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If  you run a website or know of a website that you feel should be included in this list please contact me.  Please note I won’t include large medical supply websites without being given a good reason and won’t respond to automated link exchange requests.

BIID / Transabled related sites

Websites relating to Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). A lot has happened in a short span of time- in less than ten years the information available on BIID has exploded! It would be nearly impossible to post all the links on this subject here on this blog, I suggest that you do a web search to find whatever relevant information you need.

http://www.biid-info.net A German/English site regarding three psychiatrists and their collaborative publication.

http://www.biid.org A small website that doesn’t go into much depth about the phenomenon, but still offers some material for those unfamiliar with BIID.

BIID in the news:

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: “Transabled” people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies (Sarah Boesveld, June 2, 2015.)

The next wave of “body diversity”: Disabled by choice (Ed Morrissey, June 2, 2015)

BIID articles of German origin:






Disability Related Sites

Lauren Collier just completed her latest posting where she compiled a list of the 101
best Autism and Asperger’s resources on the web which you can see here:
http://phdinspecialeducation.com/autism-aspergers/ . She
covers sites in Autism news, organizations, along with personal and
professional blogs. Her hope is that people can take away some great info from her
research and really learn something new about Autism and Asperger’s related
issues. If you are interested in a career in special education, please visit: http://phdinspecialeducation.com

Cripple Please! the personal blog of a man with spinal muscular distrophy and his experiences of day-to-day wheelchair use.

Yes, You Can! – an online guide to self-care for persons with SCI. Excellent and very detailed.

Wildkat Magazine – This is a great website with resources, advice and videos for people with disabilities.  It’s main focus is encouraging people with disabilities to lead an active, full life rather than waiting around for a cure.

Wheels on the Summit – A personal page of Sandy Lahmann, an athlete who has MS. Her articles about disability and disability etiquette are excellent and very revealing.

Disability Is Natural – A lot of articles that see disability as a natural part of life. Kathy Snow calls for inclusion, change of our attitude and thinking.

A Celebration of Wheels – A website with a lot of general reading on various wheelchair users etc. “The only way those people are confined is without a wheelchair”

The Nth Degree – A great selection of  T-shirts that celebrate diversity, make people think and make them laugh.

A Ragged Edge Magazine – So many articles, so little time. The magazine that talks about a life with disability as it really is.

DOJ’s ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010) –  Building standards for USA. This is the place to go to see if the parking, a bathroom or a restaurant is up to a code.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines – 2010 Building Standards in USA for federal facilities. This is a 279 page .pdf file that you may want to download for reference.

Beyond My Wheelchair – Painting is Joe Bishop’s voice. Let the colours of sunset calm you, let the sunrise fill you with energy, let the person in a wheelchair stuck in a bottle make you think.

BBC Ouch – plenty of good reads. Start with this entry that many of us will easily relate to. It talks about the wheelchair choice or as the author’s friend summarised it: “It shouldn’t even matter whether you choose to use the wheelchair because you just enjoy it more than walking. It’s your choice.”

Wheelchair Supply Sites

Websites where you can purchase wheelchairs and other products online that are highly discounted compared to the price you pay when you pay directly from the manufacturer

1800 Wheelchair

http://www.able2wear.co.uk Able2wear supplies wheelchair clothing and accessories for all ages and posts internationally.

Go Freewheel! www.gofreewheel.com. The FreeWheel is the most innovative product on the market and opens up the world to wheelchair users. No longer are they limited by where they can go. Weighing just 5 lbs. the FreeWheel quickly attaches to the footrest of a rigid frame manual chair. In seconds you are cruising over curbs and grassy slopes. Sand, snow, gravel, wooden trails, are now accessible. Thought you might like to let folks know we have FREE shipping within the U.S. for orders placed the entire month of December. $30.00 savings.

Medical Goods (dot com!) offers a range of wheelchair accessories and assistive gadgets to aid in the tasks of everyday life. Visit them here: http://www.medicalgoods.com/equipment/wheechair-accessories


Sportaid – Highly recommended. I have had good experience with these people. They have a wide range of products and prompt delivery. Don’t ask them for any advice about products or measuring as they will not be able to help you in that regard.

Supplies Central – Primarily a casting supply website.

USA Tech Guide – The BEST site to find reviews for most wheelchair models and cushions.

Sport – Mobility –  UK based, sells, buys, and refurbishes wheelchairs at very reasonable prices.

Travel and transportation services

Accessible Thailand– The disabled traveller’s essential guide to Thailand! If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful country, check this link before going so you can better plan your visit.

Transfercar is the market leader offering free rental cars in Australia and New Zealand, and will be the first to offer this service to the American public. We get our supply of rental cars from rental car companies who need to relocate vehicles to a new location to position their fleet for new hires.
 So far, we have serviced over 100,000 happy customers Across Australia and New Zealand and look forward to offering the same service in the US.
You can check out our websites at the below links
www.transfercarus.com – New site for the USA – rental cars will be available soon!

Find new and used VMI wheelchair vans for sale here. Browse handicap van inventory for sale and buy wheelchair vans. http://www.vmidealers.com Phone No: 855-864-8267

Wheelchair trailers! Tow your wheelchair behind a trike, small car or other vehicle easily with these trailers made in Oklahoma. Visit http://wheelchairtrailersusa.com/ for more details.

Devotee Sites
(Please be cautious with devotee sites- they may be virus traps!)

Devguide – The place to go for DPW links.  Updated on a daily basis.

The Orthotorium – A picture site of men in leg braces and other orthopaedic gear.  Owned by Wigglewort, a regular on the forums. (safe- no virus trap!)

Na Voziku – A Czech devotee website, where the author goes on trips with a pretty wheelchair pretender and takes nice decent pictures. Includes a free large photo gallery from different sources.

Paradolls – Here you will find videos of beautiful wheelchair girls.

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