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Chapter One WANTED- Earn $3000.00 in six weeks + bonus. Reputable medical testing company needs short term subjects for R&D testing. Call: (xxx)xxx-xxxx I took another sip of coffee and read it for the third time. Hmmmm, three thousand dollars … Continue reading


Chapter One This story will be coming to you from two different perspectives mine and my husband’s. First thing that you should know is that my husband is a doctor of orthopedics. He deals with everything from casting broken bones … Continue reading

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Heaven or Hell

Chapter One How Tammy and I initially meet is not important, but suffice it to say it was in an unusual way and completely by chance. As we talked more, we both discovered that each of us had a very … Continue reading

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Full Metal Jacket XXX

Chapter 1 – The Introduction. It is only after several years that I am finally able to come to terms with what happened in 1995 on my final ever business trip and finally relate my story to you. In many … Continue reading

For Starters

I had scoliosis, I did not know until the school nurse sent me home with a note asking my parents to take me to my doctor for a follow up thorough examination to determine if indeed I have scoliosis and … Continue reading

First Hand Experience

Oh boy. I was really in the doghouse now. I sat at the couch quietly, listening to the sounds coming from the kitchen as my wife banged around pots and pans. I had just broken the news of my fetish … Continue reading

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