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The Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

Chapter One – The Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

I’m a 38 year old male and I guess my fascination with the Milwaukee brace started around the age of 12 for me. But this story starts for me when my then eleven year old sister was diagnosed with scoliosis and began wearing a Milwaukee brace. This was 1966 and I was only five at the time. That first brace was a primitive Milwaukee. I remember her having to be casted for the pelvic girdle and then all the fitting sessions. The girdle was made of heavy leather with the monel metal strips and the large hinge in front. Back then it was made of steel bars and it had the chin pad. Her curve was a thoracic curve so she had the large L pad on the right side connected to a large outrigger and she had the auxiliary sling under her left arm. The brace was very restrictive and cumbersome. She was teased a lot in school and I remember all the days she came home crying from school. She wore the Milwaukee Brace for five years. It was summer time when I was around twelve when I found her last Milwaukee Brace stashed in the garage. She had stopped wearing the brace when she was sixteen but it looked like it could almost fit me. I was home alone one day and decided to try it on. It was hard at first, slipping my arms through the bars, sliding the girdle around my hips and the chin pad under my chin. It may have been a little long on me but for some reason it felt good and interesting. I guess from that moment on, I wished I could have been the one that had Scoliosis, not my sister. Then came the seventh grade. I was early for a class around mid term time and was sitting in the back with my friends when this girl walked into the room. I had known this girl ever since the first grade but we really didn’t know each other and I really never paid much attention to her. But right away the Milwaukee Brace she was wearing caught my eye. She was wearing a button down shirt tucked into some stretch jeans and the front bar and neck ring of her brace stood out. Her long blonde hair covered the back neck ring. Though her brace had the throat mold rather than the chin pad, I knew that what her brace was for and I was really turned on by it. This was the first time I had seen someone in a Milwaukee since my sister got out of hers. This Girls name was Lisa and as it turned out it was her first day to school with her brace. She looked scared and all the kids just stared at her. There were whispers and you could hear the kids chuckling and laughing. But I didn’t. I felt sorry for her. I knew that Lisa lived on my way home from school and I made sure that I got to the corner at school before all the other kids really got there. I waited hoping to see Lisa but she never came, she had met her mom out in front of school for a ride home. The next day at school I thought about talking to her, asking her about her brace, but the time never seemed right. She had some friends who seemed to never leave her side and of course I couldn’t let my friends see me talking to the brace girl. This went on for about a week. Then one day while I was walking home from school, I saw her walking alone. She was sort of leaning forward and the brace rocked side to side as she slowly walked. As I caught up to her, I took a deep breath called her name. First her head swung around slightly before the neck ring stopped it, then her body turned which brought her head around. She had a scared look on her face, probably wondering what I was going to tease her about. That’s when I asked her, “When did you get the Milwaukee Brace?” She was astonished that I even knew that it was a Milwaukee. She had gotten it only a week earlier and she had found out she had Scoliosis during the school screening that we had a couple of months before. Then I told her about my sister, the type of curve she had and that she too had worn a Milwaukee. I told her she ought to feel lucky that she had the type she had instead of the chin pad. From that moment on, Lisa and I were friends. She told me about how scared she was and about all the troubles she had with the brace and the kids. That following weekend, Lisa came over to my house and met my parents and sister. After showing her my sisters brace, my mom and my sister talked to Lisa for hours, talking about what to wear under the brace, what to wear over the brace, to put rubbing alcohol and baby powder on her hips. It didn’t take long for Lisa and I to really become best of friends. The more we hung around each other, the more my friends liked her and really to that matter, her friends too and we all started hanging around with each other. Within a few months, the staring and teasing at school stopped and by then Lisa probably didn’t care what other people thought of her brace. Lisa and I had a great friendship but not a relationship. She always said that she loved me for the fact that I understood exactly what she was going through. Being with her everyday was a high for me. The more I knew her, the more I wondered what it would be like to wear a Milwaukee all the time, in public, to bed. It wasn’t until that summer that I got to see Lisa’s brace for the first time, all of her brace. She came over for a swim part and put the brace in my sister’s room. At the pool we got to see Lisa in a bathing suit without her brace, her S curve very noticeable. During that day, I snuck upstairs and picked up Lisa’s brace. It was much lighter than my sisters; it obviously had an aluminum front bar, a smaller outrigger and the throat mold. The girdle was made of plastic with the foam lining. It had the auxiliary sling on the left, the L pad on the right and the back left portion of the girdle was higher on the left and padded for her lumbar curve. How I wished I was Lisa’s size, much smaller just to try it on. The next school year, the 8th grade, Lisa and I met Debby, an 8th grader and new to the school. Actually she introduced herself to Lisa because she wore a full over the breast Boston brace for Scoliosis. Again I was fascinated by the Boston but not nearly as much as the Milwaukee.

By the time we reached the 10th grade it was obvious that Lisa would need surgery on her back. Her double primary curve had reached well into the 50-degree range and she was having pain and shortness of breath. She looked better with the brace on. By then she was playing field hockey with the brace and was a frosh soph cheerleader. She would have been a great spokesperson for the Milwaukee back then. By that summer at the age of sixteen, Lisa’s time in her brace ended with spinal fusion and a Harrington rod. Two weeks later, Lisa was put into a Risser/Cotrel full body cast which she wore for six months and then a Boston Brace for another six. When we were starting our senior year in high school, Lisa’s family moved from California to New York. That would be the last time I saw Lisa. We wrote for months on end, then the letters became less frequent and then they stopped. What I missed most about Lisa was not seeing her in her brace. By the time I got to college, I found that we had a great medical library. That’s when I continued my fascination with researching Scoliosis and the Milwaukee. I collected a huge collection of photocopies of Scoliosis, braces and casts. I think at one time, I had every single picture of a Milwaukee that has ever been published. Many of these you can find at NBAK and the Milwaukee Brace page even now. I guess I carried my fascination with the Milwaukee brace one step farther. While in college, I got the idea of building my own Milwaukee Brace. I was going to use parts of my sister’s brace on it, but looking in my parent’s garage, I figured that they had thrown it away. What a waste, her brace was beautiful. So I made one. I made it out of Aluminum stock for the front bar, steel stock in the back. I actually incorporated hinges in ½ inch stock for a neck ring. I found a knob, similar to the neck ring knob you would find on the Milwaukee. I know this sounds really primitive, I made the girdle out of cardboard boxes reinforced with plumber’s tape and tin plates. I used these to give support to the bars. I then used a white insulating tape cover everything. It actually looked pretty good except it didn’t have the iliac grooves. Then I mounted my superstructure to it. Then I needed throat molds and occipital pads. I made these from polypropylene and used a torch to form them. Unless you really got up close, you couldn’t tell the difference. I then had some traps for the girdle and actually made some pretty good-looking L pads and auxiliary slings. After a lot of machining and buffing, I think I had a pretty good-looking Milwaukee Brace. I built it in five days at my parent’s house while they were on vacation. Then I put it on. Putting it on was difficult as imagined it to be, just like my sisters. But the feeling was sensational. I tried sitting in it, it rode to high so I adjusted it. Just like the real thing. Then I got the feeling to go out in public with it, but where? I couldn’t wear it around where I lived, what if someone saw me? Then what to wear? So I put on a pair of jeans, it was tight around the waist but it worked and I tucked in a V-neck collared shirt, one that revealed enough of the front bar and neck ring. I had adjusted the brace enough that I could drive and when I got out; I could just pull it up a little. But now to where I could go. I live in Southern California so there were many places. I ended up going to a mall well out of my area. It was fascinating walking around and letting people see my brace. Then I saw this girl, I was in my early 20’s, she looked to be about 18 to 20. She was drop dead pretty, about 5’ 6″, short brunette hair and was wearing a black top and black jeans and obviously had Scoliosis. The tilt of her shoulders down to her left, her waist slanted up to her left and even standing straight, her obvious rib hump. As I walked around towards her, trying not to be noticeable, I saw she was alone. That’s when I wondered if she had worn a Milwaukee for it? She then walked into a ladies dress shop and walked around for about five minutes. I tried to look like I was looking at something in the store next door. When she started walking out, she undoubtedly saw me, but no reaction. So at that time, I just figured she didn’t know what a Milwaukee Brace was. I then started heading to a record store on the other side of the mall. People continued to look at me but no real response. I was looking at some tapes when I heard a voice behind me say, “excuse me.” When I turned, I saw that girl standing there. She said, “I couldn’t help noticing you have a brace on, do you have Scoliosis?” Now I confounded and speechless. Here was this gorgeous girl and I didn’t know what to say. Finally I decided to play along. I nodded as best I could and said that I had just had surgery for it not too long ago. That was the best I could do figuring that with my age and being a guy that would work. “Oh really!” her interest flew open. I nodded and she replied, “The reason I asked is that I wore one of those for three years.” I played stupid and asked, “You have Scoliosis?” She smiled and nodded. Then she went on saying that she had like 40 degree curves (which it looked about right) and a couple of years before that her Orthopedist had recommended surgery. Here was a former brace wearer and my brace was passing off to be real! Then she asked about me and I told her I had a thoracic curve, diagnosed at the age of thirteen in school screening and started the brace then. Got out of it in my junior year in high school but my curve continued to worsen to 60 degrees and I had to have surgery a few months prior to that. I was so convincing that Teresa, age 19, asked what I was going to be doing for the rest of the evening. She hadn’t eaten………So I went with her to the Red Robin and we talked for two hours, about Scoliosis, the Milwaukee Brace and the surgery. I really think I eased her thoughts about the surgery and she was convinced she was going to have it done. When she asked me for my phone number, that’s when my heart skipped a beat. What to do, here was my dream girl, beautiful and had Scoliosis to boot. But everything was a lie. And I surely couldn’t give her my phone number that was my friends and my apartment. That was it, I had to give up my lie or give her a phony number and say goodbye which I did. At that point I wish I would have met Teresa without the brace. I would continue to go to different places, restaurants, bars and the school library. Often rifling interests but nothing like Teresa. Then that following New Years, I met my friends out in Palm Springs and we went to the Rusty Pelican for lunch. In the trunk of my car was my brace sitting next to golf clubs. While eating, I saw this waitress. She was older than me, but pretty. And obviously had a thoracic scoliosis, maybe in the 40 degree range. The same thought I had with Teresa came over me. Convinced that this waitress hadn’t seen me, I decided to return by myself for an early dinner. I went back to my motel room and changed into nice slacks and a shirt. The brace obviously showed. When I got to the restaurant I told the hostess I would be expecting another person but with my back, could get our table. They weren’t busy and she didn’t recognize me from the hour and a half before. As I sat down at the table and held the menu up, I looked around and there was no sign of the waitress. Convinced that she may have been off, I figured I would sit there a little while longer, like I was waiting and my date never showed. But then from behind me, she appeared and better yet, she was my waitress. When she saw me, it was like she saw a ghost and right then I knew she had worn a Milwaukee. I ordered a drink and when she brought it back she asked if I needed more time with the menu. She wasn’t going to ask me. When she came back about a minute later, I ordered and took a breath before asking her, “I don’t want to sound weird, but I couldn’t help noticing you have Scoliosis.” It didn’t take her by surprise at all as she smiled and said, “I noticed you do too.” Again with my patented story and then she told me about hers, 4 years in an exact Milwaukee. There would be a few more encounters like that, but also some very close calls, the last for making an illegal lane change and having a female CHP officer pull me over. She was going to give me a ticket until she saw my brace and she let me off. She had to know what the brace was for! That would be the last time I wore it. That was enough to put it away and eventually throw it away. To this day, I still have a fascination for the Milwaukee and Scoliosis. Whenever I see someone who has Scoliosis, there is always that hope that I could get to know them and see if they had worn a brace for it. I dated a girl from my gym last year and it was really funny to find out after a few dates that she had Scoliosis. I didn’t even know it, I guess I had lost my touch. Then I found out she had worn a Boston Brace. She was kind of stuck up on herself and we only dated a few times. I guess I am still looking for someone like Lisa or Teresa.

Chapter Two – The Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

As in the first part of my story, I have always had a fascination with Scoliosis and especially the Milwaukee Brace. My sister and a friend of mine both wore the Milwaukee in different era’s and both ended up having surgery for their Scoliosis. As I got older and into college, I used to collect pictures of Milwaukee’s and Boston’s. I even made my own Milwaukee Brace and wore it in public. But that was the early 80’s and though I still thought about Scoliosis and the Milwaukee, I wasn’t active with my fascination until about two years ago when I discovered NBAK and the Milwaukee Brace Page. Seeing pictures and hearing stories about the braces rekindled my interest to the point that I donated several of my collected pictures to both Bink and Bertil at the Milwaukee Brace Page. I also thought of possibly purchasing a Milwaukee Brace for my own use. There was a part of me who wanted to go for it, but the other part of me won out with reason. There was no way I could do it without my girlfriend from finding out. There was no way she could understand. So I put it in the back of my mind. But then just after the first of the year, my girl friend and I broke up. The Milwaukee Brace thing had nothing to do with it, just a lot of indifference’s. It was just shortly after the first of the year when I sent Bink a note for a want ad for a Milwaukee Brace. I had a few responses from it, but it was still hard to make the decision to go ahead and do it. It wasn’t the price; instead it was that little voice saying that this was stupid! But then two things happened in February which would change everything.

I came home one night from work and signed on to check my email. I had a note from a lady who had a Milwaukee Brace she wanted to sell. This was actually her sons last Milwaukee Brace that he wore for Scoliosis. In fact she had two braces, the first that he had out grown and the second he wore before having surgery just last year at the age of 18. Honestly, she thought that the Nbak thing was weird, but she had these two braces sitting in her garage collecting dust. And best of all, she was only asking 200 bucks for each of them. Right then I realized this was it! So I called her. Fortunately she lives in San Diego which is about an hour from where I live. I agreed to meet with her Monday of the following week.

That Saturday before brace pickup day, I played golf with my buddies out in Pedley which is near Riverside. It was a rain soaking drenching day, actually very miserable. As we left the golf course to go our separate ways, I decided to go to the local branch of my bank and do some transactions. The bank was busy and the teller line was long. I almost decided walk out and head for home. But I am so glad that I didn’t. As I stood in the teller line, I looked around the bank. Being a Saturday, all the workers in the bank were casually dressed. There were four tellers working. Two were older women, the third was a Hispanic girl in her twenties and then there was the cute blonde on the far left. She looked to be in her early 30’s and around 5’ 8″ or so with short blonde hair and she had a nice slim figure. She had just a yellow v collared shirt on and blue jeans. She just had that look like she was very polite and pleasant. And like most of the male customers waiting in line, I hoped to get her window. As the line moved slowly, I began to notice something about this blonde. It was the way she was standing at her window. Her left shoulder was noticeably lower than her right, and her upper body seemed twisted back around to her right. Right then the thought that she possibly had Scoliosis crossed my mind. As I got closer to the head of the line, she turned and walked towards a desk to the back, obviously needing a signature from the lady sitting there. As soon as she turned and walked away, my suspicions were correct. Her right shoulder blade stuck way out into the back of her shirt and the right side of her back was much fuller than her left. Her waist was also tilted up to her left. As she bent forward slightly at the desk, the right side of her back formed a bulging rib hump which was about three inches higher than the left side of her back, the most obvious symptom of Scoliosis, the rib hump. Immediately I wondered if she had worn a brace for it as a teenager. When it finally came to be my turn, I was disappointed that I didn’t get her window, but I did manage to get the teller to her left. As I walked up to the window I looked over at the name plate at the blondes window and saw that her name was Jennifer Noble. As I did my deposit, I couldn’t help look at Jennifer and wonder? As I walked out into the parking lot, I realized that I wanted a Milwaukee more than ever now.

I went home sick around noon on Monday and headed down to San Diego. As I drove down there I wondered just how good this brace was going to be for just 200 bucks. But when I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her son had thoracic Scoliosis so the brace had a large L pad hanging from the right rear bar and a rather long outrigger which was absolutely perfect. It also had an auxiliary sling, and a perfect neck ring with the hinge in the front where the front bar attached and intact throat mold and occipital pads. Her son was rather tall so the length of the brace was no problem. Then there was the white poly with foam lined girdle. It looked like it could almost fit me. Her son had a problem coping with Scoliosis, and he gained a lot of weight. This last girdle had to be custom made to fit him. That was the most amazing part of all this, it looked like it could almost fit. She thought that he was around a 40 waist. I’m a 44. The brace would take some modifying but it would definitely work. But then she showed me his first brace, it was identical to the one I was buying except it was a little shorter but the girdle was about the same size. I just couldn’t resist both braces for 400 bucks!

All the way home from San Diego, all I could think about was getting to work on this thing so that I could wear it as soon as possible. The first thing I had to work on was the girdle. I knew it had to be made bigger but how? It wasn’t going to take very much. I knew going into buying a Milwaukee that I most likely would need to make my own girdle as I did in the 1980s but that would look like crap and these girdles were too good not to try and use them. When I got home that late afternoon, I took the braces and set them on my work bench in the garage. I stood there looking at them for about ten minutes. Then I decided to remove both super structures. That’s when I took the girdle that I was going to use and opened it as far as I could, but I just couldn’t get it around my hips, it was just too narrow. That’s when I decided to use a fine tooth hacksaw and cut the girdle down the middle on the sides. I then took the front portion of the girdle and placed it over my front. It was too tight going around the front of my hips, so I cut a little more off. This time it seemed okay when I tried it on. Then I tried both back parts of it on. They too had to be cut more. When I finished I realized that I had to find some way to extend it. I then decided on a plan for the girdle but I would need to wait until the next day to get my materials. So then I decided to turn my attention to the neck ring. I opened up the ring in the back and put the ring around my neck, letting the bars dangle down my body. Right away I knew that the ring was too narrow front to back and side to side. It needed to be bigger. Like on a lot of Milwaukee’s, there was a white tape wrapped around the sides of the ring, from the hinges back. I undid the tape and saw that the ring was adjusted about as far as it would go. That’s when I decided that I needed to go to Home Depot. I purchased a half inch wide bar stock of steel. Stainless would have been better but harder to work on and I planned on recovering the sides of the neck ring with the same kind of white tape anyways. I also purchased several extra round head stainless steel screws the size that are used throughout the brace. I then made to 4 inch long pieces. I then took the neck ring apart and marked my extensions where the threaded screw holes were on the front. I then marked the other side of the extensions where the slots were on the back portion of the ring. I drilled the holes out and threaded them. I then drilled a series of holes where the slots are and then filed the slots clean. Actually after rounding the corners and buffing the extensions there were not too far off of the look of the metal on the ring. I then reversed the extensions, putting the slotted end of the extension over the screw holes in the front and secured them. Then I put the slotted back part of the ring over the extensions and screwed them into place, leaving them a little loose. Now I put the neck ring back on and it was plenty long but just not too wide enough. I took it off and took hold of each side of the ring with both hands and opened it wider. I then put the ring back on and it was perfect, actually bending it slightly shorted the length of it perfectly. I then secured the screws. By the time I had completed this, it was nearly midnight.

The next morning I called in sick and headed into Santa Ana to the plastics shop I had bought the plastic I used in my home made brace back in the 1980s. I purchased two sheets of white 1/8″ poly plastic and a large two part epoxy which was an off white color. I was then referred over to an insulation company where I was able to purchase some really tight foam like the type that is used on the inside of the girdle. It was pretty expensive. I then again stopped at home depot and picked up some rivets for my gun. When I got home, I cut the plastic to the length and width I thought I needed. At 1/8th of an inch the plastic was flexible to a point I could bend it enough to see that it did fit around my hips. Now to my plan. I knew that I couldn’t replicate the way the original brace fit in and over the hips but I decided to try and get it as close as possible. That’s when I decided to try and use the other girdle as a mold. It was about the same size but going on the outside of it as a mold might make what I was trying to do bigger. So got out my propane torch and started experimenting with the other pieces of plastic I had cut. At an 1/8″ it didn’t take much heat to get the plastic soft enough to bend. I got it warm and put it up against the outside of the girdle forming it into the iliac grooves. It took a few attempts at each one, but I came up with two which looked really half way decent. Now it was time to attach the extensions. I then used C clamps to attach the extensions where I thought they would need to be. This allowed me to fuddle with it for over an hour to get an idea of what I needed. When I was satisfied, I then drilled four 1/8″ holes in where the extensions overlapped the girdle. When I was done, I undid the clamps and mixed up the epoxy. I then coated the ends of the extensions where they overlapped the girdle parts and then went to work. I put the extensions on and then riveted them into place. I had to cut away some of the foam on the inside of the girdle to shim the rivets. Once done, I filed down the rivet ends on the inside of the girdle. I then coated the edges and the rivets on the outside of the extensions with the epoxy. When I was finished, it looked pretty good. I waited for about a half an hour until the epoxy was hard to the touch and then I went to work on the inside of the girdle. The foam I bought was slightly thicker than the foam on the inside of the girdle. But it worked out just fine because of the over lap of the extensions. I cut it to fit and then contact glue to glue it to the inside of the extensions. I then refilled the area of the foam that I had cut away to get to the rivets. I then put the super structure back onto the girdle. The outrigger and straps looked to be in a good position on the bars but I decided to take the straps off so that I could fit the brace and then reinstall them. All of this modifying of the brace took most of my day and knowing that I had to let the epoxy cure, I left it on the work bench and decided not to do anything with it until the next day.

All day at work, all I could think about was getting home and putting on the brace. The day just seemed to take forever and the drive home couldn’t have gotten any slower. When I got home I changed into a T-shirt and shorts and practically ran out to the garage and picked up the brace. Though the pelvic girdle wasn’t perfect, it still looked pretty good. It was a little flexible opening it but I knew once it was strapped shut it would be fine. I took my shirt off and dropped my shorts. Again the brace opened fairly easy and as I slid it around my hips, I was really surprised on how it fit. I first closed the neck ring and then reached behind me and ran the girdle strap around the right bar and back through the buckle which was closer to the left bar. I then pulled the strap, holding the girdle up as I did and I felt the sides of the girdle slide in over my hips. Then I could feel the stomach flap push in while the back of the brace pushed in on my lower buttocks. I pulled the strap really tight and buckled it through the sharp prongs. The girdle felt wonderful but the bars were slightly too short and were touching my upper back. I took the brace off and put it on a couple of times as I lengthened the bars and bent them slightly. I realized that if I was going to go out in public in the brace, I would have to keep the neck ring and throat mold low enough so that I would be able to see to drive. Then I did the sitting test and the girdle dug into my hips where the extensions were so I had to trim them, but once I got that figured out, the brace fit wonderfully. Then it came time to put the straps back on. I took it off and attached them to the rear bars. I then put the brace back on and first reached around to took the end of the strap to the L pad and pulled it around my right side to the front. There was just enough strap to run it through the small buckle at the end of the outrigger which was about to inches below my right nipple the buckle was just in line with it. As I pulled the strap tight, I felt the top portion of the L pad cover half of my shoulder blade and the bottom of the L came around my right side, just below my armpit. Her son had a very high thoracic curve. As I pulled the strap, the neck ring swung over and made contact with the left side of my neck. That’s when I buckled the strap and then reached around to my left and took hold of the auxiliary sling. I ran it up under my left armpit and ran it through the small tab buckle which was attached to the front bar about three inches below the throat mold. As I ran it through the strap and pulled it tighter, the neck ring centered on my neck. As I stood straight, the feeling I had was sensational. My brace was complete. I took the brace off then wrapped the neck ring with the white tape I had bought.

I knew from the experience I had with my fake brace in the 80’s it is much easier to put your pants, shoes and socks on before you put the brace on. I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of Wrangler blue jeans that were really too big for me. After I had put my shoes on, I stood up and lowered my pants. Then I put the brace back on. I then put on a Greg Norman blue and white golf shirt, making sure I got it over the back of the neck ring and pulled it down. I then tucked it into my jeans and buckled the pants. It was a weird feeling really not being able to feel my pants around my waist. I then turned to the mirror and saw how fantastic the brace looked on me. The outrigger protruded just enough out into the shirt and the pants actually fit a little loose to show off the girdle underneath. I then took a hand mirror and turned to look at how my back looked in the wall mirror. The bars were just visible enough in my shirt as was the L pad. The top half of the neck ring and all the occipital pads could be seen just above the collar of my shirt. It was absolutely perfect. That night I moved around my house wearing the brace, sitting and watching TV and then I took it off to take a shower. That’s when I saw the red marks on my skin and decided it would be best to wear a T-shirt under the brace. After my shower, I put a T-shirt on and then the brace. I then headed to bed. As I laid there on my back, with a pillow under both the neck ring and my head, the sensation was unbelievable. I just couldn’t believe that this brace felt like it did. Thursday and Friday of that week, I couldn’t wait to get home from work to put my brace on. I wanted to get used to it before I ventured out on Saturday as I had planned.

Saturday, March the 4th 2000 would change my life. After sleeping in the brace, I got up that morning and took it off to shower. Again I got dressed before putting the brace on. This time I had decided to wear a pair of Levi’s which fit a little tight around the girdle but showed it more. I then put on a similar golf shirt as before, this one a dark navy blue and black. With the three buttons on the collar undone, the buckle and part of the auxiliary sling could be seen. Again perfect. Then I put on a hooded sweatshirt and zipped it up all the way which hid the neck ring. I had to hide it as I drove out of my garage and started my trek to Pedley. The 45 minute drive seemed to take forever but it was very manageable with how I had the brace fitting. As I got closer, anxiety started to settle in. It was hard to settle down and when I got to the bank, I had to sit in my truck and take a few deep breaths to relax. I then got out and took off the sweatshirt before heading inside. I got there just after they had opened at nine and when I walked in, I immediately looked over at the tellers and the same four were working. On this day, Jennifer was wearing a pink sweater and a pair of jeans and she looked great. Then I noticed that there were only two people in line. As soon as I had walked in the door, a couple of the loan officers looked over at me from their desks. Obviously they could see the brace, and though they stared for a moment, they turned their attention back to what they were doing before. I then went over to the counter and filled out a withdrawal slip and headed over to get into line. Now it was time to see if I could get Jennifer’s window. Somehow it got to the point that if I let the older lady behind me go in front of me, I had a great chance to get Jennifer. So just as I let the lady go to the next available window, the guy at Jennifer’s left and this was it.

I took a deep breath and walked over to Jennifer’s window. As I walked up, she was putting some stuff away in the money drawer and as she turned, I knew her eyes immediately went to the neck ring and then the front bar. It was right then that I saw a glimmer in her eye. It was something unimaginable. Anxiety was thrusting through my body and my nerves were almost making me shake. “Hi” she said in a nice sweet voice. My voice cracked as I said. “Hi, I would like to make a withdrawal.” She smiled as she took my withdrawal slip and asked me to punch in my pin number on her keypad. She then looked up and said in a quieter voice, “I wear one of those.” I was shocked. My breath was taken from me and I just couldn’t think of anything to say. How could this be going like this? Somehow I managed to ask, “You have Scoliosis?” She nodded and said, “I wore a Milwaukee brace for four years when I was a teenager. I still have my old brace and I wear it around the house because it helps with the pain in my back.” OH MY GOD! I just couldn’t believe this was true. As she counted out my hundred dollars in twenties, she looked up at me and asked, “You don’t have Scoliosis do you?” If I had any chance in getting to know Jennifer better, I couldn’t lie. I shook my head and said, “No I don’t.” What happened next, I just couldn’t believe. She took a blank withdrawal slip and wrote a phone number on it. “I get off at three, call me later,” she said as she handed me my money and the slip.

Chapter Three – The Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

As I walked out of the bank, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Then I thought about what I had told her about me not having Scoliosis, but maybe she thought I had kyphosis or Scheumermans Disease? Whatever she thought, I just couldn’t believe that she had given me her number. Now what to do? I had about five hours to waste until I could call her. I thought about driving home but what if she wanted to see me? Since I had that experience under my belt, I decided to stay in the general area so I headed for the Ontario Mills which is a huge outlet type mall near the Ontario Airport. As I got out of my truck, I took a deep breath to relax and headed for the main entrance. I could tell that the brace was very noticeable because of all the stares I got as I walked in. It was exactly like the experience I had when I wore my fake brace in the 1980’s. I walked around the mall for about an hour and began to get soreness in my back, obviously I needed to sit down and rest. So I decided on Dave and Busters for a beer. The restaurant itself was busy but there were not too many in the bar so I went in and sat down in a both. It felt good just to relax. Surely I got a few glances and stares from the patrons and the bartenders. Then a young and pretty brunette waitress walked up to me and asked what she could get me. As I ordered an MGD, I know she was curious about the brace I was wearing. It didn’t take more than two minutes for her to go get my beer and return. When she set it on the table she smiled but didn’t say a word. After about half an hour and two beers, I decided to go over and see what was playing at the Edwards Theater. I hadn’t seen the Hurricane so bought a ticket and went in. There were all kinds of people there for the twenty show houses and again I got all kinds of stares and glances. It felt good to sit down in the high back chairs and the movie was outstanding, It was just after 3:30pm when it ended and I thought that was pretty good timing.

When I climbed into my truck and closed the door, I took hold of my cell phone and took a deep breath. I then dialed. When I heard Jennifer’s voice, that feeling of anxiety hit me again. I had to breathe in deeply to calm down. I then said, “Is this Jennifer?” She said yes and then I said, “this is Daryl, I was in your bank this morning, I” but before I could say more, she said, “Daryl, could you call me back in five minutes?” I said sure and hung up. I could hear other voices in the background. I waited about eight minutes and then called. When she heard my voice, I could hear that hers perked up a little as she said, “hi. Sorry about that, my neighbor was over here.” There was a pause and then she said, “Daryl, I don’t know how to go about this, you really caught me off guard this morning.” That’s when I took a deep breath again. What was coming next? “You said you don’t have Scoliosis, so you must wear the brace for fun?” That was about as flat out as you could get. This was it as I answered, “I guess the answer would be yes.” There was a long pause and then Jennifer asked, “Obviously you chose to be at my window because you saw that I have Scoliosis?” Right then I wondered where this was going. I took a deep breath and decided to tell her the truth. I told her about seeing her the previous Saturday and then I told her about my sister and my friend Lisa having Scoliosis, wearing the Milwaukee brace and having surgery for it. I then told her that I have always been intrigued about Scoliosis and the Milwaukee. I told her about doing all the researching for it in college and about my experience of making my own fake brace and wearing it. As I finished Jennifer asked, “why me?” I replied, “Because you are attractive and you having Scoliosis interested me a lot. I don’t know why I had to wear the Milwaukee in front of you instead of just asking you about your back.” There was a long pause and then she said, “That’s okay Daryl. I’m glad you did.” Again a short pause and then she asked, “Would you like to meet for a drink or dinner one night?” I gulped at that, I just couldn’t believe where this was leading. I then told her that I live in South Orange County but I had decided to stay out in the area to call her. Without hesitation Jennifer asked, “would you want to meet now? Let’s say Applebee’s on McKinley off of the 91 freeway?” Without hesitation I said, “Sure, it’ll take me a while to get over there.” “In an hour will be fine with me” she replied. That was over in Corona, which was closer to home than the Ontario Mills. As I started my truck up, I wondered what I was getting into? All this was happening way too easily. Thinking about it, it was kind of on the edge of stalking, but she was the one who volunteered her number.

So I drove over to Applebee’s and parked across the first row of parking from the entrance. I wanted to get there early to just check things. I had a weird feeling about this. A lot of cars were coming and going. It was just over an hour when I saw Jennifer appear from the parking lot. What I saw, I just couldn’t believe. She was wearing jeans and a sleeveless round collared top which really revealed the Milwaukee Brace she was wearing. The back bars were as visible as you could get with wearing something over the brace. I was practically out of breath as I watched her go to the door and look around. I took a deep breath as I got out of my truck and started walking towards the door. As I stepped up on the curb, she was just coming out the door and when our eyes met, we both smiled at each other. As I walked up she said, “I’m Jennifer Noble (not her real name).” I told her my name and we shook hands. I asked, “you hungry?” She replied, “starving”, as I held the door open and we walked in. Just imagine, the two of us walking in as a couple wearing what looked to be identical Milwaukee Braces.

We got a booth and sat down. Her brace was a little longer so when she sat, she was very erect and her head very level. After we settled in she looked over at me and said, “Daryl I have a confession to make.” I knew there had to be something to this. It was just too perfect not to have something wrong with it. “I said this morning that I wear my brace around the house. I do but I also wear it out like this.” I had to fight to keep my chin from hitting my chest. “Jennifer, I know all this sounds strange.” She held up her hand and said, “Daryl, I wear my brace out like this in hopes of finding someone who will understand that I like wearing the brace and that I have Scoliosis. Some of the guys I have dated just don’t understand why my body is like this.” I guess I said the magical words when I said, “Jennifer, like I said before, I am intrigued that you have Scoliosis but more than that, you are very attractive.” That was like the fire starter. She wanted to know all about me, my age, 38. Where I grew up and where I worked. I then told her about all my Scoliosis experiences. She was very interested in how my sisters and my friend Lisa’s surgery came out. That’s when I found out more about her. She’s 33, an adopted child, grew up in Riverside and lives in Corona. Was diagnosed with Scoliosis in the 7th grade. Went into a Milwaukee Brace, which she wore for four years until she was sixteen. That’s when she was told that her S curve was in the 40-degree range and that she would need to have surgery. She refused. It wasn’t until she had gotten out of high school when she decided to start wearing her brace again. I hardly fit but she managed to wear it. Then she went to her doctor and claimed that she had some back pain and wearing the brace helped. He told her she needed surgery. Not the brace. But against his wishes she went to her Orthotist and he refit the brace for her. She told me she wore the brace a lot while she was going to Cal State Fullerton. Then for about 6 years or so, she only wore the brace occasionally. But over the last year or so she was wearing it a lot again. It looked it. The Throat Mold and Occiput pads were really worn and tarnished. She’s never had a long relationship but would still like to have kids. Then she asked me when I got the brace and I told her the whole story. Then I told her about the other brace I had bought and maybe we could make the throatmold and pads work on her brace. She loved that idea.

The evening with her was just unimaginable. We just talked about a lot of things, some of it was how she had coped with the brace. She hated it as a kid but now loved it. After eating we moved into the bar and sat there until 10:00pm talking. Of course the whole night we got so many stares and glances but no one ever inquired why the both of us were wearing braces. It got to the point that she was becoming exhausted and I told her that I needed to go. As we walked out into the parking lot over to her Toyota Camry, she turned and said. “Daryl I really enjoyed tonight.” She paused and then said, “I would really like to see you again. Maybe I could come down your way and maybe we could do something about my neck ring.” I said “sure, when?” “Tomorrow afternoon?” I didn’t hesitate one bit on telling her where I lived and what my number was. The drive home, all I could think about was how wonderful Jennifer is and about her experience with the Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis. It was all a dream come true. But then I began to wonder why she hadn’t had surgery yet? She would feel better but mostly she would look so much better. She was interested in my sisters and Lisa’s surgery. It was about a half an hour after I got home when the phone rang and it was Jennifer. All she wanted to say was that she really enjoyed the evening and she was really looking forward to seeing me on Sunday. We both said goodnight.

I was sitting in my family room with the brace off watching golf on TV wondering when Jennifer was going to call? It was just after noon and I was about to call her when there was a knock on the door. As I opened it, there was Jennifer standing there wearing the same type of dress as the previous night but this one was yellow with blue. She was holding a black trash bag, which obviously had her brace in it. I was surprised she hadn’t called but terribly glad to see her. As I invited her in, she walked past me and I immediately looked at her, Her Scoliosis was very obvious especially on how the bottom of her dress was higher up on her left thigh than on her right. As I closed the door, she set the brace on the couch and turned to face me, “Daryl, last night was one of the best nights I have had in a long time.” I nodded and said, “same here.” She smiled. We were so close and I know the both of us wanted the same thing. But we didn’t. That’s when I said, “well let’s see your brace.” She turned and took it from the bag. The brace was a typical Milwaukee for a Double Primary S curve. It had a smallish L pad and a short outrigger. There was the auxiliary sling and the left lumbar pad on the raised top in the back of the girdle. As we walked out into the garage, Jenn saw my brace sitting on the workbench. I had told her the previous night about how I had to modify it and she said it looked great. Then I showed her my extra brace and right away she asked if she could have the longer outrigger and the larger thoracic pad. I said sure as I removed hers and put on the new one. Then I worked at removing throatmold and occiput pads by removing the rivet things they had used. Then I did the same on my extra brace and then used my rivets to install them. After doing some machining on them, it looked like new. That’s when Jenn said. “I can’t wait to try this on.” As she smiled at me and went inside to a bedroom. I went back into the family room and watched golf. About five minutes later she reappeared wearing just the brace over her bra and her panties pulled over the girdle which really fit her perfectly. The outrigger fit her perfectly jutting out just under her right breast. As she turned around the larger L pad looked much better on her. I knew right then what to do next. I walked over to her and started undoing the girdle strap and then reached up and undid the knob on the neck ring. That’s when she took hold of the brace and removed it. As she went over to the couch to set her brace down, I couldn’t help look and see the obvious backwards S shape of her spine. When she bent over slightly, the right side of her back formed the bulging hump. She then turned to me as I walked over to her and her glimmering blue eyes met my eyes and we kissed. What would follow would be the most passionate sex I have ever had in my life.

It was later that afternoon, while Jenn was taking a shower when I signed on my computer and checked out what Updates Bertil had done on the Milwaukee Brace Page. When Jennifer walked out of the shower, she saw what I was looking at and became very intrigued. She came over and sat on my lap; still dripping wet and we went through looking at the entire page and the links. Then I showed her NBAK. The thought of recreational bracing hit her and realized that was exactly what she and I do. Then I showed her the first story I had sent in to Bink and she loved it and then asked me if I was going to continue it? I told her no but she said it would be okay. So here it is.

That night we went out for dinner, not with our braces on. We didn’t need to wear the braces together to understand each other, plus we went Chinese to a place near my house and they knew me well. When we got back to my place, Jennifer said that she needed to head for home and I kissed her goodnight and told her that the day had been wonderful. She agreed.

Monday and Tuesday, we called each other several times. It was like we couldn’t go more than a couple of minutes without talking to each other. We had agreed to meet Wednesday for dinner, halfway, at Don Jose’s in Anaheim Hills. This was a brace date. When I go there and walked in, I immediately saw Jenn standing against one of the walls waiting. She was wearing a light grey v collared sweater and black jeans. Though she looked great in her short summer dresses, this was what I preferred more. Again we got the usual looks. It was during dinner that Jennifer revealed an idea to me. She had Friday off and she was planning on going up to Monterey and Carmel for the weekend. She wanted me to come along, brace and all. It was too irresistible to turn down.

Though we both wore our braces out in public up in Carmel, especially shopping all day on Saturday, it was fastly becoming obvious that it wasn’t as big of a deal as it had been. Jenn and I grew even closer this past weekend up there. And Sunday we didn’t wear our braces at all. As we drove home Sunday afternoon I asked her if she had ever considered having surgery? She kind of got sensitive on me and asked, “why don’t you like me as I am?” I shook my head, “that’s not what I meant at all.” Being around her all weekend, it was obvious her back bothered her. And knowing Scoliosis as I do, I had to estimate that her thoracic curve had to be near 50 degrees. I told her that my sister would do it all over again if she had to. After reasoning with her, Jenn did tell me that she would start inquiring about it. And I got the sense that she indeed had thought about it. Though I have only known Jenn for a couple of weeks, it feels like I have known her my entire life. And we reached an agreement on the way home that our infatuation with the Milwaukee and Scoliosis will be just between us.

Chapter Four – Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

When I first met Jennifer with my Milwaukee Brace on, I never dreamed that encounter would change my life forever, but it has. Especially when Jennifer moved to Orange County in April. After our trip to Carmel, our Milwaukee Brace Fetish kind of died and we began seeing each other without our braces. Her move and both of our work kept us very busy and took us that much farther away from our braces. But after about a month or so, Jennifer suggested that maybe we could head out of town again, with our braces. Since we hadn’t really been out in our braces, I decided to go along. So we made reservations in Lake Tahoe and headed up for a four-day weekend the beginning of May. We didn’t wear our braces until we got there. To be honest I hadn’t worn my brace for about a month and our first night, when I went to put it on, the pelvic girdle barely closed and it was uncomfortable, I hadn’t realized that I had gained a little weight. Disappointed, I took the brace off and got dressed. Jennifer had been in the bathroom getting ready, and when she appeared, I got soooo hot. She was wearing a cherry red summer dress with slim shoulder straps, tight around the body and about mid thigh high. Her brace was so visible. “why aren’t you wearing your brace?” She asked. I told her why and she really seemed disappointed so I went back to putting it on. When she saw how it was fitting, she said, “that’s okay, let’s go eat.” As I got dressed, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I wanted her so bad, but she was hungry so I decided to wait. We were staying at Harrah’s and I had reservations in the Sierra Room, a swank steak place. We headed down the hall and into the elevator where there was another couple who just couldn’t keep their eyes off of Jenn’s brace. Of course, Jennifer was the most noticeable person in the room at the restaurant. It wasn’t until after the main course when I saw a man get up from a table and come walking over to our table. He said “hello” to both of us and then said, “I’m an Orthopedic Surgeon in San Francisco and I specialize in Scoliosis.” Right at that second I breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn’t in my brace. From the tone of his voice, I knew he was suspecting something like a fetish. If I had been in my brace, I have no idea what would have happened. He went on, “I couldn’t help noticing your Milwaukee Brace, aren’t you a little.” Before he could get out, “old for wearing a Milwaukee Brace” Jennifer held up her hand and said, “I am, but I wore this as a teenager and my back bothers me a lot. This is the only thing that keeps me comfortable.” He smiled and nodded, “I could see from the back that you do have a significant curvature, but you can’t keep wearing a brace like this. Have you considered having surgery?” I looked at Jennifer. In the past we had many discussions about her having surgery. I had finally had her leaning towards at least thinking about it. She nodded and said, I was thinking about seeing my Doctor.” He then asked, “if you don’t mind me asking, who was your Orthopedist?” She replied, “Doctor Chase in Riverside Ca.” He shook his head, “I’ve never heard of him. Do you still live in Southern Cal?” Jenn nodded and he said, “I would recommend you seeing Doctor Brown in Fountain Valley.” After a few more minutes of conversation, the Doctor left. That’s when Jennifer looked at me and said, “I just don’t know.” I looked at her and said, “I’m glad I didn’t wear my brace.” She agreed too. Since that night I have not worn my brace in public. After spending a few hours in the casino, Jennifer’s back was killing her, brace or no brace, so we headed back to the room. As soon as we stepped through the door, Jennifer began removing her dress and I helped her. I then unstrapped her girdle as she undid the neck ring and helped her out of the brace. I then moved her over to the bed and had her lay down on her stomach as I undressed and straddled her butt with my legs. I then began to give her a backrub as I had done in the past. As I rubbed her back, I could feel the obvious difference in her rib cage, the bulging of her rib hump, you could actually see the backwards S shape of her spine. As she rolled over, our night finally began.

By the time we left on Sunday, Jenn’s back was killing her and she wore the brace the whole way home. We didn’t talk about her back at all, it wasn’t a subject she wanted brought up. But she did say, “Daryl I think it’s time we met each of our parents and family.” Our relationship had taken us to this point. And I wanted to meet her parents. But how were we going to explain how we met? There was no way both of our family or our friends could know about how our relationship started or that we wear Milwaukee’s. So we decided that we should just start our story when Jennifer moved to Orange County in April. We met Jennifer’s bank branch and got to talking about Scoliosis. It was a perfect story. And it worked. I felt so relieved that my family and friends met Jennifer and we started spending more and more time with both of our friends. Almost immediately my sister and my mom noticed Jenn’s Scoliosis, and it didn’t take long for her to realize that surgery was in her best interest. So she made an appointment with another Scoliosis specialist in Orange County and I went with her in June for her examination. This doctor did everything for the examination, measured her rib hump at 4 centimeters and the rest of her deformity. He had several X-rays taken of her back. In the end, we found out that Jennifer had a 59 degree thoracic curve and a 51 degree lumbar curve. He basically told her that as she would grow older, these curves would get worse and by the time she was 50, she would basically be crippled by Scoliosis. That was it and Jennifer decided to have surgery on her back. It was scheduled for July the 6th. Jennifer did not tell him about her wearing the Milwaukee all this time, but he did tell her that she would need to wear a post-op Boston Brace for awhile. I again went with her about two weeks before her surgery to have her brace made for her. I sat in the lobby as they fitted her and when she appeared, she obviously was joyed to know that she would be actually wearing a brace for a purpose.

Chapter Five – The Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

Jennifer’s surgery was in July of 2000. At the time of her surgery, her upper thoracic curve had gone to 60 degrees and her lower lumbar curve was at 51 degrees. She was admitted the day of her surgery which lasted for six hours. They did rod instrumentation and fusion of her spine, taking a bone graph from an area over the back of her right hip. Because I wasn’t family, I wouldn’t be able to see her for a couple of days after her surgery which was deemed to be very successful. They were able to decrease both curves significantly, her top to 28 and her bottom to 22. When her Mom told me the news, I wondered what Jennifer would now look like? The day I saw her, I couldn’t believe that it was her. She looked so weak and pale but that was the effects of the medication and that she had very major back surgery. Every afternoon after work, I would go see Jennifer until they kicked me out of the room around 9:00pm every night. Every day jenn seemed to get stronger and stronger. It was the fifth day postop when I would see her in her Boston Brace for the first time. She was walking with a nurse in the hallway, ever so gingerly, standing so erect. I hadn’t seen her in a brace since our trip to Tahoe and even though this was a typical Boston Brace with the over the breast extension, I still felt something and thought about the Milwaukee Brace that was stashed in my garage, something I hadn’t worn for a few months. After spending the evening with Jenn, I went hope and while I was getting ready for bed, I thought about my Milwaukee Brace. “What the hell?” I thought as I walked out into the garage and got up on my ladder to pluck it out of the top of the garage. I wondered if it was going to fit, when we had gone to Lake Tahoe, it wouldn’t fit but I had lost some weight. I took it back inside and got the dust off of it. Then I went to put it on and it fit perfectly. I felt a feeling that I hadn’t felt for a long time. I wore the brace to bed that night and the feeling was something I had missed. The next day was a Saturday and I spent most of the morning wearing the brace around the house and realized just how much I had missed it. Jennifer got out of the hospital two weeks after her surgery went out to her Mom’s to recuperate.

With every passing day and her physical therapy, Jennifer was getting stronger. Even though the aftermath of her surgery brought a lot of pain and the fact that there were two rods permanently attached to the sides of her spine, she was so happy she had the surgery done. It would be about a month after her surgery that I would see her for the first time standing without her brace on. It was like the body I was seeing wasn’t even hers, everything was so much straighter and if you weren’t looking for signs of her Scoliosis, you probably wouldn’t have noticed it. The most obvious thing was how much straighter her shoulders and her waist were. Jenn would continue to recuperate at her Mom’s house for about two more months, gradually getting out for longer periods of time. It wasn’t until the end of October when Jennifer moved back to Orange County and returned to work still wearing her Boston Brace. Though she was under orders and needed the brace to support her recently fused spine, Jenn just felt more confident wearing the brace and I got the sense that she was enjoying wearing her brace. Being around Jenn more and more now, not only was I growing closer to her as a person but also because she was wearing her brace. The way her clothes, especially pants fit around the brace on her waist really got me. The time I spent away from her at my home, I would wear my brace but I just couldn’t get myself to wear it away from the house. I think the encounter Jenn and I had up in Lake Tahoe with the Orthopedic surgeon really put a lot of caution into my brain. Also I hadn’t told Jenn yet that I was back to wearing my Milwaukee.

Then came one afternoon just before Christmas of 2000. My buddies and I played a golf tournament down in San Diego. After the Tournament we went to a Steak House for an early dinner. We were just sitting in a booth waiting for our food to come out while sucking down some beers when I looked across the room and saw a brunette waitress standing at a far table with her back to us. She was wearing the restaurants typical blue V-collared shirt which was tucked into her black jeans. She was kind of slouched forward in a very stiff manner. I almost did a double take as I looked at her back and saw that her shirt was kind of bulging out like it was being pushed out by two bars. As soon as the girl stood straight and turned around, my heart skipped a beat as I saw the front bar of a Milwaukee Brace sticking out of the top of her shirt and the shine of the neck ring around her neck. The throat mold of her brace was set back and kind of low in front of her throat and the rest of the neck ring was hidden in the back by her shoulder length brunette hair. As she walked past our table, I couldn’t help look at her as she headed back to the kitchen. She looked to be in her late teens, around 5’ 6″ and slender. She had a cute gleam about her. I tried hard not to show my arousement over seeing this girl in this brace to my friends. Obviously they really didn’t give her a notice. I really couldn’t tell you what the conversation at the table was about, my mind was on the girl wearing the Milwaukee Brace. I wondered if she was wearing it for Scoliosis or possibly something else. To me, she looked to be just a little old to be wearing the brace for non operative treatment. About five minutes passed when she came back by our table with four salads in her hands. The way she moved in the brace told me that she was a veteran of the brace. When she got back to the table, she sort of leaned forward and her shirt tightened exposing the protrusion of the L thoracic pad of her brace on the right side of her back. She was wearing it for Scoliosis or was she? When she came back by our table, I could see the protrusion of the thoracic strap outrigger in her shirt below her right breast. For the rest of the late afternoon, I couldn’t help look at the girl in the brace. The whole way home as my buddy drove, all I could think about was the girl at the restaurant.

The next day Jenn and I were going to have lunch and spend the day at a friends of hers in Newport Beach. It was a warm holiday season day and Jenn wore shorts and a button down blouse over her Boston. As I went to pick her up, the lust I had for her wearing her Boston just wasn’t there and I almost immediately thought about the girl I saw the night before. Jenn knew something was wrong right away. As we drove down to Newport Beach, Jenn came right out and asked me what was bothering me. I kind of hesitated, I just didn’t know what she would think about me getting feelings about wearing the brace. But then I told her. She was kind of surprised at first as I told her how hot I had gotten for her wearing her brace. Sex was still kind of out of the question as her back still wasn’t 100%. But she understood what I was telling her and she too told me that she was really enjoying wearing her Boston 23 hours a day and that had worn her Milwaukee a couple of times around the house lately. That’s when she came up with the idea that once she was fully released, maybe we could go on one of our adventures. That sounded great to me, but I didn’t tell her about my encounter the day before. Friday Jennifer had plans to go out with some of her girlfriends after work and it was while I was at work that day when I came up with an idea and went home sick around 2:00pm. I went home and took some jeans and a shirt I always used to wear over my brace. I then set my brace on my bed and just stared at it for about ten minutes. Finally I took a deep breath and put the brace on and then got dressed. I adjusted everything and then put on a hooded sweat jacket to hide it. I then grabbed my car keys and headed out the door.

Chapter Six – The Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

The whole way down to San Diego, I thought about what I was doing? A couple of times I wanted to turn back but didn’t. I thought about what if she wasn’t there? It would be a wasted trip but then I thought about the mall that was across the street from the restaurant, if all else failed, then I would just head over there for a walk through. What the heck, I didn’t have anything else planned. After fighting gridlock I got down there at the restaurant around 6:00pm which was a big mistake, they were just mobbed. I had to park at the mall and then walk back over. As I got closer, those second thoughts started back into my head but I took a deep breath and went inside. I stood, looking like I was waiting for someone, looking around and I didn’t see her anywhere. After about ten minutes, my heart sank as I realized that I had picked a night that she wasn’t working. I wasn’t much hungry so I decided to head over to the mall. On the way over, I stopped at my truck and took off the sweat jacket and looked at myself in the mirror. The brace was pretty obvious and I started for the mall. Being during the week just after Christmas, everything was pretty busy and I sure got plenty of the usual typical stares. But generated absolutely no interest. I walked around a little more and then decided to head for home. When I got to my truck, I looked across the street and saw that the restaurant has emptied quite a bit. that’s when I looked at my watch and saw that it was around 8:00pm.

Time flies when you are having fun. I was now kind of hungry and a beer sounded good so I jumped into my truck and headed over. As I got out of my truck, I didn’t hesitate to leave my jacket inside even though it had gotten kind of chilly out. As I walked into the restaurant, my intentions were to just go into the bar and eat there. As I walked in, the young hostess looked at my face and then almost immediately her eyes dropped to the neck ring around my neck. I could see in her eyes what her thoughts were. I was just about ready to walk past her to the bar when I saw something in the dinning room and my heart skipped a beat. There she was, the brunette, wearing a red shirt and jeans, her brace very visible. I stopped dead in front of the hostess and she asked, “Dinner for one?” I nodded and she grabbed a menu and lead me back to the half empty dinning room. People sitting in the booths surely were looking at me but I paid no attention as the hostess almost purposely led me past several empty tables to a booth near the window. As I slowly sat down, I looked over at the girl in the brace who was giving one table a check. She then turned around and started walking right towards me. Instantly, I felt the adrenaline flowing. She walked up to me like I was just another customer, not noticing what I was wearing. She looked kind of tired. As she walked up she said, “Hi can I get you anything to.” She stopped as her eyes met mine and then my neck. At that very instant, the thought of what I was going to tell her about me wearing this Milwaukee crossed my mind, but it was more the lack of thought. She kind of cracked a smile and that’s when I saw the name tag over her left breast, “Megan”. she then finished, “Something to drink?” Her voice sounded very mature. I nodded and said, “I’ll take a Bohemia.” She nodded. Megan then looked at me and asked, “Are you wearing a Milwaukee brace?” It was obvious that I was but obviously she was puzzled on why. I nodded and said, “I see you are too.” She then said, “Is it for Scoliosis?” The moment of truth. I had gone through this exact same thing with Jennifer. I kind of shrugged my shoulders and smirked. She then said, “So you don’t have Scoliosis?” there was some hesitancy in her voice now and the thought of this being totally strange crossed my mind. What if she was offended by this? What if she really thought this was a strange thing? Thinking about that way, it was. Her reaction was something I never even thought about and knew that this was a huge mistake. I didn’t know what to do? I had to do something quickly and I asked, “You have Scoliosis?” She nodded. But now she got a puzzled look on her face. There was something. I then asked, “How long have you been in your brace?” That’s when she looked around the room and then back at me, ” I wore it for four years and then I had surgery in my senior year.” She was out of high school! Questions started flying in my head, was she wearing the brace for postop? Or was it something else. This all was starting to sound very familiar. She kind of took a deep breath and said, “I really don’t need to wear it, but it helps my back with this job, it’s just too hard to pass up on the money.” She then looked at me and asked, “What about you?” I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I don’t have Scoliosis” Megan nodded, “we knew that.” I then looked around, there were some people around who were taking interest now. I looked around and then back up at her that’s when she said, “Are you busy later?” My heart skipped a beat again as I nodded. She then said, “I get off at 9:00pm, maybe we can talk after that?” I nodded. Another girl from the bar brought out my beer which told me Megan wasn’t 21. For the rest of the time I was eating, Megan treated me like any other customer.

After I was done eating I went into the bar and sat down over in the corner. Surely I got some stares from the one guy bartender but those didn’t last long. As sat there, I thought about what was about to happen. What the hell was I doing? I thought about just getting up and cutting my losses. I then looked at my watch as saw that it was just after 9:00pm. That’s when Megan appeared out by the Hostess station and I got up and walked over to her. We then walked out into the courtyard in front of the restaurant. As the door closed she turned to me and asked, “You wear the brace for fun?” I kind of smirked. I didn’t know where she was leading with this. Was she pissed that I was this pervert wearing this brace or was she curious? I then said, “Yes.” She kind of smiled and then said, “I guess I am kind of weird because I never really had any problem wearing the brace when I had to. They said that’s kind of abnormal, most girls have problems emotionally wearing it.” That’s when out of the blue, a most important question came into my brain and I looked at her and asked, “Megan how old are you?” She didn’t hesitate, “twenty, I’m a junior up the hill here at San Diego State.” That was a relief in itself. That’s when I asked, “So you wear the brace to help your back working, what does your boss and co-wokers think?” “they really don’t think much about it, they know I have rods in my back. It doesn’t bother them and it doesn’t bother the customers.” I then asked, “Is that the only reason you wear it?” She looked at me kind of strangely and then smiled, “I guess not. I’ve always kind of liked the way it fits.” That’s about the moment our eyes met and the thought of Jenn crossed my mind for only a short second or two. Megan then asked, “Why did you come in here tonight with your brace on?” I took a deep breath and told her about seeing her Saturday. She was kind of surprised but not as nearly so when I told her where I lived and I made this trip specially for her. “oh really?” She said. A gleam came her face. That’s when she moved in a little closer and said, “Are you going back tonight?” That’s when my stomach felt like someone had kicked me. I said, “I don’t need to.” She then pointed up the hill across the freeway and said, “Would you want to come up to my apartment and have a beer?” I felt so out of breath. “my room mate went home for Christmas break.” As much as my brain was saying no, thinking about Jenn, I couldn’t resist.

Chapter Seven – Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

As I drove into Megan’s driveway, the thought of what I was getting myself into was strongly in my head. But I couldn’t stop and turn around. I got out and followed her up the stairs to the older but very nice apartment. She opened the door and as I walked in, I just couldn’t believe what I was doing. She closed the door and then headed for the kitchen, grabbing two Coors lights from the fridge. She then pointed to the couch and I sat down there while she went to a chair and sat down. As I opened my cold beer, I asked, “Where are you from?” Megan smiled, “Las Vegas born and raised.” “what’s your major?” I asked. “right now English Lit, I’m planning on being a teacher.” She then asked me where I lived and what I did for a living. Though I didn’t tell her my age, I am sure she figured me for my mid 30’s but that didn’t seem to bother her. After talking about other immaterial things for about fifteen minutes Megan asked, “Can I see your brace?” By now I was on my second beer and feeling kind of relaxed. So I got up and took my shirt off. The brace fit over my bare body and she looked at the top part of the girdle and said, “You made that yourself?” I nodded. Megan then stood up and undid the buttons on her collar and pulled off her shirt. Her Milwaukee Brace had an almost transparent plastic pelvic girdle and obviously she had a single thoracic curve, there was no lumbar pad in the back and there was an auxiliary sling under her left arm. The outrigger for her L pad was about three inches long. Megan then turned her back to me and I could see the red scar that ran from just below her neck to the small of her back. Her Scoliosis was still noticeable with the thickness of the right side of her back. Megan then turned around and started walking my way. Her eyes were deeply into mine and she kind of had a smile on her face. I couldn’t resist and walked in closer to her as she put her front bar right up against mine. She then reached down and started rubbing my crotch. At that instant, I reached around and started unstrapping my brace and it came off with my pants dropping to my feet. Megan then turned around and didn’t say a word as I unstrapped her brace and she took hold of it and removed it from her tan body. What was to follow would be the most wild and imaginative sex I have ever had. Finally it ended around 4:00am and the both of us were laying next to each other in her bed. I think Megan was finally asleep but I was wide awake thinking about what had happened and about Jennifer. I couldn’t believe I had done what I did. I had such feelings for Jenn, something I had never felt ever. I got up and headed for the Megan’s shower. I was just in there with hot water running down my body when the door opened and Megan came in with me. As it all started again, I just felt numb as I couldn’t get the thought of Jennifer out of my head. After dressing, Megan made me a little breakfast. We were sitting at her nook and she looked at me and said, “This was a one time thing wasn’t it?” I think she had sensed something and as much lust I had all night, I knew it was, “I think so Megan.” She smiled, “it was still beautiful.” I nodded and leaned across the table and kissed her, “It was but I.” As I paused Megan said, “you’re married?” It wasn’t like she was mad. I shook my head and then went on to tell her about Jenn. She fully understood and as I walked out of her apartment, I think we both were satisfied.

As magnificent that night was with Megan, my heart felt heavy when I saw Jennifer the next day. In my heart I had betrayed her and when she asked me what I had done the night before and why I hadn’t answered the phone when she called, I kind of hesitated and right away she knew something was wrong. I had been honest with Jennifer since the very first day I walked into her bank branch in Pedley. As much as my brain was telling me to lie to her, my heart just couldn’t and I told her the entire story, all the way back to Saturday. When I got to the point of what happened after the restaurant, Jennifer’s heart was broken and she stormed out of my house. The feeling I had was that I had blown it big time! I tried calling her the rest of the day but she never answered her phone or any of my messages. As evening came, I walked out into my garage and looked at my Milwaukee Brace on the workbench and got the maddest I have ever gotten. I took out a sledgehammer and laid the brace on the concrete floor. I then beat the livin’ shit out of it, snapping the girdle into billions of little pieces and then using a hacksaw on the rest of all the metal parts. By the time I was done with it, there was no way to tell that it was a Milwaukee brace to start with and had no trouble throwing it into my regular trash.

I tried calling Jennifer for two weeks with no reply. Then I called her Mom and caught her wrath. Jennifer had obviously told her that I had cheated. But there was no way that she was ever going to tell anyone about how we met, how I ended up in Megan’s apartment and about our secret life that we had together, a life I wished that I had never gotten into but then I would have never met Jennifer. Finally one day, I went to her work. As soon as I walked in the door, Jennifer closed her window and went into the back. So I just went out and stood near her car. Though I couldn’t see in, I knew she saw me out there so after about an hour she walked out. She looked like she was about to cry and then I noticed how great she looked. No more brace and she looked so unscoliosis like. As she walked up I said, “Jenn from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. I just don’t know what came over me? I saw her in her brace and one thing led.” Jenn looked at me and shook her head. Her chin dropped a little and I reached out and lifted it up, “Jenn, I don’t want to live that life anymore. I want all that buried behind us.” I told her what I did to my brace and she kind of smirked as she said, “Mine is gone too.” I then smirked. Jenn then said, “It’s going to be hard.” I nodded and said, “Jennifer I love you and I don’t know what I will do without you.” She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my mid section. As I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, I couldn’t help squeeze her tightly. Then we kissed. I proposed to Jennifer this past April and we are engaged to be married in September of 2001. Looking back, Jennifer and I would have never met if it weren’t for Scoliosis and the Milwaukee Brace. But it is a part of our lives that both of us have pledged that we will never revisit.

Chapter Eight – Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

Jennifer and I were to be married on September 29th 2001 in a small ceremony with just close family members and friends. It was one night, a couple of weeks before the wedding when Jennifer and I went out to get a bite to eat. The mood was still somber from the events of 9/11 but I knew something else was up. After ordering, she and I looked at each other for one split moment and I think we both realized at that instant that we were not meant to be. She smiled and I smiled back. “I don’t think I want to go on with this.” She said and I knew it was something she had given much thought too. At that very moment, I felt so relieved and I could see that in her face too. Though we did love each other, our relationship was built on something that we both really couldn’t look back on. All you had to do was look back to that first day when we met, wearing my Milwaukee Brace at her bank. We both realized that we could not go on with our lives together knowing our little secrets. In the months leading up to September, Jennifer and I had made a commitment to put that all behind us but that was pretty much impossible plus Jen had become such a different person since her Scoliosis Surgery. In the end I think the both of us were so relieved to head in separate directions.

In the months leading up to our break up, Jennifer and I had made a commitment to each other to put the brace thing and Scoliosis behind us. We both stopped frequenting the various Internet pages and we didn’t talk about it. It wasn’t until a few months after our breakup when I started to think about my old Milwaukee Brace and what it felt like when it was strapped onto my body. The more I thought about it, the more infuriated I got at myself for destroying my brace. But I didn’t have the urge to try and make another one until one night after the first of the year. I was in the waiting room at my dentist, reading some magazine when I came across an article about an Australian Actress and her story about Scoliosis and wearing a plastic body brace as a teenager. It was then that I started to think about all the wonderful times Jennifer and I had together before her surgery, when we would go on our little trips together wearing our braces. Then I thought about that wonderful night with Megan and I couldn’t get my mind off of her as I began to wonder if she was still in San Diego and working at the restaurant but more than anything else, was she still wearing her brace? I would soon find out.

After thinking about it for a few days, I had to go and see. So one weekday afternoon in March, I headed south to San Diego and went to the restaurant I met Megan at. I went to the bar first and looked around the place but I didn’t see Megan anywhere. Finally I went to the hostess and asked if Megan was working? The hostess didn’t know any waitress by that name. As I walked out of the place, I wondered if Megan still lived in the same apartment? I thought I knew my way but I drove around for what seemed to be hours, lost. I was just about to give up when I started to recognize some of the buildings. Finally I her apartment building. I parked and went up to her door. By now it was almost dark and I just stood there for a moment to settle my nerves. Then I knocked. At first I didn’t think anyone was home and was about to turn and leave when I heard footsteps behind the door. “Who is it?” a voice said from behind the door. It was Megan! I took a deep breath and said, “You and I met last year, The Milwaukee Brace!” Without hesitation I heard the door being unlocked and then unchained. As Megan opened the door, I saw her standing in front of me, wearing a pink halter top and white shorts, her slender figure curved by her obvious Scoliosis. I was disappointed to see that she wasn’t wearing her brace. “What are you doing here?” She asked with a big smile on her face. I then told her about what happened to Jennifer and I as she invited me in and I sat down on the couch. “Do you want a beer or something?” She asked. That sounded great and she walked into her kitchen to get us both bottles of beer. When she returned she said, “I never thought I would ever see you again.” I nodded and said, “I didn’t think so either but over the past few weeks I’ve really thought about that night we spent together.” That’s when Megan asked, “And about my Milwaukee Brace?” I nodded as she smiled. She then looked at me and asked, “Do you still have your brace?” I shook my head and told her about what happened. When I finished, I asked, “What about you, do you still wear your brace?” She smiled and said, “I do, but right now it’s in getting fixed, I broke the neck ring at work a couple of weeks ago.” I replied, “Work? I went by the restaurant but you weren’t there?” She smiled and said, “I don’t work there anymore, I work at a place closer to school.” I then looked at Megan for a moment and then asked, “Someone is working on your brace?” She nodded and said, “My old Orthotist from Las Vegas retired to Tucson Arizona, he still works on mine as a favor.” That’s when I asked, “He still works on your brace even though you really don’t need it?” Megan smiled and said, “Walt will do anything for money.” She paused and then said, “I’m driving out Friday to go pick it up,” that’s when I looked at Megan and asked, “do you think he would build a brace for me?” As Megan looked at me, I could tell that her wheels were really spinning, “I don’t see why not. I have to call him tomorrow to make sure my brace will be done on Friday, I’ll ask him.” I looked at her like I couldn’t believe it. That’s when she smiled and said, “You miss wearing a brace don’t you.” I took a deep breath and nodded. I really had. Megan looked over at the clock on her cable box and then back at me, “have you eaten?” I shook my head and said, “You want to go get a bite to eat?” She nodded and went into her room to change. That’s when I got up and went to her doorway. Megan had just taken off her top when she turned and smiled at me. We never made it out for a bite to eat. Driving home that night I couldn’t help think about Megan. Not that she was tremendous in bed but about her brace and what she said. All the feelings that I had tried to stop over the previous year were all coming back to me and it really felt good.

The next morning I was sitting at my desk around 10:00am when the phone rang. It was Megan, “I talked to him. I told him about what size you are and he told me he would build you a brace for about 2500 bucks.” At that very instant I got such a tremendous feeling and right then money was no object. “How does he do this?” I asked. Megan replied, “Well he said that if you were interested, you could come out with me tomorrow to get fitted for the brace and then it would take about a week to make it.” I couldn’t believe what Megan was saying. For 2500 bucks, I could get a brace that would actually fit me. Without even hesitating I said, “what time are we leaving?” Megan called me back about ten minutes later and said, “he said that he would do it. But you have to have a twenty five hundred dollar cashiers check up front.” Without even hesitating I said, “I’ll do it.” I could tell that Megan was happy that I had made the decision. Then she said, “I got us a room at the Marriot if you want to stay over night?” It sounded great.

I picked Megan up at 5:00am the next morning at her apartment in San Diego and headed east to Arizona. Driving out, Megan wanted to know more about what happened between Jennifer and I. I could tell by her reaction was that she was excited about what was to come but I also knew that she had no intention to go as far as Jen and I had which was perfectly fine with me.

Once we got to Tucson, Megan directed me through town to an industrial area and into a parking lot of a building with four suites in it. It looked like they all were empty. We parked in front of the last one and Megan went to the glass door and opened it. Once we got inside, I saw that the front lobby empty right down to the old dirty brown carpet. As Megan walked down the hall to the back of the suite, I heard her say, “Hi Walt.” As I walked to the back into the hot and steamy back room, I saw Megan and Walt embracing. Megan then turned and said, “Walt this is my friend Daryl.” Walt looked to be in his mid 60’s and he was wearing some raggedy old jeans and a white T-shirt. He reached out and we shook hands, his grip very firm and strong. “Well, Meg, you ready to fit your brace?” As Megan nodded, she began to take off her halter top and shorts. That’s when I looked around the room which was a work shop. There were a few prosthetic legs and arms laying on shelves and a set of old looking leg braces propped up in the corner. Over in the other corner was a metal pipe frame which was mounted to the floor and the ceiling. On the work bench was Megans beautiful Milwaukee Brace. Walt went over and picked up it, taking it over to Megan as he undid the ring and handed it to her. Megan had no trouble putting the brace on herself and Walt went behind her to close the ring and then tighten the girdle. As the ridges on the girdle went in deep over her hips, I could just see the pleasure in her face of how good it felt. It was hard to control myself as I watched Walt start adjusting the brace on Megans bare body. It took him about fifteen minutes to be satisfied with how the brace fit and then he told Megan to go ahead and get dressed. It didn’t take her long to put on her shorts and a white blouse she had brought along.

Walt then turned and walked over to where I was sitting on a stool. Without hesitation he asked, “So what kind of Milwaukee Brace do you want?” I took a breath and said, “Just like Megans, I’d like an outrigger and an L pad with an auxillary sling.” He nodded and then said, “obviously with your size, we can’t use a premolded polyprope girdle and I don’t have the facilities here to make something like that. You have two options, Orthoplast or leather with monel metal strips.” At that very instant I thought back to my sisters milwaukee, the leather girdle and all the pictures I had seen in the past. “same price?” I asked. he nodded and I right away said, “leather.” He nodded and that’s when I reached into my pocket and pulled out my check, handing it to him. He took it and stuck it into a drawer. I looked over at Megan who was sitting on a stool with her brace on, the perfect pose for a Milwaukee Brace wearer.

Walt then opened a cabinet and took out two beige looking suits. He then handed me both of them saying, “we need to get a mold of your pelvis.” He had me get completely undressed and put on the “stockinette’s”, It was more like a big tube sock that stretched my armpits down to the tops of my knees and they were tight. In the meantime he went to a wash basin and filled up two black 5 gallon buckets with water and then dumped a plaster mix into them. Then he took a bunch of cloth rolls out of another cabinet and took everything over to the metal frame. He then walked back over to me and asked me to lay down on my back atop a workbench in the middle of the room. That’s when he took a big black marking pen with his right hand and then with his left, he pushed in on the fronts of my hips, making two big X’s on each side. Then he pushed in on my pubic area and made a line. Once he was done, Walt had me stand back up. That’s when he had me stand straight, feet together, knees straight, arms relaxed at my sides and hold my chin level. He then took out a cloth measuring tape and measured from the tip of my chin down to the line just above my pubic area. Then he had me hold my arms up as he measured my chest, stomach and then my waist. He then used a big outside calipers to measure my neck side to side and front to back. When he was done measuring, Walt took a long strip of sheet metal and ran it up my back between the two stockinette’s. Then he had me follow him over the metal frame. Walt didn’t say much as he worked. He had me stand inside of the frame and adjusted a horizontal bar behind me for me to rest the bottom of my buttox on with my knees just slightly flexed. Then he adjusted a bar down in front of me at about shoulder level. That’s when he had me point my elbows straight out and rest my forearms on the bars, gripping it with my hands right in front of my eyes. The next feeling I had is indescribable.

Walt proceeded to dunk the rolls of cloth into the plaster mix and then he started to tightly wrap my body from just below my armpits to the bar where the bottom of my butt was resting. When he got to my hips, he made sure to pull the cloth tape very tight to accentuate my hips. It was such a great feeling. With each and every layer of plaster, the stockinette’s got soaked and it was kind of cold to the touch. But it didn’t take long before the plaster started to get warm and then hot. It also tightened as it dried. When he was done with the plaster mold, he went over to the wash basin to clean up. That’s when I looked over at Megan who was smiling back at me. The feeling I had in that frame was fantastic.

It took the plaster about a half an hour to dry and while Walt cleaned up, he and Megan talked, mostly about her school and stuff like that. Once the plaster was dry enough up to his satisfaction, Walt removed me from the frame and had me waddle over to the middle of the room where he took a cast saw and cut up the back of the casting, obviously along the metal strip between the two stockinette’s. As the cast released, it did kind of feel relieving. He pried the cast open and it dropped to my feet with the top stockinette going with it. As I looked down to step out of the cast, I couldn’t help notice how accentuated the casting was over my hips. I couldn’t help think and wonder if that was how my pelvic girdle was going to look?

Once I got the other stockinette off, I saw that my body was covered with a white film. Walt told me that it would come off in the shower and then he told me to get dressed. As I dressed he said, “Well if everything goes well, I’ll have your brace ready next Friday morning at this same time.” It was hard to imagine that I was getting a brace, a real Milwaukee Brace.

As we walked outside, I could just tell that Megan was in seventh heaven in her brace. I couldn’t even imagine what our night was going to be like?

Chapter Nine – Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

That night with Megan was unbelievable. After leaving Walts, we went and checked into the hotel. Her brace was so noticeable under her shorts and blouse which caught the attention of most everyone that was around us and that brought back all the memories of when I wore my old brace out in public. It only made me want the following Friday to come even that much sooner. Megan and I then went up to our room to relax and freshen up. Once inside, Megan almost immediately began to undress. She then asked if I would like to help her take off her brace. How could I refuse. She was absolutely turned on by wearing her brace, her tits were rock hard. Once we got the brace off, she wanted to take a shower and wanted me to join her. After the shower, I went out to get dressed and Megan was in the bathroom from what seemed to be an hour. I was laying on the bed watching TV when she emerged. She was beautiful, wearing a dark red summer dress which really revealed the bars and neck ring of her brace. She smiled at me and just had the twinkle in her eye. Needless to say, we never made it out of the room that night.

The hardest thing for me was waiting an entire week to get my new brace. Just the thought of having a brace that was actually made for me was unbelievable and I never even gave the money issue a second thought. Then I thought about being with Megan. Though she and Jennifer had so much in common, the Milwaukee and having rods in their backs for scoliosis, they were so much different. You could really see how turned on Megan was with wearing her brace. It’s hard to describe how she handled wearing the brace, maybe it was the experience of wearing it as a teenager for so long and then the four years since leaving home to go to college.

By the time thursday night rolled around, I was pretty much worn out just from looking so forward to friday. Megan got friday through sunday she got a room at the same hotel for friday and saturday nights. She called it my kickoff weekend. She even promissed that we actually make it out of the hotel room to go out in our braces. I couldn’t wait to get to Tuscon. To say that I wasn’t nervous was an understatement. It really hit me when I got out of the car and walked up to the door to Walts, holding it open for Megan to walk through. She looked so hot in her brace, wearing tight jean cutoff shorts and a simple yellow blouse. I followed her in through to the back and as soon as we walked into the shop, I saw it. My brace was sitting on the table in the middle of the room, laying on it’s two bars in the back. What caught my eye immediately was the brown cowhide leather pelvic girdle with the large metal hinge in the front with the monel metal illiac strips running around the sides, all shiney like they were new. The girdle looked long and unfinished without any lining. Walt welcomed us and then looked at me, “well are you ready?” I nodded and he had me go ahead and get undressed to my jockey shorts. As I did, he went over to the table and picked up my brace. It was just the superstructure, the conventional neck ring with the hinged front and the typical throatmold and occiput pads and then the girdle. No outrigger or any of the pads. Then I noticed that the bars weren’t even secured with screws, instead these little H clamps held them together. Walt undid the knob on the neck ring and opened the brace for me to put my arms and then my body through. It was hard to even control myself. Once the brace was around my body, he went around the back and closed the neck ring. The brace seemed to be a little short and the neck ring was big. Walt then positioned the pelvic girdle on my hips and over my underpants. Then I could feel him running the strap around the right bar and then he tugged tightly on the strap. What followed next was an absolute great feeling. The illiac groves on the side and front of the girdle slid in over my hips immediately as the abdomen pad pushed in on my stomach and the back bottom portion pushed in on my butt. It absolutely straighten out my lower back and I kind of stumbled forward. Walt pulled tightly on the girdle and then secured it. The feeling was unbelievable.

Walt then went to work. He first brought out some special look tools and started to lengthen the bars by undoing the H clamps and then retightening them. Soon the neck ring was up near where it should be, actually the tip of the throatmold was touching my chin. Then he kind of adjusted the ring. Once the brace fit a little better, he went to work on the pelvic girdle, feeling if there were any gaps between it and me. As he worked, he told us how the girdle was made. He took the plaster cast of my body and closed it back up where he had cut it off of me. Once that was done, he filled the entire cavity with plaster. Once that was dry, he cut the negative mold off and transfered the marks that he had put on the stockinette. Then he used a sureform to shape and trim the positive, flattening out the stomach and lower buttox, accentuating the illiac crests. Once the positive casting was to his liking, he took a large piece of cowhide leather and soaked it in water, working from the front to the back, he stretched the leather around the mold and then nailed it tightly stretched in the back. As the leather dries it tightens around the mold and becomes hard. Once the leather was dry, then he trimmed it to it’s present form and then mounted the monel metal strips, the hinge and the bars.

When Walt was finished looking at the girdle, he took the brace off of me and began to trim the girdle more. He would put the brace on me two more times only to take it off and do some more trimming. He had me sit down on a stool several times to see if the girdle dug into my thighs or pushed up on the superstructure. Once he was done with trimming the girdle, he undid the superstructure from it and went over to the workbench where he then glued small foam pads to certain spots on the inside of the leather. Then he took out a large piece of light tan vinyl or something like that. He placed it around the inside of the girdle and then took the entire thing into a small room aside the workshop. I looked at megan who shrugged her shoulders the best she could inside her brace. Then we heard a loud machine running. Walt was in there for what seemed to be a half an hour. When he walked out, I saw my perfectly finished Milwaukee Brace leather pelvic girdle in his hands. The wrinkle free lining was sewn so prefectly to the outer edges of the girdle. Walt then reattached the superstructure and turned to face me, “you ready for the final fitting?” I nodded as he walked over to me and helped me put the brace on. As he slid the girdle over my hips, it felt so wonderful. Then he pulled the strap very tight and it was unbelievable how the girdle felt. That’s when I thought back to all the make shift girdles I had made in the past and then seeing the various different braces on the internet that people have made or had made. I turned and looked in the mirror on the door and what I saw was a perfectly made real leather pelvic girdle tightly encasing my body, just like my sisters did and like all those pictures I had seen from the 60’s and early 70’s.

Walt had me stand straight and keep my chin level as he started to adjust the bars. He then used some special tools to bend the back bars and then the front. Lengthening and bending, that’s all he did for fifteen minutes. He had me take deep breaths to make sure my chest and back were clear of the bars. He then had me sit down to make sure the brace didn’t ride up, it didn’t. Once he was satisfied with that, he then went to work on the neck ring. The ring looked absolutely perfect, kind of dull looking aluminum. He then told me he had to make some refinements to it because the companies that made them didn’t make them this large. I couldn’t see any of the modifications that he had made. After adjusting front to back and side to side, Walt had me tilt my head back. My chin moved up about one inch before the occiput pads stopped my head in the back. Then back to level went my head. Then he had me lower my chin, let’s say about an inch before the throatmold went into the soft part of my chin. With my head level, walt could get about two fingers between the throatmold and that back of my chin.

Once Walt was satisfied with how the brace fit, he took out a container of small screws and started to secure the bars and the neck ring. When he was finished, he removed the H clamps. Now with the main part of my brace done, Walt went over to the counter and picked up the outrigger and turned, “I presumed you wanted a longer outrigger?” I nodded as he walked over to the front of my and said, “high, mid, low?” I replied, “high.” he nodded and went to work securing it to the front bar of my brace. Standing there, there was no way I could see what he was doing. Once the outrigger was attached, he went to the counter and picked up the cowhide brown leather L pad with the strap. It had some padding under the tan lining. “I formed the pad on your plaster mold.” He then had me put my right hand atop my head as he placed the L pad on the right side of my back, covering half of my shoulderblade and the bottom portion the L coming halfway around my right side just slightly under my armpit. He then secured the strap to the right rear bar and then moved around to the front, reaching behind me to take hold of the strap. That’s when Walt said, “Now, I’m only going to snuggly secure this strap. After you leave here, you can tighten it all you want. But I have to warn you, you could cause your spine to curve in the opposite direction.” I nodded, the best I could. He placed the end of the strap over the peg on the end of the outrigger. The pad was barely touching my back and I knew that would have to change. Then he went to work putting on the auxillary sling that attached to the left bar above my armpit. It came down under my arm and then up to a small buckle that he attached to the front bar about three inches below the neck ring. The strap had a small oval shaped pad that would fit up against my side under my armpit if it were pulled tight.

Walt was finally finished and when he stepped back he said, “it looks good. I would recommend that you not wear it out of here. Especially to drive. Also you’ll need to wear something under that, T-shirts or a body T that they make for braces. If you wear it a lot, your hips will get red and hurt. Again you’re totally responsible about the pads.” I nodded and said, “I know where you’re coming from.” He nodded and said, “after a couple of weeks, you may want to make some adjustments to it like with the neck ring and the bars. That’s all up to you.” He then insisted that I take the brace off and get dressed. He then stuck it into a black canvas case and handed it to me. “well good luck.”

As Megan and I walked out of the place, I had such a great feeling. It was umbelievable that I had a perfectly fitted Milwaukee Brace in my hands. As we got into the car, Megan immediately said, “the brace looks great on you.” That only made me want to get to the hotel that much sooner. After we checked it, Megan and I headed up to the fifth floor to our mini suite. Once inside, I couldn’t wait to unzip the case and take out my brace. The size and the leather and metal girdle made my brace at least twice as heavy as Megans. She sat down on the bed, so upright to watch me undress and then take hold of my brace. I pulled my underpants down and slid the brace onto my body. That’s when Megan got up and walked around behind me. She closed the neck ring and then told me to take hold of the front bar and lift up. As I did, I felt her run the strap around the left bar and then she pulled tightly on the strap, the girdle tightening around my body. Then she help me push the brace down over my hips, it felt so good. She then walked around to the front of me and undid the strap from the outrigger. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she pulled on the strap, the L shape forming against my body, pulling my right side around towards the front. The neck ring pulled to my right, the left side touching my neck. She then placed the strap over the peg and then undid the buckle to the auxillary sling. She then pulled on the strap until the neck ring centered on my neck. She then secured it, smiling at me the whole time. “I’m hungry, let’s go get an early dinner.” She said.

Megan disappeared into the other room as i stood there wearing my brace. The feeling of the pads pulling and twisting at my body, the pelvic girdle fitting perfectly and the perfect neck ring. I then decided to get dressed. It was an adventure. I put on some nice draw string shorts that fit good around the girdle showing that i did have something my body. The waist sliding in over my hips. And then a gray V neck golf shirt, only one button buttoned. After taking about ten minutes to get my shoes on, I walked out into the main part of our suite to see Megan dressed in very tight light blue jeans and a revealing white blouse, her brace so noticable. She looked at me with her eyebrowse raised and asked, “you ready?” I definately was.

Chapter Ten – Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

That first night in my new brace was absolutely perfect. Megan and I headed down the elevator and out into the lobby, both our braces were so noticable to everyone who were around us. I could not believe how the brace fit me, especially the perfect pelvic girdle. We headed across the street to an outdoor mall with a lot of shops and restruarants. The reaction we got from everyone was just about typical, mostly all stares. Being in Arizona, I wasn’t a bit nervous. After walking around the shops and buying Megan a new dress to wear over her brace, we headed for a nice Bar and Grill that we saw. As we walked in, the young hostess was taken by the two of us wearing these strange looking braces, but she didn’t say anything as she took us through the moderately crowded restraurant to a booth. Again there were plenty of stares, especially from the waitress. As she took our drink order, all she could do was glance back and forth at how straight the two of us were sitting the the metal framework around our necks. As she left, Megan looked at me and smiled, “your brace looks excellent.” I nodded, it felt even better. After bringing our drinks, the waitress took our dinner order. As she turned to leave, she hesitated and then looked back at me and then at Megan asking, “do you mind if I ask what happened to you both?” Megan shook her head and said, “don’t mind at all, we both had surgery for Scoliosis recently and have to wear these braces.” the waitress smiled but I could tell she really didn’t understand. After the waitress left, I looked at Megan and said, “nice one.” She smiled back.

After dinner Megan and walked out into the balmy night air and we took a walk before returning to the hotel. My back, especially my lower back was starting to ache and Megan knew something was bothering me so she suggested that we head back to the room. It was still an unbelievable feeling wearing my new brace and the aches that came with it were well worth it. As Megan and I rode the elevator up to our room alone, she glanced at me and said, “you make me so hot in your brace.” I had to take a deep breath. I had felt the same for her since I had come back to see her. I no sooner closed the door to our room when Megan turned and practically jumped on me. I carried her over to the bed and gently set her down. She then stood up and proceeded to take off her dress revealing her slender body and her brace. I had to do the same. She then directed me over to the bed wear she told me to lay down. I then proceeded to lean over to my left and then roll over onto my back, making sure that my head and the back of the neck ring were on the pillow. Megan then climbed on top of me as she said, “where have you been all of my life?” That night we had the most pationate sex we have ever had, of course without our braces on.

After we were done, Megan wanted me to join her in the shower. As I walked into the bathroom, I saw the red streaks on my hips from the pelvic girdle of the brace and I knew that I would have to be carefull with that. After our hour long shower, Megan and I dried off and she gave me some powder to sprinkle on my hips. Then she gave me a night T shirt that she had. It fit pretty good and then she came over holding my brace. She helped me put it on and as soon as she pulled on the pelvic girdle strap, I got the best feeling. Then I repeated the same procedure for her, caressing her hips with the powder and then helping her with her brace which she wore over her bare hips. It was such a great feeling laying in bed that night beside Megan with both of our braces on.

That weekened was absolutely sensational. Driving back, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of megan who was sitting beside me with her brace on. I really regretted having to head back up the freeway to go home. She had thursday night off and I agreed to come down and spend the evening with her. It was hard leaving that day, but I knew that in the trunk of my car was something that would get me through the week.

As soon as I got home and parked in my garage, I couldn’t get to the trunk fast enough to get my brace off and go inside. As I set it on my bed and got undressed, I couldn’t help look at it. It was absolutely beautiful, the perfect brown leather girdle, the shiney metal hinge in front and the iliac metal strips. Then there were the perfectly shaped bars with the Scoliosis correction pads and then the neck ring. After I undressed and put on a T-shirt, I reached down and picked up my brace. As I put it on, I couldn’t help think about Megan. She was so turned on about the Milwaukee Brace, unbelievably for someone who actually had to wear one for Scoliosis. That’s when I thought to myself why my sister had to have Scoliosis and not me?

Chapter Eleven – Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

That first night at home with my new brace was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe how perfect it fit and how it looked on my body. I slept with it on that night and got up well before I usually for work the next morning. As I sat up on the edge of my bed, I knew that this brace was definitely a keeper but if I was to wear it, I knew that most of my clothes wouldn’t fit. I then spent the next hour trying on the clothes that I thought I would wear when I wore the brace. I was right. Only a few pair of shorts and some shirts would fit. I dreaded having to take the brace off to take a shower and get ready for work. There were only three things that I could think about all day at work and they were my new brace, Megan and going out shopping for clothes to fit the brace. Then I came up with an idea. At lunch time, I called Megan’s cell phone. She was in a class but when she heard my voice she went outside. My idea was for her to meet me in at the Carlsbad Mall which was a little over half way for me between San Diego and where I lived. She thought it was a fantastic idea. We were to meet at 5:30pm.

It was tough for me the whole rest of the afternoon. All I could think about was getting home to put on my new brace. As I walked into my bedroom, I saw my brace laying on the bed and immediately began to undress. I decided to put it on without any undershirt. As I slid my arms through the brace, my skin touched the cold metal bars and it sent shivers up my spine. I then slid my neck into the neck ring and then slid the cool vinyl of the pelvic girdle around my body. After reaching around and closing the neck ring, I reached around the buckled the pelvic girdle strap. I pulled it snug and buckled it. I then grabbed hold of the front bar and lifted up until the sides of the girdle slid in perfectly over my hips. I then pulled the strap tighter and the girdle did its thing, going in deeply over my hips, pushing in on my stomach and the back of my butt. Though the shorts and the T-shirts I had fit better, I took the loosest fitting golf shirt and jeans that I had and forced them over the brace.

Driving my car with the brace on was kind of hard, it was even tougher with traffic and I was late getting to the Carlsbad Mall. I pulled up in front of Macys and that’s when I saw Megan waiting out front. I immediately saw that she was wearing a pink tank top and white shorts, without her brace on. As I walked up to the entrance of the store, she looked very fine and my disappointment in her not wearing her brace quickly disappeared. Though Megan is a very cute girl, her Scoliosis is quite apparent without her brace on despite having surgery. The tilt of her shoulders to her left and her torso shifting out to her right which causes her left upper arm to rest against her chest while her forearm and hand are a few inches away from her side while her left arm is just the opposite. There is a gap between her upper arm and side while her left forearm rests on her hip. As I walked up, she smiled and said, “I’m going to be your escort tonight.” She led me by hand and guided me through every men’s section in every store looking for the right clothes. I tried on so many pants, jeans, shorts, dress shirts and casual shirts. With the attention of every clerk, Megan explained to them that I had just had back surgery and needed to wear the brace for awhile. You could tell she was an old pro at it. Watching her every move really turned me on. Her winged right shoulder blade, the obvious curvature in her back and the red scar the stretched up out of the back of her tank top. By the time the mall was closing, I had a nice selection of shirts and pants to wear over my brace. Outside of the mall as we parted ways Megan said, “what are you doing this weekend?” I had a wedding to go to on Saturday and a family dinner on Sunday. Megan and I both were disappointed that we wouldn’t be having a rendezvous. “What about the following weekend, maybe we could go somewhere?” I nodded and told her that I would think of something.

Those next two weeks were tough on me. All I could think about was Megan, her fascination for her brace and her Scoliosis. Everything was so exotic with her. Also for those two weeks, I wouldn’t be anywhere with my brace on, but every minute I was at home, I was wearing my brace around the house. By the time those two weeks had passed, I was pretty used to wearing my brace without anything on under the brace, though my hips had very red streaks on them and everywhere else the brace touched was red. Plus my back ached when the brace wasn’t on but it was well worth the price.

That Friday, I took half of the day off just to get prepared for the surprise that I had planned for Megan. She had called me a couple of times to find out what I had planned but I didn’t tell her where I was taking her for the weekend. I just told her to be waiting outside of her apartment at 6:00pm on Friday night. When I drove up the driveway, I saw her standing on the concrete landing at the base of the stairs. She was wearing blue jeans that looked like they were painted on her body and a light blue tank top which fit tightly around her brace. It was an instant hard on seeing her standing there. I pulled up out front and climbed out of my truck. As I walked around, the look she had on her face told me she was all ready for this weekend. After tossing her bag into the back of the truck, I held the door open for her but she turned and said, “where are you taking me?” I shook my head and said, “you’ll find out.”

After driving for an hour to the east of San Diego, I got off of the freeway and headed to the east, up into the mountains. That’s when Megan figured it out, “we’re going to Julian?” Julian is a quaint little town in the San Diego Mountains near Lake Cuyumaca. It’s known for it’s apple orchards and apple pies. The town is full of little shops, restaurants and Pie Shops. Perfect for the weekend getaway. As we got to the motel, Megan turned her head as far as she could to her left and said, “this is perfect.” I went in to check in and the both of us couldn’t wait to get to our neat little cottage. No sooner did I get the door closed and turned around, Megan walked over to me and started to kiss me. The clank of our throatmolds hitting each other was a familiar sound. I then reached down and put my hands on the back of her firm butt and picked her up. I carried her over to the bed and sat down, then falling backwards. Megan then got up and proceeded to undo my jeans. After pulling my pants off, she proceeded to take her jeans and top off to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything other than the brace. At that moment I think I got the hardest I have ever been in my life.

Needless to say, we didn’t eat dinner that night. The next morning, we both woke up without our braces on but it didn’t matter, what happened was beyond this world. Both Megan and I were hungry so we decided to get ready for our day. It was a cool and foggy morning in the San Diego Mountains. While Megan was in the bathroom getting ready, I got dressed in a pair of jeans and a collared shirts. As I was struggling to get my shoes on, Megan appeared from the bathroom where her painted on black jeans and a white turtleneck sweater. Though the sweater hid her brace, it just turned me on even more knowing it was there. She said, “I remember when I used to wear turtlenecks to school when it was 100 degrees in Las Vegas.”

We spend the day eating breakfast and lunch around going through every store in town. We had the usual stares and the occasional question about my brace. Hardly anyone noticed that Megan was wearing the same brace. You really had to look hard to see evidence of the brace, the outline of the back bars in her sweater, the flattening of her buttox in the back, the protrusion of her outrigger below her right breast and occasionally the throatmold would peak over the top of her turtleneck in front. But if you watched her actions, you could see her perfect stiff posture, To turn her head to look into a store window, she had to turn her body. Every move was much the same as I did but she only did it so much better, obvious from the years of wearing the brace.

When we got back to the room later that afternoon, Megan saw the Jacuzzi and pointed to it. Within a few short minutes, our braces were off and we were in the Jacuzzi. After about ten minutes of soaking and kissing, Megan pulled away and looked at me, “Daryl, this has been really great.” She paused and then said, “I know we can’t make it anymore than this.” I nodded. She then said, “but I like these rendezvous.” I again nodded and said, “maybe every few weeks or so, we can do things like this?” She smiled and reached down into my crotch.

Chapter Twelve – The Milwaukee Brace and Scoliosis

After that weekend in Julian with Megan, she and I would meet every other weekend or so for a night out, like dinner and a movie but we would eventually end up back at her place. Though I had such a fascination with my own custom brace, Seeing Megan in her own Milwaukee just would make those weekends. It fit her like a glove and I wished I could have said the same for mine. The leather girdle with the monel metal supports over my hips seemed to get more out of shape every time I wore the brace. My hips not only were red, they were really aching but I would put up with it just to be in the same room as Megan and her brace. Finally in April, I just couldn’t put up with it any more and I decided that Megan and I needed to make a run out to Arizona, heck we hadn’t been away to Julian since well before the California fires and we needed to get away alone together. When I told Megan that I had made an appointment with Walt, she was so excited, not only to get away but I think she also had such a fascination over the fitting of a brace.

It was a late April Thursday afternoon when Megan and I drove out to Arizona. She was in her brace, a halter top and a pair of shorts over it. Mine was in the trunk. There was something about Megan that afternoon but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It looked like she was kind of nervous or jumpy. I was to see Walt at 8:00pm that night, after hours. We were pushing it just to get to his workshop. He was outside having a smoke when we drove up. As soon as Megan got out of the car, he walked over to greet her with a hug and then as he backed away, he put his hands on the hips of her brace, “how is it fitting?” he asked. She told him that it was fine except that she had lost some weight and the girdle strap was getting almost to the end. He immediately spun her around and lifted up her top right there in the parking lot. Sure enough, the ends of her girdle were almost touching. “We’ll have to add some padding, that will take care of it.” As he lowered her top and turned, he said to me, “well let’s get down to business.” I nodded and went to the trunk of Megans Honda and took out my brace. As soon as I walked inside, Walt turned and said, “well there are two things we can do, one is bend and twist that thing to fit or we can make a new plaster model and give you one of those.” He pointed to Megans brace and as soon as he did, Megan nodded with approvement, “with the padding it has to be better.” I don’t know if she was being sincere or just wanted to see me get all casted up again. Walt added, “with those, we can adjust by adding or cutting foam.” I nodded and said, “let’s go for it.” I don’t know if it was for getting a girdle to fit or that I wanted to be all casted up again too.

It took over an hour for Walt to get me all casted up again, explaining that it would be about five hundred bucks to make a new one up but cost was never a question for me anyways. He would trim and shape the plaster mold in the morning and then get the poly girdle all made up and ready to be fitted on Saturday. That was fine with me. The feeling of being casted again was sensational but what made the experience even more delightful was watching Megan get off on it. I could see her squirm and twist in her brace with every wrap and pull of the plaster bandages on my body. Then as the plaster dried on my body, it got warmer and so much tighter and that really got me off too. After Walt was done with me, he handed me a clean towel and pointed over to the door that led to the bathroom and shower. As I started walking away, Walt went over to Megan and started helping her off with her brace.

I was in the shower for about five minutes and when I came out, I saw Megan standing in front of Walt with her back to her and bent over at the waist with her arms hanging freely out in front of her. This was the Adams forward bend test for Scoliosis. With the two rods in her back, Megan’s back was stiff from top to bottom but from just above her right shoulder blade to the base of her rib cage, the right side of her back still formed a well rounded rib hump that was at least three inches above the left side of her back. The tail tale sign of thoracic scoliosis. “It’s still about the same.” Walt said. As if it was really going to go anywhere with the titanium rods along her spine. Megan then proceeded to stand up while Walt went over to feel the inside of the girdle on Megan’s brace. He was satisfied with the way it felt and then he took a blow dryer and blew the insides. After about two minutes, he felt it again and then walked over to Megan and put the brace onto her slender twisted and curved body. It was amazing to see just how much the brace did untwist and uncurve her torso. That’s when I kind of realized that there was more than just a fascination of wearing the Milwaukee for Megan. The girdle fit perfectly on Megan and Walt did some final small tweeking on the brace before he was satisfied. The brace looked awesome on Megan and as she got dressed, Walt turned to me and gave me assurance that my brace would be ready to go on Saturday afternoon.

With the little adjustments that Walt had made, I could see a difference in how Megan walked and especially sat in the car, stiff and upright more than anything else. As we checked into the Best Western Motel just around the corner from Walt’s, I could see that Megan was really ansy and she couldn’t wait to get to the room. As soon as I closed the door, she was on me and that spelled the end to even thinking of leaving the room that night.

When I awoke the next morning, I rolled over to see that Megan was out of bed. As I looked around the room, there was no sign of her, even in the bathroom. I got up to find a note on the table. She wrote that she an old girl friend of hers had come to pick her up and they were going to breakfast together. I quickly glanced out the window and the Honda was parked out front. It really surprised me because she hadn’t said a word that she knew anyone out there in Tucson. I spent most of the morning walking over the the Jack in the Box to get something to eat, I was starving and then I went back and laid by the pool. I was still kind of tired from our almost all night affair and fell to sleep.

When I awoke, I saw that it was nearly 1:00pm and I was just about torched. I got up and looked around, the Honda was right where I left it and I wondered if Megan was back yet, surely she would have seen me by the pool. I walked across the parking lot and up to our room and I noticed right away that the door was cracked open. I didn’t leave it that way so she must have been back. As I opened the door, I was shocked to see Megan standing in the middle of the room with no clothes on and no brace. But in its place was a solid white body cast, stretching from her chin to her accentuated hips. There was a window cut in the front for her chest to stick out. The neck piece had a little V cut in the front of it. From there, it went around her neck, just below her ears and up against the back of her head. The cast was finely trimmed for her arms to stick out and it fit mostly like our braces around her hips, butt, thighs and groin area. “My god!” I said as I realized that this was what Megan was up to all along. “So do you like it?” She asked. I shook my head and said, “how could I not!” She immediately walked over to the bed and carefully layed back. She didn’t need a pillow, the back of the cast held her head up and off the mattress. I closed the door and immediately went over to the bed and straddled her cast. As I looked down at her cute face, Megan said, “this is the same kind of cast I wore for three months after my surgery in high school. I told Walt I wanted to do something like this the last time we were here and he told me he could do it anytime.” That’s when I asked, “so how does it feel?” She replied, “unbelievable”.

After spending the rest of the afternoon in bed with Megan, we got up and she put on some really large shorts and a v collared shirt. She was obviously prepared for the size of the cast and then we proceeded to walk down to Applebees which was just down the street for dinner. Of course, with this bulky body cast on, Megan was the attention of most everyone in the restaurant, not to mention me. Seeing her in the cast, only made me want my brace even more. That afternoon, night and the next morning was unbelievable. For awhile there, I thought this thing Megan and I had going was getting a little stagnant even with the braces but this really perked it up. I couldn’t wait to get my brace back on Saturday.

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