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Going Down Stairs Forward

This is an advanced trick. Try it with someone behind you and in front of you for the first time. Use only on long steps so that you can pause between each step. If you are going to fall, fall … Continue reading

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The start of a new life (Andy)

This is the sequel to Not a normal life…enjoy Chapter 1 – A Meeting “Hay, you awake?” A voice called out from behind Andy as he lay on his bed. He then rolled over to see who it was. Through … Continue reading

Not a normal life (Andy)

Introduction As I write this I writ it from my perspective. I write it as if it was me who this was happening to. Now in this I write some sexual stuff. It may sound as if it is gay, … Continue reading

A Fantasy or a Nightmare (Andy)

Chapter 1 It was late at night and Bob was sleeping peacefully in his comfy warm bed. He had been asleep for a couple of hours now, and everything seamed to be a peaceful night. Suddenly a hand grabbed Bob’s … Continue reading