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Earlier Heaven: Chapter 2

Earlier Heaven (c) 2008 Alexandra Jefferds All rights reserved Chapter 2 Theresa had difficulty getting Colin’s words out of her head. She said very little during the dinner, but later pressed Fiona for information in private, in an attempt to … Continue reading

Earlier Heaven: Introduction and Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Earlier Heaven, a novel with several characters with disabilities. Continue reading

Jaime’s Wheelchair Project (Jaime Smith)

With the help of Kim, Miles, Jeff and Bill Stanton A True Story My name is Jamie. I’m a 33 year-old woman with a good job. I also have a happy marriage to a wonderful man. In addition to a … Continue reading

Wife in Training XXX

Well, the night came for me to introduce my wife to neck binding heaven.  She didn’t want to at first but said “That’s a neck brace isn’t it?”  I then proceeded to put it around her neck. After a little … Continue reading

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Weekend Trip

On a recent weekend I took a trip to visit a friend. Since I had recently received a Minerva Brace from Peter at casting supplies, I decided that I would try it out during the drive. I have tried it … Continue reading

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To Have and Hold

Chapter One Christy and I have had an interesting relationship over the years. She tends to be the dominant one, while I have tended to be somewhat submissive. That’s not to say that I roll over and do whatever she … Continue reading

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Chapter One – Admission The ad had been intriguing – “Fantasy Medical Hospital – Real Hospital, Real Doctors, Real Nurses, Real Procedures”. I’d always been fascinated by recreational orthopedics, and had wanted to “live out” treatment for something, without having … Continue reading

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The University of Milwaukee

Chapter One This story begins in lecture hall at a large Midwestern university where I was sitting through the final segment of an interminable microbiology lecture. Rather than listening to the professor, my thoughts were drifting off to the coming … Continue reading

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The Truth XXX

Chapter One I have been a bracer for a long time and I really enjoy stories about braces. I decided to write a story of my own, partly because I needed to get it out of my system, but also … Continue reading

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The Real Deal

Today, the doctor’s office called while I was still in school. They informed my mom that my brace was ready if I was able to come in for a brace fitting. My mom took the liberty to set up a … Continue reading

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