own!  Hopefully I’ll have a job too! Well…I had soooooooo much fun yesterday. I had a job interview in a city an hour away from where I live. I’d spent too much time … Continue reading


Part One Krista is in bed enjoying her weekend lie in when suddenly two paramedics burst in her room claiming a terrible accident. SLAM!!!!!!!!! “Arhhhh who are you? What are you doing in my room?” “No need to panic Miss, … Continue reading

Having a Ball

Last night I was invited to a Ball that was being run at my church.  I had previously made arrangements to go home to “raid my parents’ fridge” but in typical fashion someone texted me at the last minute.  I … Continue reading

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Chrissy’s Perfect Life

Part One She awakes to hear the chirping of the birds. As she stretches out her fingers and slides her hands along her bed she wonders to herself why is it that a bed always feels it’s best when you … Continue reading

An adventure to remember

Yesterday afternoon Sean and I decided we’d meet for tea in his city, since he only lives an hour away from me.  I had to leave straight away to do some errands and I noticed my battery was dying.  So … Continue reading

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A sad end to an unfortunate way of life

Please note I would never do this to myself, as you know I am not this sort of person.  I sat down tonight and this story sort of wrote itself.  I can only hope it does not take such a … Continue reading

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A movie and a wheel

Last night/evening I felt the strongest urges ever. I discarded all my worries and fears and actually wheeled in public in the city I live in. I checked the movie schedule on the internet and proceeded to my room to … Continue reading

A day in the future

Part One Here is a time that all us transabled people wish would come about.  Unfortunately for most of us it is still a long way off but this is a scenario we can all see ourselves in (or is … Continue reading