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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Anti Overheat – Wheeling Down a Long Hill

While I was traveling through Athens, I met with quite a few obstacles that I don’t normally encounter at home. One day, I came up to this really long hill, which was the inspiration for this trick. This hill was … Continue reading

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The Back Tip

By: Leandre Casselman The Back Tip To catch yourself mid-fall, twist quickly to one side and extend your arm closest to the side you’re twisting to, in order to catch your fall. Make sure to not lock your elbow. At … Continue reading

Going Up a Ramp

The problem with wheeling up a ramp with stuff on your lap is that when you push forward with both of your hands your body moves forward as well, sometimes pushing the object off of your lap or sometimes the … Continue reading

Seated Tire Removal

Here’s a simple one for when you’re alone & don’t feel like getting out of your chair to change your tires. First find a place where you can lean up against (with the new tire you want to put on … Continue reading

Going Up and Down an Escalator

GOING UP Facing forward, position yourself to make sure your rear wheels are wedged between the two steps (i.e. not teetering on the edge of one) – this will happen naturally or you will fall. Make sure that if you’re … Continue reading

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Getting In and Out of a Car Alone

By: Rich Vanderwal Getting in Wheel up to the door, open it & lift yourself into the seat. Make sure to pressure chair (front-first) up against the open car door so it doesn’t roll away on you (you can see … Continue reading

Wheelie Curb Escape

Ever been stuck wheeling around a parking lot looking for a way out, having to go way out of your way just to escape the wall of parking blocks? Well this trick is for you. As shown in the pictures … Continue reading

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Going Down Stairs Forward

This is an advanced trick. Try it with someone behind you and in front of you for the first time. Use only on long steps so that you can pause between each step. If you are going to fall, fall … Continue reading

Curb Hop

This is the conventional way to “jump” curbs. It’s all about timing. As you come towards the curb you need to get in a wheelie, while trying not to loose speed. Then the second your back wheels hit the curb … Continue reading

Chair Hop

This trick takes a bit of practice but is well worth the effort. It’s especially useful on extra high curbs and steps or times when a run up isn’t possible. First get your front wheels on top of the step, … Continue reading