where wheelchair users and BIID/transabled unite!


Chapter One – Admission

The ad had been intriguing – “Fantasy Medical Hospital – Real Hospital, Real Doctors, Real Nurses, Real Procedures”. I’d always been fascinated by recreational orthopedics, and had wanted to “live out” treatment for something, without having to undergo the pain of actually breaking a bone or having surgery. I called the number, and made an appointment for an Entrance Interview. I was told to plan spending the entire day there.

I arrived at the address twenty minutes early, and was pleased to find it was indeed a real hospital. Built in the late 40’s or early 50’s, it was a small, single-floor building spread out on several acres of land. Trees, and a large hedge, hid most of it from view. Going in, I followed the signs to the Admission Office, where I was greeted by a pretty lady whose name tags said she was Lori. Her uniform, starched white and from the same era as the hospital, bespoke of professionalism and dedication to duty.

I was taken into an office where I was seated before a large walnut desk. Behind it was a matronly woman in her early 50’s, who introduced herself as Doctor Mills. She asked me questions, such as why I was there, how had I come to know of the hospital, what I hoped to experience, and what my interests were. After about forty minutes of discussion, she summoned Nurse Lori and told her to take me into the Admissions Examination Room.

Out the door, down the hall (white linoleum floors, aqua green tiles halfway up the walls), and around a corner I was led, into a room which, at first glance, I first thought was for eye examinations. The room was dark, with a large chair in the middle of the room, much like a dentist’s chair, facing a screen on one wall. Lots of electronic instruments on a cart beside the chair. A computer console on a desk next to the wall. Hoses and fittings at a counter behind the chair. Very impressive.

Lori explained that this room was used to test a gauge a person’s reactions to various situations. I’d be sitting in the chair, and images would be shown on the screen in front of me, and my reaction would be measured and recorded. I asked how they would be measuring my reaction, and she turned to the cart and retrieved a device which looked like a section of vacuum cleaner hose with wires attached. The device, she explained, would be placed on my penis, and would measure increases and decreases in erection size. I must have looked shocked, because she added that I would not be exposed to any pain or discomfort. She then told me to remove all my clothing, and to sit in the chair.

Sheepishly, I did as I was told, not wanting to seem a wimp so early on. Once I was naked, I settled into the chair, which I discovered was covered in lamb’s wool. Very soft, very comfy. Once I was settled in, Nurse Lori produced a pair of sheepskin-lined wrist restraints, and started to place them on my arms. As she did so, she explained that many men who underwent this had a tendency to unconsciously fondle themselves when they were shown something they found highly stimulating. The restraints were merely to prevent me from interfering with the device. A second set of similar restraints were placed on my ankles. Nurse Lori then walked behind the chair, and the next thing I knew, a nose mask, like the kinds dentists use, was being placed on my face. I looked up at the nurse, and she explained that men were usually very tense when they first came to the hospital, and that it was essential that the subject be relaxed during the Admissions Examination, to get readings which were the most accurate. Cool air emanated from the mask, with a sweet smell. In almost no time at all my fingers and toes started tingling.

Nurse Lori then proceeded to place the measuring device on my penis. Made of latex, it slipped over my member easily. Once in place, a slight humming was heard, and the device started shrinking to fit snugly on my penis. It stopped before it got tight. Wires and a couple of tubes led from the end of it to the computer console. Once it was fitted, Nurse Lori put a large, warm blanket over me, and then sat down at the computer console. The lights dimmed, and the show began.

I was shown lots of still images of people wearing casts, splints and braces, pictures of people in traction, in wheelchairs, or just in bed. Each image stayed on the screen for 15-20 seconds, and then went on to the next. They were seemingly in no particular order, other than they all dealt with some aspects of orthopedics. After about 30 minutes, though, other medical images started being shown; catheters, oxygen masks, feeding tubes, enemas, tracheal tubes, bandages, sutures, injections, IV’s, colonoscopies, tracheotomies, endoscopies, skeletal fixation (both internal and external), amputation, cystoscopies, etc. This went on for another 30 or 40 minutes, after which then screen went dark. Nurse Lori explained that the baseline data was being compiled now, and that while the computer was doing so, she wanted to show me some images that were sexual in nature, but not medically related. I then spent about 45 minutes seeing images of all kinds of sexual activity – straight sex, bi-sex, homosexual episodes, bondage, discipline, torture, all kinds of rubber and leather devices and equipment, corsetry, body piercing – like the medical images, things which I knew about, some things which I enjoyed seeing, and others which I didn’t care for. When it was done, Nurse Lori explained that knowing what a patient displaced, as well as what they liked, was important to them providing a pleasant experience for their patients. Placing a heterosexual patient with homosexual staff would not endear them to their patients.

Apparently finished with the testing, Nurse Lori removed the device from my penis, then washed and dried it. However, she then turned the lights down again, and walked behind the chair. An added bonus of the examination, she whispered in my ear, and then a fur-covered blindfold was placed over my face. The smell of the gas at my nose got stronger, and my ears started ringing. The next thing I know, a fur-gloved hand grasped my penis and started stroking it. After a moment, a tongue started flicking over the head, and a moment after that my shaft was engulfed by a soft, wet mouth. The fur-gloved hand moved down to my scrotum, and began messaging my balls. My head swimming from the nitrous oxide, I found myself unable to hold back, and exploded in a spasmatic orgasm. The mouth never left, and as the intensity of the experience started to wane, I felt it sucking furiously, trying to remove every drop of fluid. Another moment and I passed out.

When I came to, I was still sitting in the chair, though I was completely dressed, and the lights were on brightly. Doctor Mills was at the computer, and apparently heard me stir, for she turned to me. They now had a complete profile on me, she explained, and a “regime of treatment” had been mapped out. This treatment would take three weeks, and afterwards I would be sent home in a Milwaukee brace. Seeing my surprised expression, she explained that it had been decided to treat me for spastic spinal pain, and that the end finding would be that I was suffering from kyphosis, a forward-bending of the spine. Because I was an adult, and my skeletal structure had matured, correction of the deformity was impossible without surgery, and so I would be given the brace to wear part-time to help control the pain. She explained that I would also be given prescription pain-killers and muscle-relaxers, and the appropriate paperwork to give to my employer to legitimize my on-going treatment. It would also provide the excuse for me to return for additional “treatments”. She then asked when I could start, and I indicated that 3 days from then I would have several weeks’ worth of vacation scheduled, and that I could come in then. The doctor seemed pleased, and explained that their testing had indicated I was primarily heterosexual, with a high degree of acceptance for female bisexuality, so I would be assigned to a staff a females for the duration of my visit. I asked for the details of my treatment, and was told that details are never given out in advance, other than what to expect once a patient has been discharged. I then asked if Nurse Lori was going to be part of the staff assigned to me, and for my question I got a cold, stern look.

What Nurse Lori had done to me, I was told, was not part of the intended Admissions Examination, and for her actions she was being punished. I was told this, Doctor Mills explained, to understand that discipline in the hospital was very strict, and maintained at all times. To make sure I understood, she led me out of the room, and down the hall. Entering another room, I saw Nurse Lori on a CircoElectric bed, completely naked. A halo was affixed to her shaved skull, attached to weights by ropes which would through pullies designed to maintain traction, no matter what position the bed had been rolled into. A tube exited her nose, and was connected to a bag of milky liquid on an IV stand. Another, larger tube entered her mouth, down her throat, and into her windpipe, and was attached to a respirator, rhythmically pumping air into and out of her lungs. Three more tubes disappeared into her crotch – the catheter was the only one whose purpose I knew. A harness, attached around her waist, was tied off at the bottom of the bed, and fixed the lower part of her body against the traction being exerted on the top of her spine. Large, heavy casts were on both her legs and arms, the latter completely encasing the hands, thumbs and fingers. I then looked at her eyes, and she was looking at me, tears streaming down her cheeks. I could only imagine what was going through her mind as another nurse stepped up to her bed and began patching her eyes.

Nurse Lori would undergo discipline for 4 weeks, Doctor Mills announced, loud enough for Lori to hear. After that, she’d undergo therapy until she had regained her strength, and her sense of discipline. I looked at the doctor, not quite believing what I was seeing, and she replied that this was Nurse Lori’s forth transgression in the past year. She had been disciplined progressively harsher each time, but apparently wasn’t learning her lesson. She hoped it would take this time, because the next transgression dictated that the nurse would be placed in a halo permanently, and be given a tracheotomy She hoped that Nurse Loris beautiful neck would not be marred so.

I was lead out of the room and to the front door. Doctor Mills shook my hand, and said she’d see me at seven o’clock on Friday morning. And I was told not to be late.

Chapter Two – Day One

Remembering the sternness in Doctor Mills’ voice, I arrived at the hospital at six-forty. Walking into the front door, I nervously took a seat in the waiting room; not at all sure I was doing the right thing. I was about to be thrust into a situation which I had long dreamed of, yet something told me it was not to be what I expected.

At precisely 7 o’clock, Doctor Mills entered the waiting room, followed by a red-headed nurse pushing a wheelchair. Doctor Mills said she was pleased I was on time, and instructed me to sit in the chair. The nurse, whose name tag read “Nora”, then placed a belt around my chest, under my arms, and buckled it behind the chair. I was assured it was so I wouldn’t fall out.

I was wheeled down long hallways, mostly dark, with many, untitled doors on the walls. I was finally rolled into a room that looked almost like an operating room, except for the table – it was short, with large, padded troughs for the legs. When we stopped, the belt around my chest was unfastened, and I was told to stand up and undress. I waited for a moment, thinking Doctor Mills and Nurse Nora would leave the room, but they just stared at me impatiently. Not wanting to incur the doctor’s wrath, I proceeded to remove my clothing. Stripping to my underpants, I turned to the Doctor, who simply stated, “Everything”. The underpants were doffed as well, and I found myself standing in the middle of the room, the cool air giving me goose bumps. The Doctor then directed me to the table, and I climbed up on it.

Nurse Nora spun me around onto my back, and deftly lifted each of my legs into the padded troughs. The padding was then wrapped over the top of my legs, and several straps secured each leg in place. Similarly, long, padded splints were applied to each forearm, and straps attached to these were fastened to the side of the table. Next, a soft collar was wrapped around my neck, then a full-face anesthesia mask was strapped to my face. The air emanating from it was cool and smelled somewhat sweet. Immediately my head felt light. I was surprised when next I was given an injection in my hip, and almost immediately I felt weak. Doctor Mills explained that I would tolerate my admission to the hospital easier if somewhat sedated.

The Doctor and Nurse Nora then removed some heavy rubber clothing from a cabinet and helped each other put them on. When they were finished, they looked like they were ready for rubber surgery, which wasn’t far from the truth. Setting up several pieces of equipment near the bottom of the table, Doctor Mills told Nurse Nora to begin the preparations. Apparently they began with some kind of cold, creamy substance being slathered all over my groin, and even up between my ass cheeks. Doctor Mills explained that this was a depilatory, and that it would remove all trace of hair from my lower area for several weeks. After letting it set for several minutes, Nurse Nora produced a hose and rinsed off the substance. Nurse Mills then produced a long length of hose, on the end of which was an inflatable nozzle. I recognized what it was, and took a deep breath as the nozzle was inserted into my rectum, and inflated to hold it into place. The enema seemed to take forever to finish, and for a while I thought I was going to explode. When it was finally removed, it seemed to take an hour for me to expel all the liquid. This procedure was then repeated two more times.

Satisfied that I was now clean and ready to start, Doctor Mills moved a chair up to the end of the table, and preceded to give my abdominal area and genitals a thorough manual examination. This included putting on a glove, applying lubricant and inserting it into my anus, feeling around my rectum and messaging my prostrate. After withdrawing her fingers, Doctor Mills retrieved a rectal dilator from one of the carts, lubricated it, and inserted it into me. After making sure it was firmly seated, she began expanding the jaws, opening my anus up. As she expanded it, it began getting uncomfortable, becoming unbearable about the time she stopped. She made some comments, which Nurse Nora dutifully wrote down on my chart. The dilator was then closed, and removed.

Next, my testicles were closely examined, and at one point the Doctor wrapped two fingers around them and pulled them, stretching my scrotum. Again, she commented to Nurse Nora, who scribbled something on my chart. The Doctor then proceeded to examine my penis, tugging at the glans, and opening the pee hole as wide as she could with her fingers. Reaching back to the cart, she returned with a stainless steel sound, which was lubricated and then inserted into my urethra. It was removed, and a slightly larger sound was greased up and inserted. This was done four more times, the last stretching my urethra to the point I grunted in discomfort. The sound was removed, and the Doctor dictated more notes to Nurse Nora.

The Doctor then stood up, and walked to the head of the table. Looking down at me, she explained that they were now going to prepare me for my treatment. I was going to fall asleep, and when I awoke I would be unable to speak, for there was going to be a breathing tube down my throat, and a feeding tube in my nose. Suddenly remembering Nurse Lori, I started to say something, but the smell of the gas in my mask changed, my ears started ringing, and the world went dark ….

I awoke in pretty much the same position as when I fell asleep, flat on my back with my legs in the air. I noted, however, that when I opened my eyes, I was staring at an almost-familiar figure. Looking down, I realized I was looking at a reflected image of myself, though at first I didn’t recognize it. My head was encased in a heavy latex helmet that seemed to be one solid piece. A large tube entered where the mouth was, and I suddenly realized I felt this tube pressing my tongue down, and tickling the back of my throat. Where the nostrils were supposed to be was not one, but two tubes, and I felt them inside my nose as well, and against the back of my sinuses. All three tubes snaked across to the side of the bed, and rhythmic sounds occurred in harmony with my breathing. I was on a respirator.

The helmet ended just above my collarbone. I saw no zipper or lacings, just a smooth, round helmet covering my head. Looking at it, I suddenly realized my hair was gone – apparently it too had been removed. My newly bald cranium was gently squeezed by the taut latex.

I looked down, and noted that both of my arms were in casts now up to the elbow, with the hands formed into fists around something wonderfully soft and cushiony. I apparently would not need the used of my fingers or thumbs for the time being. Three loops were formed into the casts by the very fiberglass tape the casts were made of , and straps passed through these loops secured my arms to the bed.

My lowers legs were similarly in casts, also with loops formed into them, and these were suspended in padded slings which not only kept my legs above the bed, but spread apart as well. I had an unobstructed view of my bare, hairless genital area.

As I was taking this all in, I heard someone entering the room, and Doctor Mills and Nurse Nora walked into view, along with another nurse, one with shoulder-length brown hair. Her name tag read “Marge”. Doctor Mills told me it had been three hours since I’d been put to sleep, and that I’d endured the “induction” well, and that now it was time to start my treatment. With that, the two nurses walked to a cart beside one wall, and returned with a large harness, which was slipped over my hips and fastened. Heavily-padded straps were pressed into my waist above my pelvis, and tightened to stay there. The harness ended in two heavy straps with rings on the ends, and to these were attached ropes, threaded through pulleys at the end of the bed. Weight holders were attached to the ends of the ropes, and weights applied. Similarly, a heavy leather head halter was retrieved from the cart and fixed under my chin and behind my head. A strap was also passed across my forehead and tightened into place. A spreader bar connected the head halter to a rope, which went through a pulley at the head of the bed, and weights were attached. As it pulled on my chin, I realized a bite block was holding by mouth open against the force of the traction – I wouldn’t have to worry about my mouth being pulled shut and pinching off my breathing tube.

I then received another shot in my hip – powerful muscle relaxants, the Doctor told me, to maximize the effect of the traction. And sure enough, almost instantly I felt myself go loose (again), my muscles no longer fighting the stretching of the spinal traction I was in.

The Doctor then explained that I was to received additional ‘treatment’ in conjunction with my traction. It seems, she explained, that my anus was highly constricted, which caused severe constipation. Likewise, my urethra was somewhat undersized, and could lead to urine retention and bladder infection. I was therefore going to undergo a regimen of anal and urethral dilation concurrent with my spinal traction. As she said that, Nurse Nora approached the bed with a towel-covered tray, and handed it to Doctor Mills. Uncovering the tray, I was shown a catheter kit and a large, inflatable rectal plug. I was helpless to stop her as the Doctor slowly prepared the catheter, then used a syringe (sans needle, thank goodness) to inject lubricant into my urethra. Once the syringe was empty, the catheter was presented to the end of my penis and slowly, extremely slowly, inserted. It seemed to take 10 minutes for the rounded tip of the catheter to finally press against my bladder’s sphincter, and several more just to make entry. Once it was in place, another syringe injected sterile water into the catheter to inflated the balloon on its end, and it was in place. A large collection bag was attached to the cath, and hung by the side of my bed, where I could watch in the mirror was my urine was drained from me. Finishing that, the Doctor proceeded to lubricate the rectal plug, and inserted it into my anus. Attaching a gauge to the inflation mechanism, she pumped it up to a predetermined value, then closed off the valve. The Doctor then explained that this mechanism would be checked every hour, and if the pressure dropped, it would be pumped back up again. As my anus was slowly stretched, the pressure would drop, and raising it back would ensure a steady, even stretching of the opening. The Doctor also explained that the catheter would be removed twice a day, and that every fifth removal would result in a change in size to the next larger gauge catheter. In addition, between changes I would be given treatments using the stainless steel sounds to help stretch my urethra open. If I behaved, the Doctor said, She might allow the nurses to masturbate me during these treatments, if I was progressing satisfactorily.

Nurse Marge walked up to the head of my bed then, and placed a pillow under my head and neck, fluffing it up to make it comfortable for me. It was just about time for my first nap in traction, the Doctor said, but first there was something else she wanted done to me. Not part of my ‘treatment’, just something she desired. With that, Nurse Nora produced another traction rope from the foot of the bed, threaded through a third pulley. As she pulled it up towards me, Doctor Mills brought forth a leather device, and, gathering up my testicles, snapped it in place on my scrotum. I recognized it as a “parachute”, so-called because, when snapped in place, if formed a cone with three chains attached to its edges, all connecting to a single ring. It was used for stretching the scrotum. Indeed, as Doctor Mills snapped it into place around my balls, Nurse Nora attached the additional rope to the ring, and as she gently let go of the rope, weight pulled down on my nuts.

“Testicular Traction”, Doctor Mills called it. An adjustment was made to the respirator, and I immediately fell asleep.

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