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A Fantasy or a Nightmare (Andy)

Chapter 1

It was late at night and Bob was sleeping peacefully in his comfy warm bed. He had been asleep for a couple of hours now, and everything seamed to be a peaceful night.

Suddenly a hand grabbed Bob’s mouth and a body lay over his body holding him down tight.

“Be quite and do as I say, and no one will get hurt.” Bob could see the shiny blade of a knife reflecting the light from the streetlight outside. “Get up boy.” The voice beckoned him, and at the same time he got off of him and yanked him up with his one free hand. He stood up, but the guy pulled him back down into a sitting passion on the bed.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Bob tried to say, but it was all muffled by the hand over his mouth.

The man shook him hard, “I told you to be quite!” He felt the knife against his throat. “Your even more beautiful than the boss made me believe.” The man stood in front of him for a second looking over him. “The boss will be really proud. Now, just remain calm, this is only going to hurt for a second.”

Suddenly Bob could see a shoot needle moving threw the light of the streetlight. Bob quivered in fear and tried to get away, but the man forced him back down on the bed.

“I told you not to move.” He jammed the needle into Bob’s arm and he began to feel the drug take effect. Soon he was unconscious.

Chapter 2

Slowly the drug began to wear off and Bob began to become aware of his surroundings. He was in a dark room and laying on the floor, but for some reason the floor was comfortable. Soon he began to become fully awake and he began to feel around the room. He felt the floor and noticed it was soft, like a big pillow. He felt the walls, and they were the same. The room was very small and cramped he noticed as well. He then realized he was in a padded room like what they have at crazy houses.

“HELP! SOMEONE PEOPLE HELP ME!” He franticly screamed, but it was of no use, his voice didn’t carry threw the thick padded walls. Be jumped to his feet and began to beat on the walls. That’s when he noticed he was necked. He began to feel humiliated and even more frightened.

Suddenly a bright beam of light shined into the room. Bob felt like he was a deer in headlights. He then made out a body coming towards him.

“NO! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!” He yelled franticly at the figure coming toward him.

The figure grabbed the young boy by the arms and flipped him around. Another person came in and blind folded him.

He was then led from the room. He couldn’t tell where he was going, but he knew it was a long way. Along the way he could hear the sounds of other people walking down the hall, and he tried to yell out to them, but each time he did one of the guys covered his mouth up.

They finally reached the room, and he could hear the sound of doors being opened. The hands that once held him and forced him to walk suddenly let go of him, and a door shut quickly afterward. Immediately Bob yanked the blindfold off his face, but once again he was in a dark room.

He began to wonder if he was just in another padded room, but then he noticed the floor was hard once again. Suddenly a large light flashed on out of the ceiling illuminating one section of the room. Bob was suppressed by the sudden light and almost wanted to run in fear from it alone, but the thing that scared him even more was the object the light shined down on.

There in the light was an intimidating sight, one that would scare most people. It was a table with all kinds of straps on it. Immediately Bob turned and franticly search for the door that he had heard close behind him, but he could not find it. All he could feel was the wall.

Suddenly he heard a voice call out to him. “Bob, its ok, its going to be alright. Just come with me and you will be ok.”

Bob panicked and quickly turned around to face the voice that he could not see. He began to stare at the table witch he felt was mocking him.

Suddenly Bob began to hear the sound of air being breathed by someone like Darth Vader. Out of the light he suddenly began to see a guy in a yellow toxic waste suit.

Bob jumped back around and frantically Bob began to try very hard to escape once again. Suddenly he felt the rubber hands of the guy grab his wrists. Then suddenly another set of hands grabbed his feet. The men pulled off his feet. Bob franticly tried to kick and move around as much was possible, but it was no use.

They carried him over to the table where four other like dressed men were waiting. Bob was placed on the table, and immediately he tried to jump up, but the six sets of hands immediately pushed him back down. Two guys grabbed his left leg and immediately shoved it down to the table and one other guy began to strap it down tightly to the table. That continued until all of his arms and legs were completely strapped down to the table securely. They then strapped one strap across his lower stomach, one across his lower chest, and then one more across his upper chest. They strapped two more straps from his armpits to the top of his shoulders.

Bob lay there necked completely strapped down to the table. He picked up his head and looked down at his bound body with all the black straps crossing his body. There was a strap going across his ankles, one going across just below his knee, one just above his knee, and one just below his pelvis. Above that was a strap just above his hips, one across his lower ribs, one across his upper chest, and then one on each of his armpits. One his arms were one across his hands, one above his wrist, one just below his elbow, and one above his elbow. The only strap left undone was one that was evidently went across his head. They must have left it undone for him to look at himself.

The men in the jump suits stood over him all equally distributed around the table. Bob looked at all of them slowly. Suddenly a light shone in a window in the wall above him. Then suddenly the light that had been shinning over him and the table went out, and h was left in darkness once again. Bob screamed out in fear because of it, but soon he quieted back down.

A few minutes went by and then suddenly the light came back on. All the guys that had been standing around the table had left. They were replaced by just one man. He was still dressed like the other guys. Bob peered into the suits opening at the face of the man. He didn’t remember that guys face before.

The guy stood there, and then suddenly he began to smile as he looked over him. It was not a good type of smile at all. The then lifted his hands above the table and they came in clear sight of Bob. The guy had a shot needle in his fingers. Franticly Bob began to fight against the straps, but he couldn’t move. His muscles were only able to shake against the straps.

“Shhh…its ok, this isn’t going to hurt.” The guy said as he placed his cold rubber gloved hand down on Bob’s Right leg. He then inserted the needle into his leg, and pressed the plunger down. As he did Bob’s leg immediately went num. He did the same to the other leg. He turned around and walked back into the darkness.

He returned a few minutes latter with two long gray and black metal rods with padding and Velcro straps on them. He went down to the leg section of the Table and unstrapped Bob’s right leg completely. He did the same to the other leg. As soon as he had finished unstrapping the last strap Bob immediately thrust his leg forward and tried will all his might to leap from the table, but…his legs wouldn’t move or respond at all, they just laid there deadly on the table.

“Its ok, it’s only temporary, but here in a few minutes your going to wish it was more permanent.” The man said as the picked up his right leg and put one of the metal devices under his leg. “This little wonder is called a leg brace. It goes tightly around your leg and limits your leg movements as well as supports your legs, and…well…they just look good as well. He then put the two metal rods against his legs and strapped the four straps that held the metal rods against his legs. He was right, they did sort of look good on him. He then put the other brace on his other leg. The guy strapped all the straps back down tightly on his legs.

“Now, I will be gone for a few minutes until you regain your leg movements.” The guy then turned and left leaving Bob alone with his body completely strapped down once again.

Chapter 3

Time past slowly, and soon Bob began to regain the feeling in his legs once again. Bob felt the cold metal strapped tightly against his legs and the straps securely against his legs.

Soon the guy returned into the room. “Well, have you regained your leg movements yet?” Bob didn’t answer him. He pulled his hand back up and placed it on his leg. He then pinched him causing his face to show the pain. “Yep, you got it back. Ok, now its time for the fun.”

He left him once again, and then came back with a tray. He sat the tray down beside the table. Bob stared at what was on the tray trying to figure out what they were. They appeared to be big suction cups that were white in color and had a metal pin at the center. The guy picked one up and then placed it one his chest. He did the same until he had about 2 dozen on his chest.

“Ok, that’s the easy part.” He left once again and returned with four more cups. This time two of them were the same as the others, but there were also two large ones and a strap with a lot of holes in it.

The guy picked up the strap and placed it under Bob’s head. He then took the two large electrodes and placed them on his temples. He then took the other two and placed them on his forehead. He then strapped them tightly to his head.

“Ok, now to hook you up.” The guy reached over and grabbed a handful of wires and began to hook them up to the metal ends on the cups. When he had finally finished Bob looked like some type of human experiment.

Suddenly he relived just what all the cups were and what they were going to do. He franticly began to jerk against the straps. “Please let me go, I will do anything! Please help me!” The guy only looked at him and laughed with a sinister laugh. Bob only screamed louder. The guy put his hand on his head and forced his head down on the table and strapped the last remaining strap across his head.

Bob felt like a Christmas tree all wired up. When he finally realized that screaming would not get him any here he began to calm down once again.

“Ok, now I am going to leave you and let the machines do their stuff.”

The man turned and left and Bob soon heard the door close behind him. He lay there still and quite, hardly even breathing, waiting for the machines to start shocking him violent and for his life to end painfully. Nothing happened as time went by the frustration and fear only got worse. Bob soon began to cry. He felt so hopeless and doomed there all strapped down with all the wires and electrodes attached to him.

Suddenly a slight rotor noise shot threw the quietness of the room and Bob became aware that something was going on. He lay there in fear. The noise was coming from up above him, but he could not see what it was threw the darkness. Suddenly it began to come into view.

The sight was horrific. It was a machine that had what appeared to be something like a toilet plunger suction cup with all sorts of tubes and wires coming out of it, and an arm with a rounded end ok it. And then a robotic arm also.

The machine kept lowering until it was about a foot off of Bob’s body. Bob lay there stunned and fearful of what was to come. His heart pounded hard in his ears. Suddenly the robotic arm began to move. It had a long skinny metal rod in its grasp. It positioned itself down against his stomach and then began to turn the end of the rod to his penis. Bob watched in fear. He began to sweat a cold fearful sweat. The arm then began to slowly push the rod closer to his penis’ hole. It kept getting closer and closer. The closer it got the more he tried to move away from it, but the straps held him completely tight.

The rod finally met with the opening of his penis. He decided to hold it tightly shut so it would not go in. Suddenly the rod hit the sensitive tissue of his inner penis witch sent teeth grinding pain up his body. Do to the pain he released his penis and the rod began to push its way up his penis. Bob watched fearfully. It continued to go into his penis for another 6 inches and then stopped. The robotic arm then released the other end of the rood and moved out of the way.

Next the other arm with the rounded end began to move. Bob had already guessed what it was for. He watched with fear as it began to position itself at his rectum. He waited and then it began to push its way into him. He looked up at the window over looking the room from above to get his mind off of it. There was a body of a lady watching intently at the window. She seamed to be the head doctor because of her dress, but he could also tell by the way she was moving with the movements of the machines that she was greatly turned on by what was going on.

The arm soon stopped going in and Bob lay there with his penis and his rectum filled with metal rods. To say the least it was not comfortable. Suddenly the robotic arm began to move once again and began to hook wires from the plunger to the rod in his penis and it put some metal bands on the outside of his penis.

When it finished the whole metal machine finished its decent to bob’s body. The plunger rested over Bob’s penis. Suddenly it vacuumed to his body very tightly and bob could feel the suction pull his penis and body into the rubber. The rubber squeezed his penis tightly.

Bob was even more franticly crying by this time. He lay sobbing like a big baby for quite sometime. Suddenly a jolt of electricity went running threw his penis down threw to his rectum. The jolt lasted all but a second, but was enough to cause his body to jump and him to feel very bad pain. The voltage then began to slowly increase and bob could feel his penis start to shake and feel like it was vibrating. The electricity wasn’t exactly painful, but it was not a welcomed feeling.

The electricity continued to flow and as it did Bob’s penis began to get erected. He lay there in fear of what was happening. He continued to feel his sexual organs tremble with the electricity. Just as his sexual organs were about to reach their climax the electricity suddenly stopped flowing all together. Suddenly the vacuum on the suction cup on his penis was released and the machine picked itself back up once again.

Bob expected to see his penis looking like a cooked hotdog or something, but to his surprise his penis looked the same as it had before the shocking had started. The robotic arm then moved back into position and grabbed the rod in his penis and began to pull it back out. It pulled it all the back out and then the anal plug removed itself. The machine then went back up into the darkness of the ceiling.

Chapter 4

Suddenly the door opened once again. Bob glanced over in that direction, but he could not see it do to the strap holding his head. A man came back over to his table once again, but instead of it being the main leader, it was just a worker. He removed the strap holding his head down, but left all the other straps and electrodes. He then left the table once again. Suddenly another light flashed on and lit up another table adjacent to the table he was on. The table was just exactly like the table he was on. Suddenly Bob saw a figure move into the light. The figure was a young beautiful girl his own age, but she was in a wheelchair, and was being pushed by one of the workers.

She was so beautiful from her shoes to the top of her head. She was fully dressed in a pair of shorts that came down to her knees and a tee shirt. She had on a pair of Nike shoes. She was crying a little, but didn’t really seam to be to upset. Her wheelchair was a sporty manual wheelchair. It was purple in color with gray wheels. Bob could tell from the looks of the chair that her disability was something that she had had for a long time.

The suited man stopped the girl’s chair beside the table and then walked from behind the chair to her side and then picked up her body. She moved her arms and grabbed him for more support. She didn’t exactly fight him, but she didn’t exactly agree with was happening to her either.

The man placed her body on the table and then moved around to the other side of the table so that Bob could watch everything that went on. The girl moved her legs and arms her place by herself, and she moved her legs like any normal person would have done, witch left Bob wondering was she really disabled. The man then undressed the girl, and then strapped her arms and torso down, but left her legs undone. He went and got another pair of braces and then put them on her legs in the same way he had done to Bob’s legs. When he had finished strapping the braces to her he strapped down her legs and then began to attach the same electrodes to her. As he did the girl began to cry even more. He finally got to her head and he attached the large electrodes to her temples and then put the strap securely around them to hold them in place.

Just before he left he did one more thing. He grabbed a mouth piece off a table and placed it in her mouth, but before he did she began to beg him. “No, please, I am happy with my body and I don’t want to be normal. I will do anything, just please, don’t do this to me.”

“I have already told you, you will be the same you, we are not going to take your disability away.” The man said as he shoved the mouthpiece into her mouth. She didn’t receive it welcomely, but she did hold it in. The mouthpiece was not like a normal mouth piece. It had a large tube, hole like thing that came out of the center of it. Bob figured that was for breathing threw. The man then strapped her head down securely to the table, and left the room once again.

Chapter 5

Again a machine appeared threw the darkness over the girl and it came down to her body. It closely resembled the same machine that had been attached to Bob not to long ago, but it had changed a little. Bob figured that was due to the fact that she was a female and he was a male.

The machine went all the way down to her body and then it began to move a robotic arm with two large glass bowls that resembled lamp globed down onto her medium sized breast. The globes had wires going into the top of the bowls that were directly over her nipples. Bob could tell that they were not just normal light bulb globes that they had been specifically made to electrocute women’s breast. Another robotic arm with the same configuration as Bob’s anal plug began to move to her uterus. It then inserted itself into her young, smooth uterus. Suddenly a jolt hit her sexual organs the same way that it had Bob’s. Her body jumped with the pain, and then Bob watched as her breast began to harden into a stiff most breasts. They jumped in the globes with the shocks, and at times he could even see when the electricity hit her nipples.

In the same way that his had stopped just before he reached his peak the power stopped on her as well. The machine removed itself from her and then they lay there in silence. Suddenly the table that the girl had been on began to move up into the darkness of the ceiling. Bob wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew already that what ever it was it wasn’t going to be good.

Suddenly he heard the girl muffle a yelp threw the mouthpiece that was still in her mouth. Suddenly he could she her body coming back into view, but now it was directly above him, and the table had turned over so that her body was facing his. The table continued to descend until it was about a foot above his body.

Bob looked into her fearful eyes, and could read what she was thinking. He moved his mouth up to her lips and bit the end of the mouthpiece tube that was in her mouth. She opened her mouth and Bob pulled it out and spit it down onto his chest.

“Thanks a lot.” The girl said as he did so.

“Your welcome. Do you know what they are going to do with us?” Bob asked.

“Well, I have some ideas.” The girl said as she began to look down at his body.

“Yea, I have some ideas too. By the way my name is Bob.” He said.

The young girls eyes had become fixed on his penis by then, and she began to study it intently. “Excuse me!” He said in a stern voice trying to get her attention.

“Hum? O, sorry, I just have never seen a guy necked before. What were you saying?” The girl said sort of embarrassed.

“Its ok, I haven’t seen a girl necked before either. I was saying that I had some ideas too, and that my name was Bob.” He repeated once again looking into the soft blue eyes of the girl. He felt like he was dreaming, she was so beautiful.

“My names Sara. I figure their going to do something with my disability because of all these braces I have on, and that you have on.” She said

“Nice to meet you. Yea I figure so as well, but what can they do?” He asked knowing he probably wasn’t going to get an answer.

She raised her eye brawls as to say that she didn’t know.

Suddenly her body began to shake and her face squinted up to an ugly painful face. Bob watched in amazement as her body began to shake. He could see her disabled body shake all over the place in the straps and her breast shake above him. For some reason he wasn’t exactly attracted by the breast the most, he instead watched her legs as they responded to the shocks that were being delivered to them.

After about a minute from the time the electrical shock had started it stopped, and the poor girl’s breath was sort. She began to breath very fast, and she opened back up her eyes and looked down at Bob.

Just as Bob was getting ready to ask if she was all right he felt his body jerk in pain. Now he was being shocked all over the place. His legs, arm, and chest began to jerk with every shock that was delivered to them very fast. His whole body was being shocked, but the electrodes on his head were the only ones that weren’t receiving any power. He managed to open his eyes once more a second and looked down at Sara’s young face. She was intently watching his penis bounce around with his body movements.

The shock soon ended and just when they thought it was all over they both received shocks at the same time. The shock lasted the same amount of time as the others had and then they ended. Both Bob and Sara sat looking into each other’s face. “Are you ok?” Sara asked.

“Yes, I think so, are you?” Bob asked in concern, but more so concerned because of the fact that she was disabled.

“Yes I am ok.” Sara stated back.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked the leader once again. “Well, you two ready for the fun part? Up until now it has been to get yall ready for the best part of all.”

Neither Bob nor Sara answered him. Bob looked hatefully at him while Sara looked down at Bob trying to keep calm.

Suddenly Sara’s table began to move away once again, but it only moved about a foot and then it stopped. A motor noise could still be heard. Suddenly another metal machine appeared between the two tables. This one was like none seen before. It had two sides, and on each side it had four scissors like metal roods and on the end of each scissor bar was a metal round flat metal plate with wires going into them.

The machine placed itself over Bob’s braces legs with each scissor on each side of his legs. They had not attached themselves yet, but he could tell that they were going to close onto the metal bars of the braces. They were positioned so that one scissor would grab his right quad muscles, one on his right calf, and the same on the other leg.

Sara’s table began to move back down, and this time got so close that they could almost touch each other. They were maybe an inch away from each other. They guy then grabbed Bob’s penis with his cold rubber hand and Sara’s uterus opening with the other and placed them together and inserted Bob’s penis into her. The feeling of the warm, wet, smooth uterus was like nothing he had ever felt before.

Sara lay there with a frown on her face trying to keep from being sick. The man then turned and left the room once again. The machine that had been place between their legs and grabbed both of their braces and then they began to feel the electricity run threw their legs. The braces held them tight and they could feel the pain running threw them. The current continued painfully for 30 seconds and then lowered to a lesser rate. The pain was still there, but it was not near as bad.

Suddenly Sara’s table began to move back and forth in a stroking action and Bob’s penis began to move in and out of Sara. The sensation was so strong that Bob couldn’t control himself. He suddenly began to kiss Sara very strongly. The electricity in their legs was no longer bothering them any. Sara recently gave in after a while and soon they were falling for each other like crazy. Not to long after that Bob chummed and soon after the tables stopped once again, and then the fun was over.

Then the machine on their legs released and then Sara’s table left and went back up into the darkness and soon returned to where it had originally been.

As they lay there calming down Bob began to notice that his legs began to fell differently. He was not sure how so yet, but he knew something was different.

Chapter 6

The door opened once again, and in walked the main leader once again.

“Well did yall enjoy that? You sure looked like you did.” The man asked as he walked over to Bob’s table. He then picked up the mouthpiece that had been in Sara’s mouth and placed it back on the table and grabbed another one and shoved it into Bob’s mouth.

He then walked over to Sara’s table and shoved another one in her mouth and then went over and strapped Bob’s head back down, and checked all the straps holding both of their bodies. He turned for the doors, and as he walked he said, “Now, the real fun starts.” He said with a chuckle and closed the door. Suddenly Sara’s body jumped like it never had before and her face turned the most ugly squinted face. She began to try to scream, but couldn’t. Bob watched in horror out of the side of his eye. Suddenly her body relieved and Bob could tell the power stopped, but then her body began to shake like it had not before.

Then suddenly Bob felt a painful explosion in his head and he knew then what was going on, the electrodes on his temples had just then been given power. The shock must have had been 10 times what they had been because his whole body jumped. Bob felt like he was been killed and that the end was near, but he was not dead, or was he. The pain roared on threw his head, and just when he felt like his brain was going to become fried the power stopped, but his body then started shaking, and he could not breath. His teeth and mouth were tightly bighting down on the mouthpiece. He knew that he must have suffered brain damage and that it had caused his body to do that. He must have become a vegetable, but no, he could still think.

Then finally his body calmed down and his muscles released and he began to calm down. He could see Sara threw the corner of his eye, and she could see him. The door opened once again, and in walked the group of guys as they had when it all started. They all walked over to Sara’s table and began to surround her, but they left room for Bob to see. One of then began to side another strap under her back of her stomach, and then one placed two large electrodes to her stomach. They strapped them onto her belly and then wired them up and then they started the current flow threw them.

Amazingly in front of Bob’s eyes her belly began to grow. He thought that they had blown up her stomach or something, but he knew that her stomach didn’t look like that. It looked like she was pregnant. Then one man unstrapped her legs and positioned himself between her legs on the end of the table. Suddenly Sara’s face went into a painful face and Bob could tell she was pushing like a pregnant woman who was in labor. Suddenly out popped a fully-grown baby into the rubber arms of the man.

They took it over to another table and began to put braces on it young little body. Instead of just having braces on its legs, it had braces on its arms, legs, body, and head. The braces on its legs and arms were fairly the same as the ones on Sara and Bob’s legs. The brace on its torso was basically a lot of metal that brought all of the braces on its legs and arms together. The brace on the young infants head was the most crazy of all. It had four rods that went up its forehead, two in the back and two in the front. Around the forehead was a round piece of metal that all the rods connected to. The worst thing about it was that coming out of the round metal piece was six long screws that went into the baby’s head. They were literally screwed into the baby’s young skull. Then connected to almost every place on his body were different wires; four on each leg and arm, eight on his chest, and one for every screw going into his head. The young baby was live and awake laying there calm looking around.

The door opened once again and in came another wheelchair. It was black in color and was a different model than what Sara had come in. It was also sporty, but was sportier. The only thing about it was that it had all kids of straps on the leg section of it. They wheeled it over to Bob’s table and he was unhooked from the electrodes and unstrapped. He got up from the table on his own, but when he tried to stand he fell over. His legs didn’t balance him any longer. He again tried to stand up, and managed to stand for all but five seconds, but then fell over once again. His legs were bowed and his feet were stretched out as if he were walking on his tiptoes. He had a hard time controlling his legs. He managed to make it over to the wheelchair and sat himself down into it. The guys then strapped his legs all into it.

They strapped his feet down with two straps going across his feet. They also had one going across his ankles, one just below his knee, and one above, and one at his waste going across his quadriceps. He still had the braces on, and the straps went over them. After they had finished strapping him down they left and went over to Sara and unhooked and unstrapped her. Bob managed to wheel over to her without much difficulty and then with help from the guys they placed her back into her wheelchair. They had placed more straps on her chair also and they strapped her into her chair as well. They then both wheeled over to the new baby and began to look at its poor little braced body. Part of them wanted to start unstrapping it and trying to get it out of there, but they didn’t know why they had put it those braces like that. Maybe there was a good reason. The guys then came over to the baby and then suddenly one of them picked the baby up with all the braces on it and carried it over to a clear, glass tube container and placed it in it and sealed the end. They then connected different tubes to the container and then suddenly the tube began to be filled with a green fluid. Sara began to panic, and to try to get to the baby, but couldn’t. Then they noticed that there were tubes going into the infant’s mouth and nose. The infant seamed to be breathing normally and seamed to be behaving normally.

They watched the baby for a while. They really couldn’t tell what was going on, but they knew something was up. The main leader walked over to them and began to speak to them once again, “Its ok, you don’t haft to worry, the baby is perfectly fine. He is going to be a perfectly normal little boy, but will just grow up a little differently. We are going to move him to a different room soon, but you can always come and see him when you like and when you have time. Now come with me I want to show you to your new homes.”

The man turned towards the door, and slowly Bob and Sara followed. The man took them from the room down a hallway to another door and opened it. He took them in and then turned on the light. The room was sort of small, but contained two tables sort of resembling the tables they had been on before. “This is your new home. You will sleep here on these tables. They automatically strap you down and hook you up and such. During the day you are free to do what you want, but during the night you haft to stay on the tables. O, and one more thing, you haft to always wear three things, 1. Is this wristband so that we know where you are, 2. Those braces, 3. Machines that will go on your sexual organs so that we can monitor what goes on, and do other things sometimes, and 4. These electrodes on your forehead so we can use part of your brain. Now, Bob, if you will come over here I will hook you up with these machines and then we can get that over with.”

Bob reluctantly hesitated and looked over at Sara. She nudged him on and Bob went over to him. He was still necked and do it was not very hard for the guy to work. He grabbed his penis and placed a small round machine around the base of his penis. The machine went around his balls and around the base of his cock. The machine was made so that it held the balls permanently in one place. He also put the armband on his arm, and then placed three electrodes across his forehead and placed the machine they were connected to on the bottom of his wheelchair. “Now you can still make love with thing machine, but sometimes it will not let you chum, and sometimes if you have not engaged in sex in a while it will automatically stimulate you and cause you to chum. If you want there are some cloths in those drawers over there you can go and put some cloths on.” He said as he pointed to the drawer.

“Now Sara, your turn.” Sara wheeled over to him and the man placed a machine on her uterus that grabbed her skin. The machine had a whole in it for some to still be able to insert their self into her. Ok, this machine will allow you to still have sex with people, but if you don’t do it often enough it will cause you to masturbate. Here is your arm band and now lets get you hooked up with these electrodes.” He placed the three electrodes across her fore head in the same way he had on Bob and then placed the machine in the same place as well.

“Ok, there are just a few more rules; 1. No traditional sex, you can only make love using these tables. When you want to have sex you just come in here and lay down and the machine will know what to do. 2. You can only have sex with each other, if you do it with anyone else the next time you lay down on the table it will electrocute you violently for a while. Do it again, and the machine will make it to where you can only have it when we want you to. That’s pretty much it for now. Now if you will come with me I will show you to where your son is at now, O, I forgot one last rule, cloths must always be worn except when told differently by one of the workers, and you must also be available for a weekly operation every Friday. One of our workers will come and get yall for it. So Sara, why don’t you go and get some cloths before we leave.” The man said trying to make sure he explained all the necessary rules and such.

Sara went and got dressed. She put on a pair of shorts and a shirt that closely resembled the ones she had worn when she first came in. Bob was wearing shorts as well, and a tee shirt also. He was dressed pretty much the same as Sara, but he wore sandals instead of tennis shoes. They left the room and followed the man down the halls until he finally came to a door and opened it and held it for them to get threw.

They walked in and were amazed by what they saw. In the room were hundreds of tubes similar to the one that their baby had been in, and in the tubes were also babies, but these babies were not braced like theirs’ had been. Instead they were strapped down to a glass table in the tubes. Each baby did have electrodes covering its body and tubes going into their mouths and noses.

“Come on, your baby is over here.” The man showed the way while they wheeled slowly behind them looking at all the babies as they passed. Finally the man stopped in front of one of them and showed them the baby. Sure enough there he was, the braces were still attached to him, and he was theirs. There was a computer monitor and keyboard beside the tube that showed different graphs and readings. One of the pictures on the screen was a drawing of the baby’s body with all the braces and wires attached to it.

“This screen tells you different things about the babies condition. It also allows you to speak to him threw typing on the keyboard.” They sat there a while looking at all the different wires and tubes connected to the baby.

“Do you have any idea what you want to name him?” The man asked.

Bob looked at Sara, who in turned looked at him. “How about Trode?” Sara suggested. “Since he was conceived by electrodes.

“Ok, I can go for that.” Bob said.

“Yes, that’s a great name. Well I shall go and leave yall alone now. Remember the rules ok. Bye” The man said as he walked away leaving the two wheelchaired specimens alone.

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