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Full Metal Jacket XXX

Chapter 1 – The Introduction.

It is only after several years that I am finally able to come to terms with what happened in 1995 on my final ever business trip and finally relate my story to you. In many respects I laid myself wide open to what happened on that trip, but no one could have imagined what that nights passion resulted in, or what the consequences upon my life have been since then. The only possible prelude to “that nights passion” was of course a seduction.

Chapter 2 – The Seduction.

I am now in my mid thirties, and in 1995 I worked for a large multi-national company based in the UK and travelled the world over in pursuit of customers for our advanced electronic products. Like many sales roles, the job required a whole raft of people skills. If I could get on with customers, building good relationships and levels of trust, I obviously never used the same skills when it came to running my own life. At this point in time it had been a few years since my last long-term girl friend had departed. This had happened as a result of my own overwhelming interest in wearing medical braces and plaster casts. At first she had sort of gone along with this, letting me wear casts or braces around the house, and occasionally wearing them for me when I asked her. After a few years though it became apparent that I was becoming more and more obsessive and I was spending larger and larger amounts on braces and casting supplies, and that I was asking her to wear them more and more frequently. After she left I almost threw the whole lot away, but gradually, I have come to use them more and more for personnel pleasure. The lack of a long term partner has also had a knock on effect in other ways. Often when I am travelling I have one might stands with people I meet in the hotels I stay at or at the conferences and trade shows I need to attend.

Anyway, during June 1995 I was visiting a series of customers in the Houston area, staying at a hotel near the Galleria on Westheimer. I returned one evening tired out after an 8-hour meeting and decided to stay in the hotel to eat. Normally, I spent the evening taking customers out for dinner or to sporting events, but on this evening I think that we had worn out each other’s company during the day, and I wanted a quiet evening. When I entered the restaurant there were quite a number of tables taken, all with single travelling business people, all reading newspapers, magazines, reports or books whilst they ate.

One particular lady caught my eye though. She was sat at the next table but one at 45 degrees to the direction I was sat in, so that I could see her in my peripheral vision without turning my head and seeming obvious. There were two main reasons for noticing her, the first thing was that she was wearing a SOMI brace, something that is rarely seen in the UK, but is more common in the USA. The second was that she was in her early thirties and used a gym regularly and whilst not stunningly beautiful, had that classic beauty often referred to in English literature. She was well dressed in a fitted skirt and blouse which accentuated her toned body and feminine form. She wore simple yet elegant black court shoes with 2 to 3″ heels and a few understated items of jewellery, which whilst small were obviously expensive. She wore what appeared to be very little make up, but to those who take an interest in appearances she obviously took a lot of time and attention to achieve this look and had it perfected. She wore her nails moderately long and painted a pale shade of pink, and like her choice of clothes and shoes they were long enough to be stimulating to men but not too long to appear tarty. She obviously knew how to use her appearance to obtain the attention of the more thinking man and I wondered if she worked in sales.

The fact that she was attractive coupled with the SOMI brace made her an immediate subject of my attention, and I watched her through most of the meal as she tried to feed herself. I wondered how she managed to walk in heels with her head almost perfectly immobilised in a SOMI brace. I have worn one before and know how rigid the front upright is, there is no way you can look down or side to side. I also know about getting around in high heeled shoes as I have also built up a collection of my own over the years. Twice she turned to look at me, twisting from her waist slightly to bring me more into her line of sight, but never quite managing a full look in my direction. Both times she looked at me I was looking directly at her, rather than using my peripheral vision, and both times I turned away instinctively, the guilty admission of somebody caught staring when they shouldn’t.

When I had finished my meal I asked for the bill and signed it. I then looked around for one final glimpse of her before I left the restaurant, but she had gone. I got up and walked out of the restaurant, which passes along a corridor with the waiter’s stand near the other end of the corridor. She was standing chatting to the waiter in quite a friendly manner, so I guess that she must have been a regular gust in the hotel. As I passed the waiter’s stand I was sorely pressed to turn around and have a final look, but for once I controlled my urge. As I left the restaurant somebody called after me, I took it to be one of the waitresses, perhaps I had left something behind by accident, but surprisingly, it was the lady in the brace. The way she approached me seemed to indicate that she was not in the slightest bit embarrassed or shy about wearing the brace. When she caught up with me, she introduced herself quite forwardly, “Hi, I’m Kay, I caught you glancing across at me a few times and you looked interested in what you saw. I know you saw me looking at you so let’s go to the bar for a drink”. I had never been approached like this before, and the straightforward direct approach left me almost speechless. All I could get out was a sort of croaked “Yes, let’s”. I know that amongst travellers, especially single ones things can be a bit basic, but this approach was quite new to me.

We found a quiet booth in the bar and settled down. At first I sat down next to Kay, but then I remembered the brace and moved chairs to sit opposite so that we could face each other, which made her smile in gratitude. I ordered a beer, and Kay asked for a margarita and when the waitress returned we struck up a conversation. I mentioned that from her discussion with the waiter in the restaurant that she must stay in this hotel regularly. She replied that this was the case, and some of the staff had got to know her. She said that she worked in sales for a pharmaceutical company and visited several hospitals and doctors in the area and had settled on that hotel. We talked a little about our backgrounds and jobs and experiences, the normal sort of chit chat that occurs before deciding if the other person is OK for a one night stand. I asked about how she got the brace, and she said that she had been knocked down by a cyclist and had cracked a cervical vertebra, although luckily it was not a major break, and there was no risk on neurological problems.

I asked about the effect of the brace on customers, and how she managed in meetings. She stated that her sales for the past 3 months were running at 20% over target, and that the only thing she could attribute this to was the effect of the brace on her male customers. She asked how I felt about the brace, and I gave some sort of reply that it made her seem more vulnerable, that I would want to help her out and make things easier for her. I also agreed that yes on a sub-conscious level that this might make me order off her rather than the competition. I suggested that she kept the brace and that she should put the body section on at the hotel and take the chin and head pieces with her. She should then put them on just before going in to see the customer, and that she would then keep her high level of sales. She asked if I had ever had a neck injury and had to wear a brace such as hers. I told the truth and said that no I had not suffered such an injury. At this point she seemed to reach a decision and asked if I would like to spend the night with her, if I did not mind the brace. She said she did not mind having it on whilst making love so I should not worry, all I had to do was take care not to bang her head. I replied that yes I would be careful and that I was not worried and it would not put me off, or damp my arousal.

We went upstairs to my room, and while I nipped into the bathroom she got another two drinks from the mini bar. We sat down for a short while and had the drink, chatting around a bit more. When the drink was finished we undressed each other, and I got my first look at her brace, with the stark white metal form encircling her firm breasts. She noticed me staring at the brace, looked directly at me and asked what did I truly think of her brace. I mumbled something about finding it quite an attraction and I started feeling a mixture of guilt and embarrassment. She said she thought I did from the way I was watching her most of the evening, especially, my response as she had undressed. I apologised and she said that it did not bother her, she had met several men who did find the brace attractive. She said that the other give away was the fact that I knew a lot about the brace, but had never worn one before. She said that she found she got better sex from men who confessed to finding the brace attractive and they got something they longed for, so it was a case of quid pro quo, or a win-win situation. She invited me down onto the bed with her and as I started to caress her smooth firm body I started to feel quite disorientated and drowsy.

Chapter 3 – The Immobilization.

I awoke and felt quite uncomfortable. I opened my eyes and it was pitch black, not just dark, but the absolute blackness you get when you are down a deep cave with no lights on. I was trying to work out where I was, when I remembered falling asleep on the bed with Kay, naked apart from her exquisite SOMI brace. I was still groggy, but felt quite embarrassed at falling asleep on her like that and wondered if she was still there. It tried to roll over, but could not move. I tried to speak but could not speak. I tried to breathe but I could not, no matter how much I tried I could not breathe. Panic set in, like you get in those nightmares when you can’t scream, run from or fight whatever your own personal monsters are. Then cool fresh air flowed into my tortured lungs and I relaxed somewhat and realised that I was truly awake, but I still could not move. I started to take stock on my surroundings; I could not see anything, was I blind or was I in an absolutely black room. My hotel room was normally dark but not black as light seeped in from the street outside and under the door from the corridor. Therefore there was either a total blackout or I was not in my room.

Then I noticed that there was a plastic device in my mouth, holding it slightly open. There appeared to be a plate holding my tongue down to the floor of my mouth, as I could not move this. I could feed a tube running down into my lungs and another down into my stomach. My breathing occurred regularly with no free will on my part. Oh God, I was on a ventilator and I must have had a serious accident. I could not remember anything after falling asleep with Kay, so I must have blocked the memory out. Why could I not see or move. I found that I could not move my body or limbs, nor could I feel anything. I could move bits on my head such as lips or eyelids, but I could not move my mouth, nor could I move my head. It was at this point that I realised that I could not hear anything either. I could sort of hear noises from inside of my body, but I had heard of cases where people had totally ruptured ear drums who were totally deaf from airborne noises, but the undamaged inner ear could still detect sounds transmitted within the body. I started to panic again, what had happened to me, was I totally paralysed, blinded and deafened in a single accident.

I do not know how long this went on for, perhaps 1 day, perhaps 1 week, time was irrelevant but I was slowly spiralling into madness. I woke up at some point and noticed that there was a very dim glow when I opened my eyes, there was nothing specific creating the glow, there was just an undefined unfocused glow. I also noticed that there was a slight humming sound just at the point of incipient hearing. I was greatly relieved as I then realised that there was still some function in my ears and eyes and that hopefully this marked the start of the recovery of whatever injuries I had sustained. Slowly, over a period of what I think was a few hours, this light level and slight background noise increased. The mechanical ventilator was still keeping me supplied with air, and I was still unable to move or feel anything elsewhere in my body.

Suddenly, I heard someone talking to me. “Jack, I hope you can hear me, if you can then please blink twice rapidly” called this voice from paradise.

I blinked twice and tried to say something, but of course with my mouth and throat full of tubes this was not possible.

The voice returned “Jack, OK, you can hear me and you can blink your eyelids, that’s great. Please do not try to talk, as you may have guessed you are on a ventilator and you will not be able to talk, so just relax”

I blinked my eyes twice again, to try and register that I understood.

“That’s great,” said the disembodied voice, twice for yes, and 3 times for no. It has to be 2 and 3 since one blink would not be anything special.

I blinked again, many times repeatedly, to try and give some indication of my helplessness and frustrations, and the amount of questions I had.

The voice returned yet again, calm and relaxing, “Jack, yes I know, you want answers, everybody does at this stage. Well, firstly, from what has happened, which we will come to in a short while, you have not suffered any permanent physical damage and you will regain full use of your whole body with time. I know this sounds surprising in your current state, but I will take the time to explain. Please Jack, just relax and all will become clearer”.

The fact that I had not suffered permanent damage was reassuring, but what could have happened to create such temporary and total loss of function. I certainly felt more hopeful for the future, but wondered if this was just a ploy to try and keep my spirits up in a hopeless situation.

“Jack, please prepare yourself for a bit of a surprise. I suggest you close your eyes whilst we do something and then I have something to show you. Hopefully, you will get some vision back, but to get your eyes used to the light levels you should shut them first”.

I duly shut my eyes, and as soon as they were shut, the light level increased, until I could make a dim red glow through my eyelids.

“OK Jack, start to slowly open your eyes, but remember, they have not been used to light for several days now, so it will take some time for them to focus and adjust.”

I slowly opened my eyes and was presented with a view of what I took to be a ceiling, painted a standard off white colour. There was something that was not quite right with what I was seeing, but my eyes could not focus properly. I new I could not move my head, so I tried to move my eyes to look around the room, but whatever I was seeing remained in the same place. Slowly as my eyes focused I saw that the image was slightly pixelated.

“Right, from your eye movements we feel that you can now see the image OK. Please blink as normal. OK Jack, two blinks, yes you can see, but I guess that you do not understand what you are seeing. We have placed a small LCD screen in front of your eyes, it is about 3″ by 6″ and it is coupled to a small digital camera we have set up in the room here. We have been displaying a single dark red image over the past few days and slowly increasing the light intensity. What you are hearing is relayed to you through 2 small speakers similar to those used on portable CD players linked to a microphone. We are now going to pan the camera around and I will let you know what you are seeing”.

The image slowly rotated down and then panned around to reveal a white body shaped object lying on a large bed. There were several tubes running into this object. The body was lying with the arms outstretched at 90 degrees to the chest and flat on the bed. The legs were flat on the bed and spread-eagled out, at about 90 degrees to each other. There were bars running from the waist section up to both arms and a third bar between the lower legs.

“Jack, this is you, I know it might seem surreal, but you have been placed in a full body cast. Your back, legs, arms and head have been placed in a single plaster cast of the type used for broken bones”.

Although the camera was panning around the object on the bed, and moving up and down. There was not a single uncovered part of flesh on display, my body, assuming that this was my body was completely covered. The camera then panned up to my head. I could see a rectangular shape cast into the front upper portion of the head. There was a wide ribbon cable entering the cast at the side of this rectangle. There was also a smaller ribbon cable entering the cast close to the opposite corner of the rectangle. A thin black wire entered the cast at each ear, and there were two transparent tubes passing through the plaster covering the mouth.

“The largest cable is as you have probably guessed the feed to the LCD screen you are viewing, and the smaller ribbon is for a small CCD camera we have inside the cast so that we can monitor your eye movements. You also have a feeding tube direct to your stomach, a ventilation tube and the speaker wires. Since you have a forced ventilation system, you have nose plugs installed to stop air flowing in and out through your nose. Further down, you have wires attached to heartbeat and blood pressure pads on your chest.”

The camera panned down to show a series of extra wires passing through the cast in the chest region. It continued down and revealed a small lump towards the bottom of the abdomen with a tube passing into the top of the lump. Finally, the camera panned down between the legs and revealed a larger tube exiting the cast in this region.

“Jack, this is the final bit, we have had to include your penis in the cast, and the tube is a catheter to drain your urine. Additionally, we have had to install a large bore rectal catheter for solid waste. The catheters we have installed are of a special type. You have undergone minor surgery on both your penis and your rectum. In both cases a stainless steel tube has been inserted into your body. This tube has a small lip on the end which is placed inside your body. We have then installed a plastic ring into the end of your penis and one into your rectum to hold these metal tubes in place. The lips on the ends of the tubes are larger than the diameter of the plastic rings we have inserted into your rectum and the end of your penis. There is no way that these new drainage tubes can fall out, or be pulled out of your body. The ends of these metal tubes is threaded and we can fit a valve or other drainage tube to this. They are permanent additions to your body now and unless you undergo further surgery can not be removed. For the time being we have also inserted a standard catheter into your bladder so that it is permanently drained. Eventually we will remove this and you will recover control of your bladder. Things are different for your rectum though. We have had to insert a metal tube more than 1″ (30mm) in diameter, so that you can toilet yourself. Obviously permanently having this tube in your body will stretch the muscles, and when you finally recover your sense of feeling you will find this uncomfortable to start with. At present your anal tube is connected direct to a drainage system, and the food mix we are supplying to your stomach results in a fairly fluid waste which just passes straight out. You will never be able to gain proper control over your back passage again, so you will have a valve fitted to the end of the tube which you will have to open manually when you need to toilet yourself. I know this is not ideal and you will probably consider this to be degrading, but it is necessary so that you can be hooked up to body support systems more readily. You will begin to understand things a little better during the next few days”.

The camera then started to move around the casted form lying on the bed. The description of what the camera was showing me continued “I will now show you the final part which fully explains the current state of your body. The final hook up is into your left arm here. This is an IV line feeding you with a saline solution from this drip bag here. This drip bag contains among other things a drug that blocks all nerve impulses as they pass through your cervical spine. Therefore you are unable to move or feel you body. We thought that this was the best until we had a chance to talk to you about things before we stopped administering these drugs. We did not want you to wake and struggle inside the plaster cast and pull any muscles or damage yourself in any way. Now that you are appraised of your situation we will stop the drugs and allow you to regain access to your body”.

After a pause of 15 seconds or so she came back on to tell me that the IV drip had been turned off and that over the next 6 – 8 hours I would start to regain feeling and then control of my body.

I rapidly blinked my eyes in frustration again at what I thought were still unanswered questions. This was picked up and the voice returned again, almost playfully.

“Jack, relax, do not get so worked up, what do you want to know. Oops, silly question on my part. Let me guess, you want to know where you are, what happened to you, why you are in a total body cast. Sorry of me to forget. First, lets show you your care staff around here. I will put the camera back onto its stand and then I will walk into shot”.

The camera settled down, showing a blank off white wall. As the camera was settled there were a few close up shots of long, pale pink painted nails on slender fingers. After a few seconds a well-dressed lady wearing a SOMI brace and black high-heeled shoes walked into camera shot. “Kay”, I tried to scream, “what are you doing here”. Then I wondered if she had been with be when I was taken me into the hospital and the doctors had asked her to be the first to discuss things with me, thinking that may be we were friends or relatives. I did not know what to think.

“Yes Jack, it’s me Kay and I guess you are wondering why I am here. Well, the difficult stuff begins now”.

She reached for her blouse and opened the buttons holding it shut. This revealed the SOMI brace, which she then reached up to and slowly, almost erotically stroked, showing off her well-manicured hands. She carried on up the front upright and out towards the edges of the chin piece. She then popped the fasteners on the ends of the two leather straps and let them dangle. She then returned to the body section of the brace and slowly slid the metal plates open from the two rear uprights. She removed the rear section of the head support and placed it on a table. She then returned to the single central upright and slid the locking plate open and removed this component of the brace. She then moved her hands down to the bottom of the body section and released the two straps that went around her back. Finally, she lifted the body section of the brace from her shoulders and placed this on the table.

“Guess I never really required the SOMI in the first place, but it is such a beautiful invention and I just love going out in it” she retorted. At this she refastened her blouse, turned off the LCD screen and ear phones and left me to contemplate my predicament without any further explanation.

Chapter 4 – The Training.

After Kay had left so abruptly, I was plunged back into silence and total darkness, and a great despair settled on me. I then realised that she had used the SOMI brace as a means of finding somebody who had a sexual interest in such devices. I wondered how long she had been trolling around hotel bars and restaurants, looking for potential candidates. Since she had been dressed as a corporate business women, and she found me in a hotel which typically catered for business people, I realised that she was fairly careful about who she chose. Why I was chosen was obvious, but what did she intend to do with me. She obviously had quite a lot of medical knowledge, and access to medical equipment and drugs. Was she really a pharmaceutical sales woman, was that how she could obtain things. Furthermore, how could one person have managed to apply such a large body cast to someone, along with all the catheters and other systems.

My mind then started moving onto what was going to happen to my job, where did people think I had gone, was anybody looking for me. How long was I going to remain encased in plaster and why. I started to cry to myself, and started to think of the hours I had spent in this cast close to breaking down and going mad. I could not tolerate long in this dark isolated chamber. I kept these thoughts turning around in my head for ages, but could not get any real grasp of the future. As time past I slowly became aware of a feeling of pressure on by back. This slowly spread down my arms and legs as the drug was flushed from my system. As time went on I was able to start trying to flex my muscles. They were very weak and sluggish, and of course I could not actually move anything. The effort tired me out and I fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke some time later to find that most feeling had returned to my body, along with the ability to at least test most of my muscles. This proved to me that I had not actually suffered from any form of injury, as I did not have any major pain in my body. I know I ached a lot, but that was more from lying immobile for quite a number of days. I noticed a strange feeling inside my penis and realised that this would be the catheter, and then I also found that my back passage felt very uncomfortable, which must be the effect of the tube dilating my sphincter. After starting to feel good about my lack of physical injury I once again fell into worry and depression. I know that I had always wondered what a full body cast would feel like, but not in these circumstances. At the moment the thought was not the least erotic, and even though I would not be able to get an erection, as my penis was also casted, I did not feel any arousal at all.

Life continued like this for the next few days although I could not certainly tell how long it was there were no clues whatsoever. During this time I lived in permanent silence, with my fears and depression growing daily. Perhaps I was to remain in this plaster prison forever and I became more neurotic and depressed. Over the days I was constantly testing my muscles and building up more and more strength, but there was no way I could break the plaster or even make it move the smallest fraction of an inch. It was then that the nightmares started, these were the most vivid dreams I had ever had, full of dark gloomy scenes and depraved acts visited upon people. When I was awake I could not remember much of the dreams apart from the feeling of helpless terror. During these periods my breathing became very difficult, in panic I would try and fight the ventilator, but the steady mechanical rhythm always forced me to relax my breathing and let this happen for me. I felt that if I fought it too much I might end up damaging myself.

Sometime before I sank into total madness the dull red brown light from the LCD panel was restarted, along with some background noise. As on the previous occasion the intensity of both were slowly increased, and my spirits started to pick up a little. This time however, the intensity of both the noise and the light increased and increased without cease until both were painful. I had to keep my eyes shut, and even then there was quite a lot of light visible through my eyelids. I could not sleep because of the noise and light and I rapidly sank back into depression and psychosis. I was in this state for perhaps 3 days when all of a sudden both the noise and the light were stopped. This was a case of instant relief and once again my spirits rose. I quickly fell into a deep sleep. The first I had had for a long time.

When I awoke I had quite a full feeling in my bladder and rectum. As I had been hooked up with catheters and on permanent drainage, I had not felt this sensation since before being abducted by Kay. I do not know what the food they were feeding me contained, but I think that it had been changed to something with a lot of bulk. As time went on, my bladder and rectum became increasingly full, and eventually both became overfull. I was silently screaming with pain at the agony as it increased without any sign of letting up. I passed out once from the incredible burning agony in my bladder. I realised that it had probably shrunk during the time I had been casted, as it had been permanently empty. This was the first time that it had been filled and it was being stretched larger than ever. Eventually somebody must have released the clamps or opened valves on the drainage tubes and my body emptied itself. This was repeated several times over the next few days, each time being taken to the point of passing out. I was beginning to realise that my state was being permanently monitored and Kay was responding to this.

I thought that being filled up until I felt like bursting was excruciating, but an even worse experience awaited. After I had been allowed to become overly full and drained one day, I felt a strange sensation in my penis and bladder. I realised that ice cold water was being injected back up the catheter and into my bladder. Had I been free I would have doubled up with the pain that enveloped my lower abdomen. I know the water was extremely cold, but it felt that I was being burnt. This was nothing compared to the shock when this was followed up with an ice cold enema. I tried to thrash about inside my body cast, but of course I could do nothing. I was left like this for several hours until the water warmed up from my body heat. I was then drained from both catheters and the process was repeated several more times. At one point I must have been asleep when I was drained, as the sudden shock of the freezing cold water entering my bladder woke me with a sudden start.

After the bladder and bowel sessions I was slowly being reduced to an incoherent wreck. However, things started improving as I was left for perhaps a day during which I was not been forced to overfill myself, have freezing cold water forced into my body, go without sleep or live in total darkness and silence. Then the ventilator suddenly stopped after an exhalation. I tried to breathe in, but could not draw any breath in. The valves had obviously been jammed as well as the bellows and I could not breathe. I tried harder and harder and felt a small flow of fresh air around the mouthpiece, but this was nowhere near enough to satisfy my starving lungs. I was starting to become more desperate, and spasm inside the cast until I finally blacked out. Sometime later I regained consciousness, and the ventilator was back into its normal rhythm. It then failed again and the whole process was repeated with my lungs feeling like they were on fire until I blacked out from asphyxiation. This went on regularly for some time before I was allowed a period of normal breathing.

After this continuous treatment I would do anything to get released and be allowed some normality. I was left alone for about another day after which Kay awoke me by switching on the LCD screen and the ear phones.

“Good morning Jack” she called, as the camera panned around to her. Today she was dressed once again in her business suit, but without the SOMI brace. In it’s place she was wearing one of the multi-position shoulder and arm braces with her right arm supported parallel to the ground and turned in front of her, so that her hand was directly in front of her neck. As she walked further away from the camera I could also see that she was wearing a metal and leather leg brace with a drop lock joint at the knee, also on her right hand side. The brace made her limp in a very pronounced fashion when she walked, and it was then that I noticed that the shoe on that foot had also been raised, which must have made things even worse. She walked over to a chair and started to sit down. She dropped her free left arm down and grabbed a loop on the brace, which was joined, to the two knee joints. I guess that this was the drop lock release, which would need to be a one handed design, as she could not use her right arm. She sat down; looking pleased with herself and stroked her braced arm then her braced leg.

“My, I am feeling good this morning” she added, whilst she continued to stroke her braced limbs. She continued her monologue regardless of anything I wished to communicate, “these are two of my most favourite toys Jack. What do you think of them, would you like to wear them, would you like to bed me whilst I am wearing them. Jack, I know you like this sort of thing, I could see it from the moment you set eyes on me. That is not a problem for me, I understand as I like these as well, and enjoy being in them”.

I started trying to scream and fight the ventilator, but as usual there was no sound, but the look of rage on my eyes must have been picked up from the camera built into the cast.

“Good, good” came the reply through the audio system. Jack, you have now been encased in your body cast for 3 weeks. I will not ask how you liked it, because I know you didn’t. I know you enjoyed it even less because of what I have been doing to you for the past 2 weeks. I also know that you could enjoy being in such a cast, but I have been administering drugs to suppress all aspects of sexuality in your body. This is why you have not been able to enjoy the cast at all”.

She looked across directly into the camera, and I realised that she must know that as far as I was concerned she would be looking directly at me. She gave me such a forlorn look and carried on talking to me. “In many ways I regret having to put you through the past 2 weeks, but I feel that this stage is always necessary. I see it as a sort of training period. I hope that during this period you have found the extreme measures that can be taken against you, and will be taken against you if required in the future. I know that you have had little choice to date about your experiences, but now I would like to make you a proposition”.

Chapter 5 – The Proposition.

Proposition I thought, yes, I will agree to anything, just stop torturing me, I do not need to be trained anymore. Let me out of this cast now please, I can’t stand it anymore.

Kay started to speak again, “Jack, before making the proposition, I will explain a little about where you are, and why you are here. This building is one building in what is a small farm part way between Dallas and the Louisiana border. The farm no longer operates as a farm; it is just a simple residence now. I live here with 3 other ladies; all four of use being involved in various parts of the medical profession. I did not lie to you when I said I worked for a pharmaceutical company, which explains how I can obtain the drugs that have been administered to you. The other thing that links us all together as you have probably guessed is our intense desire to wear medical casts and braces. We are all currently casted or braced as it is Friday evening and we are all at home for the weekend, and we will remain like this for the next 2 and a half days”.

3 other attractive ladies entered the camera shot, 2 walking and one in a wheelchair, all well dressed and all wearing casts or braces. Kay pointed to the first, “This is Judith, she is our resident emergency ward doctor”. Judith was sat in the wheelchair next to Kay. Both of her legs were completely casted in long leg casts with the knees set straight. What was different about this cast though was that there was a bar that was part of the cast between her lower legs, with the legs being set at a very wide angle to each other, certainly greater than 90 degrees. She wore a simple foam collar on her neck, which contrasted nicely her straight brown hair of medium length. She wore a loose blouse and a short wrap around skirt, which barely covered the tops of her leg casts. She then lifted her skirt slightly, which I thought would reveal the tops of her casts, but this showed in fact that the cast continued over her hips and up to her stomach. She had been casted into a double hip spica the like of which I had never seen before, with her legs bent at 90 degrees at the hips so that she was sat upright. What I would normally give to see a woman in such a cast.

Kay continued after this little display “Second is Helen, who works as an anaesthetist”. Helen, I noticed was standing very tall and erect and even though she was the shortest of the 3 standing women she gave the appearance of being the tallest. I noticed that her waist appeared to be pulled in quite well, perhaps she was wearing a corset. It was then that I noticed a reflection of some metal just above the collar of her blouse and below her chin. On further inspection I thought I could make out some metal bars running from under her chin around the side of her neck, but I might have been imagining these as I realised that she was in a Milwaukee brace. She was obviously able to move her head a little as she looked back around to Kay, using a mixture of turning from her feet and allowing her legs to twist, plus some turning of her head.

The final introduction was then made “and finally this is Anne who is an orthopaedic surgeon and who is primarily responsible for placing you in your cast and adding your new waste tubes amongst other things”. Anne was now wearing the SOMI brace and also had her left arm in an attractive pink long arm cast with the palm of her hand turned downwards, a style of long arm cast I had only seen once. The position of her wrist was quite extreme, it was folded down and turned slightly away from her body, so that viewed from the front the back of her fingers was on display. She stood there cradling her casted arm exactly as somebody with an aching broken arm would.

Judith then took up the story, “We met each other several years ago as we all worked or visited the same hospital. We got along and started seeing each other socially as well. I was then involved in a car wreck and broke a leg and fractured a cervical vertebra. I had a leg cast and neck brace and found that I enjoyed it. During my recuperation, all 4 of us realised that we had the same intense desire to be casted or braced. We started by obtaining a lot of braces and wearing these, and casting each other. Over the years we became closer and decided that we would find a place of our own and live together. We found this farm, which is isolated, but is useful as we can all carry on our working lives from here”.

Anne then decided to carry on with the narrative “Basically, to cut to the chase, what we want is an ortho-slave, who is at least partly willing to take on the role. This explains why we were trying to find men with a fetish for medical immobilisation. We also want a man around as we are all getting more desperate for somebody who does not mind bedding us when we are casted or braced. Personally, I only reach orgasm when I am making love with a cast or brace on, and so most times when I do pick men up I do not get fully satisfied”.

It was now Helen’s turn, “You see we have been searching for a suitable case for some time. We wanted to ensure that the man we finally chose was intelligent, reasonably good looking, from a professional background and most importantly found casts and braces to be arousing. Personally, I think Kay has come up trumps, and I would hope that you accept our proposition”.

Kay got up and started pacing around the far end of the room. The vision was entrancing, arm held rigidly in the air, leg unbending and creating a severe limp. Finally, she settled down and leaned back against the wall, with her free hand cupped under her chin with a thoughtful look on her face. Once again she looked straight into the camera, almost as if she were looking straight into my eyes. She must have sensed that she had my full attention, and she moved her hand down to her right leg and started running her elegant hand up and down the metal uprights, deliberately letting the camera get full sight of her nails. I noticed that she had painted them a deep berry red, something that I had missed when this session first started. I realised that she was selling me the idea of staying here with these women at a sub-conscious level.

She then looked up again, and after a moments thoughtful pause launched into the proposition. “As has already been stated, we are looking for a man to share our lives with. This man must accept the position of ortho-slave and his entire duty will be to serve us in whatever way we choose. Assuming of course that you agree to be our ortho-slave, we will keep you well braced and casted at all times. We will choose what casts and braces you wear, but we may allow you to choose at special times, or as a special reward. You will have to obey us, and realise that we can not allow you to leave. The past 2 weeks can show the measures that we will use if you disobey us, displease us or try and harm any of us or try to escape from the farm. If you agree we will look after you and respect you insofar as being an ortho-slave allows. At no point will you have any real rights, but we would feel a moral obligation not to damage you during any events, unless you earn special punishment. If you agree then we will start your rehabilitation, but this in itself will be a slow process as we gradually reduce your confinement, and allow you more freedom. Further freedom from your total body cast will be earned by good behaviour”

With this the four women left the room and left me to think. They never said what the result of choosing no was, and I had never wanted to ask. If displeasing them resulted in being totally immobilised and being systematically abused, then I did not want to choose no. Kay returned on her own a few minutes later. She had removed the braces, and there were tears in her eyes. She apologised for what she had done to me, which in retrospect was totally inhumane. She then quietly asked me if I agreed to the proposition.

I blinked my eyes twice, and saw utter relief in her eyes. She apologised once again and said that she hoped that I could learn to live with them, and perhaps in the long term live on a more equal footing with them with and choose to stay even if given a free choice. She wondered about the way they had abducted me, and had they not taken me and mistreated me would I have come willingly and stayed when I new I could live in braces forever. If only she had given me the chance, I may well have agreed to join them and be their ortho-slave without any of this coercion, but I suppose that I was trapped here now and realised how bad things could get, so I would make the best of the situation.

Chapter 6 – The Transition.

She then asked me if I would have found being in a body cast sexually stimulating before the recent events. Once again I blinked my eyes twice. “OK then” she replied, “as a starter I will take the final drugs out of your IV drip, the sexual activity blocker. We will now leave you in the plaster cast for a while longer, and hopefully you will be able to appreciate it and get some pleasure out of being in it. I hope that you will see this as a little gift from me. After a few days we will probably take you off the ventilator and start to remove you from the full body cast”.

Kay left the camera’s view but I could still hear her breathing through the audio circuit. She then came back on saying “There Jack, I have now stopped the final flow of drugs, and also as an indication of goodwill I am going to cut away some of your plaster cast. The first sections that I will remove are from your fingers and toes. Normally, you should not immobilise fingers for more than 2 weeks or so, or they can start getting stiff and not recover properly”. She came back into view with a small electrical saw, which I recognised as a cast saw. She asked me if I knew what this was and I blinked for yes. “OK then, you know what to expect when I start cutting the cast away around your hands and then your feet. It will be much noisier though as the sound will get transmitted throughout the cast, so prepare yourself”.

With that she walked out of camera, and I heard the sound of the saw starting. The when it started to bite into the hard cast the noise level was worse than having teeth drilled. I felt the edge of the blade cut through the cast on my left hand, and then move slowly around. I then felt a tugging on all my fingers and suddenly they were free. I could move them around slowly, but the feeling was quite unusual. Kay then told me to keep them still whilst she cut my left thumb free. This process was repeated on my right hand and then both feet so that I could also wiggle my toes. I know that this was very little compensation, but after 3 weeks of absolute total immobilisation it was like freedom.

Kay came back onto the speaker and asking “Jack, how does that feel?” I blinked twice, slowly and hopefully with a thankful expression in my eyes. “OK, Jack that’s great, I feel a lot better myself now that I have started your rehabilitation. I will remove another section of the cast now and then I will leave you in peace for a while. Would you like me to remove your penis from the cast, especially as the drugs will be wearing off shortly”.

Of course I wanted to agree to this, I had no idea what it would be like to become extremely aroused whilst trapped in a plaster cast. I blinked my eyes twice and then twice again. “OK, OK” came Kay’s response, followed by some further instructions. “Firstly” she said, “I am going to have to remove the internal catheter. This may well hurt a little but it will be over quickly”. With that I felt a slight tugging, quite gentle at first and then quite a sharp rapid pain from deep inside my body and all along the inside of my penis, which left a burning sensation in it’s wake. “OK Jack, that’s done, I know you will be a little sore for some time, and you will also find it difficult to start controlling your bladder again. While I cut the cast off your penis I am going to screw a plug into the end of your metal penis tube. When your penis is free I will remove the plug and screw a small valve onto your tube and then fasten a plastic tube to a drainage tube, so you will be able to pass urine whenever you like. Also, with the internal catheter gone, erections will be less problematic”.

I heard the cast saw strike up again, and when it touched the cast surface the noise grew inside the cast. I felt the saw running around the base of my penis, and started to get stimulated, so I knew the effects of the sexual depressant drugs were wearing off. After a few moments I felt the cast sliding off from around my now slightly aroused penis, which provided even more arousal. I felt Kay handling my penis and some strange movements from the very end of it as she removed the plug and replaced it with a valve and drainage tube.

“Jack, I have finished with you for the next few days now. I can see that you are getting aroused, and I find that quite rewarding. I am afraid that I am not going to touch you any further, but feel free to play with yourself if you wish. Oh, sorry that was in bad taste. I am going now, and I will be turning off the audio and visual systems so that you have plenty of time to contemplate what you have agreed to, and enjoy your cast. See you soon, when we can see about removing some more of your cast”.

Normally, to have been abducted, tied up, tortured and almost driven insane would be extremely depressing. However, I found myself in quite high spirits as the light faded from the LCD screens and I was returned to silence and my own thoughts. I know I had been through all of these, but I felt that my situation was greatly improved and would continue to improve. I wiggled all of my fingers and toes in joy, and thought I heard slight laughter and talking through the cast but could not be sure. OK, so I was still basically immobilised, but my growing arousal was quite welcome, although of course I could not relieve myself. In some respects what was happening to me was beyond my wildest desires, so this did temper the bad experiences quite a lot, and in fact I found myself wondering what these 4 beautiful warped, twisted ladies would do with me. I fell into a happy sleep for the first time in weeks.

Life carried on like this for the next few days; I was almost permanently aroused. One or more of the ladies would come and see me every so often and just say a few words. Occasionally, they would fire up the LCD screen and let me see them wearing their various casts or braces. They all commented on how I seemed to be enjoying it in my cast, and they often toyed with my penis, or stroked my fingers or toes. I realised that they were making an effort to cheer me up, and trying to convince me that I would enjoy living with them, even if it meant I was never to return to a normal life.

At one point Judith wheeled herself into the room with no clothes on at all, revealing the extent of the cast she was wearing. >From her previous visit I was aware that she was in a double hip spica, with her legs in a seated position, which was weird enough. However, the cast went completely over her upper body encasing her stomach, chest, breasts and shoulders. One of the other ladies must have been in the room as well, as the camera zoomed in on Judith and panned around her body. In close up I could see that there was no break between the legs and the body section, and that there was a small tube protruding though the cast. She was almost as immobilised as I was, apart from her head and arms. “Jack, how do you like this cast? I love being casted like this; it is my favourite cast. I often ask to be casted like this at weekends and on vacations. I have even been in a total body cast on several occasions, very similar in fact to yours. Would you like to touch my cast?” With that she rolled out of the screen shot and after a second or two I felt the surface of the hard cast rubbing into the ends of my outstretched fingers. I rubbed my fingers up and down the cast, and would have dearly loved to have been out of my cast so as to get a better feel of Judith.

On the Sunday evening, the LCD screen and audio system were reactivated. It was Anne this time, without any casts or braces on. “Hello Jack” she started, “I know we haven’t talked much over the weekend, but I am looking forward to carrying on your rehabilitation. Kay has flown up to Washington for a sales convention, so I am looking after you this evening. I know we said that we would continue to remove portions of your cast as time went on, and this evening I am going to remove the face section from you cast. I think that this will mean a great deal to you, especially as you will be here on your own tomorrow. I do not want to use the electric cast saw, as this will be incredibly noisy and dusty. Therefore, I am going to use normal cast shears, so you will feel the bottom blade probing under the cast. I will try not to bruise you, and they are designed so that they can not cut you. Also, I have to cut the cast up to the feeding and ventilation tubes, as we do not want to remove these at present. So please just relax”.

With that, I heard something probing the surface of the cast, and some small cracking noises. After a few seconds something punctured the cast and stabbed my forehead slightly. “Sorry jack” came the quick response from Anne, “I was using a blunt knife to force a first hole into the cast, you will probably have a slight graze when I finally get in. I have obviously used more layers of cast material here than I intended. Here goes with the cast shears”. I then felt something cold and blunt probing into the space between the cast and my forehead, followed by a series of crunching sounds. The bottom blade of the cast shears started moving across my forehead, and down towards the back of my head. She then went around my left ear and down below my chin. After she had got back to my forehead the shears were withdrawn and returned at the side of my face and cut towards my mouth. “Jack, hopefully the speakers are still working, or if not you should be able to hear me through the cracks I have made. I am going to remove the face section now. With that there I felt some fingers probing into the cracks below my chin and on one side of my face. Anne then twisted the bottom portion of the freed section of cast to release the tubes, and then lifted the whole section clear.

Daylight came flooding into my eyes, which ached bitterly and started to leak. I opened them and found it difficult to focus. Anne bent down and kissed me on the forehead. “Jack, so nice to see you, you look really good”. I blinked twice to say that yes I did feel good, and smiled as best I could with the ventilator still installed. I looked down as far as my eyes could go towards the tubing entering my mouth, and then looked at Anne. Her response was quick, “No Jack, we are not going to remove those tubes yet, it would not be right for an ortho-slave to be able to talk to us until we know that he can behave in the correct manner. Do not push your luck around here, or I will restart the bladder treatment. What I will do for you though, is take you off the ventilator as a sort of compromise. However, I will leave the tubes in place as the mouthpiece acts as a highly effective gag, and should you get out of line we can quickly reconnect the ventilator and give you some breathing treatment”. I blinked twice, and tried to look contrite. I obviously had a very limited vocabulary in this relationship and it looked like it would stay this way. Anne took hold of the connector on the ventilation tube where it attached to the mouthpiece, gave it a quarter turn and pulled it off. I tried to breathe, but found it very difficult, She stood there holding the tube close to the mouthpiece in case she had to quickly reconnect the system if I could not take over. She reached over with her spare hand and removed the nostril plugs. Slowly, I started to get a rhythm, although my breaths were very shallow. Anne gently encouraged me, “try and breathe deeper and deeper, but I know that you are not able to breathe fully at present as the body cast restricts how much you can expand your stomach and chest”. After a period of 10 minutes she was satisfied that I was OK and she left the room.

After a reasonable nights sleep, Anne called in to see me in the morning. I saw her change the feed bags over to a new bag, which supplied a small pump that continuously forced food in the form of a slurry down into my stomach. She checked around the other tubes entering and leaving my body and asked if everything was OK with my breathing and urinating. I blinked twice and she seemed happier for the positive response. She placed a remote control under my right hand and I noticed a TV hanging from the ceiling, which had not been there the previous night. The TV was turned so that its screen was horizontal such that I could see it lying flat in my cast. She then said her goodbyes and said that this evening I would be released from my plaster cast and my therapy would continue on a different course, and that they had a special brace for me to wear. I obviously spent the day wondering what this special brace would be, and as was becoming the norm, I was aroused for most of the day. I watched some TV but was not really interested in what was on offer.

Chapter 7 – The Jacket.

Later that day Anne, Judith and Helen all turned up in my room. They were all wearing medical overalls and there was not a single cast or brace between the 3 of them. “Good evening Jack” they all chorused, to which I blinked. Helen took up the running this time, “Jack, we are going to cut you out of the body section of your cast, and replace this with your new brace, which you will see shortly”.

The cast saw was produced again, and I could both see and feel this attacking the body section of my cast. First, a cut was made around the top of both legs, followed by a cut around the top of both arms and then a final cut around my neck. The wooden stretcher bars supporting my arms were then cut from the cast, but the one between my legs was left in position. This was the first time any part of my body had moved for the past month. The hole in the cast around the anal catheter was enlarged using cast pliers. The body section of the cast was then cut along the mid-line on both sides and between my legs. A circle was cut into the front section of the cast around my genitals and the front section of the cast lifted off my body. A small pair of cast shears was then used to remove the cast from around my testicles; Kay had not done this when she had released my penis those few days earlier.

The cast shears were then used to cut a slot between the edge of the back half of the cast between my legs and the anal catheter hole. Judith and Helen then lifted me by the arms and Anna eased the back section of the cast out from under my body. The remains of the padding and body stocking were then removed from by torso, revealing my body for the first time in many weeks. I was then laid back down onto the bed. I tried to move my arms and legs, which I achieved, but they ached from the effort. I found I could move my arms around if I left them on the bed, but I could not easily move my legs. They were still braced together at 90 degree; hence I could not slide them around the bed. I tried to sit up, but could not lever myself up with my arms, as they were casted in straight long arm casts. This raised some giggles from the ladies.

My next garment was then revealed. This consisted of a moulded body brace, very similar to a thermoplastic TLSO, but manufactured from stainless steel and it was absolutely rigid. This device consisted of two halves, a front and rear section, which overlapped down the side of my body. The device extended from just above my genitals in front and lower buttocks in the rear to over my shoulders and completely covered my torso, with no exposed skin at all. The surface of the brace was very shiny and was covered with various lugs and sockets. The edges of the brace were folded over to produce a more comfortable edging and the whole brace lined with a thin layer of padding. I was told that upon my arrival at the farm, coma inducing drugs had been administered and I had been placed into a plaster body cast. This was removed after setting and used as the mould for the fabrication of my metal jacket. I was then placed into the total body cast and after this I was then taken off the coma inducing drugs. A plaster positive was then made of my torso and the metal jacket formed to this.

Once again, I was lifted up by the arms and the back section of the brace was placed under my buttocks. I was gently lowered into the brace and settled into it. The front piece was then placed over the front of my body and the line up with the back piece confirmed, as was the fit on my torso. When this was complete, the front piece was lifted away, and glue was applied to the overlap surfaces from a small applicator. I was told that this glue was one of the new glues which produces a bond with the steel at a molecular level and produces a joint which is stronger than welding. Therefore, there would be absolutely no means for me to remove this full metal jacket whilst I remained their ortho-slave. The upper section of the brace was then lowered back down onto my body, and a series of straps were passed around the brace and pulled very tight. This compressed my lungs much further than when in the body cast and I found breathing very difficult. One aspect that became immediately apparent was that the section of the brace over my abdomen was slightly concave, and this compressed my stomach. I was told that the glue would take about 15 minutes to set and a further 60 minutes to reach full strength.

Anne came around to the side of the bed, and asked how I was enjoying being placed in my new brace. She leant over and started stroking my penis, which immediately became aroused. One problem though was that I could not really breathe enough as I became excited as the brace really did compress my body. Anne sensed that I was close to climax and then stopped stroking me. She produced a syringe, and gave me an injection in my groin, close to the base of my penis. My penis quickly returned back to a relatively small size, at which point Anne mentioned that she had injected me with a mixture of a muscle relaxant and a local anaesthetic, as she needed me to have a small penis before the lower part of my brace could be fitted and there was no way that I deserved to have a climax. She removed the valve from my metal penis catheter and the valve from the anal catheter as well, and quickly plugged the latter. She then fastened a drainage tube back onto the penis catheter, and threaded this into a small metal cylinder just over 1″ in diameter and 2″ to 3″ long. One end of the tube was closed with a small hole in which the catheter drainage tube was threaded through. The other end was shaped with a sort of sloping shape. Anne then forced my relaxed penis into this tube my a combination of pulling on the drainage tube and ching from the other end. I could feel the metal tube tugging at the end of my penis, which hurt a great deal. After several minutes of effort Anne was satisfied that she had fully squeezed me into the cylinder. The metal cylinder, complete with my penis was then pushed backward towards my buttocks and pressed hard against my body. The shaped end of the cylinder rested against my groin such that all of my penis was trapped inside this small metal cylinder. A wide metal strip was then produced, which was run from the front of the metal brace, over my penis, which located into holes in the metal strip, back over the anal catheter and onto the back on my body brace. The metal strip had sides on like a pouch which were pressed into my groin and completely encircled my testicles. This metal strip was bolted and locked to the body brace. The purposes of some of the lugs on the brace became apparent at this time. I was devastated. It was explained to me that this metal strip was based on a male chastity belt, modified to attach to my body brace and retain my testicles in addition to the penis tube.

I had never heard of a male chastity belt prior to this and was mortified. Anne said that since I would now start becoming more mobile, that as an ortho-slave my sexuality was not mine, but belonged to my mistresses, and only they had the right to give me pleasure if I earned it. It was also their right to keep me in a state of permanent arousal and deny me any satisfaction by not releasing from the chastity belt. She said that they knew how to keep me aroused quite easily, all they had to do was wear a few braces and act provocatively, which of course would happen a lot. She felt that Is it was her choice alone, I would never get released from the chastity belt, and that they should have glued this into place.

2 heavy-duty brace hinges were then produced, which had a series of slots along one of the bars and a roughened surface on the other end. These were positioned along the tops of my legs and up the sides of my metal jacket and bolted to lugs on the body brace. Some fibreglass casting tape was applied to the top sections of both leg casts, holding the hinges in place. The hinges were then locked into position with my legs flat on the bed, effectively taking my legs back to the conditions I had just been released from. I was told that my arms would be left in their current casted state, but they would be left free to move as the first stage in my rehabilitation. Finally, both catheters were reconnected to their valves and respective drainage systems. I was then left in the room on my own for a period of an hour or so for the glue on the body brace to set and the fibreglass bandages on the leg casts to cure. I found that over the hour I could not breathe very much, and that this would restrict how active I was going to be whilst I remained an ortho-slave. Obviously, I would not be able to outrun any of my 4 captors with such a limited aerobic capability. Of course this was academic if my legs were to remain immobilised, which of course was another way to stop me from absconding.

At the end of this period, the 3 ladies returned and told me that the final stage of the day’s work was about to begin. Firstly, the straps were released from the metal jacket as the glue had now fully cured. I was told that I would be released from the head portion of my cast first. Once again Anne took up the cast shears and cut the head cast from below my ears to my neck on both sides of my head. The chin section was lifted away and the back section was slid out from under my head. I thought that now my head was free that I would be able to open my mouth a little, even though it was mostly full with the mouthpiece and tubing. I found that I could not move my jaws relative to each other at all. I tried to move my jaw more and more and realised that my teeth were hurting. Ann noticed this and remarked that they had wired my teeth together after the mouthpiece had been installed, therefore, I would not be able to move my mouth, or remove the tubes.

Anne then said that they were going to fit me with a halo brace, which she was sure I knew about. I blinked twice and probably looked a little frightened. Anne produced a metal ring, about 9″ in diameter with 8 screws just passing through the ring. “I know we normally only use 4 screws, but in your case you are going to have to wear it for a lot longer, maybe even permanently so we are going to use 8 screws” explained Anne. She slid the halo ring around my head and screwed the pins in manually until they all dug into what little flesh there was on my skull. Helen produced a syringe and injected what I was told was a local anaesthetic at each of the 8 sites. After a period of 10 minutes Anne lifted up a heavy-duty screwdriver and told me to brace myself. She then started to screw the pins into my skull, the sound was horrendous as I could hear and feel the pins crumbling bone as they were driven deeper inwards. When she had finished bolting the ring to my skull she produced a series of 4 metal bars, 2 of which she fastened onto some of the lugs on the front of my metal jacket. I was again lifted by the arms and she attached the other 2 bars to the back of my metal jacket. I was then laid back down and the ring was then attached to the metal uprights, locking my head back into a fixed position. The final touch was a chain padlocked to one of the lugs on my metal body brace and into a substantial metal ring bolted to the wall. All 3 ladies then left the room without a further word.

I took stock of my position, and realised that little had changed. I was totally immobilised apart from being able to move my arms at the shoulder joints, which was a small improvement. Many things were unchanged, I was unable to move off the bed, I was still being fed via a tube, I was catheterised on both sides, I could be ventilated at will and I had an IV hook up ready to administer whatever drugs were deemed fit. My head was bolted into a halo frame, which hurt like hell. I could not talk, and had no idea how long I was going to remain essentially gagged. Even worse, my penis was now locked away in a chastity belt, and should I become aroused I wondered what it would feel like with no room for an erection. If I behaved they might unlock my hip hinges and then I would be able to sit up, which would be good, I could even be moved around in a wheelchair if they wished. One thing was obvious; the full metal jacket was on to stay. Furthermore, it appeared that a lot of thought had gone into the design and it would form the basis of any number of different bracing combinations. I fell asleep wondering what possibilities lay ahead.

Chapter 8 – The Rehabilitation.

I awoke the next morning, slowly becoming aware of my surroundings and the state my body was in. I tried to stretch my tired arms, and found what little movement they had to be a great sense of freedom. Admittedly, this was very little, my arms were both casted with my elbows straight, but my shoulders were free, as were my fingers. I noticed a dull ache in my back; this was the first night I had spent in my new metal body brace. It was closer fitting than the body cast, and it was tightly formed over my hips and abdomen. I wiggled my toes, the only part of my legs that I could move. I could still not move my head, which of course was completely immobilised in the halo frame. This was quite odd, with the screws holding my skull rather than having a cast holding my head in position.

I also ran over the other key features of my life. I had a feeding tube inserted into my stomach and a breathing tube into my lungs, although this was not currently connected to a ventilator, the air pipe was disconnected so I could control my own breathing. My teeth had been braced and wired together to hold the two tubes into my mouth, hence I was unable to speak. In fact I had not spoken for over a month, I had to blink my eyes to communicate, or use facial expressions. I was catheterised in both front and back passages with a novel type of insert that had been surgically fixed into my body such that I could not remove them. In addition, I had an IV hooked up ready to administer whatever drugs were deemed fit, and also to keep my body fluid levels up as I was not given liquids through the feeding tube.

Lastly, my penis was locked away in a chastity belt, and I had no idea if it would ever get released from this metal prison. Thinking about my casted and braced body started to arouse me, and I felt my penis getting tighter and tighter in the metal tube. I realised that the drugs I had been given which suppressed my erection had worn off and this would be my first experience of getting aroused in the chastity belt. A dull aching crept through my groin, the intensity of which grew and grew, and I started feeling very uncomfortable. After a few minutes it was extremely uncomfortable as I bulged out of the edges of the tube, which pinched and pulled my skin. Eventually, I lost my erection due to the physical discomfort, and was very frustrated at the feelings of unreleased arousal. It was obvious that this was going to be a continual problem unless my mistresses released me frequently for sex.

After some time Judith came in to check on me. “Good morning Jack, how did you sleep?”. I smiled as best I could with the tube block in my mouth. Judith smiled back saying “I will assume that means you slept OK. Did you happen to wake with an erection this morning?”. I rapidly blinked twice in reply, indicating yes, I had. “How did you find it, was it pleasurable”. This time I blinked 3 times, indicating a no, I then blinked another 3 times to try and indicate that I did not like it one bit. I then looked downwards as far as I could using my eyes, my head straining against the halo pins and once again tried to smile, and a sort of questioning look on my face, I dearly wanted release from the chastity belt. “Oh no Jack”, came the quick reply, I am here to check your food, IV drip and halo pins and that’s all. I am pleased that you did not enjoy your experience. You will look forward all the more to when you are released. She attached a new bag of feed to the pump, and replaced the bag of water attached to the IV drip. Judith then took a tube of ointment out of her pocket and walked up to the head of the bed. She squeezed a little of this onto her finger and then rubbed it into the area of my skin around the halo pins. She spoke to me as she applied the cream to each of the eight halo pins, “Jack, we have to do this every day to prevent infection around the halo pins where they pass through your skin. Get used to this because it will form part of your life from now on, for ever”. She then turned around and was about to leave the room. I tried to grunt and made a very slight whispering noise, the breathing tube preventing anything more. She turned around and I beckoned her to return with my free fingers. She came over and stood close to me and asked “what is it Jack, what do you want?”. I pointed to my head with the fingers on my outstretched arm, bending them back towards my head, and tried to grunt a few more times. “OK, I think I get it, are you asking to have your tubes removed”. I blinked twice, and Judith laughed heartily and then replied, still with a hint of amusement in her voice, “Oh Jack, we have already gone through this, your tubes are going to stay in for some time, perhaps permanently, who knows what whims will direct what we do with you. Remember we said we would not intentionally damage you, so just relax and accept whatever happens, you’ll be OK”. With that she turned around for a second time and left the room. At least I had not received hostility for asking, just amusement at my requests.

A little while later, Kay stopped by. She walked right up to the side of the bed and leant over and gave me a kiss on the forehead. She placed her hand on my cheek and started to stroke my face with the back of her fingers. “Jack, lovely to see you, you seem to be reasonably happy.” I blinked twice, and she smiled, “Lets see how you get along now we are slowly freeing you, I really want to get you up and about, I want you Jack, you are such a precious find, but we have to take things slowly”. She reached down with her hand and placed it on the small area of uncovered flesh at the top of my legs, between my long leg casts and the metal body jacket. She stroked the soft skin on the inside of the tops of my thighs, deliberately stroking with her nails. I started to groan and once again realised that I was becoming aroused. Kay realised this, and grinned at me, “Jack, I can’t wait until it is time to let you out of this part of your metal jacket and have my way with you”. She withdrew her hand, and stood there breathing slightly heavily, and then shuddered, rubbing the tops of her thighs together, and gave a quiet moan. “Look Jack”, she said, “I have to go to work now, you should perhaps start exercising your arms, they have been casted for several weeks, so move them about and start getting some strength back”. With that she left, and I guessed that I was now alone in the house. So I started trying to move my arms around. I found that I could move them up and down the bed, but it was difficult to lift them up off the bed due to the weight of the casts and the after effects of the enforced immobilisation.

My life continued like this for several days, sometimes one of the ladies would help me exercise my arms by taking some of the weight of the casts as I lifted them up and down. Slowly the range of motion and strength returned to my shoulders, and soon I could lift my arms to the vertical unaided. During this time there were no other changes to my casts or braces, neither was I released from my chastity belt. Life started taking on a regular daily routine, which I suppose I started to get used to.

One evening Kay came in with the largest grin I had ever seem on her. By this time I had built up enough strength in my arms to turn my body around a little so that I could see the door to my room. The fact that my legs were held out at 45 degrees to my body by the stretcher bar prevented me from rolling onto my side or from falling off the bed. She called to me as she entered the room, “Jack, all of the others are out for the evening, and while they are out I would like some fun”. As she walked over to me I saw that she was carrying her SOMI brace with her. She pulled a chair over to the side of the bed and took off her blouse, and then slowly fitted the SOMI, bit by bit. She knew that she was teasing me immensely by doing this in my presence. When she had finally settled her head into the embrace of the chin and head pads she stood up, and dropped her skirt to the floor and then removed her underwear. She leaned over to me and removed her bra, dragging it across my face. I started to get very aroused, finding it hard to breathe with the tube down my throat. At last, I started to think that I was finally to be released from weeks of built up sexual frustration. Kay then climbed up onto the bed saying “Jack, please will you place your arms down straight, over the top of your metal body brace”. She then settled herself on top of my hands, and said “Jack, please will you play with me”. I have to admit that I was very clumsy with my casted arms, but slowly I worked my way to the middle of her thighs. She started to slowly groan, grabbing hold of the tops of my arms, digging her fingers into my flesh as I built up her excitement until finally she climaxed, letting out huge screams of pleasure. She grabbed hold of the support rods on the halo brace and pulled herself against these as I continued driving her orgasm. As she settled down from her extremely lengthy orgasm she slowly lay down over the top of my body. Of course I could feel nothing of the touch of her warm flesh against mine, and this left me feeling particularly empty. She kissed me on the cheek, whispering “thank you” and “I love you”. After about 5 minutes, she climbed off me, kissed me again saying that she would never forget what I had done, and that she would ensure that I was rewarded. She collected her discarded clothes and left the room.

My rehabilitation continued for a few more days as though nothing had changed. I had noticed that during this period I had not seen Anne once. Then one evening She came into the room, all business like, “Hi Jack, missed me uh?. I have been to a conference for the past week, so I hope you have not had too much pleasure”. She leant over me with a look of malice on her face, which got me quite worried. “Jack, I am going to have some fun with you”, and she raised both hands to my face. I did not like the sound of this one bit, I was not expecting the same sort of fun as with Kay. Anne then gripped the end of my nose and pinched both nostrils together. She then stuck the thumb of her other hand over the hole in the end of the breathing tube. I started to run short of breath, and had to exhale, which was not a problem, but when I tried to inhale, it sucked her thumb tight over the end of the tube and I could not get any fresh air into my lungs. I started to wave my arms around, but this had little effect on Anne. “Breath Jack, breath” she called, and chuckled to herself. I became more and more desperate for breath, trying to knock her away with my casted arms, but I could not gain enough leverage due to them being casted straight. Eventually, when I was on the verge of passing out, she released her thumb from the breathing tube, and I drew in a lung full of air. Of course, the fact that I had the metal body jacket on prevented me from taking a full breath and it took several breaths before I started to loose the dizzy feeling. “Be seeing you,…. sucker” whispered Anne from close to my ear, and then she left the room, once again chuckling. I realised that there was no way I could tell Kay what had just happened, I was completely at the mercy of Anne and whatever resentment she had of me.

The next day all 4 ladies came into the room and announced that it was Saturday morning. They got busy with the normal daily routine of changing the feeding bag, IV drip bad and applying the antiseptic to my halo pins. I had expected to find all of them wearing casts or braces given that this was a Saturday, but they were all wearing their normal clothes. Helen was first to speak, “Good morning Jack, we have decided that today we will go one stage further with your continuing rehabilitation, so that you can start to become a little more mobile, and start to regain some use of your body”. She walked over to the cupboard at the end of the room. Lying on my back with the halo fixing my head, all I could see of the cupboard was the top of the doors. Helen came back with a syringe and connected this to the IV drip line close to my arm. She turned around “Jack, this is a quick acting paralysis inducing drug, sort of a very strong muscle relaxant. If I inject this into you within about 5 seconds you will be completely unable to move any muscles in your body. We would then have to get the ventilator connected fairly rapidly. We do not want to use this, but we have prepared it if required. We want to cut off your arm casts and replace these with something much more suitable and practical, and we do not want you trying to attack us with your newly freed arms. We appreciate that your arms will be quite weak as you have not flexed your elbows for over 6 weeks, but we do not want to take any chances”. Kay stepped over to my side and asked “Are you going to behave?”, and I blinked twice for yes. There was no way I could misbehave, I was chained to the wall, could not move my legs as they were still fully casted and the hip hinges locked, and I had no desire to be punished again, remembering the weeks of torture within my full body cast.

Anne came into view with the plaster saw, and told me to hold my arms still with them lying flat on the bed. Helen took up station holding the syringe connected to the IV line as Anne started the saw. First she cut along the cast on my right arm. She then took some scissors and cut through the cast padding and stockinette. Kay and Judith then helped to pull the cast open and Anne lifted my arm out of the cast, and then placed it back down on the bed. “Let your arm just lie there for the moment as we deal with your left arm”. I wanted to try and move it to see what it felt like, but thought it best to wait. Ann moved around to the other side of the bed and made a cut down the length of the cast on my left arm. She then made another 3 small cuts around the point where the IV drip line passed through the cast. Once the padding and stockinette had been cut Judith and Kay helped Anne to lift my arm out of the cast and place it on the bed. Anne took a small pair of plaster shears and cut the square of plaster off the IV drip tube.

Helen remained at the side of the bed holding the syringe as the other 3 cleared away the debris from my bed and returned holding 2 full arm braces. These were obviously made from plastic as they were a smooth reflective white. There was a section for the upper arm and one for the lower arm and wrist, with both parts joined by a pair of hinges for the elbow. “Jack, these are arm braces, which I am sure you recognise” said Anne, “we will apply one to each arm and put screws in the hinge so you can start to bend your elbows bit by bit”. As before, Judith and Kay opened up the plastic shells and Anne lifted up my arm and placed this into the brace. Anne started to tighten the straps and then slowly bent my elbow a little. She took a screwdriver off the bed and adjusted the position of the hinges and the brace to match my elbow joint. She continued with the adjustment of the straps and hinges until she was happy. She then placed 2 screws into the centre of the hinges. This was repeated with my other arm. I noticed that the forearm sections of the braces, which completely encircled my arms also had a short thumb section built in. I could still bend the ends of my thumbs and grip my fingers, but realised that this would limit the use of my hands somewhat as I had got used to having full freedom of movement in my thumbs.

When Anne had finished she stepped back a little and said “Right then Jack, that’s all sorted for the moment, let’s see how they fit as you move your arms around”. I had built up my strength in my shoulders moving my casted arms around and these were a lot lighter. I found that I could slowly move my elbows through about 45-degree, but it pulled the muscles and my elbow joints ached. I then tried to move my whole arms around and found I could do this, but that the motion I had was limited. Anne realised what was happening and said “Jack, there are special sections on the upper part of your braces, the arm section actually cups around the outside of your shoulder, covering part of the top of your shoulder. This means that you are prevented from lifting your arm too high as this is forced against the top of your shoulder, or in your case that wonderful metal body brace of yours”. Additionally, with the hinges on the elbows I could not rotate my forearms, these were fixed in one position. I noticed that if I had full elbow motion I would be able to feed myself with the chosen wrist position. When Anne was happy with the fit of the braces she produced a heavy-duty stapler and a tube of glue. She applied glue to each of the straps in turn and then stapled them as well so that I could not remove the braces.

“One more thing Jack” called Anne and she moved lower down the bed and picked up a hex key and started working on the hip hinges. She moved around to the other side of the bed and also adjusted that one. “Right Jack, I have now freed your hip hinges for rotation backwards and forwards. You still have the stretcher bar holding your casted legs well apart so I have not released the sideways limits on the hinges, perhaps that will come soon”. She then asked if I would like to be sat up. I blinked twice, and Judith, Anne and Kay came over and slowly lifted my body up and pulled me further up the bed and leaned me against the top of the bed. The metal waste tube inserted in my back passage created a bit of a problem as I was sat upright, and the attached pipe work was re-arranged to make it more comfortable.

My hip joints ached like hell from that first movement after the enforced immobilisation as did the muscles in my buttocks which had obviously shrunk somewhat. I noticed that Helen was still holding the syringe, so I pointed towards her and tried to look happy, and blinked 3 times. Kay sat down on the end of the bed “OK Jack, I see that you do not think it necessary for Helen to stay there like that. Do you promise to behave?”. I blinked twice so Anne told Helen to sit down as well, which she did, but she still left the syringe in the IV drip line. Kay continued “Jack, you should take some time to start moving your elbows and regaining your strength in them. We will increase your range of motion bit by bit until the elbow hinges are fully free. You will be able to move around the bed a little better then, and we may see about your legs. However, all the tubes need to remain in place for the time being. This also means that you will have to stay in this room as this is the only room hooked up with the waste system for dual catheterisation.”

They all then left the room and I took the opportunity to start to use my elbows, although they did ache somewhat. As I could now bend my arms I started to explore the lower region of my body. Previously, with my arms casted out straight, all I could feel was the outside of my leg casts. Now I could feel the tops of my thighs, and the lower part of my body between the tops of my leg casts and the metal body jacket. The body jacket was extremely smooth, as I had expected, and completely hard and inflexible. I tapped on the jacket and could not feel anything through the unyielding metal. I moved my hand until it came across the chastity section of the body jacket. I tried to see if I could get one of my fingers between my body and the metal form encasing this region. However, the chastity belt had obviously been made to match my body as had the metal body jacket, and it was pulled tight against my pubic bone, preventing all access. I moved my fingers further back between my thighs and felt the small plastic tube exiting my penis, and the larger bore metal tube and quick release connector exiting my rectum. Groping around here started to get me aroused once again, the feeling being quite enjoyable at first as my penis started to try and expand, but ultimately as before, it became uncomfortable and then it positively hurt, and all arousal disappeared.

Chapter 9 – The Sadist.

As promised, my rehabilitation continued, with the allowable range of arm motion being increased every second or third day. The routine of life with the 4 ladies continued like this for another 2 weeks or so, I found keeping track of time difficult due to the isolation. At times I was allowed to watch the TV, but often I spent most of my time alone in my quiet room. I wished that I could move my head around, but all I could do was face directly forwards. To be able to look around would have at least provided me with something to do. There were no other changes in my casts or braces in this period, but after the 2 weeks I had built up enough strength in my arms and with the full range of elbow motion I was able to sit myself up in the bed, and shuffle around the bed.

During this period Kay, Judith and Helen all came to me so that I could give them pleasure with my fingers, but none of them seemed the least inclined to remove me from the Chastity belt and let me have pleasure. I still normally started to get aroused, but the extent of my erections was getting less and less, almost as if my body was adapting to the lack of room. Mentally, I was turned on during every visit, and most of the time when I was alone, but I was getting worried that I would loose my physical response. Since I had been kidnapped and immobilized, allegedly for these ladies pleasure I thought that they might be rather disappointed when they did release me from the chastity belt. It was a lot easier to move my arms and bring the ladies to orgasm as I had with Kay. In addition, I could also reach their breasts and nipples, which further increased their pleasure and created more tension for myself as I get turned on when fondling breasts. Kay was my most frequent visitor for these social calls, and she always tried to keep my spirits up, and treated me well. I think that she had the most empathy for me and would have released me during this period, but she explained that their care of me was decided by consensus within the group and that the group decision was to keep me chaste for some time to come. “Jack, I know how much you would like release” she told me on one of her visits, “but, we are getting a lot of pleasure from you at the moment. Since we started living together, we have had to rely on each other for sexual pleasure, and we do not normally have same-sex relationships. Some times we have had brief sexual relationships with men, but without the casting or bracing aspect it has been unfulfilling sex. Therefore, to be given an orgasm by a casted and braced man, manually so to speak is the most pleasurable sex I have had for a long time. Therefore, we are saving real sex with you for a special occasion”. I suppose that this went some way to explaining there viewpoint, however, it did not help me with my own feelings of frustration and worries about loss of erection.

The worst part of this period though were the increasingly frequent visits by Anne, when she would slip in for at most 5 minutes and go through the normal routine of starving me of air by blocking my ventilation tube and nose. Anne never ever came in to receive any form of sexual pleasure from my hands, and I could only reason that she preferred her relationship with the other ladies, and really did not want a man around. She never really came in much with the others now, if she did I would certainly have tried to communicate something now I could move my arms around. In fact I was finding more and more that I was using my arms and hands to try and communicate. I had tried to make motions of writing, and they had understood I was asking for a pen and paper. But they told me that as they kept me tubed so I could not talk, they really did not want me writing to them either. Perhaps by depersonalising me they could feel a little less guilt at what they were doing to me. The only communication was still limited to the immediate tasks in hand at the time.

After this period of 2 weeks or so I awoke one morning to find Anne sitting on the side of the bed. “Morning, Sucker”, was her usual greeting “the others are out, so I have to nurse you this morning”. She helped my to sit up in the bed, and shuffle up to the top of the bed. She applied the ointment to the halo pins, swapped my food and drip bags and checked my catheters. She then said that she would have to change the urine drainage tube. She leaned over me with a new plastic tube and I heard the old tube being disconnected and a new one being connected as the quick release coupling was opened and then closed. Anne then drew a chair up to the end of the bed facing me and sat down. “How are you feeling Jack?” she asked. this was about the first polite question I had received when she visited me on her own. I blinked twice and put my thumbs up. I was a little taken my surprise at this reasonable behaviour. Anne continued “How are your halo pins and the two drainage tubes I inserted?”. Again I used my hands, trying to give a “so, so” sort of response, neither yes nor no. She picked up on the response and tried to get further “Do they sting or hurt in anyway?”, to which my response was no. “OK then are they just uncomfortable?” to which I replied yes using another 2 blinks. “OK then Jack, I do not think that you will ever loose that feeling of slight discomfort, but they all sound OK to me”.

Suddenly, there was the most intense burning pain inside my penis and this continued up into my body and abdomen. Anne sat rocking in the chair laughing to herself, and she raised a clear bag into my line of site connected to a clear plastic tube, which was connected to my drainage tube. “Oh Sucker”, called Anne, “I’ve put some dilute acid in this bag, and its burning your manhood away from the inside, and nobody will know because you can’t tell them. Oh how sweet”. The agony was unbearable, I tried to scream, my breathing became ragged, I was thrashing my arms around uncontrollably. I tried to get off the bed and get to Anne, but found that there was little I could do. As the agony got worse I thrashed around more, and during one of my contortions I felt my head move in the halo frame. My neck had not moved for over 2 months and a lot of strength had gone. Despite this the pain was so intense that I had managed to dislodge my skull from a number of the shallow halo pins. This was even more agony, I could feel long scratches where my flesh had been scored as I pulled it from under the pins. Anne just sat there laughing.

Unexpectedly, I heard a shout from the doorway, and Kay ran into the room “What the hell’s going on here Anne?” screamed Kay, pushing Anne away from the bed. Helen and Judith came into the room as well and came over to see me. I was breathing very heavily, holding my stomach and rocking about a little. My head was twisted sideways and blood was running down over my face. I heard Kay again, “What’s wrong with Jack, what are you doing here”. When Anne let go of the bag of acid, my bladder emptied itself back into the bag. the fluid in the bag was tinged slightly pink and was cloudy. Even though most of the contents had returned to the bag I was still being burnt from the inside. Anne eventually muttered something about acid. Judith disconnected the bag of acid from the drainage tube and just let me drain onto the floor. She left the room and returned with another clear bag. “Jack, this is water and we are going to flush you out. This will hurt just as much but we need to get this done as quickly as possible to minimise damage. I felt more fluid coursing backwards into my body, and another wave of agony passed over me. My neck stiffened again and I felt my skull jerk once more through the halo pins. After a few seconds more I started to feel quite drowsy, and realised that Helen had injected something into me. I never really lost consciousness, but became detached from what was happening. Helen and Kay grabbed Anne and pulled her kicking and screaming out of my room. Judith stayed behind, flushing another bag of clean water in and out of my tortured penis. She remained remarkably calm through all this and then I slowly recalled that she was an ER doctor. The drug had the effect of dulling most of the pain, and there must also have been something strong in there as I started to relax and stopped worrying about what was happening.

Helen then pulled me back down the bed slowly lowering my braced back so that my head did not slip further in the halo pins. She left the room and returned a few minutes later. “Jack, I know you can hear me, and if you concentrate you can probably understand. I need to get you out of the halo so that I can clean your head up and see what state it is in. However, as you have not moved your neck for months, and you have probably strained it pulling your head from the halo I will apply a brace to support your head. She lifted a SOMI brace body frame onto my metal body jacket and pushed it down until the shoulder bars rested on the shoulder sections of my metal jacket. She ran the straps around the back of the halo frame and down between my back and the bed and then fastened them to the front of the frame. She then looped the rear support bar around the back of my neck, between the support bars of the halo frame and clipped them in place. She followed this with the chin piece, clipped it into place and fastened the straps together. “Jack, the brace is on but the position is not ideal, but it is better than nothing. I can adjust it and tighten it as I remove the pins and get your head back into a forward looking position”. She then lifted a type of screwdriver, and slowly removed each of the 8 pins one at a time. The first 6 could be removed with me lying on my back, leaving the 2 rear pins supporting my head. She then straightened my head and replaced the chin section of the SOMI brace higher up and tightened the straps between the two supports. She then lifted me up and placed a pillow under my back, and withdrew the last 2 pins by hand, my head settling backwards until the SOMI was taking all of the weight. She then removed the pillow from under my back and let my lie down with my head resting on the bed, the first time for many weeks after having it always suspended in the air by the halo frame. She then said “I suggest that you have a sleep now, and we can have another look at you in a short while”.

Chapter 10 – The Banishment.

I slept fitfully for a few hours, waking several times due to the ache of the cuts in my head, and the dull ache in my penis and bladder. Sometime later Kay, Helen and Judith returned and woke me up. “Jack, were really sorry about what happened, none of us knew how much harm Anne wanted to do to you”, started Anne. I tried to look around, but the SOMI brace kept my head fairly immobile, but by straining my eyes I could actually see that all three women had plaster smears all over their clothes. Kay continued “well, you do not have to worry about Anne any more, we have punished her and she has been banished from the house”. Of course with the breathing and feeding tubes I could not ask what that meant, and looked questioningly at her. Kay realised and said “You do not need to worry what has happened to Anne, all you need worry about is recovering, and that is why we are here”.

Helen walked over to the side of the bed and sat on the edge by my shoulder. She explained that firstly, they were going to replace my halo frame, but they wanted to use a different type that would be less easy to pull out from. “Jack, we are going to drill a series of shallow holes into your skull, and insert some larger diameter pins that will locate in these holes”. I got very worried at this, and Helen twisted around and took hold of my hand, and slowly stroked it. “Come on Jack, we are all sorry for what happened, but I am afraid release from your halo is not in our plans” replied Helen. To do this best we would prefer to give you an anaesthetic, but after what you have been through, we are going to do it under local. At the same time we will insert an endoscope into your penis to asses the extent of the damage, and stitch up the worst of the cuts in your head.

Judith then approached me with a large syringe, and asked me to sit up. Kay and Anne helped me to sit up, supporting my head until I was vertical. Judith then commenced to inject the local anaesthetic into my skull, in 4 positions between the previous halo pin locations. Whilst the local was taking effect, Judith returned with a long small diameter black plastic tube like device with an eyepiece on the end. She disconnected my catheter from the drainage bag and slowly inserted the black tube up the catheter. Kay and Helen held onto me as I felt the endoscope start travelling up my ravaged internal passage. I tried to twist free as another flush of agony racked my body, but in my weakened and braced state I was held rigid. As Judith pulled the endoscope out she let out a sigh of relief, “You look very inflamed and sore, but there does not appear to be any permanent damage. You should be OK in a few weeks. We will keep giving you lots of water to keep flushing through and prevent infection”.

Judith returned to the cabinet at the end of the room and returned with what appeared to be a halo ring, but this had an extra bar which went over the top of the head, and a series of knobs around the rim and over head bar. She explained the device “Jack, this is a drilling jig for your new halo ring, I will position it on your head and tighten the hand screws to locate it. I can then drill into your skull through the holes such that they line up with the proper halo ring. With that she placed the drilling ring onto my head and started tightening the hand screws until she was satisfied with the line up of the holes. She then returned with a scalpel and a small hand drill. She showed me the drill bit, which had a boring tip about 3mm (1/8″) long and 6mm wide (1/4”). Above this there was a shoulder that would prevent the drill from going right through the skull as the hole was drilled. “I know this looks horrendous Jack” She said, “but with the local you will not feel a thing”. She then took the scalpel and cut a small flap of skin and underlying tissue away from my skull. She swapped to the drill, placed the bit through the first of the guide holes, past the flap of skin and started boring the hole into my skull. I have to admit that there was no sensation, but the sound was dreadful. What was worse was the vibrations I could feel propagating around my head and teeth as I clenched my mouth shut. She continued to repeat this with the other 3 holes. She then loosened the hand screws on the drilling frame and removed this from my head.

“Helen, are you going to stitch those cuts from the old halo pins before you put his new ring on?” asked Kay. Helen replied “I suppose I could, it will be easier without the ring in place”. She returned to the medical supplies cabinet and returned with a sealed tray. She then sewed up the largest of the tears in my skin, again I could feel very little. Finally, she returned with my new halo ring, and a set of new pins, which ended in quite large stubs. She inserted the 4 pins into the ring and screwed them in a short way by hand. She then asked Kay to hold the ring in place and Helen then screwed the pins in until they located in the holes in my skull. “Right Jack, all I need to do now is tighten them a little so as to prevent any movement, but this will not hurt at all”. She took out a pair of spanners and tightened the screws a little, one at a time. She then jiggled the halo ring around and made sure it was secure. She then took up the second spanner and tightened down the locking bolts onto the pins. “There you are Jack, all tight and secure, all that remains is to attach the new halo ring to the uprights from your wonderful, smooth shiny metal body brace”. She was good to her word and she inserted the bolts from the uprights into the new halo ring. “Kay, Judith, will you please pull up on the halo ring please while I tighten the ring into the super structure, I want to put him into some extension to minimise the amount of neck movement he can get”. The ladies pulled tightly upwards on the ring, and Helen quickly tightened up the final bolts. Kay then removed the SOMI brace, leaving me much as before, Immobile from my hips up to my head, in the most beautiful halo brace ever.

Kay and Judith then helped me to lie back down onto the bed. “That’s all finished Jack”, said Helen. “Thanks for being co-operative, it wasn’t in our plans to do this, please accept our apologies again”. I tried to some the best I could, fully knowing that I had little choice, even if these 3 were not involved in Anne’s torture session, they had all been involved in previous torture of my body and mind. Judith and Helen left the room but Kay remained sat next to me on the bed. She leaned over “Jack, I would love to do something for you to give you loads of pleasure, but you know better than me that this is not possible with the chastity belt on. I feel really mean, and only hope that you are managing to enjoy being in your halo brace, body jacket, arm braces and leg casts. I would hate it if you were starting to loose your passion for braces and casts”. She moved her hands and started stroking the small area of skin at the tops of my legs, between the tops of my leg casts and the bottom of the metal body jacket. She changed the angle of her fingers and started stroking me with the tips of her long fingernails, rubbing harder and harder. I started to get aroused, and my breathing deepened. Kay picked up on this, and started to dig her fingers into my thighs, “come on Jack, your loving this, let’s see if I can’t get you to climax perhaps”. She leant further over me and started stroking my neck. I have to admit that this was the most I had been aroused for some time, but due to the restrictions of the tube inside the chastity belt, I could not enlarge at all and eventually realised that I was not going to climax. By this time Kay was as aroused as I had ever seen her, and I suppose I just went soft. I moved my right arm around as best I could within the confines of the Prime arm brace and sought the moist patch between her legs. I also managed to reach her breasts with my left arm, although I could not angle my wrist to cup and stroke them, I was able to lightly stroke her nipples. Within about 30 seconds she exploded, going rigid, digging her nails deeply into my thigh with one hand and grabbing hold of the halo uprights with the other. After a few minutes she settled down, and lay on the narrow space on the edge of the bed. She laid her hand across my chest, but of course I could not feel anything. We lay like that for some time before I noticed that she was softly crying. “Thank you Jack, she whispered, Thank you. Please understand that I would do better for you, if you behave and keep the others happy then I am sure that your situation will improve dramatically. With that she got up and left.

Chapter 11 – The Pleasuring.

Life continued much as it always had for the next few weeks. I slept, I was fed and watered through my feeding tube, I had my catheters and drainage tubes checked, I had my halo pins checked and antiseptic cream applied. The ladies dropped in to see me and talk to me and occasionally one of them would have me bring her to climax with my hands, positioning herself so that I could reach between her thighs due to the restriction of my arm braces. Slowly over a week or so I noticed that the raw sensation in my penis and bladder was subsiding and the cuts on my head were healing. Helen removed the stitches after 10 days and said that they had healed well although I was left with some scars. The new halo ring was extremely solidly attached to my skull, in fact I felt its presence a lot less than the previous one. Perhaps as this was fitted into drilled holes the screws were not forced into my skull, creating that compressed feeling.

After 3 weeks the Kay, Helen and Judith entered my room looking quite pleased with themselves. Helen was carrying a tray with three syringes on, both fully loaded. Kay bent over me and stroked my cheek, “Good afternoon Jack” she said, “since you seem to have healed after your acid wash, we have decided that we will all have sex with you today. We have all been waiting for this day for ages, and I suspect you have as well”. I wondered what would happen, I know I had been in a plaster body cast, and was now in a metal body jacket with halo and I had been turned on for months now. However, pitifully, my penis has been trapped inside a small metal tube, part of my body jacket and I had not had an erection for ages.

Kay came over with a key and unlocked the padlock on the front on my metal body jacket and released the metal strip that went between my legs. She lifted this away revealing my penis inside its tube. The trouble was I had the drainage tube attached into the end of my penis, so she detached the plastic tube from the end of the metal insert. She then screwed a cap into the insert “Jack, this is so you do not leak into us, a sort of ultimate contraceptive”. What I thought, well at least I could still have an orgasm even if there was nowhere for me to discharge to. “Hell, this is going to be a hell of an orgasm after all this time” I thought to myself, and I started to get quite excited. “Hold on Jack”, called Kay as she tugged the metal tube, “lets get this off first and then you can get all excited”. With that the metal slipped off and I started to become erect.

Helen then walked over with the first syringe and inserted it into the end of the intravenous line in my arm. “Jack, this is a syringe of muscle relaxant, if you misbehave you’ll get the full load, and then well have to punish you. I know you are reasonably free now and we do not want to tie you down whilst we have sex with you, so this will just sit here and if you behave”. She then picked up a second syringe and found a vein inside the crook of my elbow. “Jack, there are three of us, and I know you have been prevented from having any sexual pleasure for months. Therefore we are going to give you a shot of Viagra to make sure you get an enormous and long lasting erection, so that we can all have a turn with you”. She then inserted the needle and gave me the shot. She picked up the third and last syringe and moved down to level with my waist. “Hold still please Jack”, she said, and inserted the next syringe into the base of my penis and gave me the full shot. “Jack, that final one if you are wondering is a good dose of Novocaine, a local anaesthetic. I am afraid that the sex session is for our pleasure and not for your pleasure”. I was gutted, this really was quite horrendous and I felt a tremendous let down. I started loosing feeling in my penis and I am sure that I started to loose my erection. After 5 minutes the Viagra kicked in, rapid action based on intravenous rather than oral delivery. I still had enough sensation in my penis to feel it becoming rock hard, and much larger than ever before. In fact it seemed to ache from being stretched after months of being limited to life in a tube 1″ diameter and 3″ long. After another 5 minutes I could not feel a thing at all, and when Judith leant over and grabbed hold of it I could not tell she was holding it until she gave it a good pull.

“Clear off you two”, Judith said to Kay and Helen, he’s mine first, and dutifully they left the room. Judith walked over to the bed, and sat on the side of the bed. “Please help me to undress she asked”. This was difficult, my legs were still in plaster set about 90 degree apart with a spreader bar and with my metal jacket I could not turn around at all. I managed to get myself sat up, and with my braced arms started to undo her blouse, and then her bra. She had the largest erect nipples, and she moaned softly, lost in her own sexual enjoyment. She stood, and I tried to undo her skirt, but could not get my fingers in the right position, so she undid it and let it fall to the floor. She then dropped her briefs and pushed me back down onto the bed. She climbed onto the bed and then knelt astride me and leant forward with her hands resting on the chest portion of my metal body jacket. She gently lowered herself onto my erect penis and immediately climaxed. I felt nothing, absolutely nothing, and I just lay there mentally disconnected to this woman on my body. My penis was totally numb and the body jacket and leg casts prevented me from feeling anything of Judith either. She then sat back a little and wiggled until I was obviously right inside her, “play with my breasts please Jack” she asked. I sort of shrugged, why I wondered, what was in it for me, I was not really enjoying this. When I did not she leaned forward and whispered “Do you want the next syringe”. So, I lifted my arms and started to gently squeeze her nipples. Her moans increased and she tried to get her buttocks even lower down. This continued for another few minutes when she exploded into another orgasm.

This carried on for about 30 minutes, by which time she had had 5 or 6 orgasms and had worn herself out. She climbed wearily off the bed, and as she stood she was a little unsteady. “Thank you, Jack, that was wonderful” she whispered, she looked genuinely happy, “I wish I was” was about all I could think. Helen came in a few minutes after Judith left, checked my erection and stated she was happy with the dosage of Viagra. Things proceeded very similar to when Judith had used me for her sexual pleasure. She had a whale of a time, screaming and grasping what little flesh I had exposed when she climaxed. As with Judith, Helen left with a polite thank you and a happy but weary smile on her face.

Kay came in a few minutes later, and sat on the side of the bed, quietly weeping. “Oh Jack, what have we done to you, you do not deserve this, I had no idea how difficult this would be when we planned this originally. It seemed so impersonal then, but now we have a real person here and we are treating you badly”. I actually started to feel bad, and managed to get myself sat up, and shunted myself around a little so that I was sat next to her, with half of my plastered legs hanging off the side of the bed. I placed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her towards me to comfort her. This only produced further tears, “Jack, thanks that’s kind of you. I don’t think I can have sex with you under these circumstances.” With that she turned and looked at me, so I blinked twice at her, “what, do you mean I can?” she asked, so I blinked twice again. She placed her hands inside my thighs, and stroked the little bit of skin that was exposed between the bottom of my metal body jacket and the tops of my plaster leg casts. That felt very good, especially when she caught the edge of the numbed region, which felt sort of tingly. She leant over me and started to chew me on this bit of exposed flesh which was even more enjoyable, “come on jack, lie back down” she moaned. She helped me lie down and turned me back on the bed. Once again things went as they did with the other 2 ladies, but Kay took quite a long time with me. She did try to do something for me by biting and nibbling and stroking me with her long nails, but it was still nothing compared to being able to feel myself having sex. After what seemed like an age, I started to get some feeling back in my penis, and it was still huge and rock hard. Obviously, the Viagra dose had been relatively larger than the Novocaine. My breathing started to become faster and I started to moan as I became aroused. Kay looked up “what’s happening Jack, you seem to be enjoying this now”. I looked down as far as I could and blinked twice and tried to grin. I repeated this a few times, and eventually she cottoned on “Jack, can you feel again” she asked. I blinked twice and Kay smiled back at me and redoubled her efforts on top of me, come on jack, let’s make sure you have some pleasure this afternoon.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and Helen called through, “Kay, its been 2 hours, Jack either needs another shot of local or it’s time to finish with him, the effect will be wearing off shortly. What do you want to do, so that I can come in and sort him out”. Kay shouted back that she would be finished in a few minutes and then Helen could tidy me up. However, Helen was having none of this, “come on Kay, finish now or let me in to give him another shot”. Kay looked down at me “Sorry Jack, I really had hoped to wait long enough to give you an orgasm, perhaps next time”. With that she got up and put on a few clothes and left the room. Helen came back in, all business like and walked over to the syringe of muscle relaxant that had been lying by the bed all afternoon and injected it into my body. After a few minutes I began to feel the effects of this, and I noticed that I was loosing my erection. Helen leaned over “we’ve got to watch Kay, I think she’s gone soft on you, and we can’t have that. If she goes to far then we’ll have to get Anne back to counteract her or perhaps banish Kay as well”. As the drug continued to work I found that I could not lift my arms and eventually I was completely paralysed. “Well Jack”, said Helen, time to put you away till the next time. She washed my penis and placed it back into the metal tube. She then removed the cap from the end on the metal insert and fastened the drainage tube back on. She folded my encased penis back between my legs and attached the metal band to my body jacket encasing the penis tube and my balls. Finally, she locked the chastity portion of the jacket back in place and left the room.

I felt used, dirty and humiliated. I started to cry to myself, it was the worst I had felt whilst living with these strange women for some time. Did they not realise, if only they had given me the chance of some pleasure, I would have been really well disposed towards them. However, given my state, there was little I could do, and I was more than a little frightened of being immobilized and tortured again. The only hope I had was Kay, and the others realised that she was too lenient by their standards. I eventually fell into a troubled sleep.

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