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Monthly Archives: February 2011

New Tires

My wheelchair came with flat rubber tires. They were great on smooth surfaces. Very fast. Nice natural rubber, I’ve never seen anything like that on American wheelchairs. They were great for two months. They handled water and ice. But then … Continue reading

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Children with Disabilities in Books: Then and Now

Children with Disabilities in Books: Then and Now By Alexandra Jefferds “Individual and Social Experience of Disability” University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Science Dr. Katherine D. Seelman November 2008 This review examined trends in short children’s picture … Continue reading

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Earlier Heaven: Chapter 2

Earlier Heaven (c) 2008 Alexandra Jefferds All rights reserved Chapter 2 Theresa had difficulty getting Colin’s words out of her head. She said very little during the dinner, but later pressed Fiona for information in private, in an attempt to … Continue reading

Earlier Heaven: Introduction and Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Earlier Heaven, a novel with several characters with disabilities. Continue reading

Mushy Brain

I went today to Goodwill store. I love Goodwill. It’s a thrift store that looks more like a department store than a second hand store. It doesn’t have a musty smell. It has a lot of nice stuff and a … Continue reading

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Wheelchair etiquette for devotees

You are happily browsing through books in a bookstore or maybe you are on a mission of getting another six pack in a grocery store, when suddenly from the corner of your eye you spot her. Or him. Sitting in … Continue reading