where wheelchair users and BIID/transabled unite!

The start of a new life (Andy)

This is the sequel to Not a normal life…enjoy

Chapter 1 – A Meeting

“Hay, you awake?” A voice called out from behind Andy as he lay on his bed. He then rolled over to see who it was. Through the small door way of his room stood a guy with wires going in his hands so he knew he was not one of the scientists.

“Yea I am awake. What can I do for you?” Andy asked as he started to lean up to get a better look at him.

“We are planning a small group meeting and we want you to come.” The guy said as he looked down at Andy’s braced legs. “I suppose you need to get in your chair to get there.” The guy said as he moved toward Andy and put his arms out to pick him up.

“No, no!! I can do it myself please!” She said as he pushed the guys arms off. He then put his legs over to the floor and stood up and then hobbled over to his chair and sat down.

“You, you can walk?” The guy said in amazement.

“Yes I can walk, my disability does not paralyze me it only slows me down and makes things interesting.” Andy said as he strapped his legs all in his chair.

The guy watched stunned as if he had never thought that any disabled person could ever do things on his own.

“So, are you going to lead the way?” Andy asked awaking the guy from his stunned look.

“Right.” The guy said almost forgetting what he was doing.

He led the way down the hallway to a door. The door had a card reader device on it so Andy thought that he must had been mistaken because no one was allowed in the locked rooms.

“O, sorry, let me explain. This is the experiment’s meeting room. Its nothing more than a big empty room that has a table in it that we all sit at so that we can have meetings. It’s the only room in the building were we have privacy and really there is one guard in here that listens to things that are said and makes sure everything is going ok, but he is just there for that reason. He does not tell them what we talk about.” He then pulled open the door and motioned for Andy to go on in.

Andy entered the room and was fronted with a big table and about a dozen other guys sitting around it. They all stopped talking when Andy came in. They all looked at him as if he was the stare attraction. Suddenly one got up and walked over to him.

“Hello Andy, I am Roger. I am the elected head mean of the committee. We welcome you to this place of hell and we hope we all get out of here soon. We have prepared a place for you to sit.” The guy said as he showed him the place for him to sit at.

Andy wheeled over to the spot and then saw some papers on the table in front of him. Roger had gone back to his spot on the table and then called the meeting to order.

“Alright, everyone I would like to introduce to you our newest member here Andy.” He said as he pointed his hand his direction. “Hello.” Andy said as everyone just sort of glared at him. “Ok, well tonight we are here to talk about the conditions of our supplies. Greg what’s the stores looking like?” Suddenly a tall muscular guy stood up.

“Well, our storage of candy, cards, books, paper, pencils, pens, flashlights, calculators, and everything else are falling rapidly.” He then reached down and picked up a piece of paper that had been drawn on and held it up for everyone to see. “This is a graph of our supplies. Last month our supplies were holding steadily, but two weeks ago the Calculators, books, and paper use got rapid. The docs do not like our active use of these and are confiscating things we do. I propose that we ration what we have and keep our use to a minimum. This way maybe the docs will think we have given up and will stop watching us so closely.” Roger said as he then sat down

Suddenly someone stood up to reply to what Greg has said. “I am sorry, but its not my fault I was to keep a journal of my experiences here and that I want to draw pictures of what goes on. I got to keep myself busy; we all do, or else we will go crazy. They torture us to much here already as it is. I am sorry but I just can’t take this. It’s not my fault if the darn docs are taking all our stuff.” The guy said as he started crying.

“Josh its ok, no one is blaming you. Yes we do haft to keep busy around here, if we didn’t we would go crazy. I think your journaling efforts are great because when we get out of here they will come in handy to tell our story of this place.” Roger said trying to comfort the poor guy.

“Ok, for our next order of business, we need to elect a new Treasurer. Are their any takers?” Roger said as he looked around the room.

No one spoke for the longest time then suddenly a guy sitting beside Andy stood up. “Well Sir, I feel that since we have someone new in our mist and since he does not have a job yet, and obviously can’t do much that maybe he should be given this job. I nominate Andy for the job.” The guy said as he looked down at him.

“Ok, excellent suggestion Mark. Do we have any objections?” Roger said as he looked around the room.

“Yes, I have a objection.” Andy said as the whole matter disgusted him. “1. I am disabled, but that does not mean I can’t do things. 2. Do I even get to exist in this meeting? I mean shouldn’t I get asked first if I want the job?” Andy said as he almost yelled at the group.

“Ok Andy, yes I am sorry, you are right about those things. I suppose we should treat you as a person, just so many of us are uncomfortable about you because you’re different. I am sorry for that and maybe with time we can correct that. So, do you want the job?” Roger asked looking at him with a sincere look.

“Well, ok I will take the job, but what good is a treasurer if we have no money?” Andy asked, as he couldn’t understand.

“Well see the storage belongs to the board meeting here. Everyone pay for what they take and can return it later if they wish. We also make stuff with our supplies and sometimes the docs and dogs by them from us. We also buy things from them.” Roger said as he explained how they had money. “As treasurer you will be in charge of setting prices on things and you will be in charge of buying and selling stuff to and from the docs and dogs.”

“I see, well yes I will take the job.” Andy said, as he was ready to take the notion of his job.

“Ok, do I have any seconds” Roger asked again as he looked over the group.

“I second, I third, I fourth.” The group said as they all agreed with the notion

“Ok gentlemen; Andy is now treasurer.” Roger said as he slammed his cup down on the table. “Do we have any other discussions for this meeting?” Roger asked, but the room was silent. “Ok, I suggest we close the meeting. Seconded a voice called out.” “Meeting augured.” Again Roger slammed his cup down on the desk.

Everyone got up to leave and Roger came over to Andy. “Andy these papers are papers of information on the group and profiles of the men, there is also a map of the known rooms here.” Roger said as he showed him the papers.

“Ok, thanks Roger.” Andy said as he put the papers in his lap and then headed toward the door.

“O, Andy, here is your card key to get in this room. Also come by my office later and see me about the treasury.” Roger said as he handed him the card.

Andy then wheeled out of the room and headed down the hallway to his cell.

Chapter 2 – A Break Down

Andy arrived back at his room and transferred to his bed and sat there thinking. He soon began to wonder what all was going on at this place. He then tried to get his mind off of it as he knew if he went looking around that it was going to lead him to getting in big trouble and he may be given another ECT.

He then looked down at his legs. All covered with the straps and leg metal rods of his braces. He then looked up a little at his wheelchair with all the straps covering the footrest and seat of his chair.

“You stupid chair and you stupid braces. You’re the ones that got me all in this.” Andy said in anger as he pushed his chair hard until it hit the wall. He then brought his legs up to the bed and then began to unstrap the four straps on his right leg brace. He did and then threw the brace against the wall as well. He did the same with the left brace. As he did he paused and looked over at his chair.

The thing that had once been his pride and joy and had been something he loved about himself had now become something that angered him. He sat there and started at it. The lovely blue frame with the thin airless gray tires, the nice short back. He then looked down at the braces on the floor; the big black steal bar that ran down it; the hinge in the middle; the black straps with the gray padding; the open spaces between the straps where he could see his legs.

He then began to cry and laid back on his bed. He cried for a few minutes and then was able to see again, but as still upset. As he lay there he felt the slight tingle of the electricity going threw his penis from the electrodes. He picked up his head and looked down and saw all the wires going into his shorts from every direction. He knew if he removed the electrodes the scientist would know about it and give him an ECT for sure. He then began to cry again.

In his frustration he pulled down his pants exposing the electrodes all strapped on and attached to his body. He looked like some type of experiment, but then he realized, that’s exactly what he was.

He then began to cry even harder leaving his hands on his belly. Suddenly he heard something. He looked over to the door; it was Katie. He then became alarmed, as he knew he was about to be in trouble. She looked over at the pile of his chair and braces just thrown over against the wall and then him laying there with his pants down crying. She then backed her chair up and hit a button on the wall. Suddenly the door slammed shut and the machines on his penis went into a torture mode. They began to electrocute Andy with sever pain as it ran threw him. He screamed in pain and his voice only echoed off the walls.

Suddenly light shined back threw the door again and two big muscular men ran in. They grabbed Andy by the arms and then Katie stick a needle into his arm; a few seconds later he was out.

Chapter 3 – Things Get Worse

“What happened?” Andy heard a deep male voice ask. He thought he recognized it.

“He was going threw a depressed mood. He was about to hurt himself when I discovered him. His chair and braces were against the wall like they had been thrown and his pants were down and he was crying and looks at if he had been crying for sometime.” He heard Katie say.

He could tell he was about to be treated for his actions; how he did not know but he knew they were. He then peaked his eye open to see what was going on. As he did he heard a nurse say, “He’s waking up.” He then opened his eyes to be joined by Katie and the major General who ran the camp. Strange thing was they were all above his head instead of around his body.

“It’s going to be ok Andy. You were having a break down; it’s a good thing I found you. We are going to treat you and make you feel better.” Katie said as she stared down into his eyes. He could tell she was about to cry.

He then looked down at where his body should be, but to his horror he was inside a machine. His whole body except his head was inside this bed Cylinder type machine. He liked to blacked back out from shock but then Katie put her hand over his eyes.

“It’s ok Andy, its not going to hurt you its only there to protect you and to take care of you. We care about you a lot and we want to help you.” Katie said as she tried to calm him down. Suddenly Andy felt a mask come over his mouth and nose. He could tell he was being given a drug to calm him down.

Andy began to try to feel what was going on to his body. He could tell he as strapped down to a table inside the machine. He was necked and to his surprise there was nothing attached to his penis. He couldn’t tell the machine his body was in was going anything at all. Then Andy noticed that his head was inside some type of rubber mask. His whole head was inside this. He then realized that he didn’t have a breathing mask on it at all, but that the head mask had a big tube that went into his mouth for him to breath threw. There were holes for his eyes so he could see, but he was sure that that probably could be covered easily so he couldn’t.

Katie then removed her hand and then looked at Andy again.

“Andy it’s going to be ok. We want to help you.” She said.

Andy then realized that there was a strap across his head as well holding it down to the table. Suddenly Andy realized that there were metal plates built into the mask that attached to his temples. He knew they were going to be used for ECTs.

“Andy I must say, you have caused me quite a scare by your actions. Also you have forced me to haft to get another subject to take your place at the sexacution room. So I will go out tomorrow and get one I suppose.” Katie said as she looked down at him.

“No, thanks ok. I am fine you can keep me here, when its time for the sexacution you can just come and get me and I will do it. No need to bring someone else here.” Andy said trying to talk her into leaving people alone and not putting threw the torture of that place.

“No, I can’t do that. You need your treatments and that would not be good for me to take you out of here. Now calm down we don’t need to you to get worked up again.” Katie said trying to calm him down as she stroked the rubber at where his cheek was. “Now I am going to give you your first treatment. As you can tell the gag is already in your mouth and the electrodes are built into the mask. She then reached over and grabbed two wires. She then started fiddling with the electrode terminals on the side of the mask. Suddenly Andy felt a thick Rubber bag fill up in his mouth. It was a gag to keep him quite and to hold his mouth open. He tired biting at it, but it pushed his mouth back open the more he tired. She then went to the other side of his head and connected the wire there.

“Ok, now it’s going to be ok. Soon you will fill all better.” Katie said as she positioned herself beside the big steal drum his body was in. She could see his body all strapped down to the table. She saw him pulling at the straps just trying to get something free to work with.

“Don’t struggle your only going to wear yourself out. It’s going to be ok.” Katie said, but she knew that it wasn’t going to mean anything.

“Ok, here we go.” Katie said as she picked up a push button and put her thumb on the button. She then looked into the machine and then pushed the button. Suddenly the power hit Andy and surged threw his Head. He jerked and his face wrinkled all up, His body braced the straps and pulled hard against them. He was in tremendous pain. The power stopped and his body began to shake against the straps because of the seizure. Andy gasped for Air between the shaking of his body. The seizure soon calmed down.

He then looked over at Katie who was still watching his body with a smile on her face like she actually enjoyed it. She watched until all the twitching was over and then wheeled back over to Andy. She then turned a knob and the air let out of the gag in Andy’s mouth.

“Feeling better now?” She asked

Andy knew he didn’t, but he knew he had better say yes or she would do it again. “Yes I feel like I am happy again.”

“Ok, well we will do this every hour for the next 48 hours.” Katie said with a grin on her face. “Now I need to go out for a few, but I will be back soon for your next treatment, but first I need to put this on you.”

She then opened a door on the machine and grabbed Andy’s right arm. “Ok, now hold still I don’t want to hurt you.” She then inserted an IV into his Arm. “There that will keep nutrients in your body.”

Andy hated needles, but knew it was for his own good. She then wheeled back up to his head. “Now I bet your wondering what this machine your in does right? Well I will show you. She then flipped a switch on the wall. Suddenly he felt the machine pressurize. Suddenly he heard an electrical noise and then felt pain rush all over his body. It was electrocuting him. The gas was an electrical conductor; it went all over his body so that the power would spread over his body. The pain was so bad he thought he was going to burn. He looked over at the wall and saw lighten from where it was coming out of the machine.

He then looked over at Katie. She was sitting there looking into the machine. This time she was not smiling. She then came back to Andy’s head. She then placed her head against his and then just sat there listening to the machine. Andy didn’t know what to do. He was in bad pain, but he was unsure what to do. Soon the power stopped and the gas stopped flowing.

“Ok, well I am leaving now.” Katie said as she picked her head up. Andy could tell she had been crying.

She then slowly wheeled to the door and left.

Chapter 4 – A Strange Twist

As Andy lay there he wondered if the machine would fire back up again. He then pulled against the straps holding his arms. No use they were not moving. He kept pulling hopping maybe his hand would pull threw the strap. No use he was stuck.

Suddenly the door opened. In wheeled Katie. “How are we feeling?” She said as she wheeled over to Andy.

Andy didn’t say a word only looked up threw the mirror at her. She then peered over his head and looked concerningly into his eyes. “If you take this mask off I will talk to you.” Andy said trying to make it to where he didn’t have tubes going into his mouth.

She then reached for his head and picked it up. She undid a tie string around his neck and then the tubes came out.

“So let me just ask you this. Do you really care about me as much as your eyes look it?” Andy said trying to find out if she cared.

“Yes I do care about you a lot. Really I think I even love you. That is if you love me.” Katie said try not to sound too stupid.

“Ok, well I do like you to, but I don’t really like all this pain you put on me.

“Well I understand the pain; I don’t like doing it to you either. I do like doing the ECTs, because I like the idea of it and watching your body responds. So you like it?” Katie asked.

“Well I like it except for the pain if it was not for that then I would like it.” Andy said.

“Well I understand but could you be willing to let me do it to you since I enjoy it and you somewhat do?” Katie asked.

“Well I am not sure, I mean it is really painful, but yes I think I could let you do it every now and then. So why don’t we leave here and just lives a normal lovers life?” Andy asked.

“Well I am sorry, but I love this place. I don’t like torturing anyone or holding them captive, but I love the things we do, like with all the straps the electrodes and the ECTs and such. All of that just turns me on. If you want I can get you a bed in my room if you like and then you can stay with me. Then we can be like real lovers and I will be able to take care of you.” Katie said as she put her elbows on the pillow where Andy’s head was and put her chin on her palms, and smiled down into his lovely face that was covered by the mask.

“Yes I believe I would like that.” Andy said.

“Ok, well I will do that, but first I haft to do your next treatment. We don’t want you falling back into that depressed mood again.” Katie said as she moved over to the machines and started adjusting the dials.

“Ok, well I guess I am ready for it.” Andy said as he looked over at her. He knew he didn’t want the ECT, but he really deep down loved Katie a lot. He didn’t know why he loved the fact that she cared so much about him and that she loved his disability as much as he did. He hated the ECTs, but he figured he could let that be done every now and then if it made Katie happy.

Katie made her adjustments and then turned back to him and connected the terminals to the electrodes. She then reattached the tubes to Andy’s mask and then again inflated the gag in his mouth. “Ok, here we go.” Katie said.

Andy looked up into her eyes and he saw her smiling face looking down at him. She then flipped the switch on the machine and immediately the electricity ran threw Andy’s head. It hurt like crazy. His body braced the straps and held there. The power kept going and it felt like there was lighting in his head. Then the electricity stopped and his body went into the convulsions from the seizure. His body shivered in the straps his head pulled against the strap across his fore head. Finally the seizure calmed down and he lay there resting his body from all the commotion. Katie then removed the wires and then released the gag.

“Its ok, you are going to feel better, back to your old self when we are all done.” Katie said as she again peered down into his eyes. “Now its time for your other treatment.” Katie said, but this time she didn’t have a happy look on her face. She then looked sad and upset. She paused and sat there looking at the controls on the machine. She then turned her head and looked at Andy. “No, I must do this, it is for his own good.” She said and then reached for the controls. She made her adjustments and then looked at Andy once more.

“I just want to help you and care for you.” See said as she looked at him. Andy didn’t respond he could tell she was about to break down. Then she flipped the switch and the machine pressurized once again. Then the electricity came on. The electricity flowed all over his body touching every part of him with tremendous pain. Andy tried to scream, but the tubes going in his mouth only let him mone a quite mone. He looked over at Katie she sat there looking into the machine. Suddenly a tear ran down her check.

She looked up at Andy’s face all covered with the rubber mask over his face, and then back into the machine. Suddenly she jumped up from her wheelchair. It was the first time that Andy had seen her out of it since he had gotten there. She turned for the door and then ran out crying; leaving Andy there with the machine running full blast.

Andy then thought, “She left the machine on, what’s going to happen is it going to go off by it self?” He hopped it would, but it kept going on. Just when Andy thought he couldn’t take it any more the electricity stopped flowing. But then he heard a noise of a motor inside the machine. The machine was still pressurizing. Suddenly the motor stopped. Andy lay there in horror of what was going to happen. Suddenly he felt a cold metal plate touch his cock and then his balls. Then the electricity started back, but this time it was all being sent threw his penis. The pain was horrible, but Andy couldn’t stop it. It continued to electrocute him with great pain for about three minutes and then stopped once again. He heard the motor fire back up and then rod went off his penis. Then the machine stopped pressurizing and just sat there like it was off.

Suddenly the doors came back open and in a bunch of people. They seamed to be surrounding someone. They dragged the person over to a machine that was like the once Andy was in next to his. They opened the machine and then Andy saw all the stuff inside the machine. It had a table with all the straps on it and then it had all these metal poles that came from the top of the machine. On the end of the poles were all kinds of different ends.

Then he saw the person they were caring; it was Katie! They took her and laid her down and the strapped her all in to the machine. Then put her head threw the machine and then closed it all up. They then put the mask over hear head and face and then positioned the electrodes and then strapped her head down to the head rest. They then waited for her to awake and when she was awake they then attached the wires to the electrodes and then adjusted the machines. Suddenly they shocked her and her body did what Andy’s had done when he had been given ECTs.

Andy watched in horror as the treatment was given to Katie. Then she calmed down. Now he knew what it looked like when it was given to him. He turned his head and stared up at the ceiling trying to forget about what was being done to Katie, but he couldn’t. He didn’t know why or how, but for some reason he cared about her and cared about what they were doing to her.

He turned his head back over to her as they were standing around her getting ready for the next treatment. “Hay yall leave her alone!” Andy called out in an angry voice.

Then one of the head nurses turned around and looked at him. She slowly started walking over to him. “So, you don’t like what we are doing to her? We are only trying to help her and you. I see you have become attached to her. Its ok, she will be fine; after we are threw with her she probably won’t even want to use that ugly wheelchair anymore anyway. That just goes to show how crazy she was in the first place.” When she had finished she was standing over Andy’s head looking down at him with a look of “I am your master.”

“Kathryn we are ready for her next treatment.” One of the other nurses called. “Ok, be right there.” Kathryn called back. She then looked down into Andy’s eyes and smiled an evil smile. Then she turned and walked away.

Andy was angry to say the least. He didn’t understand why, but her talking about Katie being crazy because she wanted to use a wheelchair got under Andy’s skin. Every step the nurse took the redder Andy got. Suddenly Andy heard the sound of something rip. He instantly froze. He then began to try to move his arms, and so his surprise he could move his right arm. He then began to feel all the straps going across his body and then felt one of the buckles going across his other arm. He tried to undo it, but there was still a strap holding the top of his right arm down. He pulled and pulled, but it would not move. Then suddenly he kept pulling trying to reach the other strap on his left arm. He just needed a inch maybe. Then his arm jerked and he could just barely reach the other buckle. He then undid it and then the other strap holding the top of his arm. He then undid the remaining strap on his right arm. His arms were free. He then pulled the IV that was stuck in his arm out and then undid the straps going across his chest. He then reached down for the straps at his legs, but could not reach them. He tried to, but since he couldn’t sit up he couldn’t reach them. He lay there and then looked over at Katie. The nurses were standing around talking and didn’t seam to be paying attention to him. Andy then took his arms and felt the machine holding his body. At the neck there was a rubber flange made to keep the gas from going out threw the hole for the neck. He felt at the rubber and it was big enough for him to get his head threw. So he pulled at it and then looked over to make sure no one was looking. He then put his body in a painful position and then pulled his head threw.

He got his head threw and then he could see the inside of the machine. He looked up at all the robot like arms with all kinds of different attachments to them. One was long and smooth and shaped like a penis almost. The other was long and skinny and was round he figured that was the one that was inserted in him earlier. There were too with what looked like claws on them. He figured they were for the nipples maybe. He then glanced out the window of the machine at the nurses they were still talking and not paying attention. Andy knew he didn’t have much more time so he began to un-strap his legs.

He got all the straps off and the only thing still on his was the hood and the wires and the electrodes on his head and the tubes going into his mouth. He started to undo them, but then thought, “If I undo these one of those machines might notice it and start some type of alarm. That will give me away for sure.” So he then began to look for a way to get out of the machine. He then noticed the locks holding the machine together. He then started to try to move one and it started to budge. Then it came free! He then moved to the other latch. He began to pry at it and then it budged and then opened. Suddenly Andy herd one of the nurses say, “Look, he is escaping!!!!” Suddenly the nurses ran over to the machine and looked in at him.

Andy freaked, he was scared to death he didn’t know what they were going to do. Suddenly the head nurse smiled at him again and then walked over to the ECT machine. Andy knew what she was going to do. He quickly reached for the wires and tried to pull them off, but he couldn’t. He then reached for the buckles holding the mask on. He got one undone and then reached for the second. He got it undone and then reached to pull it off. Then suddenly the power hit his temples. Sparks flew this time. Then his arms flew straight out, but the mask went with it. Andy wanted expecting his body to go into a seizure but it didn’t instead it was just responding to the power. The mask must not have been on good enough for him to have had a seizure.

“Why you little…” The head nurse said as she moved the other nurses out of the way and then grabbed the opening to the machine. Andy then suddenly had an idea he would charge the opening and knock them all down. Andy backed up to the back of the machine. And with his hands placed his legs into a running position. He then looked at the opening and knew that his legs might not be able to keep him balanced to make this run. Suddenly he began to see daylight in the crack of the machine opening and then he knew, it was now or never. So Andy started his run, he hit the opening and sure enough knocked most of the nurses down. He then grabbed a piece of pipe that had been sitting on the counter and then hit the others slightly over the head and knocked them out.

He then ran over to Katie. “Andy, what have you done?” Katie asked in shock.

“I am saving you.” Andy said as he started undoing the latches on the machine she was in.

“No, leave me here. I need this I have gone crazy.” Katie cried at him.

“No, you have not gone crazy, you have just gotten a little emotional you don’t need to let them do this to you.” Andy said as he pleaded with her.

“Yes, I know I don’t need it, but I want it. I want to experience this for myself.” Katie said as she stared up into Andy’s eyes.

“Katie this is not going to be pleasant as you know from when you did it to me. They have already done a ECT to you, isn’t that enough for you.” Andy said still trying to talk since into her.

Katie didn’t say a word. She just looked stunned up at Andy. Then she shook her head for him to go ahead. Andy then pulled the table she was strapped down to out and began to unstrap her. He got all the straps undone and then helped her get her head threw. Katie then stood up on the floor and looked at Andy.

Suddenly the head operations manager came into the room. “What is going on here? Katie why is this man out of his machine, and why are you? You are in no condition to be out of treatment, and neither is he.”

“No, boss. Its ok, I reacted the way I did because I was scared for Andy, not because I went crazy or had a mental break down. I am ok. Andy here was scared for me as well and… well he broke free and rescued me.”

“Yea I’ll say he did.” They looked over to see the head nurses getting up off the floor. “No come here you little runt I got a special treatment for you.” She said as she ran with her hands out for Andy.

“No! He is my patient and I will take care of his needs, not you!” Katie said as she put herself in front of Andy.

“Katie this behavior worries me. You are becoming to attached to this patient. Your actions almost make me want to transfer him to another caretaker.” The head general said as he tried to understand what was going on.

“Well when I signed on for this and I told you about Andy I told you I was in love with him. You said that was fine and that I could be in love with him while he was here.” Katie said as she turned to face the General.

“Yes I said that, but I never thought that it would effect you like this. Well, I suppose I can let you get out of the treatment, but I am not sure about Andy. He had a nervous break down and needs the treatment.” He said.

“Well I can make a suggestion. Why don’t we return him to normal activates with the sexacution, but during the rest of the day he will be with me in my quarters under lock down and I will give him his ECTs there, with out these machines. I think that that is what bothered Andy and I the most. They are not really needed. He had a nervous break down he didn’t try to escape. We don’t need to torture him like that.” Katie said still trying to plead with the General.

“Well ok I guess I can let him stay with you under lock down, but I will be checking on your progress from time to time, and if I am not the least bit satisfied then I will return both to you to your treatments my way. Is that clear?”

“Yes I think we can handle that.” Andy said interrupting Katie. Katie was shocked by his speaking, but soon calmed down.

“Come on Andy your braces and chair are in my room in case you are wondering.” Katie said as she grabbed his hand and helped him to balance himself and led him out of the room. “Thank you Andy for talking to me like that. I am now not sure what I was thinking. I guess I was just so concerned about you that I felt I had done wrong by torturing you like that that I deserved to be tortured in the same way.”

“Its ok Katie. You know I can’t explain it, but I like you a lot too. In fact I love you. I may not like the ECTs and the sexacutions and the electrodes on my penis and stuff, but I like you, and I really like that you want to use a chair like me. My chair and braces have been something I have really loved all my life. It was something that I loved witch most of disabled people have never really understood. I was surprised when you wanted to use a chair yourself, and when we came here that you never got out of it. How ever when I was in my room, when I broke down, I looked at myself and my chair and I hated it because I felt that it was the thing that brought me here… and really it is, but I don’t know I guess I like it here, well at least I like you and so I guess I just let things get to me. Well I am over it now and I think we can go back to normal… well almost normal life.” Andy said trying to explain his feelings.

“Andy its ok, I like you a lot to, and I understand your feelings. Even I feel upset at myself sometimes for my pretending and for my wanting to use a wheelchair, but it’s just a phase and I get over it after a while. I am sure it is the same for you. I knew it was all long, but I love treating you so much that I just had to do this, and really it did help you.” Katie said.

They then arrived at Katie’s room and then Katie ran her card threw the card reader and the door opened. They entered the room and the door closed behind them.

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