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Earlier Heaven: Chapter 2

Earlier Heaven (c) 2008 Alexandra Jefferds All rights reserved Chapter 2 Theresa had difficulty getting Colin’s words out of her head. She said very little during the dinner, but later pressed Fiona for information in private, in an attempt to … Continue reading

Earlier Heaven: Introduction and Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Earlier Heaven, a novel with several characters with disabilities. Continue reading

Jaime’s Wheelchair Project (Jaime Smith)

With the help of Kim, Miles, Jeff and Bill Stanton A True Story My name is Jamie. I’m a 33 year-old woman with a good job. I also have a happy marriage to a wonderful man. In addition to a … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket XXX

Chapter 1 – The Introduction. It is only after several years that I am finally able to come to terms with what happened in 1995 on my final ever business trip and finally relate my story to you. In many … Continue reading

Rolling In Love XXX (Mindy White and Bill Stanton)

Contact lens solution flooded his left eye, assuring Bill that his morning routine of inserting his lenses had now been accomplished. He wiped the fluid running out of his eye with a towel. Walking to his desk, he placed his … Continue reading

Round the ‘Hood (Ada)

After I arrived home and changed, I headed out in my wheelchair.   I took the elevator down to the lobby to check my mail. I realized it had been a few days and as expected, the box was full.  My mailbox … Continue reading

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The Village

This story was started in the forum as a group story.  We all liked what Mat wrote so much we let him carry it on.  I’ve reposted it here so you can read it all at once, enjoy. In the … Continue reading

The Swimming Pool (Patrick)

An exciting pretender experience: a visit to the swimming pool as a paraplegic Not so far from where I live there is a modern swimming pool, accessible for wheelchair users. That’s the place where I go regularly swim as a … Continue reading

The start of a new life (Andy)

This is the sequel to Not a normal life…enjoy Chapter 1 – A Meeting “Hay, you awake?” A voice called out from behind Andy as he lay on his bed. He then rolled over to see who it was. Through … Continue reading

The Ride (Rorschach)

The only peace you have is in the few seconds after the anaesthetic kicks in, and the many more it takes to give out. Once you’re lucid you become aware that you’re alive, safe, rested, and not all there. In … Continue reading