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Warning:  This story discusses gang rape, don’t read it if you don’t want to read about rape! ———- Chelsea was walking back to her car when she saw four large Maori men walking towards her.  The one in front was … Continue reading

Dream Come True

Chapter One There it was. The chance I have always waited for! I got the chance to work as a probationer in a company in Germany. I was a 22 years old male student that lived on a developing country, … Continue reading

Dream Come to Life

I simply can not take it any more. I can not concentrate at home or work. All I think about is my back and bracing. I have so much pain whenever I am very active physically or don’t get enough … Continue reading

Diary of an Orthopaedic Slave XXX

I awoke feeling very woozy. Something was definitely different, definitely not the same. First of all I noticed that something was filling my mouth, and seemed to be making my throat sore. As my eyes regained their focus (as much … Continue reading

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Oh God! Three days later I still can’t believe what is happening to me. I’m 16 and my life has really been turned upside down. I live in a foster home and during a routine physical I made the mistake … Continue reading

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I met Sue after a motorcycle accident several years ago. As a result of that accident, my left knee joint and left collarbone was severely damaged, and surgery was required to put things back in place. When I came to … Continue reading


Growing up all I could ever think about was getting a cast. The attention that the casted person got was incredible, and I wanted to be at the centre of that attention. I remember vividly the girl in High school, … Continue reading

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Back in a CTLSO

Chapter One The answer to the first of my questions to my orthotist confirmed what I had already suspected – that I was wearing the only one of my rigid neck braces that I could combine with the back brace … Continue reading

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A Wish for All Seasons

Well, the holidays are upon us and I wish you the very merriest Christmas and a joyful New Years. Once upon a time I recall a Christmas wish being granted that was very upsetting and somehow at the same time … Continue reading

Braces on me

Chapter One This whole brace thing started when I was about ten years old ,and a girl a couple grades ahead of me in school had polio and had to wear a afo mounted to a saddle shoe (early fifties).when … Continue reading

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