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This is just a little update, I guess kind of to give you insight into my day to day life.  I don’t go shopping very often at all, most of my clothes are threadbare, I’m terrible at shopping and I always feel guilty spending money.  I feel guilty in a supermarket.

I went to Kmart yesterday to get a shirt for an interview I’m having soon.  Before that I had to go to the petrol station to pump my tyres up.  The right one was so deflated I was almost wheeling on the rim.  I got to the petrol station and the stupid air thing was weird and took a while to figure out.  LOL, I noticed a nice warning next to it saying it was only for use on cars.

I then wheeled across the road and into Kmart.  I got a nice greeting from the security guard and that made me think.  I have a backpack tied to the back of my chair as you will have noticed in some of my photos.  It’s a decently sized backpack, a nice size to hide things in.  If I’d been walking in with that backpack he would have asked to check my bag, but since I was wheeling in he smiled, said hello and I went on my way.

Kmart was so packed it took me a while to get to the clothes section.  I’ve never really liked their clothes section, it’s so badly organised it looks like a second hand thrift store.  The only shirt I found that was decent wasn’t on special…drat!  I took it to the changing rooms and sat there at the door.  The lady says “is that all you want to try on?”  I told her yes.  She then went and had to clear out the larger room, she had conveniently been using it to organise underwear and store trolleys etc!  I got in there, closed the door and went to put the shirt on.  The shirt fitted mostly fine…except for one minor detail.  My freaking arms have gotten bigger/tighter and they wouldn’t fit in the sleeves properly, I had to get the next size up :’(

I then wheeled out into the mall and went to the ATM machine so I could check my balance and get money out for my train trip.  There were lovely long lines in front of all of them and when I finally got to it I had a bit of a cry over my balance.  Things are going to be a bit tight this week…at least I have my wheelchair.

Oh, one last note, I got a lovely email today and I posted it in the forum for people’s comments so make sure you take a look.

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3 Responses to Shopping

  1. polio Pet says:

    Hey sister..why don’t you sit outside the store in your chair and beg for spare change ?
    Make a sign and say you are collecting money for poor crippled people in India ..
    Put donations into a box ..
    (buy yourself some leg braces for x-mas ?)

    • Kacey says:

      I have thought about begging for money, but I really am in a bad place that I need every penny I can get. The only public assistance I get currently is food stamps. No cash assistance, no unemployment, and I am up to my ears in all kinds of debt, medical debt, rent, utility bills, and I am about to be homeless.

  2. Ahiru says:

    Why would I want to do that? I don’t use a wheelchair for the attention, I use a wheelchair because I have BIID.