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Not a normal life (Andy)


As I write this I writ it from my perspective. I write it as if it was me who this was happening to. Now in this I write some sexual stuff. It may sound as if it is gay, but please realize that I am not gay. Also since I am writing this as if it were happening to me I put the main character in a wheelchair like I am myself.

Chapter 1 – A start of a normal day

Bang!! Andy awoke with a jerk as a big bang was heard threw out the house. He was alarmed to say the least to wake up to such a loud sound. “Are you alright?” He called out hoping someone would answer, but the only sound he heard was the creek of his ceiling fan. He reached for his remote control for it and turned it off so he could hear more clearly. Still he only heard silence.

Andy was shocked by the silence, and sensed something was wrong. He uncovered his braced legs and put them on the floor. Normally he would have transferred into his Wheelchair right then, but since he was so alarmed he stumbled down out the door. He made his way down the hallway and into the kitchen to find that the cat had knocked a glass off the counter.

“You dump cat.” Andy stated, as he was annoyed at being awoken with such as clash. He then glanced over at the clock on the wall. “7:12, well I guess I could start getting ready for school early today.” He usually got ready around 7:30, but since he was already up it would only be a waste to try to go back to sleep.

He stumbled back to his room and sat on his bed. People who had never seen him walk, but had only seen him in his chair were amazed when sometimes he got up and walked around some. They didn’t fully understand that just because he was in the chair didn’t mean that he could not wall at all. Andy had always been in his wheelchair as long as he could remember. He had it from birth, but he would not remember that as no one remembers that far back. He didn’t mind being different having constant muscle spasms, it was part of his life. He knew a lot of people who were in chairs like him wanted to get out of them and never have to go back to them, but Andy was different. He enjoyed his being different. He enjoyed the way he looked, and the way he did things differently.

Andy then rechecked the time as he began to find himself daydreaming. It was now 7:20. He looked at his chair and smiled as he checked it out. He loved the way it shined and sat there. He then got up and easily sat down in it. He then wheeled over to his closet and got out his school uniform. A pare of kaki pants and a school uniform shirt. He pulled the first shirt he saw out, as there were only three choices, and he didn’t care what color he wore.

He then took of his shirt and reached for his school shirt from his bed. As he did he stopped and noticed his image in his full length mirror that hung on the wall. People had never cared for his looks as they saw the chair and didn’t want anything to do with him, so Andy never really took much time to look at himself, but as he sat there he looked at himself. He was quite skinny. His mom used to joke with him about how she could send him to school for his science report of bones as they could see his every bone. He looked down at his chair, and again a big smile came across his face.

Suddenly he heard a loud buzz as his alarm clock went off behind him. He then put his shirt on and headed over to it and turned it off. Andy was always the first up in his house as both his parents worked from their household computer all day. He then wheeled back over to the mirror and then took off his gym shorts by standing up out of his chair and trying to balance on the bed with one arm. He got them off and then looked in the mirror again. He saw himself. His legs braced from just above the ankle to just below his waste. They were there to support his legs during his standing. The spasms caused his legs to jerk and to come together and his feet to stretch out. He then reached for his pants and put them on carefully by sitting back in his chair and pulling them up to his knees and then pulling the pants legs up and standing up and then pulling the pants up the rest of the way.

He then reached for his school shoes. They were just normal brown dress shoes. He hated them as they were ugly he thought. He loved his tennis shoes any day. He put them on his feet and tied them and then placed his feet in his chairs footrest. He then gave himself one last look over in the mirror. He looked fine so then he headed to the bathroom to do his morning needs.

He used the toilet and then washed his hands, brushed his teeth and then combed his hair. He then reached for his deodorant and put some on, he put it back and reached for his clone. He wasn’t sure why he put it on as no one wanting anything to do with him, especially any girl, but he put it on anyway, it didn’t hurt anything to wear it.

He then headed to the kitchen and saw the glass still in pieces of the floor. He wheeled over to the closet and got the broom and dustpan. His dustpan was different than most as it had a handle on it so he didn’t haft to lean down to get it. He cleaned up the mess and then threw away the glass in the garbage. He then went back to the closet and put the broom and bust pan back and reached for a cereal bar off the shelf. Andy had never really been one for breakfast unless it was eggs or pancakes or such, but since his parents got up later than he did he didn’t want to just fix them for himself.

He ate his small breakfast and then headed out the door to his car. He got to his car and stood up and began disassembling his chair and putting it in the back seat of his car. His mother had wanted him to get a folding chair, so it would be easier on him, but he hated the looks of them and insisted on getting a ridged model. They weren’t that much trouble. Just they took up a lot of space. The back wheels popped off and just left you with the frame. He put his chair in the car and then got in the drivers seat.

His car was a normal car, his mom had wanted him to also get a modified car his hand controls for the accelerator and break, but Andy did not like that idea. He wanted to have a normal car, plus with the hand controls pretty much your only choice on transmissions was a automatic. He hated them, and only wanted a manual. His mom was not really hit on the idea, but his dad thought he could handle it. Andy really had gotten used to the car and didn’t have very much trouble with his disability with it anymore.

He started the car and then backed out the driveway onto the local road. He then drove to school.

Chapter 2 – A typical School Day

He arrived at school 12 minutes later at 8:00. School started at 8:05, but they understood if he was a little late most of the time. He went to his parking spot witch was next to a handicapped spot. They wanted him to park in the handicapped spot, but he hated them, as he wanted to be treated like everyone else, and really did not need a handicapped spot or any other special treatment.

He got out of the car and got his chair out and reassembled it and then headed inside the school. Around him the normal sounds of school were starting. Buses unloading, cars waiting in line, the sounds of people chatting with one another wait for the day to begin.

He entered the front door of the school and headed towards his homeroom. His school was different from people. His mother had wanted him to be surrounded by other wheelchair kids like himself when he was younger, but he didn’t want that, he wanted to have normal friends and a normal school. He wanted to go to a normal public high school, but his mother did not want that. They finally agreed on sending him to a small private school. It was a normal private school with normal kids. His class sizes were smaller and his teachers cared about him. He liked it for the most part.

He entered his classroom and to his surprise it was just him and Mrs. Johnson, his teacher. Usually he was one of the last there. He then glanced at his watch to find that the clock in his car must be fast as it was just now hitting 8:00. He must have left the house earlier than usual.

“Hi Andy, how are you today?” Mrs. Johnson called out as she welcomed him into her classroom.

“I am ok, a little tired, but ok.” He replied as he pulled his chair up to his desk and got his pencils and pens ready for his first class. His first class was Chemistry. They were supposed to show up to the classroom first for homeroom and then leave to go their lockers and get books, but Andy was one of the few who followed that rule. Most of the other kids just went to their locker first then came to class and would go and chat with friends during the other time.

As Andy got his notebooks and pens ready for his first class in came walking Derrick. Derrick had always seamed to be a bully to Andy. He was all the time picking on him and spreading rumors about him and his disability. They had had a few arguments over the years. Most Andy just tried to leave him alone and stay out of his way. He seamed to be a bully to everyone, but there was one person that liked him. Sharon. Sharon had always been Andy’s dream girl. He loved the way she presented herself and her personality was great. She really cared for him and so many other classmates. Andy was shy, but had told her about his feelings for her, but she only laughed at him when he told her. “Me… be in love with you… you can’t love anybody.” She had told him. She had always been nice to him and loved talking to him so he did not expect that out of her, but hay what did he expect. To them he was just a broken kid, who was stupid and broken and could not do anything.

Just then as he took his eyes off Sharon he noted that all the other kids had shown up. There were 10 people in his class. He knew them all, and they all knew him, but only 3 of them ever had anything to do with him.

Just then the bell rang and Andy headed to his locker. Andy arrived at his locker and as usual had to wait his turn as all the other kids blocked his locker and he had to wait until three of them out move so he could get to his. They never apologized or said they were sorry or anything, just quietly got up and left.

Finally they moved and wait moved forward to his locker. He put in his combination and then opened his locker. As he did a piece of paper fell out. He looked at it thinking it was some type of hate note like he sometimes got. “Man I wish you guys would just leave me alone.” He said to himself as he picked up the note. He got his books and then closed his locker and headed back to his classroom.

Andy wheeled up to his desk and got ready for class. He was expecting the kids to be looking at him as he expected they all knew about the note, but none of them did. He thought it was sort of weird, but just let it go.

“All right class. Open your books to page 235 and let’s begin.” His teacher said in her usual tone of voice.

Andy really didn’t care for chemistry, but he loved the math part of it. He also like the electron dot structure, but didn’t care for the terms at all. The only thing that got his grade by was his notes. He was a great note taker.

Andy began to get so amazed that no one was acting like they usually did when he got a note that he decided to read it:

Dear Andy,

I don’t really know much about you, and I am not really sure if you know who I am, but I was wondering if we could meet one day after school. I need some help with my math class and Mrs. Stevens said you’re the best, so I thought I would give you a try. By the way, I think you are kind of cute.


Andy didn’t know who Katie was, and he could tell she was just sucking up to him about the cute part.

“Andy. What is that note you have there? Is that another one of them hate notes?” Mrs. Johnson asked with a bit of concern “Class I am tired of yalls actions towards Andy, he is a nice boy, just because he is different…”

“Mrs. Johnson! Its not a hate note.” Andy called out to interrupt her.

“Well what is it then we know it ant no love note. No one could love you.” Derrick said as the whole class started laughing.

“Derrick, sometimes I wonder just how old you really are, and that does for the rest of you. Andy is just as much human and just as much lovable as the rest of you if not more.” Mrs. Johnson called out trying to stand up for her loved student.

Andy’s mind began to wonder off to Katie and what she might really want, and who she could be. Just then the bell rang and it was time for their next class.

Andy headed back towards his locker and again waited for the boys to get of his way. Just then a voice came up behind him, “So, who’s the letter from? Surly it ant some girl.” Andy could tell it was some boys in his class; Derrick was not with him he thought. He did not answer them, as he only wanted to mind his business. He got his books and closed his locker and turned around in his chair to find himself faced with five of his other classmates. They were all looking at him and saying things amongst their selves. It was normal behaviour for people. Andy had gotten used to it over time.

He then headed to his next class and after it was threw headed to lunch. Lunch was free time for a lot of the kids, there were no assigned seats, but everyone sat in their same spots everyday. Andy really was the only one with an assigned seat as the tables had permanent seats on them that could not be moved, so Andy was left sitting on the end of the table. The people he sat around were not mean, but really they didn’t care to carry on a conversation either. So Andy ate his lunch peacefully.

After lunch was over he headed back to classes and then the school day was over. He then headed to his locker and again waited on those boys and then opened his lock and started arranging stuff. Since Andy was one of the last ones out the hall had gotten quite as people left. He was just about finished when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned his head to find a small young Girl about 16 years old standing behind him.

“I’m sorry, am I in your way? I will be done in just a minute.” Andy said as he quickly gathered his books up and put them on his lap.

“Nono, its ok, I am Katie. Did you get my message?” She asked

“Yes I did, and I can help you if you like, but your going to haft to trust me and not think that I am stupid like the rest of the people around here. Also you didn’t have to suck up to me like that by telling me I was cute. Because I know I’m not.” Andy said as he began to play with the strap that went across his leg holding his legs in his chair.

“Well I don’t think your stupid, and I wasn’t sucking up, you are cute.” Katie said as she tired to keep from blushing.

Andy’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor as he was shocked someone actually thought he was cute let alone smart. “Well I can’t stay today, but how about tomorrow?” Andy asked.

“No I can’t stay at school, do you mind if I come over to your house and we can work there?” She asked.

This was to good to be true, she liked him, thought he was cute, and wanted to come to his house. “Well sure you can, my parents work at home, so they have the table and stuff, but we can use a work bench in my basement.” Andy stumbles threw saying.

“Ok, so when do you want me over?” She asked.

“Well as soon as possible would be nice.” He replied.

“Ok, well I don’t drive and my mom is out front waiting on me, so I can tell her to let me ride home with you and we can start then and she can pick me up later.” Katie replied as she changed her standing position.

“Well I have never driven with anyone in my car except my parents so sure.” Andy replied, as he was excited about it.

“Ok, well I am going to go out and tell my mom then.” She said as she walked away.

“Wait up I will join you.” Andy replied as he quickly put his chair into motion.

They walked to the front of the school and then she went to her moms car and stuck her head in.

“Mom I want you to go home and wait for me to come back ok?” She asked quite seriously.

“Is that the guy? Honey look at him, he’s so strapped in and look at that chair, honey how can you like him?” Her mom asked worried.

“Mom just please let me be.” She said as she got angry at her.

“Well ok I will see you later then, just don’t do anything stupid.” She said as she put the car in gear

“Ok, were set” Katie said as she turned to Andy.

They walked on to his car witch was at a different entrance to the school. They got to his car and then Katie wanted to watch as Andy got out of his chair and into the car. “I just think it’s interesting that’s all.” She said.

“Well I have never had anyone be that way.” He said with a smile on his face. He then undid the Velcro strap that went across his feet, one above his ankles, one below his knee, one above his knee, and one just below his waste. He looked up at her to see her standing watching with great interest. He then stood up while watching her emotions. Her emotion did not change at all, and that surprised Andy. “Does the fact that I am standing bother you or anything?” He asked a bit worried.

“No, your knees are bent in, your feet out, your leg wobbly from small spasms, you have cerebral palsy right?” She asked

Andy was amazed at her answer. “Yea, how do you know what that is?”

“Because I have done study on it.” She replied

“O I see.” Andy said as he continued to talk the wheels off his chair and then put it in the car. He then gestured for her to get in and so she did. The ride home was pretty uneventful, they chatting about things, and Katie’s Math shills and such and finally arrived at Andy’s house.

Chapter 3 – A Secret Spy

“Well, this is where I live.” Andy Stated as they entered his driveway.

“It looks very nice” Katie said as she looked around at his house and yard.

Andy then got out of the car and began to get his chair out and again he has amazed to find Katie watching with such great interest. He got it put together and then sat back down and redid all the straps across his legs. He then proceeded up the ramp on the front of his house and entered his front door.

“Hi Mom, Hi Dad. I am home. This is Katie, she wants me to tutor her for math class. We will do down stairs so we are not in yall’s way.” Andy said trying to keep from making them embarrass him.

“Ok honey, just have fun.” His mom stated as she continued to work.

Andy and Katie then turned back around and headed back out the front door of his house and headed for the basement.

“Honey do you think she really likes him, I mean no one has ever really liked Andy.” His mom said with interest.

“I don’t know honey time will tell.” His dad said trying to keep from messing up his work.

“Well give me a minute and I will clean off a place for us to work here.” Andy said as they entered his messy work area.

“Ok. Do you mind if I look around?” She asked, as she wanted to go look around his mess.

“Well sure I guess, just be careful not to trip over anything or something because I won’t really be able to help you back up.” Andy said as he gave her a smile.

As Andy proceeded to clean she went back and started looking around. She saw all sorts of interesting things like computers, old manual typewriters, homemade air conditioners, and a small inside garden. All this stuff was interesting to her, but it didn’t hold her interest very long. She kept moving until finally she stopped as her eyes met the thing she was searching for. It was one of Andy’s of chairs. It seamed to be just her size. If had a small layer of dust on it, but she wiped if off with her hand and sat down and tired it out. It fit her perfectly. She was hoping if would have straps on it, but they were gone, they must had been up on his new chair. She wondered if Andy would get offended if she used his old chair, but she was just son interested in it and she loved the way it looked and how she felt sitting in it.

She put her fears behind her and put her hands on the wheels and proceeded into the other room where they were going to work. She did not say a word, as she was afraid of what he would say.

“I just about got a big enough area for us to work here.” Andy said with out looking at her. He continued to clean and finally finished and looked at her. “Ok, we are ready. O you found one of my old chairs, but why are you sitting in it, we have other normal chairs over there. I mean I know you don’t want to wheel like me.” Andy said trying to get a grasp on what was going on.

“Well I just wanted to see what it was like, and I like how it looks and how it feels, and so I thought maybe you would let me use it with you.” Katie said as she looked down at the floor. “Never mind I will go and put it back.” She said as she turned around to go back to where she got it from.

“No no, its ok. I would love for you to use it. I have just never had anyone who was even willing to be my friend because of my chair, but yet here you are wanting to use one like me. See I love my chair. I don’t mind using it at all. To me it is great. Just no one else ever sees it that way.” Andy said trying to explain himself.

Katie turned back around with a big smile on her face and headed to the worktable so they could begin. Andy got his calculator out and then Katie got her math book out and they began to work a little on the math problems.

“Andy. What is it like using a chair all the time?” Katie asked interrupting Andy from explaining a problem.

“Well its just like normal life except my legs are in a constant spasm and I get around differently than you and other people.” Andy said trying to explain. “You know what I am sort of hot, so I am going to go up stairs and change cloths. Here you work problems 12-15 yourself and see what you get and we will look over them when I get back.” Andy said as he turned to leave.

Andy really wasn’t that hot he just wanted her to be able to see his legs, the full him. Normally he would not want to let her see his braced legs, but since she was even using one of his old chairs, he thought she would like it. He went inside and changed cloths.

“He will be perfect. His body and brain is going to be of great help to my little project. He will never expect a thing.” Katie said to her self as she thought about what she was planning to do.

Andy changed into some shorts and then headed back down to the basement to where she was. He entered the door looking at Katie’s facial expressions carefully. She saw them, but she only smiled as she saw them. “So you think I look ok like this?” Andy asked with a little bit of crack in hi voice, as he was unsure she really liked it.

“Andy, I love it, I can’t explain why, but your beautiful the way you are.” Katie said as she looked into his eyes.

Andy was speechless and so he just wheeled back up to the table to check her work. She had done it correctly, so he just gave it back to her and said job well done.

“Andy, you know I really like you. And I really like this feeling of using a chair to. Maybe we should go shopping or walking or something together with us both in chairs sometime.” Katie said trying not to sound weird by doing so.

“Ok, we can do that sometime.” Andy said with a little excitement

“Well I guess I best be going now. Don’t want to keep my mom waiting.” Katie said as she wheeled back to the room where she got the chair from.

“Ok, well see you tomorrow then?” Andy hoped that she would want to see him sooner than that.

“Sure I will see you then.” Katie said as she walked back into the room.

“Ok, then it was nice having you here.” Andy said as he led her to the door.

“Bye” she said as she headed up his driveway to walk home. “I will be seeing you sooner than you think.” She said in a low tone as she almost laughed an evil laugh.

Andy headed back up stairs and headed into his room to watch some TV. On his way threw the front door his Mom and Dad started picking on him about him having a girl saying, “Andy’s got a girl, Andy’s got a girl.”

He entered his room and turned on the TV and started watching some television. Time past quickly and it became time for bed. He then changed cloths back into his gym shorts and tee shirt and brushed his teeth again and then headed back in his room for bed. He parked his chair beside his bed like he always did, and then got in the bed and covered himself up and soon found himself sleeping peacefully.

Chapter 4 – A Different Bang

Bang!! Andy awoke again with a jerk. “That dumb cat. He’s dun knocked over another glass and broke it.” Andy thought to himself as he lay there trying to go back to sleep.

He was almost asleep when suddenly he thought he heard the floor creak in the hallway. He laid silent and still hoping to hear it again. He heard nothing. “Cat, just go to sleep and stop disturbing me.” Andy said as he rolled over trying to get comfortable again.

Just as he was about to fall asleep again a cold hand quickly grabbed Andy’s mouth and held him still. Andy tried to scream but no sound would come out. Then he felt a cold round metal circle press against his head. He knew it was a gun. He didn’t want to die, so he stopped struggling and sat there motionless.

“Now listen up, your coming with me, weather you like it or not. Now you make one sound or wake your parents up in anyway and I will shot you and your parents. Do you understand?” The guy said in a muffled tone.

Andy didn’t attempt to say anything just shook his head up and down.

“Now I know you have a physical condition, so I am going to take your chair with you, but is there anything else you need to go with you, point with your finger at what you need.” The guy said as he turned on his flashlight.

And reached for his covers.

“No, don’t you dare move. Just point at what you need.” The guy said as he grabbed Andy’s head harder.

Andy didn’t want to end up dead, so he pointed down at his covers. Andy could see the look in the guy’s eyes that he didn’t understand. Andy reached down again for the covers and slowly pulled them back reveling his braced legs. The guy shined his flashlight on them. “O, well that could be a problem when we get ready to do things to you, but he will work that out. Anything else?” The guy asked again in a low tone.

Andy didn’t need anything for his condition really, so he shook his head no.

“All right you may bring one thing with you that we are not already going to take, you must be able to carry it your self.” The guy said making sure any knew what he meant.

Andy pointed at a book resembling a Bible lying beside his bed. It actually wasn’t a Bible, but it was something like it, it was a book called The Liturgy of The Hours. It basically was like a Bible except it was sort of like a devotion book for Catholics.

The guy reached out and grabbed it and then opened it and flipped threw the pages to make sure there was no hidden weapons in it or anything.

“Alright, now I am going to take my hand off you face but if when even draw in a breath like your going to scream I will shoot you.” The guy said as he put the gun back against Andy’s head. It was a silenced gun so he knew if he shot him that it wouldn’t wake anyone up.

The guy then motioned for him to get in his chair, so Andy slowly got up and stumbled over to his chair and sat down. He sat there looking at the guy.

“Well don’t just sit there, strap your self in.” The gay said annoyed that he was so scared.

Andy leaned down and strapped his feet in and then his ankles and then his knees in both places and then the last strap at his waste, and then looked back at the guy. The guy then handed him his book that he had left on the bed and Andy placed it in his lap. The guy then slowly opened his door and looked at him to go out. As Andy got close the guy pointed toward his gun to remind Andy that it was there.

Andy exited the room and made his way slowly down the hallway. The guy then motioned for him to go out the front door. So Andy made his way for the door, opened it and then wheeled out. The guy was behind him the whole time his gun at his side. They made their way down the ramp and then headed up the driveway. They reached the top just as a van pulled up and the guy motioned for Andy to get in the back. He proceeded to the back and the doors opened and Andy was about to unstrap himself from his chair when two other guys got out and picked him up and put him in the van. The guys got back in the van and then the guy who had kidnapped him got in. They closed the doors behind them.

“You might want to put on your breaks on your chair, don’t want you rolling around everywhere.” They guy said with almost a chucked in his voice. The guy then hit the front wall of the back of the van and the driver started driving. Then the lights came on in the back of the van.

Andy could see that the guys clearly now, the guy who had kidnapped him still had his silent handgun, but the others had what appeared to be military type automatic rifles. They wear wearing black suits and pants like a soldier would wear and have on combat boots.

The van drove on for what seamed like hours, and finally stopped and Andy could hear voices, but could not make out what they were saying. Then the van drove on. It stopped a few seconds later and then backed up and came to a stop. The engine then stopped and the guys opened the back door and then motioned for Andy to get out. He then wheeled himself backwards or so he thought, but his breaks were still on, so he then took them off and then backed out of the van.

When he was out of the van he saw he was on a loading dock on some type of prison he thought. There were guard towards and every thing. Even dogs for if someone escaped. He wondered what in the world he could be in.

Then one of the guys said, “Take one last good look at it because it’s the last time you are ever going to see it.” Andy wondered what he meant by that. Did they bring him this far just to kill him? No that could not be it if that was it they would have just killed him in the van.

They then lead him inside the building and into an office. He could tell the place as high security as all the guards stood around with big military rifles and had heavy doors that could be locked with in seconds.

Just then another guy stepped into the room. He was dressed in military uniform complete with medals and pens.

“Good work C squadron on your first successful capture. Andy welcome to Area 67. You may refer to it as hell because that’s what you’re going to be thinking soon. See the general public always thought something big was going on at Area 51, but that’s not the case; it was going to be, but when all the hype started we had to move here. Boys show Andy to his new room, your fun will begin in the morning at approximately 800 hours. Here you might want this watch, it will tell you time.” The guy handed him the watch and then stood and looked at the guys and then gestured for the door.

“Come with us boy.” One of the guys said in a low mean commanding tone of voice. Andy turned around and then wheeled with the guys threw a couple of doors and then they came to a hall way with a whole bunch of doors in it. Andy must had been right this was a prison, but what had he done to come here, and why did they break in his house to get him? Things didn’t make much since.

One guy opened a door in the wall and showed Andy in. He didn’t want to go in, but he was being forced to. He went in and the door closed behind him. Andy’s Stomach liked to jumped out his mouth when he looked around. His cell was about 6 feet in length and about 6 feet wide and about 8 feet tall. His cell had a bed, and one light bulb. There was a drain in the floor and it had stains around it so he guessed that’s how people had gone to the bathroom in the past. Then he looked at the walls, they were padded. There was only one place he knew of that had padded walls, and that was the crazy house.

“Guys I’m not crazy, come on this is all one big mistake.” Andy called out trying to get some guard to hear him.

“You may not be crazy yet, but you will be soon, and this is no mistake, you will soon see. I suggest you get some sleep before your fun starts, your going to need it.” One guard called out.

What is this they keep saying about Fun? Andy wondered. When we were back at my house and I showed that guy my braces he said they could pose a problem later, what did he mean? All this stuff doesn’t add up.

Andy glanced at his watch the commander had given him. It was now 3:00. What ever it was that was going to happen would start in 5 hours. He sat there in his chair trying to figure out how all this made since. He thought about it for an hour and could not make any since out of it. He tried not thinking what they could mean by fun because the more he thought about it the more scared he got.

Get some sleep your going to need it. He had been told that twice. What did they mean? What were they going to do that would wear him out? He began to think and then got scared more of it, so he decided to just get out of his chair and lay down and try to at least rest for a while.

He un-strapped his legs and then got out of his chair and laid on his new excuse for a bed. He began to get scared lying there and he need something to do to keep him from thinking about all the stuff that was going to happen. He looked over and saw his chair and his book. He looked at the chair for a while and then picked up his book and began to read at random.

Chapter 5 – The Fun Begins

Time past quickly and Suddenly Andy found himself still reading and thinking bout his book. Suddenly footsteps were heard coming his way. He quickly glanced at his watch to see what time it was. It was 7:59 on the dot; they had come to take him. Suddenly the door opened and in stepped another guard.

“Get in your chair and let’s go.” He guy said with a loud demanding tone. His voice echoed threw out his cell.

Andy didn’t say a word, just got up and sat back down in his chair. This time he did not forget to strap himself in. He then turned around and faced the guy and then exited the cell. There were two guards there. One got in front of him and the other in rear. They were again armed with heavy weapons. He was lead down a group of hallways until finally he the guard entered into a room and motioned for Andy to come in. He did. The guards then left leaving Andy alone in the room.

The room looked like a normal room, except it had an examination table and a sink in it. He sat there for a few moments and then the door opened in wheeled a failure face.

“Katie, did they bring you here to?” Andy asked in shock that she was there.

“No, I brought you here. In other words I am here by choice and I brought you here by force.” She said with a cold tone of voice.

“You tricked me. Yes I did, and now you are my subject. My first and only subject.” She said with almost a laugh in her voice. “How do you like my chair?” She asked as she let her hands down to it.

Andy didn’t care to look only looked at her.

“Alright then lets get started. First you’re going to need to take off your cloths.” She said looking at him. “Do it or I will do it for you, and you don’t want me to do that.” She said a little more firm.

Andy began to unstrap himself from his chair and then took off his shirt. Next he removed his shorts. He stopped and looked at her hoping that was enough.

“No, take it all off, everything except your braces.” She said reinforcing what she said.

Andy then slowly removed his underwear leaving him totally necked. Suddenly Katie moved over to a counter and came back with a pair of tennis shoes and socks.

“Here, put these on.” She said as she handed them to him.

He took them and put them on his feet. She then told him to restrap himself in. He restraped all the straps across his legs and then he sat there, necked in his chair with nothing but his braces and a pair of socks and tennis shoes on and straps going across his legs. She sat there a moment and just smiled. Andy could tell she liked the way he looked.

“Ok, come with me into the other room.” She then wheeled threw another door in the room into another room. The other room was dark, and Andy couldn’t see, but he went in anyway. As he did the door shut behind him.

Chapter 6 – You Call This Fun?

Suddenly there was a loud Clag that raddled threw the room. Andy knew that sound it was the sound of a big switch being turned on. Suddenly a light shown out of the ceiling of the room; it shined down on a operating table, with straps all over it. Andy’s throat went dry and his heart pounded, he knew the table was for him. He then turned back to the door and jerked at the handle furiously. It would not open. Then Andy screamed at the top of his lungs for help hoping someone would hear him, but he knew in his mind that none of these other people would help.

“Its ok Andy, I am not going to do anything to hurt you yet, that comes later. I just want to get you ready for the rest of your stay here.” Katie said still in the dark with the switches.

“Look I trusted you, and now you have done all this to me. This is not right.” Andy said trying to talk her out of it.

“It may not be right in your mind, but in our minds and in the mind of the government it is.” She said trying to keep a normal tone of voice.

Suddenly Andy felt a hand touch his and he jerked his hand away.

“Andy, its ok, I am just going to make you like the rest of the people here, and it won’t hurt a bit. And if you think I am going to start cutting your body I am not. Just come over to the table and lay down everything will be ok.” She said still trying to calm him down.

“And what if I don’t?” Andy asked.

“Then I will call in guards and they will force you on the table and then I will give you a behaviour treatment, and that will really hurt trust me.” She said trying to keep from laughing a evil laugh.

Andy sat there for a minute and then realized he didn’t have any other choice. He then wheeled over to the table and looked around. Surrounding the table was a electrical machine, a take of some type of gas, he figured it was an sleeping gas.

“Very good Andy, now un-strap your self and lay on the table.” Katie said as she came over to the other side of the table.

Andy began to un-strap his legs and then got up and lay down on the table. Katie then positioned his legs and then began to strap him down. She strapped one strap at his ankles, one below his knee, one above his knee, one at his waste, one at his belly, one at his chest, a different strap at his wrists, and one at his elbows. As he lay there strapped down to the table he began to get scared and worried. He then picked his head and looked at his body. He was completely necked except for his braces and a pair of sox and tennis shoes. Then he heard another clang as another switch was thrown. Andy jumped with fear as he was expecting to be electrocuted any moment. Instead another set of lights came on and lit up the whole room.

“Now calm down, everything is going to be ok, you can trust me on that.” Katie said as she wheeled back over to him.

“How can I trust you I did once and look at where I ended up.” Andy said.

“Just be quite and trust me.” Katie said with a annoyed voice. “Now I am going to give you some oxygen to keep you calm.” She then reached for a mask to go over his face.

“No, I know that’s not oxygen its sleeping gas, and I am not breathing it.” Andy said, as he would not let her put the mask on his face.

“Its not sleeping gas its oxygen, look on the tank.” She said pointing to the label.

He looked at the tank and sure enough that’s what it read. “How do I know you just didn’t stick that on there?” He asked as he still questioned the whole thing.

“Look if you don’t start trusting me I am going to give you your first ECT and behavioral treatment.” She said looking at him very frustrated.

Andy didn’t know what an ECT was, but figured it was probably bad. He then said ok and the she put the mask on his face and strapped it to him. She then turned on the tank and gas started filling a rubber bellows type device inside a plastic cylinder.

“Breath!” She said looking at the device.

Andy then took a breath and the bellows fell. He then expecting to fall asleep, but he didn’t. She had told him the truth it was oxygen. Katie then reached over and grabbed some electrodes off a machine and started placing them on Andy’s chest. She had placed two just below his shoulders on both sides and two just above his stomach on both sides. She then had three electrodes left over, witch she proceeded to place on Andy’s forehead. She then pressed a button on a machine and Andy closed his eyes and waited for electricity to surge threw him. Nothing happed he then opened his eyes to see a machine with graphs on it. One was his heart he could tell from medical shows, but the other was like static on a stereo or something. As he thought about it, it changed. He then realized it was his brain waves.

“Now before I go any further I want to fall in love with you. Andy you are one handsome guy and I love you.” She said looking at Andy’s face with the electrodes all over him. Just then she grabbed his penis and began sucking it. Andy watched in horror. What was going on? The bellows on the breathing machine was moving rapidly and the heart monitor going crazy. His legs then went spastic against the straps from the excitement.

“O Andy, you are so good.” She said as she finished sucking on Andy. She then reached over and came back with a tray of wired looking devices. She then picked one up and showed it to Andy. “Now this little device goes on your penis and will send it slight little shocks, it will exercise your penis and have you ready for an orgasm, but you will never have one until we are ready for you to.” The device was frightening. It was a plastic black bottom with a maze of metal on the bottom where his cock went and two plates at the bottom where his balls went. On top of that was clear plastic that also had a maze of metal on it, just like the bottom. It was held together by bolts and nuts that could be adjusted for pressure.

“Now this isn’t going to hurt you, your going to love the way it feels.” She said. She then graded his penis and put his penis threw a hole in the bottom of the black board. She then let the board rest on Andy’s stomach as she adjusted Andy’s cock and balls so they would all fit right in the board. Then she reached for the top of the device. She then looked at the monitors and bellows and then proceeded to put the top on. She then reached over and got some wired looking round nuts that could only be moved by a special tool. She then put the nuts on and the pressure started to squeeze Andy’s penis. His breathing got to where it was in spots and his heart beated faster and his brain went crazy. Katie looked at the monitors and then said, “Ok, I think that’s enough pressure.” Andy was in pain from the pressure, but soon it was ok as he got used to it. She then reached back over to the counter and came back with a tray or eight three inch round gray electrodes. She then positioned them on his legs and stomach. She put one below his hamstring and one above, they were both just above his brace. She then got a black 2 inch strap and strapped the electrodes to his leg. She did the same with the other leg and then put two on the top of his stomach and two on his lower back. She then strapped them on also. She then put some type of wired device on the ends of the straps. She did the same with one of the bolts on his penis.

“There, now your completely wired and electroded. Man look at you. Your beautiful.” She then put her head back down at his penis and licked the top of the clear plastic that held his penis.

She then attached all the wires that were attached to him to a big device that resembled a sound amplifier board. She then turned on the device and then started adjusting the knobs watching his penis and the monitors carefully. Andy started to feel a sensation on his penis like he had never felt, he sort of liked it, but at the same time was scared to death, it grew and grew and his penis started feeling like his was being massaged. Then he felt the other electrodes on his legs and stomach fire up, they felt the same. His whole private section was coming alive. It was a feeling he have never had before.

“So you like it?” She asked as she removed the mask off of Andy’s face and then removed the electrodes off his chest. Well it’s certainly something I have never felt before, and yea its sort of neat, and it feels good. Good I am glad you like it. She then reached down and grabbed four other wires and then moved to the end of the table.

“What are you going to do with those?” Andy asked as he wondered what she was going to do down there. She then grabbed Andy’s brace and then put one of the wires against it and then took some type of hot device and the wire became attached to his brake with some type of metal the cooled and hardened quickly. She then attached another one to the other side of the brace. She did the same on the other leg. She then wheeled back up to Andy’s side

“Now, if you ever try to remove any of these devices or electrodes or wires then your legs and everything else will be violently electrocuted. It will hurt so bad that you will not be able to move other than the jumping the it will cause your muscles.” She said with a serious look on her face. “Well its time for your first orgasm, but its going to be given to me.” She then reached for the counter and brought back over a tray with a weird looking plastic clear probe with two different pieces of metal in it. She connected some wires to it and then a tube. She then reached over to Andy and connected the tube to the hole in his penis. She pushed it in his penis about an inch and then stopped.

Andy was not sure what she would do next, but he soon found out. She pulled her shirt down reveling her private section. She then stuck the probe up her uterus. She then plugged in the wires into the board and then made some adjustments and then she started closing her eyes and stroking her waste. Andy watched in amazement. She then reached over to the board and put the power up higher and his penis started jumping in the board. It was going crazy. Andy suddenly felt the chum in his penis start to make its way up his penis. It then hit the tube and some type of motor kicked in he had not seen and sucked it right into the probe she had inserted into her. As the chum entered her body she moaned. Andy expected her to turn the power back down, but she only kept going. The pain was getting higher and he did not like it anymore. Finally she reached over and killed it completely.

“O Andy, that was better than I expected.” She said as she removed the probe from her.

“Get me out of here you freak!” He said in a angry tone of voice.

“What did you just call me?” She asked as she paused to recollect what he had said. “How dare you disrespect me like that. It’s time for some behavioural treatment. Your first ECT, this is going to be interesting and fun.” She said with a little laugh in her voice.

Chapter 7 – His First ECT

“No, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, just I want out of here, and what we just did shocked me.” Andy said trying to talk her out of doing it.

“Nope, its to late now, you said what you said, so now you must pay the price.” She said as she wheeled up to the top of the table above his head.

She then reached for a small container and then dipped a stick in it then took it and rubbed it on Andy’s temple.

“Look what you are doing is wrong, you can’t do this.” Andy tired to plead with her.

“The more you resist the more painful I am going to make it.” She said as she applied gel to his other temple. She then attached a strap like band around Andy’s head and then attached a bigger a strap over that that held his head down to the table. “Now, in a normal ECT procedure your supposed to put the patient asleep, but that’s not how we do it here. Now its called ECT witch stands for Electric Convulsive Therapy, but you may come to know it as EST with stands for Electric Shock Torture. Now I could tell you this isn’t going to hurt, but that would be a lie, so I wont.” She said trying to keep from laughing at herself.

She then reached over and got a plastic mouth shaped device, except it had a hole in the middle of it witch looked like a place to connect a hose to. She then placed it in his mouth. “Here your going to want this as your body does into seizure, but don’t worry the straps will hold you.”

“She then reached over to a machine and adjusted some knobs and then got two 1 inch round metal electrodes she then placed them in the gel she had smeared on his temples. They were slid between his skin and the fist strap doing around Andy’s head.

She then reached for Andy’s chin and Andy tried screaming for help, but the sound only blew threw the tube hole in the mouth guard.

“No no, it will be over soon, don’t worry. Now we got to wait for you to get ready for the shock again.” She said as she rubbed Andy’s cheek. She then reached over for a switch on the device and Andy feared the worst.

She flipped the switch and immediately electricity went flowing threw his head like crazy. His back curved, his feet jerked out and his legs went into a big spasm from his cerebral palsy, he arms jerked against the straps, his eyes were still open and he could see the ceiling moving with his jerks. His head felt like it was on fire and the pain in his head and whole body was like nothing he had ever felt. Then the power stopped. His body began to jerk in the straps. He knew he was having a seizure.

“It’s ok, it will be over soon, don’t worry.” Katie said ask she again rubbed his face. His body finally calmed down; all except for his legs witch were still in a big spasm. “Ok, now remember what will happen next time you do something like that.” Katie said as she removed the mouth guard from his mouth. “Ok, lets get you back in your chair now.” She said as she began to un-strap his head.

Andy’s head felt like someone had shot him or something; it hurt like crazy. His body was about the same. As Katie continued to un-strap him from the table he began to move his body around a bit trying to see what all was going on with it. He then looked down at his penis, still wired and actively pulsing inside its prison. Katie then grabbed the wires and told Andy to slowly move to his chair. He did so and then sat down.

“Strap yourself in and I will do something about these wires.” She said and then waited till Andy had done so. She then turned around and turned off the machines and then unplugged the wires. She then picked up a small device that looked like a garage door opener and attached all the wires to it. She then gave it to Andy and told him to just wear it on his shorts. She then realized the wires were to long and then started adjusting and changing wires. “Ok that’s better.” She then wheeled over to a computer and then punched some keys and then the machines started back up electrocuting his penis.

Ok, lets go into the other room and change cloths again. She then wheeled over to the lights again and turned them back off. They entered the room and then she handed him his cloths. The penis board will fit in your shorts well, and you shouldn’t have to worry too much.

“So how long have you been doing this to people?” Andy asked trying to not sound mean or anything, as he did not want another ECT.

“Well I have been working here as an observer for the past year, but you are my first patient. I saw you at school all the time and I feel in love with you and I want you to be my first.” She said sounding like a normal happy girl.

“So, you using my chair at my house was not the first time you had even been in one then.” Andy said

“No it was not, I have used one on and off since I was 13. My parents never understood, but let it go on up until last year, that’s when I came here and they took me in and thought me things, and gave me a place to work and sleep.”

“So, why do you like to do this to people, I mean torture them and stuff?” Andy asked.

“Well it’s a fetish I guess. God just created me that way.” Katie replied trying not to make it sound so bad. These guys just thought me that it was ok.

“So what is in store for me next, and who else is here, I mean when do I get to meet them?” Andy asked trying to make things make since before time ran out or she got annoyed.

“Well I can only tell you that the next thing is going to take place at 1300 and that you will be fed in your cell lunch today, and then after your activity at 1300 you will meet the other guys here. I can tell you that you are the only disabled guy here, and that I really had to work to get them to let me bring one in.” She replied as if she was a nice schoolgirl in his class.

“Well enough chatting now that your dressed lets go back to your room. I don’t want to call a guard, I think we are both human enough that we can do with out one, am I correct?” She asked trying to see if Andy would still have anything to do with her.

“No, that’s fine we can just go together.” He stated as he didn’t like guys following him around with big guns.

They headed out the door and twisted back threw the hallways, along the way he could hear other guys screaming every now and then. He guessed that they were probably having worse things done to them. They arrived at his cell and Andy entered and she closed the door behind him.

He then looked at his watch; it was 1100. He had 2 hours to wait.

Chapter 8 – Lunch and More Information

As he sat there in his chair again, he started to go back over all the things she had told him about what was going on. “Drat I forgot to ask her about why all these guys wear government uniforms.” He thought to himself.

He then wheeled over to his bed and unstraped himself and then got up and laid down on his bed. As he lay there he looked at his shorts and saw the tops of the bolts sticking up in his shorts. He lay there and just collected on how all the machines felt that were attached to him. He had never really liked the idea of something like this being done to him, but he liked how it looked, and to some degree how it felt.

Then the cell door opened again and Andy glanced at his watch. It was only 1130. What was going on he wondered he did not have anything going on until 1300. Then entered Katie again, she had a tray in her lap and on it was some sandwiches and two cokes.

“I thought I would come and eat lunch with you since you are my only subject.” She said explaining why she was there. The door shut behind her and she brought the tray over and the motioned for Andy to get in his chair so they could use the bed as a table to eat off of.

Andy then moved back over to his chair and strapped himself back in to make her happy. She then placed the tray on the table and then handed him a sandwich. He took the sandwich and then we started thinking of questions he had about things.

“So why do all the guards and the commander and everything wear uniforms like the army?” Andy asked.

“Well because they are in the military. See this is a government run facility. You see what kind of things they want us to do later when you have your next activity.” She said trying to explain.

Andy took a few bits out of his sandwich and then asked another question. “So you’re a devotee and a pretender then right? If that is so then why don’t love me, instead of torturing me like this?”

“Well, first of I am surprised you know what a devotee and a pretender is, and second of all I do love you for you, but I am more than just a devotee. I also have a medical fetish; I like electrodes and electricity. Normally I would never do the things I am doing, but when I found out about this place and they told me it was ok, and then I started being the true me. It’s not that bad, I mean I only torture you to make you obey. And really then it is not that bad, I mean yea it hurts like anything, but it goes away soon. It’s just like parents spanking you, except it hurts all over. Its sort of cool I think.” She said trying to explain herself.

“So why don’t we leave here together and I will be your boyfriend and you can love me for my wheelchair and for who I am, and we won’t have to have these electrodes and things.” Andy said hoping to find away to get out.

“Nope, this is who I am, I am not just your normal devotee or pretender. Andy I don’t want to hurt you at all. And really I don’t want to attach all those sexual electrodes to you, but the government is making me attach those so they can do their thing to you.” She said trying to show Andy that she was not a bad person.

“Well I need to go now so I can help them get ready for your next procedure. I will be here in an thirty minutes.” She said as she gathered back up the tray and leftovers. She then turned back and round and left Andy there in the cell alone again.

Time past quickly as he sat there in fear of what could happen; suddenly the door opened and in Katie came again.

“Ok, its time.” She said as she motioned for Andy to come out. They wheeled together again down a long hallway until finally they reached the end of it. Katie stopped before the door.

“Now, what you are about to experience might scare you, but your just going to haft to trust me that its going to be ok, and that we do this everyday. Now enter the room silently, we don’t talk in this room. Remember if you do anything wrong I will punish you.” She said giving him some last minute pointers.

Chapter 9 – The procedure

She opened the door and let Andy go first. He took a breath and then entered the room. He looked around and was shocked by what she saw. He saw about a dozen other guys standing around facing the wall. They all had the same electrodes attached to them that he had. As he got closer to the wall he noticed that it was no wall at all. It was just a bunch of machines lined up in a row, all the machines where the same. Then Katie showed him to one of the machines and he approached it. He then saw threw the machine a table that was up facing them. It had straps all over it like the table he was on earlier, except these had the persons legs spread apart.

Then there was a commotion behind him and he looked to see a bunch of other doctors enter the room. Each went to one of the subjects facing the machines. They then took a strap and attached it to the subjects’ bodies. All the other guys were wearing some type of special strap that held their electroded penis up and that sort of looked like underwear on them, except it was left open in front for the electrodes. They attached the strap to their underwear-looking strap and then stood there. Katie then reached out and grabbed two straps and strapped them to both of his wheelchair wheels.

He knew the straps were to keep his in place and not let him run away. He then began to look at the machine, but was unable to look to long as Katie told him to pull his pants down. The other doctors then moved back to their subjects and then removed the clear top off the electrode on their penis. All their penises were hard from the electrocuting. Then Katie did the same to Andy’s. Then the doctors reached out to the machine and grabbed some type of strange silver looking tube that was about 6 inches long and then had a smaller back tube attached to it. Katie did the same. She then grabbed Andy’s penis and then inserted it into the tube. Instantly he felt the feeling on thin rubber squeeze his penis.

Andy knew then what this was like. This was like cow milking machines. Katie then reached out and pushed a button on the machine, but nothing happened. All the subjects and doctors stood still. Then a door was heard opening. He looked back threw his window threw the machine and saw a woman being brought in the room by two other guys. She was taken and then helped up to the table that was facing them. They then positioned her legs in the straps and then strapped her down. Andy then looked at her face and she could tell she was about to cry. Then one of the guys reached over and grabbed another probe like Katie had had earlier. He then connected a big tube to it and then inserted it into the woman. The woman cried out in pain and then the guy picked up two other smaller looking electrodes and placed them on the woman’s breast. They then stood back and then one guy pressed a button on the wall.

Suddenly Andy felt a sucking sensation on is penis, then the rubber squeezed him harder, and then it went out, then it squeezed again, in a constant sucking and pressurizing sensation. Then he realized the other eight electrodes that were attached to his legs and stomach were actively shocking his sexual organ. The woman cried in pain and Andy figured she was being electrocuted also. Andy could tell the other subjects were having the same done to them. Then he could see that they had already given their chum to the machine. Suddenly Andy felt his chum start to creep up his penis. It entered the cock and then suddenly the machine sucked it right out of him. It went into the machine and then Katie pointed to a bubble on the panel of the machine. It was his chum. The machine did not stop though; it kept right on. Suddenly the chum started getting electrocuted by the machine. Then it disappeared. Katie then pointed at a large gar in the other room. It was quickly getting filled with chum. Suddenly the machines stopped. Then the chum instantly disappeared. The tube connected to the woman was clear and Andy could see it slowly making its way up to the woman. The woman could see it to, and she began to cry and scream and kick profusely. Then it entered the woman, the woman cried in pain and then it was over.

Katie then unhooked Andy from the machines and then undid the straps from his wheels and then figured the clear plastic top electrode back on his penis. Andy then filed in line to exit the room.

“So Andy, what do you think?” Katie asked as she walked with Andy back down the hallway with the other men.

“Well I liked with you were going to me, but to that poor woman, I mean all that cum entering her, I mean that had to hurt. And how is her baby going to come out?” Andy said trying not to sound to disrespectful.

“Well we don’t care how the baby really comes out, we know it will be physically disabled, and really that’s what we want, see he have found that if we mix all the chums up that the brain of the babies becomes to be really big and greatly smart, but their bodies are anything but ok, but that’s ok because we paralyze them completely at birth anyway, and then they are just kept alive by machines. All we want are their brains.” She said trying to make it sound cool

“Now you can go back to your room, or you can go and be with the other guys and meet some of them. The whole facility is now yours to run free in, but you can’t go in the locked rooms, and if you try to escape you will be tortured for a long time.” She said saying to Andy.

“No I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to stay with you.” He said looking at her. He did not know how, but some how threw all this he had come to like her and to like her factices.

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