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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Milwaukee Nightmare

My Name is Zak and I was fourteen years old and at that age my manhood was beginning to blossom. Girls became part of my constant thought every day. Yes, the girls told me I was very good looking with … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Brace FAQ

I’ve spent many years of my life in the Milwaukee brace. Here’s what I would say if anyone were to ask me questions about it. What is the Milwaukee brace? The Milwaukee brace is an orthopedic appliance used to stop … Continue reading

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There was something different about the way she moved. He noticed it right away, the way she turned her whole body slightly when she reached for something. She did not bend forward, the way most people do, when bringing the … Continue reading

Losing a Life

Introduction: The title, “Losing A Life” is not literal, it is an opposite of the admonition to “Get a Life”. This new story is about a girl who loves knee braces and acquires a HKAFO through meeting a handicapped girl … Continue reading

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Living in a CTLSO

Dear Bink, I recently discovered your website and I’m thoroughly enchanted! I thought that your readers may be interested in my story. I have been a bracing and casting enthusiast since childhood, but it wasn’t until six months ago that … Continue reading

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