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The Village

This story was started in the forum as a group story.  We all liked what Mat wrote so much we let him carry it on.  I’ve reposted it here so you can read it all at once, enjoy.

In the middle of nowhere there was a small village. No one ever came in, and no one ever came out. If you ever asked a tourism company about this village they would deny the village even existed.  even if you looked at the map it was not on there and the 2 roads leading in to the village were marked as dead-end 1 mile before the village.

only a few people from the neighbor village knew about this village and if you asked them about this village either they said “Sorry I don’t know this village you are talking about” or “I have heard of this village but strange things are happening there every body who went in they never came back” so only a few people ever tried to go in there and all never came back.

This carried on for years until a young girl decided she was going to see what happened in this village.  She drove down a road that went thru a small forest. The road started to get very bad and after a few miles the road was only 2 strips for the wheels in the dirt. The road is now so bad she is having trouble getting forward with her car, but she is determined to see this village. After a while she was almost to give up se started to see some light at the end of the forest then some houses now she is willing to make the trip but then her car brakes down.  Undaunted by this she opens the car door and steps out into the darkness with her eyes firmly fixed on the lights coming from this village she walks towards it, Slowly at first, and then faster and faster until she breaks out into a run. As she comes close to the first house she marvels to herself that she has gotten this far. She did not think any further, darkness enveloped her.  She didn’t really pass away but was in a stat of semi consciences, she could not feel move hear or see anything but she still realized that she was moved after a while it was as if she was there but it if she was not her self suddenly she came to a halt und then nothing she finally fainted away.

As she slowly, steadily came back into consciousness all she could see was a piercing white light. She tried to turn her head away when she felt resistance. Scared she tried to lift her hands to feel what was restricting her when she realized that her hands were being held down. It was then that she heard a voice.

She started to scream and to curse at the voice, and if she wouldn’t have been that loud, she would have heard …

“You want to start your ride right away? Suits me!”

Suddenly she felt a jolt of electricity running through her brain and down her spine. She wanted to cry out, but in the same moment all her muscles tensed up, much like having an epileptic fit, and after some seconds all was over. Well, not all, because only half of the tensed muscles relaxed. She wanted to scream, to shout, but all that came across her lips were muffled, gurgled sounds, and drool was running down her cheeks. By now she was frightened. Although she couldn’t see, but suddenly she felt, that whatever had been restraining her was being released and with that her arms snapped into a position with elbows bent and her palms pointing down at the wrist, her knees hyper extended, her feet turned inward and pointing down. Basically she was looking like a woman severely crippled by CP.

“Ah, that’s much nicer! The implants are working so it seems!”

With that a man came into her view.

“I am Dr. Smith. You were trespassing in a forbidden territory, where the government is doing top secret research. Which exactly I cannot tell, but you are now tasting one aspect of that right now! You understand, that we cannot let you go now, at least not in a condition, that you could give away any information that you may have gathered.”

While hearing this, all she was trying to utter any intellible words, which she couldn’t form in her disabled state. Top secret research? What has she got herself into? All she wanted to do was to have a look.

…Her body now riddled in pain twisted and deformed. Drool running down her face unable to communicate or control her body.

She will now need to be prepared for long term care. Have an indwelling urinary catheter put in, and put her in disposable briefs the diaper style for both urinary and bowel incontinence. She will also need to be taken to orthopedics and have her limbs and spine straightened. Have her put into bilateral hip, knee, and ankle leg braces. A halo thoracic, lumbar, sacrum back brace that can be connected to her leg braces. She will also require forearm wrist splints. Dr. Smith told his assistants.

Now Dr. Smith turned to his new patient. I would like you to know that if you thought that was painful just wait until your limbs and spine are straightened. I’ve been told that it is most painful.

With that her twisted body was dragged from the procedure bed to a rolling transfer bed… Shelley was petrified. She had no idea what was in store for her. To be honest…she barely had any contact with the disabled world before she came to this “village”. All this talk of braces, bolts, screws, rods and diapers petrified her! She had no way of conveying this…all she could do was lie there twisted, drooling, and wetting.

She was rolled into another room. The room was bare except for a weird bed in the center.

“Place her face down on the bed, so she doesn’t drown in all that drool and stip her. Then I will put tongs in the side of her head and apply forty pounds of traction to her neck. After that get her cathed washed and diapered. Then I will take care of the rest.” said the ortho tech.

With that one of the orderlies grabbed her by the shoulders, and the other grabbed her by the legs and through her on the bed. When she landed on the bed Shelley convulsing body made the plastic crinkle under her. The orderlies proceeded to cut her clothing off her oblivious to her cares.

Once on the bed the ortho tech started pounding a pair of spikes into the side of her head. “These tongs will help use pull you straight again deary.” Then she noticed that her ankles were cuffed and she was being pulled. As her body stretched it stared to lift from the bed. “Stop” said the ortho tech. “We don’t want to damage her spinal cord and end up with a para again. This must be done slowly. Spread her legs so that the nurse is able to cath her, and nurse be careful not to cause her to convulse or else she may sever her spinal cord. Lower the bed and remove it”

With all the pain in her body, her head with the “tongs in it, the bed was lowered. She was hanging there naked only able to look down straight forward. She could see the drool puddle below her. She could barely see the top of her breast hanging there beside her twisted arms. The orderlies grabbed her arms and put them in cuffs. She could smell her urine and crap, as they spread her legs. There was nothing she could do. Then she saw the feet of the nurse down between her legs. Then she felt something going into her pee hole, it was quite a painful burning sensation as it went in. That must be what a cath is, she thought through all the pain. She then felt a wet washcloth on her butt and then between her legs, and finally along her front. Then she felt water being sprayed on her back and on her head. Then they sprayed her legs and proceeded to gently scrub the rest of her body. She then felt something rubbed into her pubic hair. Then she felt the cold of the steel razor shaving her bald. She was again washed between her legs, and patted dry with a towel. Then she felt some powder on her butt, between her legs and on her bare front. Then she heard that crinkling again as a diaper was placed on her butt. It was then pulled between her legs and the back was taped to the front. She was left there to dry. The last thing she heard the man giving the orders was applying more traction, and let her hang there and dry…

Shelley’s body in excruciating pain just hanging, with tongs pulling at her head and neck, her legs spread, and held up. Her arms pulled up and away. All four of her limbs twisted and fighting the put to straighten them. She had no control not even of her bladder or bowel, and all this talk of them making the possible mistake and ending up paralyzed. Her mind was still intact, but she couldn’t speak. Tears pouring out of her eyes just to added to the droll puddle. Through it all her body spent she started to doze off.

Shelley was startled back to reality when she heard foot steps coming.

“Let’s gently apply a pelvic traction harness to her waist, and get this spine of her’s straightened so that we can get her into some more permanent immobilization. Once her spine is straight we can start casting her torso, and get a collar around her neck, so that we can put the halo on her…

Shelley felt her spread legs being pulled back together. She then felt the thickness of her diaper between her legs and her thighs touched one another again. Then she felt a pad placed on her low back. Then it was wrapped around her hips. Next she saw the back of someone under her. Then she felt the pad that was wrapped around her tighten, and she heard her diaper crinkle. Finally the tightening stopped, but the pressure was incredible. Shelley could feel the pressure on her bladder, and she could feel poop coming out of her butt. She started to cry even more from the terrible feeling of messing herself. She then felt a pair of straps on her thighs, one on top and one on the bottom of her thighs that finally met at her knees. Her mouth was now parched and no more drool came dripping from it. She then noticed pressure in her spine. Then she heard.

“The pelvic straps are ready for traction” from one of the orderlies.

“Good now slowly increase the pressure one psi per five minutes until her spine is straight,” said the ortho tech.

With that Shelley felt the wrap around her waist start to pull down her butt, and around her hips. The pressure in her back became terrible. She thought going to the Chiro after that car accident was bad, but that was nothing compared to now. Then she heard and felt a load pop, and the pain took her breath away. As the pelvic traction increased her legs started to pull back at her knees. Her feet started to pull out so the heels of her feet were facing opposite walls. Her feet started to roll and her toes pointed toward the floor.

“Look at how her legs are returning to there previous twisted position. It looks like someone has cerebral palsy that we are going to have to correct. Good thing we are correcting the scoliosis S in your spine now” Shelley heard someone say in a mocking tone. Shelley had no idea what cerebral palsy or scoliosis was and she didn’t like the sound of it. She continued to feel the pressure in her spine. Her back muscles were on fire as they were torn from there tendons and ligaments. Then she heard another pop in the middle of her back between her shoulder blades. Then she heard another pop in her neck and pain went shouting down her arms causing them to jerk back in response. Then the pressure around her waist caused another pop in the small of her back. This one caused painful burning in her butt, the back of her legs, and made her vagina ache. When she was about to pass out form the torture her body was going through the pulling stopped.

“Good now get me the rigid Thomson collar with the adjustable chin pad.” said the ortho tech.

Shelley then saw a pair of feet, and a body beside her head. Then she saw a hand on the other side of her as the tech reached around her from above. Then she saw a white thing come into her field of vision. The thing must be the collar she thought as it came closer. Finally it was right in front of her and she got a good look at it as it past. She became very frightened, she remembers seeing patients at the chiro with foam collars around there necks, and remembering her doctor telling her she should wear one. She utterly refused to wear one, and now she was having an even uglier ridged one put around her neck. Shelley then felt the cold cushion on her chin, then on the base of her neck, then she felt the cold cushion envelop around her neck. As it went on she felt the pressure on her chin increase. “Bring me the tightening tool” the tech said. Then Shelley felt her head pulled way form her body further then she thought possible. “OK now we should be ready for casting her torso. Oh this is going to be a long day I know we should had the nurse give her an enema before we diapered her. Now we are going to have to smell that shit until were done. Oh and deary your going to have to smell it until your cast dries” The tech then slapped her head and said “stupid bitch!” “Oh you must be getting bored just hanging there so we have a mirror for you and this monitor with interesting pictures for you to look at of what orthopedics look like. With that they left her hanging there looking forward down at the monitor and the mirror. The pain still in Shelley’s head wear the tongs tore at her skull….

As Shelley looked into the mirror she didn’t recognize the face looking back at her. When she looked into the eyes in the reflection they were red and puffy from all her crying. When she saw her mouth she noticed that she couldn’t see her chin instead she saw the white pad of the collar around her neck. She also noticed the red in her hair from blood from the tongs. As she looked down her body she noticed her breast hanging there with nipples erect from the cold. Further down her body at her navel she saw the white harness around her waist and hips. Then she noticed a yellow tube coming out from inside the harness between her legs. She then realized that it was what she was peeing through. Then she noticed her legs together at the knees and her feet pulling away from one another as though she was in the middle of doing a wipe kick when she would do the breast stroke. When she looked back at her face she saw the tongs that were stuck in her head. She was in so much pain, and she didn’t know what or why they were doing all this to her. She was only twenty years old, on spring break from college, and now she was crippled unable to control her body. Unable to talk, hanging naked with a shit filled diaper, and a tube peeing for her. The thoughts and seeing herself made her start crying again.

Then she noticed an image in the monitor of a woman with a ring around her head, and bars coming down to a plastic vest strapped to her. Then the image changed to the back of a woman’s legs clad in molded plastic on the back of her thighs, feet and calves, connected by shiny metal bars that went up to a strap across her low back. The next image was of a woman’s genitals and a tube coming out of her pee hole. The images continued of different women in different contraptions BRACES, CAST, and other things she could not comprehend affixed to their bodies. BRACES those must be what they are planning on doing to me she thought to herself with horror. Then she heard foot steps coming toward her….

Shelley then felt a thin cloth draped over her back. The cloth was pulled around her covering her from her armpits to the middle of the pelvic harness. Shelley felt the thin material pulled tight trying to support the weight of her chest and stomach. Shelley then felt the water dripping from the plaster as a roll was placed on the middle of her back between her shoulders. She felt the roll unwrap as it was rolled around her. She then felt another roll placed on the middle of her back go the other direction around her body. She felt another roll on her side this time unroll around her. She just hanged there and watched this process as it was continued down her torso. Shelley started to doze off when she felt pressure against her breast. When she looked in the mirror she saw a large pair of hands cupping the plaster that covered her breast. She could feel the hands as they defined the curvature of her chest. She started to feel horny from this, and wished she could play with her 34Cs, but they were now held rigid by this body cast. The cast went from her armpits to where her bush used to be. The weight of the cast caused the tongs to pull at her skull more. The people casting her left her there. She was alone again. She couldn’t call out. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t wipe the dried tears from her eyes. She could no longer control her body. She was stuck in this body cast hanging in a room. Only supported from falling by a pair of tongs in her head and a harness around her waist…

Shelley now looked in the mirror she could no longer see her chest, just this white shell encasing her body. She could still see the straps that were pulling on her pelvis, and that tube between her legs. She was now very hungry and thirsty. She needed to itch her butt crack because the crap in her diaper started to dry. She could also feel her bald front wanting to be itched. There was nothing she could do. Her arms pulled out aching from the stress. The images kept going she just wanted to go asleep but the pain. She just wanted to be back home in her soft bed safe again, but that would never happen. Then she saw a pair of feet under again it must be the ortho she thought to herself. Then she saw a thing that looked like a large horse shoe with four small spikes sticking through it. The man positioned the thing around her head across her forehead, just above her eyebrows. “Hold this steady nurse” said the tech. Then another set of feet smaller this time appeared. “Where is that wrench” said the tech. Shelley was petrified, but there was nothing. She was about to feel relief when she felt a pin touch the front side of her head. Then she felt another pin on the back of her head opposite the first pin. Then she felt another pin on the other side of the front for her head. Then she felt another pin on the back side of her head opposite the second pin. Then she felt each one methodically tightened a little bit each time. “I hate only being able to do a quarter turn for each screw, I just wish it could be a full turn and get this over. It’s not like she’s going to scream at me. You can let go now” said the tech. The smaller set of feet left Shelley’s view. The pins continued to go in to her skull for what seemed an eternity. “Fifteen pounds of torque per screw, they should be in her skull.” Shelley could see more blood in her hair. Tears started to form in her eyes. She could see the hideous black bar across her forehead, and all she could do was wonder what that was for?

Shelley then heard a load buzzing sound to her right. Then she saw another pair of feet by her side. She then felt the vibration on her side as the cast was cut from her body. “Good now hold that side up while you” Shelley heard the voice change direction to the other side of her “cut the other side, and hold on to the cast as it is cut loose. With that done Shelley’s front was bare again. She felt the air on her sweat soaked clammy skin. She then started to shiver. Then the top half was removed from her back. Shelley felt the smallest bit of relief as the weight was removed. She was now trembling all over due to the evaporation of her perspiration from her skin. “Tighten her leg straps we need to remove the harness now” Shelley then felt her legs being pulled away from her body. “Good. Now slowly remove the tension on the pelvic harness. “ Shelley then felt the straps between her legs loosen. Shelley then noticed a pair of hand unbuckling the straps on the harness. Shelley immediately felt the relief as the harness came undone. “Now spread her legs” Shelley then felt and saw her legs being pulled apart. “Now get that diaper changed nurse” said the tech. With that Shelley saw a pair of feet at her side by her waist. She then felt and saw a hand on the other side of her waist as the nurse reached around her from behind. She then felt and saw the nurses other hand on her the other side of her. Shelley then heard the crinkle and the rip of her first diaper change of her adult life. Shelley was horrified with the thought and then the smell of her shit filled the room even more. She then felt the diaper rolled from her front, between her legs and then she felt it leave her butt. Shelley tried not to watch this process but it was hard to escape the view in the mirror. Shelley then felt something cold on her butt that ran between her cheeks and down her butt crack to her vagina. Shelley then felt the burning sensation of rubbing alcohol. She wanted to scream in the worse way but only muffled sounds came out her mouth. “Make sure you clean her up real good, and give her an enema just in case. We don’t want her shit to cause an infection during the next step” said the tech. Shelley then felt a hand on the small of her back and a washcloth on her butt. The nurse proceeded to scrub her butt, between her checks, down in her crack. Shelley then felt the washcloth on her vagina scrubbing away. Then she saw the hand and washcloth wash her bald front. That was the first time that she saw herself completely naked. Shelley then felt something go into her butt hole. It sent alarms going off in her head. Then she felt something being pushed into her. She had never felt something like this before, and then she felt this strong urge that she had to take the biggest shit of her life. The pressure inside her just increased and increased. She felt like she was going to blow up. “Nurse you probably should put a diaper back on her” said the tech. Shelley then felt a diaper on her butt. Then she saw and felt the front between her legs. She then saw and felt a pair of hand tape it shut. Shelley then felt what ever was in her ass hole pulled out. She then felt shit come out of her like a fountain. She felt the shit run and spread across her butt and down between her legs. Shelley even saw it start to drip. Shelley was mortified by this, and the liquidly diarrhea just kept coming out. Finally it was done. Shelley needed another diaper change, and the process of alcohol and cleaning was repeated. “Alright lets get that harness back around her waist” With that the harness was refastened to her. “Apply traction” said the tech. Shelley felt the pressure around her waist as the harness pulled at her pelvic bones.

“Good now we are finally ready for the next step.” said the tech. Shelley then saw a large machine rolled up beside her waist. “Use the fluoroscope to make sure it is positioned properly.” said the tech. “Position good”. Then Shelley heard the sound of a machine. Shelley then felt something cover her butt , the top of her thighs, and the small of her back. Then in the mirror she saw the other half lined with a foam rubber cushion slowly move up to touch the front of her covering her from her belly button to the top of her tights. Shelley then felt the machine squeeze her pelvic girdle to the point where she thought it was going to crush.

“A hundred psi pressure” one of the men said.

The tech then flipped the switch. Shelley felt a pain on both sides of the front of her pelvis just above where the top of her bush was. The pain was so terrible her eyes felt like they were going to burst. She felt the pain continue going deeper through her body. Finally she felt it come out her back side right above the sides of the top of her butt crack. “Lets leave now, it will be a few minutes before the compression cuff stops the bleeding, and the rods cauterize her wound”

Shelley was left all alone now with terrible pain through her pelvic region. She just stared in the mirror at the monster around her waist. Then she felt the spots where her pain was start to feel warm, and then she felt extreme heat all the way through her mid section….

“Alright the bleeding should have stopped by now, and the cauterizing finished.” With that both halves of the machine moved away form Shelley’s body. The machine was rolled away. To Shelley’s horror when she looked in the mirror she saw two rods sticking out of her. She could also feel throbbing pain in the middle of her butt and where the rods were sticking out.

“Get the pelvic hoop” Shelley then saw a band put around her waist where the two rods were. Shelley saw a pair of feet at her head. Then she felt something going on at the back of her head. She then felt something going on at the back side of her waist right above her butt crack. She then felt the same thing repeated on her other side. Shelley then felt something going on at the middle of her neck. She then felt the pressure around her neck let loose as the collar was undone.

“Remove the cuffs from her wrist, and ankles” Shelley was then spun around so she was now facing the ceiling. She could now see the evil people torturing her. Shelley then felt her arms and ankles pulled back in the cuffs. Shelley then saw a twisted rod about three feet long. It was brought up to her face and she saw hands working at her head where the ring is. She then felt the bar press against her breast. Then she felt someone working around the front of her waist. Another bar the same shape and size was brought up to the opposite side of her head, and she felt the same process repeated at her head, the bar pressed against her breast and then someone working at her waist. With that done the tech threaded the neck brace out from behind the bars. Shelley instantly felt the pins in her head pull toward her body from the pull at her neck as the neck brace was removed.

“Bring in the transfer bed” Shelley heard the sound of the motor as the bed raised. Finally she felt herself slowly lifting, and then it stopped. “Cut off that harness it’s to bad we had to destroy it.” With that Shelley felt the cold steal of scissors on the lower front of her skin. The cold sent shivers down her spine as she was afraid she was about to be cut. “Be careful around the rods. We don’t want her to start bleeding.” The pressure around her waist was gone, but the pain from the rods was still there. Shelley then felt the tongs on her head give way, and then they were removed. Shelley almost was feeling hope that it was all over, but she didn’t know. Shelley then felt her ankles release, and her legs were placed on the bed with her legs splayed wide open for everyone to see her. Then Shelley heard. “Get an IV in her she looks like she may be dehydrated because I haven’t noticed the liquid level in the bottle go up for some time now.” Shelley then felt a hand on her hand then she felt a sting as the IV went in. Shelley then felt her arms let loose, and they were place across her chest below her breast, with her hand twisted down toward her feet.

Shelley was then rolled to another contraption. As she was rolled closer she saw a pair of large shiny circular arches that were parallel to one another, and a mirror on the ceiling. She was then rolled parallel to them and she could see that they were a pair of metal circular tubes. Next Shelley felt herself lifted and she saw a small crane right above the middle of her. As Shelley looked in the mirror as she was lifted she saw that her feet stayed on the bed.. Then she felt someone grab her legs and lifted them up to the level of the rest of her body. Shelley then felt and saw her self slowly move until she was centered between the circular tubes. She could see their arch went the entire length of her view. She could see herself hanging there and she could see her naked self. She could see the contraption that was holding her head and spine rigid, like the edges of a box without sides. She could see her bald genitals and the tube in her pee hole. She wanted so bad to pull her legs up to cover herself but her legs weren‘t responding to her commands. She then felt herself lowered, until she stopped. Her legs were set down. The position of them reminded her of when she had her last physical. This idea and image in her head really made her afraid of what was next she hated having her physical. In fact she skipped her last one. Then she was worried that it may be that time of the month. Shelley was brought back to reality when one of her arms was picked up by one of the people torturing her. They put her hand on a rounded hand wrist splint and strapped it to her arm. Then her arm was placed beside her down by her side with her elbows pointing away form her body. The same thing was done to her other arm. Next she felt straps across her legs and thighs. Then she felt straps go across her arms. Then she heard “Get the top half ” Shelley then saw a metal frame come across her body. The frame was lowered until it rested on top of the bars that ran down the front of her body, and then she herd clicking sounds as the frame was connected to the bed. Then Shelley felt her head lower as her legs went up slowly. She continued to turn until it stopped with her looking at the floor not straight down because she could tell that her feet and butt were a lot higher than her head. Shelley was afraid of what was coming next was she being diapered, are they going to invade the one spot that they hadn’t, was it another enema? Shelley couldn’t possibly imagine what was next. She heard that same mean mocking voice of the ortho tech say “It isn’t every day that you see a naked chick in a halo-pelvic hoop spinal immobilization frame upside down strapped in a circo-rotary bed with her bare ass up in the air.” Then Shelley felt her legs pulled wide apart. Then she felt something large go into her asshole. She prepared her mind for another enema. But then she felt something spread down her ass crack and then down between her legs and around to her bald front. She then felt it smeared across her ass cheeks.

“Oh diary right now we are making an impression of your butt , your genitals, and your front. This impression will be used to make a foam rubber perineum mold that will go from your pubic bone around between your legs, and then up your butt and over your butt cheeks. Your little peach of a butt will look like a flat round apple when it is done. The nice part for us is that you will shit through an anal catheter that is in your ass and we will be able to give you enemas, and no more messy diaper as long as we decide to us it.” The doctor said. With that she was turned again this time her head was raised while her legs were lowered until she was level with the ground again facing the floor. The mirror was there again along with the monitor. She looked at her reflection. She saw her face with the ring around her head, the bars that went down from it. She saw her breast being held by the bars with them wanting to come out from behind the bars. She could see and feel them squeezing to get loose on both sides of the bars. She then saw the flat bar that went around her waist. She then saw the thick paste that was smeared down the front of her and between her legs. She saw the small yellow tube coming out from the area between her legs. She could feel the paste in her ass crack, and the invading anal tube they shoved up her ass. She saw all the metal bars that held her in and the straps on her legs. She was spread eagle and there was nothing she could do about it. She then saw a large round brown tube. She was discussed and started to dry heave. Then she saw the monitor and to her horror she saw a picture of herself with the tongs in her head, the halo pelvic frame. The blood stained harness and her legs pulling away from one another at the knees. She was mortified. She didn’t know why they were doing this or what was coming next. She could not move. She could not pee nor poop for herself. She couldn’t even communicate with anyone. She felt pain all over. She just wished she wouldn’t have been so curious then maybe she would be home safe in her comfy bed instead of this torture thing that she has been imprisoned in.

Shelley was awaken as her head began to move up as her feet were lowered. Shelley heard “She needs to be turned every two hours, and we need to drain her bottles before they get full and cause backup problems.” Shelley didn’t recognize the women’s voices. “OK looks like she is well hydrated, and her digestive track is working just fine.” Shelley heard one of them say to the other. She then heard. “The doctor said we need to give her another enema before the removal of the impression.”

“When will that be?”

“Should be pretty soon, it looks like the paste is setting up.”

Shelley was now starring at the ceiling again. She didn’t like the slow turning. It made her kind of quiz. Shelley also started to feel drool coming out of her mouth again. She didn’t know how she could every control it. She didn’t know why this was all happening. She had so much pain in her body. Shelley then felt pressure in her anus again. She was getting another enema. She hated this feeling. How long are they going to keep adding? “500cc” Shelley heard. She felt that now familiar feeling of the incredible buildup of internal pressure and the need to crap it all out. “We need to hold it in her for five minute before releasing” said one of the women. With that Shelley took another uncontrollable shit that seemed to go on forever. This time Shelley couldn’t see any of it all she could do was look at the mirror on the ceiling, and the bars that held her in her prison. She didn’t like the look that her face made as the shit flowed out of her ass. Shelley then felt pulling on her ass cheek. The pain was terrible as the impression tour at her skin that didn’t want to let go. Then she felt the thing pulled loose from her asshole. Shelley wanted to scream. She then felt it pulled from between her legs, causing her lips to throb in protest. She then felt the cold of steel scissors next to her clit, as they cut the catheter tube. She then felt the short stubble pubic hairs torn out of her skin. With that tears started pouring out of her eyes. As she lay there she heard the familiar crinkle of a diaper. She then heard “Isn’t funny how every time we remove these impressions their skin looks like they were just sunburned.” from one of the women. Shelley then felt a hand at her clit. She started to get aroused. She then felt the hand digging at her pee hole. She then felt the tube pulled out of her. She felt it burn like razors as it came out. Then she felt it pushed back in. When the tube finally stopped moving in she saw something round pressed up against her . Shelley then felt the diaper against her butt, be pulled between her legs, and then she felt the back taped to the front. Shelley just had another diaper put back on her. She couldn’t understand why they made this impression of her ass, and then took it off and put another diaper on her. Shelley was starting to get that familiar tickle from between her legs. She wanted so much to touch herself, but she couldn’t. This only frustrated her even more. Shelley’s started to move up toward the ceiling again as she was slowly turned to face the floor again. Shelley thought that was a quick two hours, not that she could tell. She didn’t even know how long she has been in this torture contraption, or how long she has been in this place, this top secret, this village. Shelley was then ready for more watching the monitor and looking in the mirror, she wanted to day dream about her life before. She wanted to play with herself but that just made her mad and sad. She couldn’t even remember when she last touched herself. She used to play with herself a little just before bed, and in the shower. She was wondering if she would ever get to use her hands for one last feel, even if it was to wipe her self after going to the bathroom. Shelley really started to feel the incredible urge that her loins were longing for. Then Shelley felt a prick in the middle of her back navel level. She went numb. YOU MOTHER FUCKING BASTARD!!! Shelley tried to say, but only a low droll filled unintelligible sound came out. You paralyzed me I will never feel my clit, nor my vagina again she thought to herself. Why have you paralyzed me she as she started to sob. A puddle of drool below her added to by her tears. I really enjoyed sex and masturbating. Shelley wished that she hadn’t broken up with her boyfriend. If she hadn’t she probably wouldn’t be here. Shelley didn’t care what they were doing to her legs, the measuring, and the straightening out. She didn’t care her sprit was broken she was paralyzed she would never feel her legs again, or something inside her vagina. She was so lost in disbelief this was all happening to her. Eventually she thought at least the pain from those rods, and the pain in my twisted useless legs is gone, and no more feeling that ass cath, or enemas, or any of the torture they can do to my body below my waist. With that, Shelley fell back to sleep.

Shelley awoke to staring at the ceiling again. She looked in the mirror above her and she saw a man holding her one of her limp white stocking clad legs. Her legs had white stocking on them now that went almost up to her crotch. Shelley didn’t know what the stockings were for she thought as he was placing her foot in something. She then saw him pull a strap across her shin. He then lifted her leg higher so it was straight up. She knew that it would have hurt but she couldn’t feel any of it. She could see the front of her foot held ridged against the molded plastic strapped to her leg. She then saw in the mirror the man pull a strap across her thigh and then another strap higher up her thigh almost to her lifeless limp useless crotch. The man then put her leg down it was held there rigid sticking straight out. He then repeated the process on the other leg. Shelley just thought you stupid idiots I’m paralyzed what good are those going to do me. Shelley was then turned to face the floor.

Shelley saw in the mirror that they were changing her diaper.

“Careful now we need to position the anal catheter properly” Shelley heard. All she could do was think of how much that would hurt if she could feel her ass, but she couldn’t. She could see in the mirror the front of the flesh color foam rubber perineum mold. It just stuck there pushing against the front of her mound where her bush once grew. She couldn’t feel it nor the tube in her pee hole, nor the shit coming out of her ass as they gave her another enema.

“Looks like that cover should work just fine” A doctor said

Shelley then saw in the mirror them putting straps around the thigh of her leg braces. She only thought you stupid idiots I can’t feel that what are you going to do now break my legs, or pull my legs out of there sockets? They tightened the straps until they were taught. Shelley was then turned to face the ceiling. They attached something to the ring around her head. Shelley then felt a slight pull at her head. Shelley watched as they unfastened the bars down the front of her body. She felt the pressure against her breast be relieved. This made her horny again, and more frustrated. Shelley then saw the pelvic hoop removed.

“OK now you use the wrench to hold the rod through her butt, and I will unscrew the end from her front. You need to hold the rod really tight so that we don’t cause the rod to turn inside her” Said the tech. Shelley then saw the man above her at her waist, and in the mirror she could see him unscrewing the end of the rod that was sticking out of her body. Once the rod was out the man placed a cap on it.

“Get the top half.” With that Shelley saw a large white plastic mold of the top of her body come into view in the mirror. She felt it laid gently over her chest. The man then pushed down on Shelley’s pelvis where the rods were. Shelley was glad she couldn’t feel it because that probably would have hurt. The plastic mold was then removed again. Shelley heard a drill off to the side of her. The plastic mold was then brought over and placed on top of her again. This time there was a pair of small holes in it, where the rods were. The man then screwed the end of the rods back into rods that were going through her body. Shelley then felt something gently placed against her back. Shelley then saw them pull Velcro straps from below her and the back was fasted to the front. She could feel the pressure as the brace was tightened to her body. Shelley then saw a pair of wide plastic strips brought up over her shoulder. They were also fastened to the front of the brace. Shelley then watched as they used shorter rods to attach the halo to the body brace. Shelley heard something going on below her at the back of her head and shoulder level.

“Good now get the foam board and slip it below her. Now you can let go of the tension on the leg braces.” Shelley was now lying down for the first time since she was brought to the room where they suspended her in the air from her legs and her head. Shelley felt some bit of relief. At least she was covered up and felt less vulnerable even if it was only this plastic body brace. She was still helpless paralyzed from the waist down. With a tube shoved up her ass and pee hole, and sexually frustrated and unable to communicate. They then place the other half of the bed over the top of her. She was then rotated to face the floor.

“OK Get the lifting harness” The pad that was over her back was removed and a lifting harness was slipped under her. They lowered the back pad back down. She was then turned to face the ceiling again. Shelley was starting to feel sick to her stomach again. When Shelley looked in the mirror there was a large canvas under her. She watched as they threaded it through between her legs, and up around her body. They attached the rings to a small crane. Shelley was slowly lifted out from between the large circles. As she was lifted she was finally able to look at something other than the mirror, the ceiling, the floor, or the monitor for the first time without being turned like a piece of meat that was being slow cooked. Once she was out form between the bed she was lowered into a large wheelchair. She could barely see her legs sticking out in front of her until she heard a click and then they vanished. Shelley was rolled to another room. While she was wheeled to the other room she could feel the drool rolling down her face. She tried to use her hands to wipe it but she couldn’t seem to get them to cooperate, and they just hit the bars that were holding her head up. Once in the room Shelley saw a hospital bed with a hole right in the middle of it. They rolled her up to the bed and used the transfer harness to lift her into the bed. “Position looks good, now attach the anal hose” Shelley heard. She was then lowed into the bed. They did more fusing down between her legs, she didn’t mind much anymore figured they were attaching her other tube. She was finally allowed to sit up in a reclined position. They removed her leg braces, and her legs were laid limply apart and even. A few mirrors were placed so that she could look down at her crotch. Another mirror so she could look at her face, another so she could look at her limp body held rigid in her body brace, and another to look at people beside her. She was then left alone. She could only move her arms and they weren’t much use. She tried to get them to tough between her legs but being paralyzed, and the molded thing in the way she only made herself more depressed. She tried to arouse her breast but they were trapped behind her body brace. Eventually she dozed off to sleep….

Shelley was awakening to the bed being lowered. The nurse beside her placed a pillow under her head. The nurse looked up toward Shelley’s body and she said to another nurse “put a pillow between her legs, and try to make sure the catheters aren’t crimped.” Shelley then felt her body pulled to one side of the bed. She was then rolled onto her side, and pillows were slipped behind her, and a pillow was placed between her two arms. “Get some sleep we will be back to turn you in two hours.” The nurse on Shelley side said to her. All Shelley could do was cry and the droll ran down the side of her face.

Shelley was then waken again when the pillows behind her were removed and she was pulled toward the side of the bed as she was brought back to laying flat on the bed staring at the ceiling. Shelley was then rolled to face the other side of the bed. She heard some noises down between her legs as they straightened out her hoses. They placed the pillows behind her and between her arms. Shelley quickly feel back to sleep. The next time she was log rolled she just slept right through it.

While Shelley slept she dreamed that she was able bodied. Walking with her boyfriend, they’re holding hands. He turns to her and his other hand reaches to the back of her head. They embrace and passionately kiss one another. They’re tongues interlocked. His hand reaches for her breast and squeezes. She reaches for his crouch, but when she does her hand rolls up un-cooperating with her minds command. She goes down on her knees. When she looks up she doesn’t see her boyfriend but a man in a lab coat. She then is laid down on her back. She feels something throbbing giving her electrical jolt in her vagina. Shelley is enjoying the feeling, but her body is becoming crippled, and she feels herself shit and piss uncontrollably. With that Shelley awaken to the feelings between her legs as her bladder drains, the enema is flushed out her anal cath, and a electric charged vibrator molest her vagina. Shelley can’t believe the feeling. She can feel again. As all this is going on her white compression stocking covered legs shake uncontrollably. Shelley looks in the mirror and there is a doctor sitting there….

“Good morning I’m Dr. Smith you might remember me from when you first were brought here. I hope you enjoyed that electrical charge we gave you. The vibrator is part of your perineum mold which helps hold it in place along with the anal catheter. Once you have recovered enough I would like it if you could type your name on the keyboard in front of you.” With that Dr. Smith placed in Shelley’s crippled hand a wand to type with. “Then I would like to explain why you are being put through all of this and what your new life will be all about.”

Shelley looked down with her eyes to see a keyboard in front of her at chest level. The keyboard wasn’t like a normal computer keyboard, but instead it had very large keys with only letters. Shelley slowly lifted her right arm up toward the keyboard, and with her hand in the wrist splint holding the wand she typed with the bottom of her hand toward the keyboard. DHELLU. When she looked at what she wrote she was upset, and tried to turn her head so she could see the letters better, but she met resistance from the halo and the body brace that held her head rigid. She typed them again slower this time S H E L L T appeared in small green type on the small black monitor above the keyboard. She looked at Dr Smith who looked back at her with a quizzical grimace. This made Shelley even more frustrated and she started to feel drool start to flow out the side of her mouth. She typed again more slowly this time S H E L L Y.

“It is nice to meet you Shelley. Unfortunately you had to be crippled, because you didn’t heed the no trespassing signs on the road into this government medical research facility. Shelley you are now going to be used as a test subject to observe the effects and the effectiveness of treatments that are performed on your central nervous system. Some of the treatment will comprise of treating your cerebral palsy. Other type of treatment will test the effectives certain drugs have to treat spinal cord injuries. Other types of test will be done to observe and treat nerve root compression damage, and or the causes of chronic pain from disc injury .”

“Like I said earlier your new life, Shelley you will never again regain proper use of your legs, or your arms. You will always be incontinent meaning you no longer have control of your bladder of bowl, hence the catheters. The reason that your entire spine is permanently immobilized is if you were taken out of the halo or the body brace your muscles would tear your spinal column apart leaving you completely paralyzed, and if that happened we could no longer use you for testing. Which would be unfortunate considering how much it cost to get you to this point.”

With this new information and his last remark Shelley’s eyes started to well up. Shelley tried to wipe the tears away so the doctor wouldn’t notice, but her crippled splinted hand just met the bars in front of her face, and it looked like she just hit herself.

The doctor went on oblivious to what she just did. “In return for what you are going to be put through your needs will all be taken care of for you. As you can already tell we are taking care of your waste, and we are feeding you with the serum in the IV in your arm. We will give you a shower probably every other day depending on the procedures that are performed on you. You will be allowed to use an electric wheelchair to get around and go to the commons. We will dress you, and put on your leg braces which will help maintain the proper alignment of your body, and may be used to help hold you up during transfers. You will be allowed and I encourage you to have intercourse with the other patients, and or the staff if you decide to. The staff will help you if and when the time comes that you want to do that, please don’t feel embarrassed.”

When the doctor talked about sex her eyes turned to glair at him, and she thought how on earth am I suppose to have sex in my present state. Who would ever want to do that with me. And asking for assistance when I can’t even talk and barely able to type. He is out of his mind.

“You look like you are frustrated with me bring up intercourse. I say it because as you could tell before you woke up this morning you were paralyzed with a temporary high dose epidural. We do this so that our patients have a taste of what could and probably will eventually happen through your treatment process. Well it is probably time for you to have a shower. It was nice talking with you I’ll be around later to check up on you. I hope you start to accept your new life and maybe event come appreciate it. After all this is your new home. So long you look like you are doing just fine” with that the doctor got up and left Shelley alone in her hospital bed.

Shelley started to really cry with all that she just heard. She was trying to absorb and figure it out, all this talk of treatments, and him making it sound like I should be grateful for all the ways that they take care of me. How dare he after they crippled me, and making a guinea pig out of me for there research. And the idea of making love to someone no way, and how on earth are they going to get my crippled body, and my crippled pussy close enough to a crippled man with a crippled dick with all this stuff holding me rigid like the tin man in the wizard of oz. How the on earth? Is all Shelley could think of.

“Hi Shelley” Said a nurse. “Well are you ready for your big day. First we are going to give you a shower. Then afterwards we are going to show you around in your electric wheelchair. Afterwards you will be given some time on your own in the commons, and maybe make some new friends. My name is Karen”

While the nurse was talking she attached something to the top of Shelley’s halo…..

Now Shelley I am going to lift you up by the halo around your head, it may hurt a little, but try to remain calm” With that Shelley felt pressure around her skull as the pins tore on her head. She was slowly lifted so her butt was just off the bed. With her body held up rigid the other people in the room removed her compression leggings, and messed around under her and between her legs.

“Make sure the valve to her anal catheter is closed we don’t want any messes before transfer” said the nurse. “Now lets put on her leg braces for more rigid support” One of the others lifted both of Shelley’s legs so she was completely off the bed. While the other person proceeded to slip her leg braces under her legs and bottom. The person holding her legs gently placed her legs in the molded plastic cuffs. They then strapped the braces to Shelley’s legs. It was quite painful as Shelley legs were straightened. Finally they tightened the wide strap that secured the plastic cuff around Shelley’s pelvis just below the rods through her pelvis. With Shelley’s body completely immobilized in rigid braces from her toes to the top of her head they lifted her again and one of the persons lifted her legs at the same time. They then slowly pulled her out from above her bed and the person holding her legs slowly lowered them to the ground. Shelley was then lifted until she was standing straight up.

Shelley then heard something rolled up behind her, as she stood there hanging from her head. Shelley then felt them working at the back of her head as they attached the back part of her halo to what ever was behind her. Shelley then felt herself pulled backwards as they attached the back half of the rods through her pelvis to what ever was behind her. “Looks like she is secured” Said the nurse. Shelley then saw them unfasten the bars from the front of her halo, and she felt the straps come undone from over her shoulders. Shelley then felt something going on at the back of her head where the bars were attached.

Shelley was afraid and didn’t understand what was going on she thought she was going to have a shower, but what is all of this going on. Did they change there minds, am I going to have a PROCEDURE what? Shelley couldn’t communicate because they took her away from her keyboard.

They then pulled the Velcro straps from the molded body brace. They removed the front half and Shelley breast dropped. The cold air hitting her wet clammy skin caused her nipples to become erect. They then removed the back half. “Alright get the pelvic hoop and the supporting bars.” said the nurse in a non-caring tone. With that Shelley felt them working at her waist, and felt the bars against her breast and in front of her face. Shelley was now back in the pelvic halo frame. Shelley then heard what ever was behind her rolled away, and she felt her self hanging there again. The other workers then removed Shelley’s leg braces. This all happened so quick like a pit crew at the races Shelley didn’t have much time to think.

As Shelley was rolled to an adjoining room the nurse explained more. “Shelley we just put you back in the halo pelvic frame, and removed your leg braces so that we can wash you. The thing that you felt behind you is used to maintain immobilization of your spinal column during the transfer. We do it so many times that it is second nature to us. We are now rolling you into your shower room. You are being held up by your halo and rolled along by this patient walker. We are holding your hands to make it so you aren’t dragged and flop around. Once we have you in place we will attach your pelvic ring to a support bar on the wall so you don’t move around too much as we wash you.”

With that Shelley was in the shower stall. They removed her hand splints, and her hands curled uncontrollably. Then Shelley felt a sting where her pubic hair is as they pulled the perineum mold, and then she felt the vibrator pulled out. Shelley then felt them pull it from between her legs and turn it as they disconnected it from her anal cath. Shelley felt a warm liquid run down the inside of her leg as urine leaked out of her, and she heard a plop as poop flowed out of her forced open asshole. Shelley felt the drool run down the front of her as it ran down her boob. There was a mirror across from Shelley and in it she saw herself naked except for the frame holding her spine rigid. Shelley started to cry again, and she tried to use her twisted crippled hand to wipe the tears, but again the bars got in the way. “OK let’s get her washed up and get that perineum mold back on her….

The nurse took off her white lab coat, and underneath she was wearing a one piece swim suit. Around her waist Shelley noticed that the swim suit bulged out, and that the nurse had a pair of leg braces on that went all the way up to her hips that were attached to a pelvic band. They looked similar to the ones Shelley wore. The nurse noticed the look in Shelley’s eyes and explained. “Just after finishing my freshman year of nursing school I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed from my waist down. After the accident I was diagnosed with an incomplete spinal cord injury at L1. I spent three years in a wheelchair and learned to walk with RGO leg braces, and I finished nursing school with high marks.” The nurse turned on the water to the shower it was cold on Shelley at first, but the temperature became more tolerable. As the nurse washed Shelley the nurse continued her story. “My doctor told me about this research facility and thanks to the research that is being done here they were able to restore my spinal cord, and reverse my paralysis and most of the damage from the accident. The reason I need the leg braces is because I have an unstable pelvic girdle, and hips. The reason I have a diaper is because once you are incontinent it is hard to regain control of your bladder, and there my still be some nerve root damage to the nerves that control my pelvic floor muscles.” The nurse turned off the water and started to dry Shelley as quickly as possible. With Shelley partially dried Shelley heard a clicking sound as they connected the perineum mold to her anal cath. Shelley then felt the mold as they pulled it between her legs, and they pushed the vibrator back in. Shelley then felt them spread some paste on the area where her pubic hair grows. She then felt pressure at her pee hole and felt them press the front into the paste. The nurse continued. “Almost all of the nurses that work at this facility share similar stories to mine, so we understand and have some sympathy for what you are going through. I’m not sure why you are here you don’t look like the type to murder someone, but most of you patients have pretty horrible past that caused the government to send you here.” With that the nurse left the room as she walked away Shelley noticed that she waddled as she walked, probably due to the leg braces Shelley thought.

Shelley was alone again looking at herself in the mirror. She got a good look at the thing between her legs. It looked like large bloated underwear without sides. Shelley was trying to figure out why the paste. Then Shelley remembered the sting as the front was pulled off. That was how they were going to keep her bald down there. Shelley started to wonder about the last part of what the nurse had said about murder, and horrible past when she saw the nurse come back. Shelley noticed the nurse waddle back in with the others. They were in lab coats again, and Shelley was completely dry. They disconnected her from the wall and rolled her back into her room.

Once Shelley was rolled in she saw the back half of her back brace for the first time, and noticed that there was an opening down the middle from the top to the bottom where it was an impression of her butt along where her spinal column would lay. They turned her around and rolled her up to the tall frame and connected her to it. They undid the long bars and removed the pelvic hop. They brought the front of her body brace up to the front of her body. Shelley then felt them stick something to her back that covered it completely form across her shoulder down to her butt, across the flacks of her low back, and up her neck. “We just put a sterile surgical film over your entire back so the doctors can do surgery when ever they need to without future need for preparation” said the nurse. Shelley then felt the back half of the brace against her back. They tightened the Velcro and Shelley felt the pressure as she tried to breathe. They pulled the shoulder straps over her shoulder and fastened them, and applied the bars to her halo. They next took her feet and pulled on the white compression stocking working them and smoothing them until they were up to the top of her thighs almost toughing the perineum mold. They then strapped the leg braces on. Shelley was released from the frame and her urinary catheter was attached to a collection bag. They then put her arms in a hospital gown and tied it at her back. They then put her arms in a robe and pulled it up over her shoulder, and tied it in front around her waist. Shelley was then lowered into a electric wheelchair. The wheelchair had a hand control joystick, and a keypad monitor similar to the one she used earlier when she was in bed. They then put on Shelley’s hand wrist splints….

Once Shelley was in her wheelchair her mouth fell open. She tried to close it and suck the drool back in, but she only bit her tongue. “They forgot to wire her jaw, get a wet wash cloth, and lets take her back so they can wire it shut.” With that the nurse put a wet wash cloth in her mouth. Shelley started to gag. “Give her some verseth to calm her.” We should probably take her through radiology for her MRI, Cat Scan, and X-Rays before she gets her wheelchair lesson and tour”. Shelley immediately went limp. The nurse wrapped her mouth shut with an elastic bandage around her face. The bleeding quickly stopped, and Shelley wasn’t in any pain. In fact she couldn’t feel much of anything. Her mind was a blur. They strapped her into the wheelchair and pushed her down the hall. Eventually they turned her into a room with nothing in it. Shelley thought here we go again they are going to hoist me out of this chair and strap me to some kind of contraption. The doctor came in.

“Hi Shelley I am going to remove this bandage. I am going to put a plate like a thin mouth guard in your mouth, over your tongue, so you don’t ever swallow it. Then I am going to cement a few brackets to your teeth, and wire your mouth shut so you don’t bit yourself again.” Once the bandage was undone Shelley’s mouth fell open, and her tongue fell out. The doctor put a thin piece of plastic in her mouth and pushed her tongue underneath. The doctor then wrapped her jaw shut again. He peeled back her lips and attached the brackets. He then wired her jaw shut. The doctor undid the bandage and Shelley’s mouth was held shut. “Looks good.” The nurse came back in and thanked the doctor. Shelley’s lips fell open and she tried to smile, not that she really wanted to or felt like it but she was feeling quit good. Drool kept pouring out of her mouth Shelley didn’t care though. The nurse pushed her out of the room and down the wall to an elevator. Shelley just stared forward into space in a euphoric state. Once the elevator doors opened Shelley was pulled backwards, and started to cry. “Looks like you’re going to need more verseth.” With the next hit Shelley’s mind returned to its numbed state.

Shelley was then rolled into another room. There was a large round thing in the middle with a narrow bed attached. They lifted her out of her wheelchair and onto the narrow bed facing the ceiling. They put straps over her shoulders and hips. “Help me remove her leg braces” said the nurse. With that Shelley felt them messing around with her legs again. She didn’t mind the feeling. They strapped her legs down so even if Shelley had a convulsion she wouldn’t move. “Did she get the barium injection yet?” asked one of the technicians. “No let me inject that into her so it will be ready for the Cat Scan.” said the nurse. The bed then slowly moved up and stopped. The bed then slowly moved backwards into the tub. “Give her another hit of verseth.” said the technician. When Shelley was inside she heard a lot of loud clicks and buzzing sounds. As Shelley lay there she couldn’t really think of anything though she tried. She tried to move but it was only futile attempts as the restraints and brace held her immobile. She could only lay there as the machine very slowly scanned her body, the titanium rods through her pelvis, and the tubes that were put in her. Finally it was over. Shelley started crying toward the end of the scan. When the bed moved her out of the tube her hair, the top of her rob, and the sheet that was below her were soaked from her tears, and drool. They un-strapped her and as they did one of her legs rolled off. Shelley’s entire body started to roll and there was nothing Shelley could do to stop herself from falling. Shelley was very scared and let out a loud muffled sound. One of the persons attending to her grabbed her by the shoulders and the others rushed to help. Shelley was then slowly transferred to her waiting wheelchair.

“On to the CAT Scan boy that was a close one. Luckily for you Shelley there was some quick thinking people around you” said the nurse as she rolled her to another room with a similar round thing and narrow bed. The nurse gave Shelley another hit of verseth. She quickly calmed down while she was transferred to the new narrow bed of the CAT scan. They quickly strapped her down so Shelley couldn’t move. The bed moved up. Then the bed moved backwards into the tube. This time the scan was done a lot quicker. Once it was done they quickly and carefully un-strapped her and transferred her to her wheelchair.

Shelley was then rolled to another room this time there was a large table in the room. They used a patient lift to lift her out of her wheelchair and place her on the hard X-ray table staring at the ceiling. Once she was on the table they put her leg braces back on, and strapped her legs and arms down to the table. “We will need a full set of X-rays of her” said the older technician to the younger one, and nurse. “OK let’s start with her head and neck and work our way down her body. Let’s make sure the sedative doesn’t ware off during this”. With that the nurse gave Shelley another hit of verseth. They positioned the X-ray emitter a foot above Shelley’s face and neck. With the thing in place the tech left Shelley. “Hold still Shelley.” came from the overhead speaker. A few seconds later the tech came back and moved the X-ray emitter so it was above Shelley’s chest. Again Shelley heard “Hold still” The tech came back in and moved the emitter so it was over her abdomen and pelvis. The tech left, and Shelley heard “Hold still.” The tech came back in with the nurse this time. They both lifted Shelley’s legs so her knees bent and her hips rolled out so she was spread eagle. The technician now positioned the emitter between her legs, and left. Shelley didn’t really realize what had just happened, and then she heard “hold still.” The technician and nurse returned and put Shelley’s legs back down beside one another. The tech moved the emitter down Shelley’s legs so that it was right above her thighs. The process was continued down the rest of her legs. Once they were done X-raying the front of her body they turned her on her left side. They placed pillows between her legs and strapped her down. They repeated the methodical X-raying process down her body. They then turned her over so she was facing the table, and repeated the process again. Finally they turned her onto her right side and X-rayed that side the same as her left. When it was all done Shelley was lifted back into her wheelchair and she was starting to come out of the sedative induced fog she was put in. “Alright Shelley’s lets bring you back to your room until you are back to normal. This set of imagining will be used for a baseline for the doctors to compare to as they start performing procedures on you.” said the nurse.

Once in her room Shelley was lifted into her bed. The anal and urinary catheters were hooked up, and the anal valve was opened. Shelley’s intestine slowly drained as Shelley laid there. “Shelley I’ll be back in about four hours. Why don’t you try to get some rest.” said the nurse. With that Shelley was lowered so she was laying flat staring at the ceiling…..

As Shelley lay there in a semiconscious state her mind in a fog trying to understand what was happening. Drool slowly running out the side of her partially opened lips. Tears slowly rolling down the sides of her face as the drug slowly let go of its control of her mind. Shelley’s body started to tremble and she felt like there was an internal itch throughout herself that turned to an aching feeling. Shelley wanted to move her body for some kind of relief but she couldn’t. Eventually a strong wave developed in her and she wanted in the worse way that she had ever felt before to touch herself. The quaking in her hips only caused her to become more frustrated as she tried in her mind to move her hips and pelvis to stimulate her genitals. This only caused her leg braces to chatter on one another and added to her sexual troubles. In a natural response to her need she lifted her crippled splinted hand up off the bed and dragged it over the rigid shell encasing her body. She wanted so much to caress her skin as her fingers went to find her inviting clitoris and vagina. Instead she found the impenetrable barrier of the perineum mold. Her hand wouldn’t corporate and bend to reach between her legs due to the splints and she couldn’t reach much future than the bottom of her body brace and the top part of the mold. At the same time her other hand instinctively went to caress her breast. Instead of soft supple skin and erect nipples she found the hard outer shell of her body brace. Frustrated she tried to move the perineum mold with her hands to get some kind of stimulation, but this only mad her more angry. When she realized where she was and what she was doing she stopped and started to cry. In response to her remorse both of her hand went to cover her eyes, but only found the bars that were supporting her neck and body from moving. She dropped her arms in discuss as she realized masturbation was something else that they took from her. Shelley just stared at the ceiling mad and remembering where she was crippled in some kind of research hospital center helpless and alone. Barely able to communicate, and having everyone else doing things for her. Shelley could still feel the crap slowly ooze out of her ass. This made Shelley sick to her stomach. She just wanted so badly to get up out of bed and go to the bathroom and get it over with, but that would never happen.

It seemed like forever had gone by when the nurse finally came in. She raised the head of Shelley’s bed. As the bed raised Shelley felt the flow of an enema going into her. The liquid just kept flowing in, and Shelley felt like she was going to burst. “The liquid needs to stay in for five minutes before we can release it.” Said the nurse to her assistant. Shelley just laid there looking forward miserable as the oh so now familiar feeling build up inside of her. “Shelley are you ready to go for your tour this afternoon?” asked the nurse. Shelley didn’t want to respond, she just wanted them to release the enema. Shelley reached for the keyboard with her splinted hand. The nurse put the wand in her hand as she went to type. I FURSS SO. Was typed Shelley had meant to type I guess so. The nurse responded with and enthusiastic “Great you are going to have to slow down with your typing Shelley.” The nurse looked toward the assistant and said. “You can open the valve now.” Shelley felt like a tidal wave was coming out of her when the valve was opened. Shelley partially felt sick and relieved by the sensation. While the enema flowed out of Shelley the nurse attached the lift to her halo. “Shelley are you ready go get out of bed?” asked the nurse. Shelley typed OK. With that Shelley’s head and body slowly lifted off the bed. The assistant disconnected Shelley from the collection containers. The assistant then put Shelley’s arms across her lap so they were out of the way. Then the assistant lifted Shelley’s braced legs off the bed. Shelley was then slowly pulled out away from her bed and slowly lowered into her awaiting wheelchair.

The assistant put Shelley’s hand on the joystick. When Shelley pushed the stick forward the electric wheelchair slowly moved forward. “Shelley you need to turn your chair toward the door.” instructed the nurse. Shelley jerked the stick to the side and the chair turned in the direction she pulled. Shelley had to make a few more adjustment to where the chair was going before she was able to get it going down the hall way. Shelley had never operated something like this before. She barely played video games and being that her mind now had difficulty controlling her body made driving her wheelchair even more difficult. Shelley had seen people in wheelchairs at the mall. When she saw them their chairs rolled along quickly and smoothly. Instead of this slow jerkiness that she was doing. As she went she became frustrated. When it came time to turn a corner Shelley wanted to turn her head but she couldn’t this made judging the turn even more difficult. Finally Shelley came to a big open room. “Shelley this is the commons area. I‘m going to leave you to sit in here for a little while. Try to mingle with the other patients, don’t be shy.” said the nurse in a comforting voice. With that Shelley was alone, on her own in her wheelchair.

As Shelley slowly rolled forward she noticed a lot of tables with very few chairs around them. She also noticed a large TV with some kind of program dealing surgery, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis. Shelley noticed a small group of people gathered in a semi circle around a table. They all looked like they were in wheelchairs, and had halos around their heads. Shelley tried not to stair at them as she rolled across the room but her eyes wanted to follow them. Her mind wanted to absorb as much as she could. She could tell that some of them were men, and others were women. Shelley finally turned her wheelchair away from them toward the TV curious to see what was on. The program was dry and over her head in sophistication with a lot of medical jargon. She quickly got bored with it and rolled to the large panoramic windows. She wanted to see what was outside. The weather looked beautiful, and she wished she could go outside and enjoy it. As she looked she could see the green grass and a small pond in the distance. She could see the trees and the small leafs of spring. She saw birds flying about and a small squirrel scurry across the grass. The view was wonderful, Shelley could almost smell the fresh spring air as she looked. As Shelley looked out she started to day dream of when she would walk through the park. She wondered what was going on in school. If her boyfriend was trying to figure out where she was. She didn’t tell anyone where she was going. She wondered if anyone had even missed her. Eventually they will discover I’m gone she hoped. She then tried to figure out what the nurse had said about the murdering type, she must think I’m some kind of criminal. That would explain why they are so mean to me. That would also means the other patients were probably prisoners for something they had done, and this was there punishment. Then she saw her reflection in the window, and it brought her back to reality. She was twenty years old and crippled for life. A human medical test subject. She could see the outline of the halo around the top of her head, and one of the bars that held her head in place. She could make out her rigid body in her wheelchair. She could see the reflection of the steel of her leg braces. She started to cry, again she tried to wipe her eyes but only hit the bars with her crippled splinted hands. She just sat there not wanting to go anywhere or be around anyone.

She then heard the sound of another wheelchair motor behind her…..

The wheelchair pulled up beside her. Shelley tried to turn her head to look but the halo prevented her movement. Shelley slowly backed her wheelchair up and turned to look at the other person. She looked at a guy who looked to be a little older than herself. He was held in the same immobilizing devices as her. He had short blondish brown hair, and blue eyes. He tried to smile at her. She tried to smile back. This was the closest she had been to someone in a wheelchair and it made her feel uneasy. Shelley then looked at the keyboard monitor on his wheelchair. It said HI MU NSMW IS JOHM. Shelley grimaced then figured it out that he had meant to say hi my mane is John. Shelley replied back with HI MT NAME IS SHELLEY. John typed U R VERU CUTE. Shelley blushed. I WOULS LIKW TO GRT TO KMOW U typed John. Shelley didn’t know how to respond, so she slowly typed WHY ARE YOU HERE. John didn’t understand the question, so he typed WJAT SO U MEAN. Shelley slowly typed WHAT DID YOI DO TO HAVE TO VE BROIGHT HERE. John understood and typed IM MOT SURE. ONE MIN I WAS WALKKNG DOQN A ROAD NEZT I AM HERE. Shelley understood he had done the same thing as her. John typed to Shelley if they wanted to make love. Shelley was taken aback from John’s forwardness and replied NO NOT MOW, LET MR THINL ABOUR IT. With that Shelley backed away from John. John typed SORRY IF I HURT YOU. Shelley read that and responded I NOT READY. THUS IS SI NEW LET ME HAVW SOME TINE. John type OK BUT Y DON’T KNIW WHAT TOMRROW WIKL BRING. Shelley slowly typed GOOD BYE JOHN. MAYBE LATER.

Shelley rolled away now with John on her mind. This was all so sudden but yet. He was very straight forward I didn’t even know him, I’m not that type of girl to just jump in bed with whoever. But wait a minute Shelley thought to herself you aren’t the girl you once were your crippled remember. Earlier you wanted it and dreamed about it. One more time, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. They could paralyze you again and this time it could be permanent. Shelley started to cry, and she started to feel a bloated feeling of needing to go to the bathroom. She also noticed for the first time like she needed to go pee which was strange being that she was cathed. John rolled up to the front of her wheelchair. In the monitor Shelley read IM SORRY SHELLEY. Shelley tried to smile, but her mouth wouldn’t cooperate. Shelley typed ITS OJ JOHN I KINS OF WANT TO MAKE LOBE. Shelley then heard footsteps behind her and John looked above Shelley’s head at her nurse. “Shelley its about time you return to your room.” the nurse said. Then the nurse noticed what was typed in Shelley’s monitor. The nurse came around and bent over between Shelley and John and in a quite voice so only they could hear her she asked. “Do you two want help having intercourse tonight?” Shelley was shocked with her nurses response and she saw the look in John’s blue eyes. Shelley hesitated for a few seconds and finally typed YES. John also quickly typed UES. “OK you two I’ll make the proper arrangements for you

As Shelley rolled back to her room she couldn’t believe what she had just agreed to. She didn’t even know John. She didn’t know if he saw other girls, or how many times it has done this surprise my names John lets make love thing. It was all so sudden for Shelley, but yet it may be her last chance and she had to take it. Once Shelley was back in her room the nurse attached the lifter to her halo and the assistant grabbed her legs. They positioned her above the bed and hooked her back up. Shelley felt the pulling at her asshole and pee hole as she was connected, and it was uncomfortable. While they were doing there thing Shelley slowly typed HOW DO I DO IT? The nurse saw what Shelley wrote and explained “Well first we take you to another room with a special bed type frame to support you in. Next we will need to flush you out. Then we will remove your perineum mold and leg braces. We will strap your legs into leg supports similar to when you get a physical. Next we will turn your spread legs up toward your chest. Then we will lower John down to you from his supporting sling harness. Once he is position and erect we will slide him into you. Next we will put a clamp over hips around his butt, and harness you two together. Once that is all done we will turn on the machine that will cause you to stroke back and forth. If there are problem we have means to help you and him get more comfortable. Well you rest while I get things ready for you.” The nurse lowered the head of Shelley’s bed so she was slightly reclined and the two left. Shelley was alone to think some more. The entire process seemed like too much work, but yet it was probably the only way being so crippled and immobile. She couldn’t even kiss him as they became passionate with each other. It sounded so clinical and robot like how she wished she could return to her old able bodied life. After all it was so much simpler then, or was it there was the whole dating and getting to know one another, getting him to make the first move, or even the first kiss. Then there was the awkwardness of the next morning. Shelley eventually dozed off to sleep.

Shelley was awaken to the head of her bed rising. “Hi there sleepy head.” said the nurse “Ready for this?” The nurse attached the lifter to her halo. Shelley was then lifted off the bed disconnected and transferred to her waiting wheelchair. The nurse rolled her down the hall and into a different room. In the center was a small table about a foot wide and thee feet long with a pair of leg supports at one end. They lifted Shelley out of her wheelchair by her halo, and took off her gown. The assistant grabbed her legs and they carefully lowered her butt onto the table. The assistant lowered Shelley legs to the ground. They then slowly lowered Shelley down onto the table. They connected the anal cath and gave Shelley an enema. While Shelley was expelling the enema John was rolled in. He was held in the air by a canvas harness holding his body. John was facing the floor with his arms dangling. His legs were being held up by an assistant. Shelley perineum mold was taken off. Immediately Shelley felt urine running down between her legs. They removed Shelley’s leg braces and her hand splints. They lifted Shelley legs into leg supports and strapped them in. The table was tilted slight up. John was lowered into position. The nurse put some lubricant on his member and stroked him until he was ready. At the same time a lubricated dildo prepared Shelley’s vagina. Then they pushed him in to her. They put the clap between John’s hips and harnessed them together. They then turned on the machine. During all this Shelley raised her crippled arms up around John’s braced body while she stared past her and his halo bars into to his blue eyes. He embraced her with his crippled arms and tried to fondle the mounds of her breast. They both looked into each others eyes and it felt so good it felt like there spirits were communicating without saying a word. The machine would change in its rhythm and the sensations were exhilarating. The nurses kept them connected for over an hour, and John lost his mark part way through. It seemed so long ago that Shelley had made love it felt new to her, and in some ways it was a completely new thing.

When they were done the nurses disconnected them and rolled John away from Shelley. They didn’t want to let go of one another but there crippled arms couldn’t fight the machine that was pulling them apart. Shelley could feel the sweat under her brace, the moisture between her legs, and the dampness of her stocking legs. Shelley was out of breath and her mouth was dry from her heavy breathing. The nurses washed Shelley’s perineum area clean, and connected her perineum mold. They attached her halo, un-strapped her legs, and lifted her into her waiting wheelchair. The assistant carried Shelley’s leg braces as they rolled her back to her room. In her room they lifted her up out of her wheelchair by her halo and pushed her over her bed. They connected the hoses between her legs and bottom. They then put a pillow under Shelley’s head and lowered the head of her bed. They placed a pillow between her legs, and put one in between her arms. They then rolled her onto her side. Shelley quickly fell asleep for the night…..

The next morning Shelley was awaken to the head of her bed being raised. She felt the usually uncomfortable enema. Her leg braces were attached to her white stocking covered legs. Her halo was attached to the lifter, and she was transferred from her body brace to her halo pelvic frame. The nurse showered her, put on her perineum mold, her leg stocking and leg braces, and prepaid her for her day. After the shower instead of being placed back in her usually body brace they left her in the halo pelvic frame and put a shorter brace on her upper torso that immobilized her neck to a few inches below her shoulder blades. Shelley gave the nurse a curious look with her eyes. Instead of putting her in a wheelchair they put her on a transfer bed. Shelley really started to worry at this point. She thought about what kind of procedure are they going to do to me? She couldn’t say anything, and she couldn’t communicate without her keyboard. The bed was rolled down the hall, to an elevator. The nurses didn’t try to comfort her or say anything to her she was all alone. She wished she could be back with John. The elevator doors opened and Shelley was rolled into another room.

Dr. Smith came into Shelley’s view and said. “Good morning Shelley are you ready for your first procedure? Before we begin I want to explain the process that you are going to be put through and why. As you can tell you are in a halo pelvic frame, and a upper torso brace designed to prevent your thoracic and cervical spine from any movement. We will be strapping you into a special bed that will bend your body as your body is bending at the extremes of the bend your spinal column disc will rupture at the lumbar levels.” The doctor got out a model of the spine and showed it to Shelley. He continued. “Your discs are like jelly filled donut. The outsides are tough and hold the jelly in. Under normal mechanics of the spine the disc have no problem, but if too much stress is placed on the disc the jelly inside leaks out, and this causes pain in a lot of people. One of the problems is that doctors are having a hard time treating ruptured disc, and that is where you come in my dear.” With that Dr Smith took a bit of a jelly filled donut, and some jelly fell on Shelley’s face. Shelley was petrified by what she just heard. They were going to destroy my back is all she could think.

Shelley was lifted straight up off the bed by a lifting harness, and she saw the familiar large circular arches of a circo-rotary bed. As Shelley stared at the mirrors on the ceiling she was pushed between the two arches, and she was lowed onto the two halves of the bed. When Shelley looked in the mirror she noticed that legs were also strapped to the lower bed and that the middle section between her elbows and hips was missing. “Make sure her halo, and legs are secured to the bed’s frame. Then you can go ahead and attach her tubes.” A few minutes after Shelley heard them she felt her bladder drain and the feeling of poop oozing from her. Shelley then watched in the mirror as they removed the rods from her halo frame, and the pelvic hoop, now only the bed was supporting her spinal column. Shelley then saw the top part of the bed place over her body. Shelley then felt them strap a padded board on top of her legs and butt. Shelley heard someone say “Enter into the computer a three hundred degree angle.” Shelley didn’t know what that meant but she knew it wasn’t good. Shelley then felt the bottom half of her body starting to bend down toward the floor. As it slowly continued Shelley felt a slight pulling feeling in her abs. This continued and when her legs were almost in perpendicular to the floor she felt the extreme pull in her abs and then she felt shooting pain down the front of her legs. “Get the fluoroscope” said the doctor. “It appears that her L3-L4 is starting to split.” The bed continued it’s slow torture of Shelley’s lumbar spine Shelley felt more shooting pains down other parts of her legs and buttocks. As it continued she felt the pain into her ankles, then her feet and around the side of her hips. She then noticed the pain continue to spread around to the back of her legs and then she felt it in her perineum. Finally she felt the pain go up her back and around her waist as her T12-L1 disc ruptured. Shelley felt like the lower half of her body was on fire. Tears were rolling from her eyes from the pain. She wanted to scream, but she could only make muffled moans as they continued to bend her spine backwards. Shelley’s body was now bent backward so that her legs were only a few feet from her head. The bed slowly returned Shelley’s body back to it’s original flat position. Once she was flat again they removed the top half of the bed from her body and legs. They removed the front part of the brace, and replaced it with her normal full length body brace, and attached the rods to her halo. They then placed the full length bed over her. The bed was then rotated so she was facing the floor. She felt them take off the back half of the bed from her body and legs. Then they removed the back half of the short brace. She then felt the back half of her full length brace, and them attaching the rods of the halo and tightening the brace around her body. The pain in her lower body was still there not as extreme but she could notice it. They disconnected the halo and leg braces from the immobilizing traction.

“Shelley” said the doctor. “We are now going to do what is called discography. We are going to put needles in your disc and pressurize them. This should reproduce the pain you just felt from the bending and rupturing of your disc. I am going to pressurize one disc at a time and as I do I want you to shade in the areas on this body diagram where you feel the pain. OK” Shelley then saw them place a large piece of paper in front of her with an outline of a persons body front and back. Then they placed a colored marker in her splinted hand. Shelley then felt the sting of a needle in the middle of her back a few inches below her shoulder blades. Then she felt another an inch lower. And another until there were six needles down her spine. The last one waist level. “OK Shelley I am going to pressurize one of your disc. The pressure will be maintained until you are done shading in the areas you feel the pain reproduced. And Shelley don’t think about cheating because we have a good idea where you should be shading.” With that Shelley felt pain around her waist and down her front to where her pubic hairs once were. She shaded in the area as the pain continued to burn into her mind. The pain was gone but now it was replaced by pain along the side of her hips and around her low back. She shaded in on the body diagram with the new color they gave her where the pain was. The next new pain went down the front, and inside of her thighs and on her butt right above her butt crack. Next she felt pain on the inside of her lower legs. Then she felt pain on the outside, and backs of her lower legs down through her ankles and the tops of her feet. The final pain went down the back of her thighs, deep in her butt and perineum. At this point Shelley first noticed slight tingling sensation in her feet and ankles. Shelley finished shading in the body diagram. It was completely colored with six different colors from the waist down. “All done, she needs to be taken for radiology now. Shelley you did fine.” said the doctor. Shelley was too exhausted to even care what the doctor said. She just wanted to return to her bed and sleep. “After radiology is done she needs to be taken to surgery for single micro-discectomy T12-L1 level, IDET at L1-L2 and L2-L3. L3-L4 will have nerve blocks, and the last two discs will be used for controls. The doctor said to the nurse. “Shelley we will repeat this test ever week for the next two months. Afterwards we will do spinal fusion to all of the discs in your lumbar spine.” They attached the patient lift to Shelley halo and the bed was rotated until she was in an slightly reclined position. Shelley was transferred to her wheelchair. When she was sitting down in her wheelchair she felt pain down the lower half of her body. As they rolled her to radiology the pain continued to become worse. Shelley also noticed that her feet and ankles were really tingly. Shelley was really scared of what they had just done and what they were going to do after her MRI X-rays and CT scan.

Shelley was rolled into radiology and there was the MRI waiting for her. They carefully lifted her out of her wheelchair and gently placed her butt on the narrow MRI bed. They removed Shelley’s leg braces and when they did her feet just rolled down to the side. They strapped her legs and body to the bed and she was slowly raised. Then the bed slowly moved into the MRI tube. After wards she was transferred to the CAT scan, and then finally to X-ray. After they were done they put Shelley’s leg braces back on and transferred to transfer bed, and took her to surgery…

Shelley was back facing the ceiling as she rolled down the hall. As they went she felt the uncomfortable feeling of needing to go poop, but she couldn’t until they relieved her. This only added to her pain and discomfort. She kept wondering about the tingling in her feet but at the time that had subsided. They turned the bed and she was rolled into the operating room. Her bed was rolled up next to the operating table. “Hello Shelley” the oh so familiar voice of the doctor. “You are being placed on a Jackson Spinal Table. You will become quit familiar with it overtime as procedures are done to you.” Shelley’s body was lifted by her legs and her shoulders and dragged on to the operating table. The doctor continued “This table is designed so that we can position you into different positions as needed, we can turn you, put you in a prone sitting position, immobilize your body and operated on your spine.” They put the specially padded top half of the table over Shelley and strapped it to the lower half. Shelley was then turned along the axis of her body. Shelley was now facing the floor. She then felt the upper half being removed. Shelley then felt her arms moved and strapped down along the side of her head. As they brought her body up her head lifted from the cushion. Shelley then felt her knees bend and her feet were up in the air, then her hips were lowered so she was in a sitting position looking down at the floor. “Patients position is set.” said someone Shelley didn’t recognize. “Good, time to make an incision then.” Shelley then felt the scalpel cut through her back around where the top needle was earlier. Shelley could only look down at the floor and endure the pain. “Endoscope please. I am now going to advance the scope down past her nerves and to her disc. Let‘s see the MRI film nurse. Looks like about six fragments total. This shouldn‘t be too difficult.” The doctor said to the nurse. Shelley just stared at the floor unable to comprehend what was going on. The doctor continued to work for the next hour removing the ruptured disc fragments. As time went on Shelley’s pain increased as she felt the doctor digging through her back. It felt like a giant sliver. To add to her pain the pressure from needing to go poop kept building. Shelley also noticed that her bladder felt like it needed emptying. “Finished hand me a band-aid nurse. One disc down, three more to go” said the doctor.

“On to Intradiscal Electro thermal Therapy now. Position the fluoroscope over her L1-L2 and L2-L3. Get two IDET kits for me. ” Shelley then felt the sting of another needle in her back just below the last place the doctor worked. Then she felt another needle just below the last one. “Advancing the needle to the outer disc space, placing the electro thermal catheter wire around the inside of L1-L2, placing second wire around the inside of L2-L3. You can start the heating process, let me know when it gets to 90C. At that time start the timer for thirty minutes.” said the doctor. All Shelley could do was stair forward down at the floor and at her drool puddle. The pain from the wires was therapeutic at first, kind of like a heating pad, but it soon became an internal burning sensation. She could also feel the pain in her legs as the needle did its thing. “Good two band aids please. Lets remove these wires and move onto the nerve blocks, and finish this.” said the doctor. “Position the fluoroscope over her L3-L4.” Shelley then felt a needle below and a little to the side of the last one. Then she felt another needle across from the last needle. “Done.” said the doctor, “it looks like she is going to need to start electro muscle strengthening therapy. Shelley then felt her legs rose back up so her feet were sticking in the air. Then she felt her legs straightened at the knees. She was laying flat again. Then she felt the upper part of the bed over her and her body was lowered so her head was resting in the cushion. She was then turned again to face the ceiling. They removed the upper part again, and removed the straps from Shelley’s body and transferred her to a transfer bed. They then rolled Shelley back to her room.

Once in her room they grabbed Shelley by the shoulders and her legs and dragged her onto her bed. The nurse raised the head of Shelley’s bed and attached the lifter to her halo. Shelley’s butt was raised off the bed, and they attached her hoses. Shelley was then lowered and when she was she felt the pain in her back. She felt relieved when they opened the valve to her anal cath and the poop started to ooze out of her. She also felt relief as the cath drained her bladder. After a few minutes of sitting there Shelley started to feel the pain down the back of her thighs, buttocks, her feet and ankles. Shelley tried to fall asleep but the pain just intensified and her ankles and feet started to feel numb.

After a while the nurse came back in with her wheelchair and asked. “Ready to go to the commons Shelley?” Shelley was startled out of her dozing by her. The nurse attached the lifter to Shelley’s halo and transferred her into her awaiting wheelchair. When Shelley was seated upright she really noticed the pain in the back of her thighs, butt, between her legs, her feet and ankles. As Shelley rolled to the commons she noticed her feet becoming tingly again. In the commons she looked for John but couldn’t find him. She rolled up to the TV but there was only the same program. Shelley then rolled up to the big window and looked out at the gray overcast day. This only added to her depression from what she had been put through earlier today. As Shelley sat there she noticed that she couldn’t feel her feet or ankles, and she noticed the same tingling between her legs. Shelley really started to worry. She was all alone in two months they were going to fuse her spine from her pelvis up to her rib cage. She couldn’t talk. She didn’t have control of her bodily functions. Drool kept running out her mouth. She just wished this was some horrible nightmare and she was going to wake back up in her college dorm. She really started to wonder where John was….

Eventually a nurse came and took Shelley back to her bed for the night. They lifted her by her halo into her bed and removed her leg braces. They tucked her in, put a pillow under her head, another between her legs, some pillows behind her back and one between her arms. That night Shelley was awaken every time they log rolled her from the pain. She had trouble falling back to sleep due to her fears of what was happening to her. Her pillow was soaked from the slow steady flow of tears and drool. Feeling slowly returned to her feet and ankles. The tingling in her feet and ankles bothered her and she didn‘t understand why earlier she couldn‘t feel them and now they were a faint tingling sensation. As she lay there the tingling between her legs went away. She wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or if it was for real. She was so confused and alone in her dark room. Eventually the next day came. Shelley was awaken to the head of her bed raising. They lifted her butt off the bed and put her leg braces back on. They transferred her back into her halo pelvic frame. As she was being rolled to her morning shower the nurse said to her assistant. “Take her clam shell down to orthotics and have them remove the foam rubber padding from the sacro-pelvic girdle, so that their can be some slight movement for her lumbar.” The assistant gave the nurse a strange look. The nurse added. “Dr. Smith wants minimal movement of her lowest disc to observe if the movement has an adverse effect on the healing of the disc. I suspect so but we need to prove this.” The assistant gathered up the plastic shell and left the room. The nurse washed Shelley, put back on her perineum mold and left her dry. Once Shelley was dry the nurse put on Shelley’s leg braces, a gown and a robe. With Shelley still in the patient walker held up only by the top of her halo she was rolled into the hall, and down to the elevator. In the elevator the nurse said that she was taking her to physical therapy. Shelley didn’t like the sound of that and wondered how they were going to exercise her crippled useless body. The elevator doors opened and she was rolled down a short hall into a very large room.

The room was bigger than the commons with a lot of different equipment throughout the room. It was like a large gymnasium obstacle course. As Shelley was rolled through the room she saw other patients with similar immobilizing contraption on them. She saw parallel walking bars, a short set of steps, ramps of various lengths and heights. She saw a patient being instructed on how to do something on a large rubber ball. They then turned Shelley to go down a row of short beds with thin cushions on them. The nurse then rolled Shelley behind a curtain and stopped. She said to Shelley. “The therapist should be with you soon I will be back in about two hours. After this I will take you to the commons or back to your room it’s up to you. I hope you have a good time.” With that the nurse left Shelley alone with only a gown and robe on behind a thin curtain. Shelley was helpless stuck unable to do anything but wait and feel vulnerable. The therapist came in and quickly removed Shelley rob and gown. Shelley was now naked except for the frame, her leg braces and her perineum mold. The therapist then knelled and removed Shelley’s leg braces. Then The therapist went behind her and Shelley felt him stick something to her back over her right shoulder blade. He did the same on the other side. Then he placed another lower on her back followed by another. He pulled back her perineum mold and put a pair on her butt cheeks. As he did this he said. “Hi Shelley I’m Tom your physical therapist. I am putting electrodes on all of your major muscle groups in order to exercise them.” He then put one on the back of both of her thighs and lower legs. Tom said with a bit of surprise in his voice. “I’ve noticed that you aren’t a paraplegic with the way your legs don’t want to straighten out.” Shelley then saw him in front of her. When he was behind her she was disgusted and disturbed by the impersonal way he had done everything, but when she saw his face up close she felt secure and good about him. He placed an electrode over the upper part of each of her breasts; he put another pair just below her breast, another pair above her navel. And another pair right above her perineum mold. He put one on the front of each of her thighs, and another on the front of each of her shins. He then put one on the front and back of her upper and lower arms. Tom then strapped Shelley‘s leg braces back on, and put a pair of arm braces on her. Tom said. “These arm braces will prevent your arms from bending during your therapy. OK Shelley now I am going to lay you down on one of these beds and start the electrical impulses.” He then rolled Shelley over to the foot of the bed and another therapist lifted her legs. Shelley was then gently lowered onto the bed and pushed the rest of the way on. Her head was then slowly lowered to rest on the bed. Tom continued. “This might be a little painful but it will keep your muscles strong and shapely, and by the way I like your figure you are a beautiful woman. I want to warn you that the vaginal implant on your perineum mold will be turned on during this. It is the best way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. If you get too painful just push this button and I can turn it down a notch. I’ll be back to check up on you in a little bit.”

Shelley was alone now staring at the ceiling naked except for the rigid frame around her body, the leg and arm braces her perineum mold and the black electrodes all over her body. She was cold and could feel the air all around her body. She was suspended by the frame above the mattress with her arms and legs resting on the bed. As she laid there she felt the electrical zapping of her muscles. She felt the contracting of her muscles with every electrical pulse, and then the release. The pulses were very rhythmic in nature. Shelley felt a mix of pain and pleasure as the electrical currant went through her body. She became aroused by the contraction of her vagina around the vibrator of her perineum mold, and the tightening of her butt cheeks. She could feel her abdominal muscles suck in her belly, and the painful tensing of her back muscles. Her legs and arms would tighten as though they were going to bend her limbs but the braces prevented there movement. As Shelley endured and enjoyed this electrical therapy she started to think about Tom her therapist. He was about her height, thin with short dark hair. He wore round glasses with dreamy blue eyes. He seemed to care by the way he talked and warned her about what she would feel, and given the fact that if she became to uncomfortable she had some way to communicate. She started to day dream about what it would be like to be with him. She also was slightly disturbed and flattered by the way he said he liked her and thought she was attractive. She became even more turned on as she thought and the electrical pulses kept contracting her vagina. Shelley also started to get that uncomfortable feeling of needing her bowel and bladder drained. Time went by slowly as she laid there with nothing to do but endure and enjoy the feeling of all of her muscles being electrically stimulated. Eventually Tom came back to check on her and asked. “Shelley? How are you feeling? Are you doing OK? Do I need to turn it down?” Shelley couldn’t communicate with him except to try to form a smile. Tom replied with. “OK” and left Shelley alone again. How Shelley wished she could express the feelings that she was having for him. She wished that she could tell him to climb on top of her and make her feel like a woman again, instead of having the vibrator stimulate her. She started to feel depressed and alone, and the feelings she was enduring were no longer of any pleasure, but torture. She tried to find the button to push but for what ever reason it had moved. She started to cry. There was nothing she could do. With every compression of her abs she could feel the pressure of needing to go poop and pee, which only added to her torture. Where was Tom can’t he my crying. I need him and I want him was all she could think about.

Tom finally arrived and was very concerned. “Shelley what is wrong? Why didn’t hit your button? Oh here it is. It must have fallen. Are you OK?” Tom quickly turned off the instrument. “You have another hour of therapy to go, I want you to calm down. Once you have I am going to turn it back on, on a lower setting. Before when I checked up on you looked like you were fine.” Tom used a tissue to wipe the tears away from her face, and put his hand on hers. That was the most compassionate touch she had felt since she ended up at this place. Shelley wanted so bad to get up and give him the biggest hug, and tell him how she was feeling, and what she felt about him and how attractive he was, but she couldn’t. She was very frustrated, and wanted to communicate with him. “Calm down Shelley.” Tom said in a gentle voice. Shelley only thought how can I, I want you! But she wanted to comply with Tom gentle request. So she tried. “Take a few deep breaths please Shelley.” Finally Shelley calmed down. Tom turned the electrical pulses on again. The contractions Shelley felt were weaker this time and much more tolerable. Shelley tried not to think about the therapist and started to wonder about John. She wished she could get her vagina to contract like it was now when she made love. Finally the instrument was turned off. Tom then appeared. “Time to get you ready to go back upstairs Shelley,” Shelley’s body was lifted back up off the bed, and another therapist lifted Shelley’s legs off the bed. They then rolled her out from under the bed, and got her up into a standing position. Tom removed the arm and leg braces. He then removed the electrodes. Finally he put her leg braces back on and put on her gown and robe. “I’ll see you in two days, tell then stay out of trouble.” The nurse arrived and rolled Shelley up to her room.

Once in Shelley’s room they transferred her from her halo pelvic frame into her body brace. They then lowered Shelley into wheelchair, and asked her. “Do you want to go to the commons, or back into your bed?” Shelley typed XOMMOMS. “Alright then do you want me to escort you there or are able to get there on your own?” OM OWN typed Shelley. The nurse left and Shelley started rolling back to the commons. While she was seated she felt the pain in her back, butt, the back of her thighs, and slight tingling in her feet and ankles. She also noticed that as she rolled and turned that the lower part of her brace seemed to shift. With every shift of her hips she felt the pain in her lower body intensify, and she could feel the pain in between her legs. Once she got to the commons she realized that she could have picked bed because she needed draining. As she sat there looking out the window she noticed that she couldn’t feel her feet and ankles. She decided to turn around and go back to her room and try to get some help with her problems…..

As she rolled back to her room she met John heading for the commons. She stopped and they typed briefly back and forth. John wanted her to come with him back to the commons, and Shelley wanted to but she needed to return to her room first. She needed to be drained and the pressure was becoming unbearable. When Shelley got back to her room she noticed the painful tingling was back between her legs. She was alone in her room helpless. She sat there enduring her pains. Finally a nurse walked by and noticed Shelley sitting there. The nurse asked Shelley “Do you need something?’ Shelley typed MEED HELP. WANT BACK ON BED. The nurse turned around and left Shelley sitting there. By the time the nurse returned with an assistant Shelley could no longer feel her catheters or vibrator. They attached the lifter to Shelley’s halo and transferred her into her bed. They attached the tubes to her perineum mold. Shelley was slowly and gently lowered onto the mattress of her bed. When the valves to her catheters were opened Shelley could feel her internal pressure dropping, but she couldn’t feel it draining from her. Once the nurse was done with the transfer the nurse asked Shelley “Do you want to stay here long, or do you want to return to the commons?” Shelley typed REST FIR A LITTLE WHOLE THEM, RETIRN TI COMMONS. As Shelley typed she felt internal pressure again. It kept building and building. Shelley couldn’t feel the enema going into her, but she could feel the effect of it. Then she felt the release. The nurse replied “I’m going to lower the head of your bed and let you rest for an hour. Then we will be back and transfer you to your wheelchair, so you can enjoy some free time.

As Shelley lay in her bed staring at the ceiling she thought about John and was hoping he would still be there when she got back to the commons. Her thoughts then drifted to weather or not feeling would return between her legs. As time went by she slowly started to feel tingling between her legs and in her feet. This made Shelley feel a little better, but she wanted to understand why this kept happening. When the nurses returned she only felt a slight tingle and the pain in the lower half of her body had subsided. Shelley was transferred back into her wheelchair, and once she was seated upright the pain in her low back, butt, and lower extremities returned. Shelley slowly rolled back to the commons. John was there at the window. Shelley rolled up to him and her screen read hi John. John typed Hi, how are you? in response. Shelley typed Better now that I am here. John typed Did you enjoy the other night? Shelley typed in response, Yes a lot. Shelley was starting to get excited, but the good feeling was overshadowed by her present worries. The tingling between her legs was starting to return. John typed in response. I’m am happy you liked it. Shelley could see in John’s eyes that he wanted to have sex again. She didn’t know how to ask him, or if she wanted to due to her present tingling problems. She felt scared and wanted to withdraw to the security of her bed, but she wanted to stay with John too. John typed. Are you OK? Shelley responded with I’m fine why do I look like I’m not OK? John was taken back by Shelley’s remark. John typed Sorry I was just trying to be nice. Shelley respond with Sorry John I have been through a lot lately. John typed Haven’t we all. Shelley thought about John’s response he was right all of the patients here have been through a lot, and now she didn’t feel so sorry for herself. She typed You’re right John. John typed Do you want to have some fun tonight? Shelley typed back, What do you have in mind? John typed back do you want to make love? Shelley respond back Not tonight I am having tingling down there. John typed back I wish I could remember the last time I felt tingling down there. Shelley was surprised by John’s response, and typed What do you mean? John replied I can’t feel anything below my chest. Shelley typed No way you looked like you were having a lot of fun last time. John typed back I did. Shelley typed back, How can you without feeling it? John typed back A good imagination, and I can feel it above my chest. Shelley just sat there for a long time and thought about what John just typed. Shelley typed back I want you tonight. They gave each other that crooked attempt at a smile, and rolled back to there rooms.

As Shelley rolled back to her room she thought about her tingling sensation, and the painful discomfort she was in. She started to worry if she had made the right decision to have sex with John. She was scared and she wanted some pleasure to take her mind off from the numbness she was experiencing. Once she was back in her room she typed JOHM AMD I WANT TO HABE SEX TONIGJT for the nurse to read. The nurse arrived shortly after Shelley got to her room. The nurse attached the lifter to her halo, paused and said “So you need me to get you ready for an afternoon with John. Is that correct Shelley?” Shelley typed YES. “OK then I will see what us nurses can do for you. Alright then let’s get you in bad to rest until we are ready.” Shelley was lifted out of her wheelchair and transferred into her bed. The head was lowered and Shelley was left alone to stair at the ceiling and think. As time past Shelley noticed the tingling slowly went away and she could now feel the slow ooze from her anal cath, the vibrator in her vagina, and the perineum mold reaching down between her legs and up across her butt. This gave Shelley some relief and made her more excited. The head of the bed was raised again and Shelley was transferred into her awaiting wheelchair. She was rolled down the hall.

They turned the corner and Shelley entered a room. Shelley was rolled up to a big machine, and her halo was attached to it. The machine raised Shelley up out of her chair. Shelley was very scared and confused with what was happening. She was expecting to be strapped down unto a short bed. Not this. One of the assistants put a large canvas cloth around her plastic body brace. The canvas went from under her arms down to her waist. The canvas pulled Shelley back so her feet were pulled up off the floor and she was leaning forward in a bowing position looking down toward the floor ahead of her. The assistants removed Shelley leg braces, and placed leg spreaders between her ankles. They removed Shelley’s perineum mold and gave her one last enema. When that was done a pair of doors opened and Shelley was rolled into the adjoining room. John was strapped to a narrow examination bed staring at the ceiling. A nurse was stroking his member until it was ready. Shelley continued to be slowly rolled up to the foot of John’s bed. They rolled Shelley with her spread legs over and between John’s legs until she was over his mid section. She was slowly lowered to his waiting throbbing cock. A pair of clamps were put between Shelley hips and when they were clamped tight Shelley could feel the extreme compression on her pelvis. A harness was wrapped up around Shelley’s waist which was attached to John. Shelley was then lowered down and John’s penis was guided into Shelley’s unprepared vagina. Shelley felt extreme pleasure full pain as she was lowered down to the base of John’s penis. The machine then started to rhythmically lift and lower Shelley by her halo on John’s penis. After a little while the machine started to become faster and more forceful with every stroke. Now with every stroke and pound Shelley felt pain in her back. The machine then slowly lowered Shelley’s body down so she was over John and could look right back into John’s eyes. A little later the machine raised her body so she was completely upright. As the machine continued to pound her the tingling returned, and Shelley started to lose sensation in her vagina. Eventually she couldn’t feel anything between her legs. The machine continued to move Shelley’s body up and down. Shelley continued to lose sensation. As this went on Shelley felt a warm flash through her body, and she could feel her nipples pressing against the hard plastic shell of her body brace. She wanted to scream for them to stop the machine, but she couldn’t. Then she felt another flash. The flashes through Shelley’s body felt good but she didn’t know what they were and she started to worry something was wrong. Once the hour was up, the nurses returned to separate John and Shelley. Shelley was rolled back into the other room. They transferred her into her halo pelvic frame, and Shelley was lowered unto a cold steel bed. Shelley really started to get worried about what was next. “Shelley” said the nurse “are you ready for a warm therapeutic bath?” They then wrapped a thick foam donut around Shelley’s neck.

Shelley was rolled into a different room. The room felt warm and humid. The nurses lifted a pair of chains up from the steel bed and attached them to another lifter. “Make sure the chains are the same length or else she is going to slide off the table.” said one of the nurses to the other. A strap was loosely placed around Shelley body below her breast. Shelley was then slowly raised. She was then pushed over the bath. Shelley was then lowered. Shelley couldn’t feel the water as her feet went in and was startled when she felt the water at her lower legs. The water was quit warm, and felt really good. Shelley continued to be lowered until her head was the only thing sticking out of the water. Her body floated and only the strap around her waist kept her body under water. Shelley relaxed for the first time in a long time. As she laid in the water the pain in her back subsided slightly. Shelley thought the fifteen minute bath was over before it had begun. Shelley was dried off and transferred back into her plastic shell back brace. Her perineum mold was put back on, and Shelley was rolled back to her room. Shelley was transferred to her bed and hooked up for the night. She was tucked in ready for log rolling every two hours. Shelley didn’t really notice much more that night as she slept soundly.

The week passed quickly Shelley’s days consisted of morning shower followed by PT. Then back to her room for a nap. Then she would go to the commons. Then back to her room to repeat it all over again. Finally the day for her next discography had come….

As the head of Shelley’s bed rose she awoke, she prepared herself for another normal day, of PT, commons, numbness and pain, the same boring existence she would have to endure. “Morning Shelley” said the nurse, “today you are going to be taken for your one week discography, a little change from your normal routine. Well let’s get you showered, and dried off. Then it’s off to radiology for MRI, CT, and X-rays”. Shelley was transferred from her bed, to her halo pelvic frame and the patient walker. They rolled Shelley into the shower, and removed Shelley’s perineum mold. When the mold was removed there was blood on the vaginal insert. “Shelley it looks like you have your period” said the nurse, “which means we will be putting you back into a diaper until your done menstruating, which could last longer than a week, due to your spinal trauma. Shelley was quickly washed, and dried. Shelley felt a pair of hands on her butt cheeks, pulling them apart. Then she barely felt the pain of her anal catheter was pulled out of her. “Don’t forget to insert the tampad before putting on the diaper” said the nurse to the assistant. Shelley then felt a pair of hands pull her legs apart at her thighs, and she barely felt the vague sensation of a hard tube going into her, and a menstrual pad pushed up against her. Shelley could hear the crinkle of the diaper behind her. She then felt the front of her diaper pulled between her thighs, and the back being taped to the front. Shelley was mortified by this new thing she had to deal with. She didn‘t think she could become anymore embarrassed. She forgot all about her period, and now she had to have someone else take care of it for her. She just wanted to crawl back into bed and hide her face from the rest of the world, but she couldn‘t even crawl. “Ok let’s get her back into her body brace.” said the nurses. Once they had her back brace on they lowered Shelley down onto a rolling transfer bed and rolled her to radiology. On the way Shelley just realized that everyone that sees her will know she has her period from the diaper she was wearing. Finally the tears Shelley was fighting to suppress came rolling out of her eyes.

After the X-rays, Shelley was rolled into the operating room. When she was rolled up next to the circo frame bed she heard that old sarcastic voice of Dr. Smith saying. “Shelley are you ready for your discography, this shouldn’t take to long. Pretty soon you will be needing to get back to your to room for a diaper change.” Shelley just glared up at the ceiling. The patient lifter lifted Shelley up off the transfer bed and Shelley watched in the mirror as her body was positioned between the parallel circular tubes. Once Shelley was in place her head was rotated up toward the ceiling while her feet went toward the floor until she was facing the floor. Shelley heard Dr. Smith say “Nurse can you pull her diaper down, and sterilize her back.” Shelley felt a pair of hand on the small of her back waist level pull the top of her diaper down. Then Shelley felt a cold liquid brushed across her back along the opening in her back brace. Shelley then felt the sting of a needle in the middle of her back a few inches below her shoulder blades. Then she felt another inch lower. And another until there were six needles down her spine. The last one at waist level. “OK Shelley I am going to pressurize one of your discs. The pressure will be maintained until you are done shading in the areas you feel the pain reproduced. And Shelley don’t think about cheating because we have a good idea where you should be shading.” They put a large paper with the outline of the front and back of a person’s body on it in front of Shelley, and put a colored marker in her hand. With that Shelley felt pain around her waist and down her front to where her pubic hairs once were as they pressurized her T12-L1 disc. She shaded in the area as the pain continued to burn into her mind. The pain was gone but now it was replaced by pain along the side of her hips and around her low back as they pressurized her L1-L2 disc. She shaded in on the body diagram with the new color they gave her where the pain was. The next new pain went down the front, and inside of her thighs and on her butt right above her butt crack as they pressurized her L2-L3 disc. Next she felt pain on the inside of her lower legs as they pressurized her L3-L4 disc. When they pressurized her L4-L5 disc Shelley noticed a vague increase in the tingling on the outside, and backs of her lower legs down through her ankles and the tops of her feet. She didn’t know how to color it in. The doctor just continued the pressure. Finally Shelley colored in the area. When they pressurized her L5-S1 disc Shelley felt a slight burning in the numbness down the back of her thighs, deep in her butt and perineum. The doctor continued the pressure, but the sensation Shelley was feeling wasn’t causing her any more pain. For all practical purpose Shelley couldn’t feel anything between her legs and below her ankles for the past few days. Doctor Smith finally stopped the test, and said. “Shelley after looking at your MRI scan it looks like your L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc have completely collapsed. Nurse, have our patient here prepared for spinal fusion surgery at L4-S1 tomorrow, until then she is to be transferred back into the halo pelvic frame, and remain immobilized in this circle frame….

Shelley then felt her head raise, and her legs lower until she was looking straight up into the mirror on the ceiling. She could she the ring that was imbedded with pins across her forehead. She could see the two black rods that went down the side of her head to the white plastic back brace that encased her body. She could see the plastic shell that ran from under her shoulder to the top of her hips. She looked at her arms resting over the top of the shell, and the splints around her wrists. She then noticed the diaper and yellow coming through. She looked at her white stocking clad braced legs. She saw the two shiny arches of the circle bed, and the realization that she was going to spend a long time strapped in this bed thing finally set in. She was scared about the surgery that they were going to do tomorrow. As Shelley was taking all this in she watched them attach something to her halo. Then they attached straps to her thighs. She felt pulling at her hips as traction was applied. They then unfastened the rods on her halo. They lifted her hands off her stomach and they were velcro-ed into the arm rest. Then Shelley felt the tightness around her body lessen as the velcro straps were undone. Shelley then felt the cold air on her back, as the lower half of her back brace was removed. Shelley then watched as the top half of her back brace was lifted off her body. She watched in amazement as her body came into view for the first time she looked at herself with nothing supporting her spine. Shelley then watched as the tape on the front of her diaper were peeled back. Then the front of the diaper was lifted away from her body, pulled between her legs, and she felt the bottom half pulled away from her butt. She saw in the mirror her naked body. She admired her reflection, and how sexy she looked again. Then she noticed the rounded white pad across the front of her, and the two rods sticking through her skin. She was brought back to reality that she was crippled, tortured, and helpless being prepared for back surgery. The pelvic hoop was threaded around her body and fasted to the rods through her pelvis. They then placed the rods along Shelley’s body. The rods pressed into Shelley’s breast as they were attached to her halo and pelvic hoop. Her spine was protected once again.

Shelley then felt her legs spread apart until they were well outside of the circle frame hoops. Shelley then watched in the mirror as a nurse stepped between her legs within the frame, and with her hands reach into her vaginal area and pull out her tampad. Shelley became mortified as she watched this happen. The nurse then wiped her clean. and replaced it with a new one. Shelley could feel it slowly and painfully go into her, and the pad stop and rest over her genitals. The nurse then peeled back the front of the pad and attached a tube to the end of her catheter to collect her urine. The nurse then stepped back out from between Shelley’s legs. Shelley then felt the head of the bed start raising, and her legs lower until she was staring at the floor. Shelley then felt a tube go into her anus, and the liquid slowly go into her body as she was given another enema. As she was forced to hold in the liquid she was again rotated to face the ceiling. They finally released the clamp and Shelley was drained. The tube was removed and it was replaced with a plug. Shelley’s legs were brought back together, and she was rotated to face the floor. Shelley heard the nurse say “She needs to be turned every two hours, and she needs to be given an enema every four hours.” Shelley was left alone again. She noticed that feeling had started to return between her legs, and her feet and ankles. The time went by slowly and it seemed like six hours between rotations.

She didn’t get much sleep that night, and her dreams were very nightmarish. As Shelley dreamt she was looking up at her boyfriend. He was holding her hand but she couldn’t feel it. She had a tube down her throat and she couldn’t breath. She heard her mother and father in the background crying. Shelley opened her eyes and looked into her reflection her immobilized body in the mirror. The nurse noticed her and said “good morning Shelley were are going to get you prepped for surgery.” They removed Shelley’s leg braces and slipped legging over them. “These are air compression leggings. They are going to help with your circulation” said the nurse. They then put pads and electrodes on her chest and forehead. Shelley was then rotated to face the floor, and then rotated to face the ceiling. Shelley noticed the yellow sling under her. Shelley was then lifted out from between the two circular arches and placed on a patient transfer bed. Shelley was then rolled out the room to the operating room….

As Shelley was rolled down the hall, her legs twitched uncontrollably. The twitches continued to go from her hips all the way to her feet like waves of electricity. She was feeling the same sensation in her arms, and sort of through the rest of her immobilized body. She wasn’t sure if it was because she was nervous about the surgery. Or was it her hormones acting up and she was getting very horny. Or was it because of the disabling electrical cerebral palsy and her mind was loosing control. What ever it was Shelley was scared, and she had no way to communicate this to anyone else. The bed finally rolled through another set of doors to the operating room.

“Hi Shelley, are you ready for this?” asked Dr. Smith. “Transfer her to the Jackson Spinal Table, and give her a shot of verseth to calm her.” ordered the doctor to the nurses and assistants. Shelley was rolled next to the operating table. One of the assistants grabbed her shoulders, and another grabbed her legs, and lifted her onto the table. As they transferred Shelley she felt a sharp pain in her urethra due to her catheter snagging on the transfer bed. Shelley felt the compression cuffs around her legs squeeze her legs like a blood pressure cuff, and then release. The cuffs continued the rhythmic squeeze and release. Shelley’s legs were spread, and her tampad was changed again. At the same time they noticed her catheter had snagged, and fixed it. They closed her legs and put a strap across her thighs, and legs. Her arms were placed beside her body, and a strap was put over her arms and belly. The upper half of the bed was put over her body and strapped down. Shelley was then turned so she was now facing the floor. By this time the verseth started to kick in, and Shelley’s nerves settled down. They moved her arms and strapped them down in the armrest next to her head. As her body was brought up her head lifted away from the cushion. Shelley’s legs were bent at the knees and her feet went in the air. Then her hips were lowered so she was in a prone sitting position. “Shelley we are going to give you some laughing gas to further relax you, and a spinal injection to somewhat numb you.” said the doctor. Shelley then felt the prick of a needle in the middle of her spine between her shoulders. Very slowly she feeling diminished in her body below her breast. Shelley could feel the scalpel slowly cut down the middle of her lower back just above her butt crack to her waist. Shelley’s mind was in a surreal state and she felt completely removed from the painful incision just made in her back. “Nurse muscle retractor.” Shelley then felt a slight tugging in her lower back as her back muscles were pulled away from one another. “Good, now I need the verbratal clamps to hold her spinal column stable. OK, now I need two facet breakers so I can snap the facet wing off the vertebra body.” Shelley then heard a loud snap, snap, and felt a dull thud in her low back, as the two facet joint part of her vertebra were snapped off. Then she heard it again as the next vertebrae was broken. “Micro drill.” Shelley then heard the high pitch whine of the drill as it slowly bore six holes in her back bones and sacrum. “Nurse I need three sets of pedicle screws and the screw driver” Shelley felt deadened pressure in her back as the screws went into the bone. “OK now give me the micro scraper, and scapula. I’m going to need suction down here as I dig the disc out.” Shelley then felt slight pain as he methodically removed her L4-L5, and L5-S1 disc. “Now for the four rods, nurse, is the bone pulverized and ready for implantation?” “Hear it is.” said the nurse. Shelley then felt pressure as the doctor pack the space between her vertebrae with bone graft. “Alright looks good lets sow her back together.” Shelley then felt the retractor close and remove. She then felt the slight pulling at her back, as the two halves were pulled back into place. She then felt the surgeon sow the two flaps together. “Alright now let’s put her back brace back on, and change her back into a diaper. Wow five hours sure go by slowly.” said Dr. Smith. They laid Shelley flat again and as they did she noticed the pain in her back. The verseth was wearing off and the pain in her back quickly worsened. Shelley then felt the back rods to her halo removed. Then she felt the back half of her back brace over her back. “Get the posterior half of the bed.” said on of the techs. Once the other half of the bed was over her Shelley was turned to face the ceiling. They quickly removed the halo rods and the pelvic hoop. They then put the front half of her back brace on her. Shelley heard the crinkle of a diaper and felt it on her bottom. The diaper was pulled between her legs. The catheter was disconnected, and the back of the diaper was taped to the front. They picked Shelley up by the shoulder and legs and put her on the transfer bed. As they did Shelley felt extreme pain in the middle of her back….

As Shelley was rolled out the room she could feel the ever increasing pain with every bump and turn. Finally they rolled her into a room. As the transfer bed was rolled into the room Shelley saw in the corner of her eyes the chrome arch of the circle frame bed. Shelley was rolled next to it and she could see herself laying there staring in the mirror through the halo rods, and the circle frame bed. She watched as the orderlies attached the patient lift to Shelley’s harness underneath her. Then she watched as the lifter lifted her body off the bed and her legs laid there on the bed. As this was happening Shelley felt stabbing pain in the middle of her low back. When Shelley’s legs were lifted off the bed she felt even more stabbing pain. Shelley closed her eyes trying to fight the pain, but opened them when she felt herself being pushed between the two arches. She was then lowered to the circle frame bed. Shelley watched as they placed her arms at her side, and pulled her legs straight. The top half of the bed was lowered on top of her. Then Shelley watched as her head started rising and her legs lowered while she was turned to look at the floor. Shelley felt the top half lift off her, and the harness removed from on top of her. Shelley then felt the top half against the back half of her body. She was then rotated to stair at the ceiling. They gave her another shot of verseth, and the nurse said “see you in two hours Shelley” and left.

Shelley was alone. The pain in her back had caused tears to form in the corners of her eyes. Shelley tried to wipe them but her splinted hands only hit the rods of her halo. Shelley was somewhat relieved that she could feel the tampad inside her, and the discomfort it caused. She also could feel her feet. Shelley then noticed warm dampness in her diaper. She could feel it spreading and going down between her legs, and down around her butt checks. She looked in the mirror at her reflection and saw her head immobilized in it’s halo and rods. Her body encased in the white body brace. Her splinted hands lying motionless. The yellowing diaper wrapped around her and between her legs. She saw her legs with their white stocking stretched up to the top of her thighs and the compression cuffs. Shelley felt the cuffs squeeze her legs. Shelley was starting to become aroused again and reached her splinted hand down toward her groin. Her splinted hand stopped over the top of her diaper. Shelley pushed the splint down into the diaper and tried to get her diaper and pad to move and pleasure herself. At the same time her other hand instinctively went to caress her breast. Both hand failed to do anything except to push against the hard shell of her brace, and to squeeze urine out of her diaper. By this time the verseth had taken full effect, and Shelley drifted into a dream.

Shelley heard distant voices but she only saw dark clouds. When she heard them they were echoing in her mind saying thing she didn’t understand. “It’s been two weeks, and there has been no change in her condition.” “It is hard to say what her prognosis will be.” Crying, “Shelley I love you, please come back.” “Her neck, mid and lower back is broken.” “Will she ever be able to walk?” “Removing the ventilator may cause her to die.” “I Love you and wish we hadn’t broken up.” “I’m most concerned about the thoracic fracture.” “We needed to put pins in both of her fractured legs.” Beeps and clicks and whoosh. Shelley opened her eyes…

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