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The Mask (Andy)

I wear a mask to hide who I am inside;
My mask makes me look plan,
Like everyone else;
It makes me look boring, uninteresting, and plan;

But really underneath inside I am a person,
I am a person; a individual; a person with their own uniqueness;
I love whom I am inside,
And so do the people who threw the mask.

So why do I wear the mask you ask?
Well I could say it is because I am shy;
And that is somewhat of the truth,
But not the whole truth;

I used to choose to wear the mask;
Because I didn’t accept who I was,
It took time to accept myself along with work and study,
But once I took the time I came to love whom I am.

So why do I still wear the mask?
Well because I am forced to;
This mask I wear now is attached with straps;
The straps keep it firmly on my face;

You see my parents don’t accept whom I am inside;
They don’t accept me for who I am;
So they have taken away my life,
And everything that made me me;

They hide whom I am inside from people that we know and don’t know;
They use this horrible mask to cover up who I am;
They try to make me blend in and be like everyone else,
When really I am not;

When I try to take the mask off,
And finally do I may be free for a while,
To be whom I am,
But then they find out and put the mask back on and strap it tighter than before;

When I meet people they see the mask,
And what it is;
They get to know who I am on the outside,
Who I am being forced to be,

But then if they are lucky,
They get to see beyond the mask;
Into who I really am inside;
It is hard to see past the mask, but some manage to

So take what they see behind the mask well;
Others get offended and take it the wrong way;
Others don’t understand and just think I am crazy;
But really a friend is someone who will accept you for who you are;

So you want to know what’s behind the mask?
Well it is something that is special to me,
And something that is also private to me;
If you can keep a secret please do;

If you get offended by who I am then please talk to me;
Talk to me and let me explain stuff, and maybe we can work it out,
If not then that is fine, I understand;
Just please keep this to yourself;

Who I am inside is called Absolphia;
It means that I am a devotee and a pretender;
I like braces and chairs myself;
Not sure what I am talking about?

Well a devotee is someone who is attracted;
Someone who is attracted to disabled people;
I like the way they look in their chairs and braces;
I also like how their disability responds and acts;

How ever after I get to see the person;
The person behind their mask;
Then the disability takes a back seat;
As I start to like the person for who they are;

However my feelings are never truly gone;
I still find them attractive because of their disability;
Because I am a devotee a lot of people love the way I am;
They say I am easy to talk to and can give great advice on disability things;

They also say that I am one of the few people;
One of the few who doesn’t fear their disability,
Or judge them because of it;
They also like it that when we talk we don’t just talk about it either;

Nor do I let their disability stop them or us;
Stop us from doing anything;
Because I realize that a disability only means;
You haft to do things differently;

I hope you like what you have seen;
What you have seen behind the mask;
If you are upset then please talk to me about how you feel;
Maybe I can help you to understand,

If not then ok I will understand,
And I am sorry you don’t understand;
I am sorry we could not work it out,
But I respect your choice.

Thank you for see behind my mask;
And I hope that from now on you will;
Will like me for who I am;
Who I really am;

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