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Wife in Training XXX

Well, the night came for me to introduce my wife to neck binding heaven.  She didn’t want to at first but said “That’s a neck brace isn’t it?”  I then proceeded to put it around her neck.

After a little binding of putting her arms around to her back side and then inserting a ring gag in her mouth (you see I always had a problem in getting her to swallow my cum so the 2 ½ inch ring gag came in handy so to speak) I lay her down on the bed so that I could get to her bottom and really give it to her good.  I inserted a medium butt plug into her ass so that she could get a full feel of being stuffed.  She didn’t care for that idea!  I told her I was training her to take my big cock up her ass and that she would have to wear this butt plug to be replaced with the next best thing in her ass, which was my cock!

The neck binding came to me that after she has the neck collar on that she wouldn’t be able to move her head away from me, that way I could feed her!  Well the time came for me to feed her and I did.  She had cum all over her face and in her mouth from my big load.  After I wiped her face off I made her light up a 120 menthol cig.  See she doesn’t care too much for the menthol taste.  I forced her to take deep long drags on it.  I made a special gag just so she could finish smoking the rest of the cig.

Now I have her wearing the collar (Thomas type) while orally satisfying my oral needs.  And I have her wear it around the house while doing house chores.  She also has to wear the butt plug while doing things around the house.  I want to take her out in public with the collar on!  I guess in due time.

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