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Growing up all I could ever think about was getting a cast. The attention that the casted person got was incredible, and I wanted to be at the centre of that attention.

I remember vividly the girl in High school, who had scoliosis, and had to wear that Milwaukee back Brace for so many years. That alone was a turn-on, but when it turned out that she needed surgery and showed up in a body cast. Look out, I could hardly control myself. I wanted a cast like that. I did everything I could to just be near her and perhaps brush up against that large bulky cast.

I remember throwing myself down the stairs in an attempt to break my leg, to no avail, and playing up the injury to get a cast. Unfortunately I was naïve, and didn’t know enough about orthopaedics, and wound up with an ace bandage type of wrap, and not even crutches.

In junior High school someone threw a door into my arm and jammed it and I popped a bone in my wrist. Only a hairline fracture and all I got was a short arm cast. They asked me if my elbow hurt, but I was not smart enough to say yes, and try to get a long arm cast I sort of felt jipped, you know short changed by the whole incident. But I had felt the thrill of having a cast, and I wanted more. I wanted a bigger and better cast.

Well, once I finished High school and moved on my own, I rediscovered my passion for casts when I received a catalogue in the mail that was intended for someone else. There on the pages before me were not only all different sorts of braces, but plaster bandages that you could actually buy. I summoned all my nerve, and placed my first order, half expecting to be asked for some additional information, or why I needed these supplies, but surprisingly, no-one asked anything. I wasn’t even sure what I needed to order, but trying to sound confident ordered a roll of padding, and a box or plaster 3″ bandages.

I’ll never forget coming back to my apartment each day looking for my delivery, and being disappointed when it had not arrived. Finally the day came about a week later when I got home, and there it was. A plain brown box which I quickly scooped up and took inside. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I opened the box. There in front of me was my way to get the casts that I always wanted without having to injure myself, and which I could enjoy in the privacy of my own space.

Reading the directions quickly I tore open the first package of plaster. I wrapped my arm quickly in padding, and proceeded to plunge the plaster into my sink filled with water and promptly lost the end of the roll. I finally found it, and proceeded to make the worlds crudest and probably ugliest long arm cast. I was so proud of myself, and definitely did not use enough rolls, not gave it enough time to dry and began parading around my apartment trying to do things with my arm in a cast. Because it had not dried, it began to stretch out around the top of my arm and by the time I decided I wanted to sleep with it, it was killing me by pinching my upper arm, and being too tight in other places. Reluctantly I cut it off, and next time I had better plan for cutting the cast off. It took almost 40 minutes to get my arm out of this thing, but I finally did, and began planning the next cast.

The next day as I spent my day at work I was planning how I would put a Short cast on my leg. Thinking about what I had done wrong the night before, and how to make the cast better and more comfortable.

When I cam home that night I immediately began preparing for my little cast adventure. I put a lot of padding on this time trying to be careful about getting enough on I probably used too much, then I really loaded on the plaster rolls from my toes to my knee. I immediately felt the plaster heating up, and my foot and ankle becoming more rigid. It was about now that I realized I should probably have gotten some crutches because I felt a little awkward trying to hop around the apartment. I tried not to put any weight on the cast as I rested my leg, but must have before it was dried because there was in indentation on the heel. Well after hopping around the apartment it was about now that I realized I hadn’t closed the shades in the room, but who would want to look in??? I thought. As I hopped to close the shades I noticed someone across the alley looking at my apartment. I decided that it was just my imagination and pulled the shade closed and it rippled. I was able to close most of it, and went back to the living room. I was falling in love with the feeling of the cast on my leg as I looked at it propped up on the couch. The rigidness, the size of it, the perfect whiteness. I immediately dug my hand into my pants and began to masturbate to the thought of casts to come.

I must have fallen asleep, and woke up about 2 in the morning, and hopped back to my bedroom. The shade really looked horrible, and I could have sworn that someone was again looking at my window. I was so tired I didn’t give it a second thought and fell asleep like a rock.

I woke up late because I had forgotten to set my alarm, and began to panic, when I couldn’t get the cast off. I really made this one thick and strong, and had only gotten a pair of nippers. This was going to take forever. I worked feverishly and really destroyed the cast getting it off, but made it to work on time. I would have to find a way to get the casts off more easily if I wanted to continue with this. I looked in that catalogue and saw a cast cutter like the doctor had, but couldn’t afford it, so I got some better nippers and a knife to cut myself out of the next cast, and ordered a couple of boxes of the new cast materials.

This went on for several weeks always applying the casts at night and removing them by the next morning. I finally worked up the nerve to wear a cast outside and made a short arm cast like I had worn in school and hid it as best I could. Immediately I ran into someone I knew who asked what happened. I kind of blew him off by saying something about a basketball game, and he accepted it. This is easy I thought to my self. I wore that cast for about two weeks, and finally removed it because I thought I was pushing my luck. Luckily I was able to save this one for future use, and propped it up on the windowsill when I noticed that someone was at the window across the alley. Immediately whoever it was turned away so I really didn’t get bothered.

Since I couldn’t immediately have another cast I continued to buy things from this company, included cast rolls, neck braces, leg braces, and a couple of nifty looking knee braces, and using them in the comfort of my home at night.

Several months later I had the opportunity to wear a cast outside again. I was playing basket ball with some friends, and landed wrong on my ankle. I really was o.k. but played up the injury. I left the game, and said I was going home to ice the ankle. But I immediately came home and put on a short leg cast. I had really become good at casting myself, and finally had that pair of crutches, so I was set for a little adventure. I showed up at work the next day, and of course everyone was full of concern, but relieved when they heard it was not broken. I told them the doctor wanted to be safe and suggested several weeks in this cast. It was absolutely wonderful, and if I may brag I made a great cast. Then I ran into some problems. My parents called and said they were coming for a visit. I had not told them anything since I never thought I would see them, so I just decided to remove the cast the night before they came, and tell everyone the doctor said I was doing great so he took the cast off.

Well the night before they were due to arrive I cut this cast off, and not a ½ later my parents called to say they would not becoming after all. Just my luck, but 2 weeks was better than none. The next day as I was heading out for work a beautiful girl approached me from the building next door.

“What happened to your leg?” She asked

“Nothing…Why?” I replied

“Well I saw you with a cast, and either you’re a quick healer, or I only saw the last few days of your cast.” She said.

“Fast healer, I guess” I replied

“My name is Debbie” she said.. “So what really happened to your leg?” she asked implying that I was lying.

“Torn ligaments” I replied hoping to change the conversation quickly.

“You should have had the cast on longer” Debbie stated emphatically

This was getting old fast and not even her pretty fact was overcoming the fact that she was pushing her luck.

“How would you know?” I said with a smart-aleck tone.

“Because I put casts on people who REALLY need them” she said “I’m a cast technician for an Orthopaedist”

Was she implying that I didn’t really need that cast, I was about to walk away, but totally was caught off guard when she invited me up for a drink that night. I totally forgot about her inferences about not really needing my cast and agreed.

“Good, then I’ll see you at 7:30, its apartment 5C” she said as she hailed a cab and sped off.

I went to work and promptly forgot the conversation and inferences but concentrating that a girl had asked me out for drinks. Now I’m not a bad looking guy, but these things don’t really happen to me.

I came home after work, and took a quick shower and was just about to leave when I again could have sworn someone was watching me from across the alley. I am definitely getting new shades this weekend, I said to myself.

I rang Debbie’s bell at exactly 7:30, and she answered wearing a very small black dress that left noting to the imagination. She was gorgeous.

I handed her the bottle of Red wine I had brought and accepted her invitation into her apartment. Her place was beautifully done, and I could tell right away she had taste.

“Make yourself at home” she said as she went into the kitchen to open the wine.

I glanced around the place looking at some of the photos hanging on the walls when she returned with the wine.

“Here’s to good friends and our future together” she said and downed half of her glass right away. Not wanting to be outdone I too took a hefty gulp of the wine. You could feel the tension in the air.

“Let me show you something” Debbie said, as she parted the curtains on her living room window.

I finished my wine and went over to the window.

“Isn’t that your window?” she said pointing to the window with the ripped shades.

OK Now this girl is officially freaking me out.

“I’m beginning to think you’re stalking me” I said only half joking.

“I am” she stated, but I don’t think she was joking.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” I said as I got up to leave, but I didn’t get very far as the room started to spin. “Gee, this wine doesn’t usually do this to me” were the last word I got out before everything went dark.

I awoke not knowing what time it was and for a minute not knowing where I was, but it started to come back to me. I thought I was only out for a second or two, but quickly realized it must have been longer. I was laying on some kind of frame / torture rack and there were mirrors all over the ceiling. I tried to move, but found that my arms and legs were tied to this frame. I tried to call out, but could make no noise. I tried again, and only heard a soft rush of air. I also realized that I was naked.

“Oh good, you’re awake” Debbie said as she approached from behind my head.

“You’re probable wondering what’s going on. Well I have been watching you for a couple of months. One day I was looking out my window, and saw you standing in yours. You had a cast on your arm. Being turned on by casts, I kept watching trying to see more or you with your cast. But then I noticed that everyday you had a different cast, and realized that you and I were alike, except that I like to put casts on people, and you like to be in casts. It would be a perfect match if you and I could get together. I would have approached you sooner, but it took some time to get my plan together. You see I want to do bigger casts than the ones I can at the doctors office. I want to put you in a giant cast. Would that be all right?”

I was confused, and excited I don’t know what to answer, and then I realize that I can’t because I can’t speak.

Debbie continued “Oh I forgot you can’t talk with that thing in your mouth. I’m sorry, but it was necessary because of the drug I put in your wine. It has a paralyzing effect on the muscles, and you might not have been able to breathe unless I put you on the ventilator. See, I am very experienced, and also a Registered Physicians assistant. So I can get access to any medical necessity. So right now you are lying on a Risser frame. It is used when applying a body cast to someone. You are also breathing with the help of a Bremmer Airflow 2000 portable ventilator. Now I can only assume that you want me to go ahead with this since your love of casts has been found out, and I can see by that raging hard on that you are being turned on.”

She proceeded to pull a length of stockinet over my right leg. All the way from my toes to my crotch. She followed this up with a great deal of padding, paying special attention to the bony parts of my ankle, and knee. As I lay there having a machine breathe for me, I watched the mirrors on the ceiling to see what Debbie was doing. She left for a moment, and returned with a bucket and a box. She tore open the roll of plaster and after dipping it in the bucket began wrapping with speed and accuracy. She was amazing, as I watched my leg disappear under a sea of white plaster. Suddenly she stopped and opened the box she had brought. At the middle of my shin she carefully placed a small metal rod beneath the padding, and then continued with the plaster. By the time she was done my leg as in a monster cast with three metal rods protruding. I had never seen anything like this before, but somehow felt calm and trusting. My Hard on was demanding attention but I could not do anything, and watched as Debbie repeated the casting process on my other leg. Including the steel rods.

By the time she was done, my member was the hardest, and biggest that it had ever been. Debbie immediately noticed this, and slowly began licking the head with just a flick of her tongue. I felt completely detached from my body at this point and came as soon as she thrust my member down her throat.

“Now that we have taken care of that we can get back to business” she said very matter of factly.

She continued casting me by wrapping what seemed like yards of padding around my midsection, then casting me up to my armpits. At this point she took care to go back and make sure that the hip portion of the cast was well taken care of and attached to the leg casts which were now spread very wide apart and then continued casting me to my chin, and the back of my head. Then each arm including those weird metal spikes, and then she was done. She looked at me with pleasure. Almost like a mother looks at a baby. I was her baby.

Debbie then disappeared out of my view, and I stared in wonderment at the figure I saw in the mirrors that had been placed above me. I was in the largest most elaborate cast I had ever seen, and was aroused, and loving it. I felt the warmth of the plaster as it was hardening around my arms just as the leg casts had started cooling down, and now felt cold and wet.

I then heard Debbie’s voice, but could not see her at all.

“The next part of this may seem a little drastic, and may even hurt a little, so I have added a little nitrous to your breathing tube.”

Things began to get a little hazy and euphoric as the gas began to take hold, but then my body was in turmoil as it fought this feeling with the fear I was seeing as Debbie approached with a Halo Brace for my head. Without speaking she laid the halo around my head, and adjusted the position of it, and tightened the positioning clamps.

“I’m not sure if I’m sorry about this or not she said as she began threading the titanium screws into their post, and into my skull. The pain was there, but I’m not sure If I cared or not also. But then pain began flashing through my head as she took the torque driver and began tightening the halo to its appropriate tightness.

I must have passed out from the pain, or she added something else to the breathing tube, but I slowly awoke sometime later. Looking back at me in the mirrors was a more elaborate setup than I was in before, and now included a halo, which had its extension bars wrapped in plaster and attached to my casted body. I was starting to notice a few other things as Debbie walked into view.

“I’m so sorry about that, but it was necessary. It’s about 5 am and you have been tolerating this treatment very well. You may notice that I have made some other changes to you.” She said while stroking my forehead.

“You now have a feeding tube into your stomach so I can feed you, and a catheter to remove your wastes. I have also inserted an inflatable plug in you so I can play with you whenever I want.” With the devilish smile she stated.

“Hopefully we can remove the breathing tube in a day or so, unless you really like it.”

With that she turned a dial on the respirator, and I became sleepy and my world became black as I was encased right where I wanted to be. In the presence of a beautiful woman and rock hard in plaster from head to toe.

I awoke to the feeling of warmth inside of me and realized that I was being fed. Debbie was standing over me not realizing I was awake, adjusting the feeding tube and the bag at the end of it. I moved a finger to try to get her attention, but could not as she left to answer the ringing phone.

“Hello” she said answering the phone

“yeah he’s here”……..”everything is going just fine”………….”no he doesn’t suspect a thing as far as I can tell. He’s really enjoying it”………No I haven’t done that yet, I wanted him to get some rest first.”…………”yeah I’m going to, and then he will, you’ll see”

She hung up the phone and came back to the bed. She saw that I was awake, and gently caressed my face.

“Don’t be scared” she said seeing the look in my eyes “I want you around for a long time, I won’t hurt you any more than is necessary” she said, and then started laughing “Sorry, bad joke huh?”

My mind was racing; I really didn’t know what to think. I was basically trapped here, partially of my own doing because I agreed to this, and partially because of this girl that obviously was really into casts from the get up she had me in.

“I wasn’t totally honest with you ” she said as she continued to stroke my face

“I like casts a lot more than I may have let on, as a matter of fact I love putting people in casts and what I have come to call Medical Bondage”

Medical bondage…Hmm , I remember seeing that on the internet at one time or another It had always intrigued me, but never thought I could actually do it, or would actually try it.

“You see I always wanted to be a doctor, but couldn’t afford medical school” she continued

“so I got my orthopaedic tech degree, and went to work for an orthopaedist who paid for me to become a physicians assistant. I have worked closely with this doctor for several years and learned a lot since he let me do a lot of things in his growing practice. Anyway I helped him with this research project and then he left to go work for some big University out West so I was left to start anew and although I am paid well, I never get the chance to do the things I used to in the other office. That is until I found you” she said devilishly

“You see, you are going to be my little guinea pig. I want to try some things and I am going to try them on you. You see I also like to take a dominant role in a relationship, and need to make you dependant on me. After I cut you out of those casts there really would be no way to so this unless I blackmailed you, and there’s no fun in that. I could always leave you in a cast, but I know you can take it off with the tools you have in your apartment. So…” She hesitated

“I’m sure you have noticed that I have included some steel posts at several spots along your casts. Well they are there for a special reason. You see part of that research study that I helped the doctor do was into the non-union of bone fractures, and how electrical impulses can aid in a bone healing so there is no problem with a pseudarthrosis (non-union). One of the things that we found was that if there was a larger electrical impulse it was not necessarily better, and a very large pulse will cause the muscle nearby to spasm and contract so hard that it could break the bone it was attached to. This was especially true if the leg, arm, or whatever was locked in a position so that it could not move when the muscle spasmed, the bone would just snap.”

Now I was really scared as she stepped away, and I began to notice where on the casts I had these spikes. Both legs and both arms.

“I do need to control you, and I will do so by keeping you in casts for some time. You won’t be able to take these casts off, because you will need them to help your healing bones. Oh and don’t worry about the paperwork, I have already taken care of that. You see my girlfriend works for the doctor and we will submit insurance papers that you had an accident. This way your office won’t ask any questions and no – one will be any wiser. Oh and as far as you talking we won’t have to worry about that either. See in a day or so when I remove the breathing tube…” she hesitated “assuming you want it removed, we are going to wire your jaw shut as if you had a broken jaw. We have already made copies of the necessary x-rays, and will have an orthodontist apply braces to your teeth, and then wire them shut for at least 6 weeks”

O.K., now I was starting to get scared, this was turning into a little more than I had planned on.

With that she took a small black box, and placed it on the bedside, and attached a wire to the metal spike near my ankle, and another wire to the one at my knee. She then plugged the box into the wall outlet, and calmly and quietly said “I’m sorry”

She then turned a dial on the box, and I began to feel a tingle in my leg, but as she turned the dial the tingle turned into real pain, as my muscle began to spasm, and then she turned the dial all the way, and I felt nothing for a split second, and then the most incredible amount of pain I have ever felt in my life.

Debbie asked me to bend my toes, but the pain was incredible and all I could do was cry.

“I just broke your tibia in at least 1 place clean through the bone. Possibly it broke in several places, but now you need that Long Leg cast, and will need it for quite some time. Now you need some rest… Goodnight sweet prince”….she said as she did something to the respirator.

Blackness closed in around me as I began to fade away. I finally had a cast that served a purpose, to hold my shattered leg in place.

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