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Going Down Stairs Forward

This is an advanced trick. Try it with someone behind you and in front of you for the first time. Use only on long steps so that you can pause between each step. If you are going to fall, fall backwards, not forwards. A way you can remember which way to fall is to make sure you put the hotter girl behind you.

Starting Out: Tip from Leandre Casselman
Before starting this trick you should be skilled at wheelies and going off of 6″-8″ curbs forward. You want to start small and find two consecutive stairs consistent in height with a flat and unobstructed area at the top and bottom. Roll towards the top step at a normal wheeling speed and pop your front wheels with an extra hard push just before you reach the edge, exactly as if you were going off a single step. Do not push into a fully balanced wheelie – that is too much. You should skim the two steps and land at the bottom, rear wheels first. If your front wheels touched the ground first, you didn’t pop your front wheels high enough. If you face planted you didn’t pop your front end before reaching the edge of the first step or didn’t pop high enough. If after you land, you tipped over backwards you popped your front end too high. You will discover that going straight down 2-4 steps doesn’t require you pop the front end much harder than if you were going down a single step or curb. Every time your rear wheels descend a step it automatically maintains your wheelie a little longer.

Going Down Stairs Forward Video

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