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Heaven or Hell

Chapter One

How Tammy and I initially meet is not important, but suffice it to say it was in an unusual way and completely by chance. As we talked more, we both discovered that each of us had a very similar appetite for erotic fun. I had been waiting to find someone willing to participate in a fantasy that I had been dreaming about for some time. I desired to meet a very beautiful and well-built young woman and lock her in a Milwaukee back brace.

After talking for several weeks and a delay or two, we finally got the opportunity to finally meet. Tammy had a friend in the medical field that owed her a favor or two and she had managed to get hold of a Milwaukee built for her curvy figure. We had decided to meet in a public place and I immediately noticed her from behind as I walked up for our first face to face meeting. The white occipital pads at the back of here neck ring were very visible above her shirt collar, as well as, the two upright bars and plastic pelvic girdle. She turned her whole body to look the other way and started when she saw me right behind her. I must have been standing there for several seconds. Tammy was breath taking in her Milwaukee. The neck ring and throat mold fit snuggly around her neck and kept her from dropping her chin. The front upright was new and shiny as it disappeared down her body between large shapely breasts. She had not buttoned the top up very far and I could see her bra and a large portion of her breasts with the metal bar hugged tight between them.

Tammy had managed to get a Milwaukee exactly as I had asked. It had a white plastic pelvic girdle that fit low over her backside and dipped low in the front. It was very tight around the waist and held her stomach in very flat. The front and back uprights were shiny stainless steel and very strong. They attached to a neck with a throat mold and occipital pads. The uprights followed her body perfectly and two large kyphosis pads on the back uprights and two auxiliary slings that run directly opposite each other from just under her breasts in front to the uprights in back keeping her from moving from side to side within the brace. A shoulder ring pulling the shoulders back tightly encircled each shoulder and the front bar had an outrigger with round pads pushing against the chest above each breast. The brace also had two groin straps that started at the back of the brace and attached in the front. There were also two straps on the pelvic girdle in front and back that could be used to strap her wrists to the brace when it pleased me to do so.

At a secluded spot were we could not be interrupted, I pulled Tammy close and kissed her very deeply and passionately. The feel of her erect body against mine aroused a burning furnace in the pit of my stomach and I started to explore her braced body. She was totally at my mercy as I stoked and teased that portion of her body not covered by the brace. Bending I took her nipples into my mouth a sucked and teased them with my tongue as I held her arms behind her back. After several moans and braced restrained shudders of pleasure, I reached down between her legs and released the groin straps to caress her swollen mound. My fingers slipped inside and started rubbing her g-spot gently as my thumb pressed against her clit slowly moving from side to side. As her body began to sweat and strain against the brace, I released her arms from behind her back and lowered her to the floor. Starting at her neck, I worked my way down her body kissing her as I went. I finally reached her clit and started working it with my tongue, taking my time, slowly building her passion until she climaxed bucking against the tight hold of the brace.

Then I unstrained her from the brace and messaged the tension of the session out of her muscles, and then began a slow revival of her arousal as I rubbed. Locking the brace back on her, I allowed her an opportunity to rub and tease me to prove if she were a worthy slave. As my passion began to rise, I took her hard with my cock pushing deep and strong until we both climaxed uncontrollably. Afterward, with a smile we started over with more passion than beforeā€¦..

Chapter Two

I slowly opened my eyes and realized right away that the hangover was back. Wow, thank god it was only a dream. I went to move my hand to shade the lights, and found that I could not. IT WASN’T A DREAM I tried to scream but no sound came out. I must still be sleeping. Again “HELP>>>>>”, but no sound. It was then that a familiar face cam into view. It was Amy. She immediately put 1 finger to her lips and shushed me. Don’t try to talk, just relax…… I’ll go get the doctor.

It was then that I noticed the strange rhythm next to my head. The Doctor and Amy returned and explained that people in body casts sometimes don’t breath as they should, and that is what happened to me. I was not expanding my lungs enough, and therefore not getting enough oxygen. Thankfully Amy noticed right away, and got the doctor who immediately put me on a respirator. He explained that I would only need it for another day, and then we would try to remove it.

With that he left. leaving me in the capable hands of Amy. Now here I was, practically casted from head to foot, and now I have a breathing tube in my mouth, and no way to communicate. Amy must have known what I was thinking, because she starting explaining what had happened two days ago….

TWO DAYS…… I had been out for two days…. I think I’ve gotten into more than I bargained for.

Amy was great during the next few hours, constantly being at my bedside. and talking to me. She talked about anything, and everything, so that I wouldn’t be lonely.

Finally she left me, closed the door to the room, and returned. She said that she began thinking about what we had been talking about before I passed out. Casts, and their arousal ability. She said she took home some plaster rolls from the office the night before and put herself in a sac. She said she had never felt the way she felt with that cast on. All of a sudden she said ‘I didn’t think you were crazy any more for wanting all these casts.

I somehow must have raised an eyebrow because she said that she was definitely attracted to me in all those casts and could only imagine how I felt.

She told me that she had taken some more bandages, and wanted to try a short leg cast that evening, or a Long arm Cast.

I must have shown how excited I was becoming as she spoke about being casted. She told me to relax, that she had something to show me.

She went to her bag and retrieved a book of somesort, and said that she got this from one of the suppliers. As she opened the book, I immediately saw that it showed page after page of individuals with casts, and different Orthopedic Devices immobilizing their bodies. Amy explained that she was beginning to look at these pics a totally different way since we had spoke. ‘Jeez, if I could only move some part of my body, I would grab her and kiss her so hard. I had found a caster, this could be a dream come true, but look at me casted from head to toe with no way of showing my desire.

Amy finished with the book, and said she really had to go, that she would see me in the morning. With that she turned some dials on the respirator, and I became very tired. I drifted off thinking about the cast She would be applying to herself this evening.

I awoke the next day to someone whispering in my ear. It was Amy, she told me to wake up. She had something for me. I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful Polaroid pics of Amy wearing a LAC and a very revealing piece of lingerie. She said this is for you. I want you to see that you have opened me up to something completely new. Something I never thought about before. I want to share my newfound passion with you, but I don’t know how?

It then looked like a lightbulb went off in her head. She closed the door and I heard the deadbolt close. Amy came over to the respirator, and turned some knobs. All of a sudden I was breathing faster. Amy turned the shades, and the room became dimly lit. Amy removed her outfit to reveal the lingerie from the pictures. She then reached into her bag and removed the LAC she had made. ‘OH MY GOD SHE SAVED IT” She had already put Velcro around it and was ready to put it on, but stopped to pull out a cervical collar. It was a MALIBU Collar. She snapped it on, and put on the LAC, and climbed on top of me. I was as hard as the casts that encased my body, as she began rocking back and forth. The sight of us must have been something. One retrained by necessity, one for pleasure.

She talked to me through the whole event which was something new to me, telling me how the LAC and collar felt, and how the edges of my casts near her wet pussy, were making her feel. She leaned over, and turned up the respirator again, and I felt the surge began to rise with in me. Finally, I could control it no longer and had the most intense orgasm of my life. Amy came in a fit of jerks that were partially restrained by the collar and cast she wore.

She collapsed on top of me, when we hear a knock at the door. Amy immediately pulled off her cast and collar, and threw on her dress, and answered the door. It was Doc Nombrev. who came to check on me. Amy quickly adjusted the respirator before he noticed. How are we feeling today? Dumb Question after what I had just experienced. Good, I hope, I want to remove the respirator. With that he shut the machine and told me to cough as he pulled the tube from my throat. After that he said he would be back later, and would leave the two of us alone. I think he knew something was up, but didn’t say anything.

Amy began cleaning me up. When I tried to say something she reminded me that I should not try to talk right away, since the tube usually irritates the throat for a while.

All of a sudden Doc Nombrev came in and in a very stern voice called Amy outside. She looked a little scared.. About five minutes later Doc Nombrev returned, and said that Amy had to come with him to the office. He wasn’t his usual friendly self. Did he know what had happened?. He surely must have had an idea or why would he be so mad.

I didn’t see Amy for the rest of the day, and figured she must have gotten fired. The next morning she wasn’t there either, and I went about having x-rays taken to see the progress of my healing. Sitting an a wheel chair was a new experience, even though I was a little ashamed being wheeled through the halls as everyone stared at me.

I was returned to my room to find Amy standing facing the window dressed not in her usual nurses outfit, but a flowered dress and her hair down. She turned around and I could instantly tell that something was different. She walked towards me in a stiff manner, not her usual bubbly self. She looked like she was standing alot taller and straighter than usual.

She closed the door, and returned to stand in front of me. Without speaking, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. I was definitely not prepared for what I saw……

Chapter Three

Being immobilized in a Halo brace and the remainder of your body in casts, has a way of affecting one more than you would think. Although I was stimulated and aroused by my own predicament, seeing Amy in front of me aroused me even more.

Amy wore a full body cast that went from her hips over her shoulders. From the body cast extended a Milwaukee Brace superstructure, complete with a throat mold, and occipit pads.

The cast sat firmly on her hips and followed the curves of her body to a ‘T’. It’s amazing how even in a cast Amy still had a great figure. Her breasts were cradled by the cast which continued over her shoulders. Not a bump or line out of place reminded me that Dr. Nombrev was an artist as much as a Doctor.

I couldn’t tell if Amy was happy or sad at her predicament, but I was certainly confused as to how she got herself into the cast. She certainly could not have done it herself.

Amy explained that when she left yesterday, Dr. Nombrev took her back to the office. The entire way he did not say anything, but she could tell he was very upset. When they finally got back to the office Dr. Nombrev really laid into her about jeopardizing his research. Didn’t she know that all the movement could cause a longer healing time?

Amy confessed everything to Dr. Nombrev over how after all the years of being his assistant, that I was an interesting case. That I had opened up a new door for her. Although her job was fulfilling, she now wanted more, and she had found that being casted, braced, or generally immobilized was what she wanted. She had though I was a wacko when she met me, but not after spending some time with me.

Dr. Nombrev had given her a drink, but evidently slipped her something. She awoke in one of the cast rooms in this cast/brace combination. Dr. Nombrev was nowhere to be found, but she did find the note:

Dear Amy,

I am sorry that I could not stay around to see your reaction to your current cast/brace combination. I was very angry when I thought you might have jeopardized my research by your actions in the hospital.

I completely understand yours, and others obsession with casts. I too assume that I am attracted to them, however I certainly do not wish to wear them, but rather enjoy placing others in casts that constrict movement for an ultimate purpose. Normally that ultimate purpose is to give a limb time to heal, but the cast/brace combo I have given you will hopefully ease some of the feelings you are having as well as remind you not to jeopardize my work.

Please take the next two weeks off to enjoy your current state, and then call me so we can remove it and get on with our lives, and my practice.

Dr. Nombrev.

I was completely aghast. I couldn’t say anything, mostly because I did not know where to start. Amy said she too was so confused when she awoke in the office. She made it back to her apartment without being seen, and slowly removed her clothing. It took her most of the evening to decide whether she enjoyed or even liked her current state, and admitted that she did. The hardest part was that she knew alot of people in her apartment complex, and did not want to be seen, and have to explain her current state.

Amy snuck out early in the morning and drove around for a while, which was a new and exciting experience. Then she came to see me. There was really no-one else that she could talk to about her predicament.

I told her that I thought she looked wonderful, and that I understood all the feelings that she was having. I told her that I would love to be able to spend time with her in her state, and asked if she wanted to take a walk.

She would need to push me around in the wheel chair, but maybe we could talk. She accepted, and slowly started walking around the halls and out onto the hospital grounds.

We spent several hours just talking about our predicaments, and getting to know each other a little better.

This went on for several days, and the time finally came for me to be re-evaluated.

The serum was working, and the arm, and leg casts could come off.

Unfortunately there appeared to be a problem with the fusion in the neck area, and I would need to continue to wear the halo for several more weeks.

‘What kind of a problem?’ I asked.

Dr. Nombrev gave an evasive answer about slower healing time for vertebrae.

Amy and I continued to see each other.

Since she was self conscious about being seen at her apartment she stayed at mine. Taking care of me while in my new state.

We really got to know each other and began to explore this recreational casting thing. She told me that she was supposed to go back and get this cast brace combo off.

Before she did she wished we could have a night together.

Since she was sleeping on the couch I agreed and invited her to my room. As we began to make love a new feeling overcame me. One I have never’ had before. I felt so comfortable with Amy. In our casted state we felt like one individual.

Could she be my soul mate?

AS we began rocking back and forth and experimenting with different positions I would up on top with all my weight on one arm so the halo did not hit Amy in the head.

All of a sudden I heard a pop, and my arm buckled.

This was some of the most exquisite pain I ever had.

Amy was surprised, as I rolled away in pain.

She looked at my arm , and said we have to get to the hospital your arm is broken. Broken I said like she was talking a strange language. I looked down to see a twisted arm that looked like it was some one else’s. I could not move the ar, at all.

We made it to the hospital where Dr, Nombrev met us, and X-rayed the arm. yes it was broken, In the exact place of the surgical break and repair.

Dr. Nombrev said that we may have taken off the casts too soon.

So back went the Shoulder spica, and I was allowed to go home. The drugs you get when you are in pain are great and we returned home to finish the deed we had started. Amy was afraid of how we needed to position ourselves, so me on bottom was probably best. As I made my way to the bed the drugs had gotten the best of me, and I missed the platform that the bed was on, and landed flat on my face. There really wasn’t any pain since I was already on pain killers, but the look on Amy’s face told the story. My leg was mangled.

Back to the Hospital, back to x-ray. I broke the same leg again.

This time I was admitted. Casts, Drugs… etc. Just when I thought I was in heaven…..could I be in hell….????????

Chapter Four

I woke up the next morning, a little clearer without all the drugs in my body.

Amy was there, apparently she told everyone that Dr. Nombrev was using her also for a test subject, hence her body cast and Milwaukee neck ring.

Me on the other hand was learning that I had a whole new set of problems to deal with.

Dr. Nombrev was there first thing in the morning to explain the results of the blood tests.

Apparently I was given extra serum in an attempt to make up for the deficiency that would occur to me having more broken bones in my body.

The extra serum proved that ‘More is not Always Better’

As the serum coursed through my body my metabolism believed that the bones had healed when they weren’t. Even though the x-rays appeared solid, the bones were actually hollow. The slightest pressure, bang or twist would cause them to rebreak.

I sat here in the bed, essentially being told that this experiment was a screw up. I had a halo around my head, and a body cast, along with a shoulder spica, and a long leg cast. Suddenly I didn’t feel the sexual excitement of casts anymore.

Dr. Nombrev said that there appeared to be another problem, and I didn’t like the way he said that.

Even if I was not given anymore serum, it apparently had screwed up my system enough that all healing of broken bones in my body had been slowed down rather that sped up.

I would be looking at 24 weeks of the Leg cast, 18 weeks for the shoulder spica, and undetermined amount of time in the halo.

Then he dropped the bomb, …… because they were afraid that any movement would compromise the healing, they wanted to essentially have me spend the next 6 months in bed, as my bones healed, and that they would need to do additionally surgery to help the bones heal properly.

My head was spinning, I couldn’t comprehend what was being said, I felt so dizzy… then I passed out.

I awoke in a different room, and it took sometime for me to get accustomed to the lighting. I tried to call for help, but found that I could not. It was then that I noticed the slight hum next to my head. I was on a respirator again. What happened….

Dr Nombrev arrived shortly looking disheveled, and tired. He kind of had that mad scientist look about him.

Apparently his serum was not working, but not just on me, but most people it was tried on. They were rebreaking their bones at an alarming rate, and the lawsuits were starting, so he became determined to find out what went wrong, and fix it.

He had taken me out of the hospital, to a location that only he knew, and continued his research on me. I had been there for 3 1/2 weeks, being kept under anesthesia, and sedation as he performed surgery to fix problems and find out what went wrong. He told me he a learned alot, but was still far off, but was determined.

He brought a mirror over to show me what had happened to me so far.

I was still on a respirator, but no longer had the body cast on. I still had the halo,, but it was attached to a ring around my pelvis. He told me that this was a halo pelvic hoop. He could apply a distractive force, i.e traction, along my whole spine as necessary, and without the cast it was easier for him to move me if necessary, and still have access to my body if needed.

My arms were held in long arm casts, and attached to this pelvic ring by the means of steel poles. I only had one arm in a spica before, but now two, so this was weird.

Both legs were held in long leg casts, with a spreader bar at the knees.

My face skewed as I wanted to ask a question, when I saw the nurse walk in. From the back I thought it was Amy, but when she turned around, I realized it wasn’t.

Dr. Nombrev introduced me to his wife, and explained that she was helping him since no-one wanted to work with him because of the problems he was having.

I wanted to ask where Amy was, and what was going on when he answered all my questions by turning on a small closed circuit television.

I could see a room, much like a hospital room with a bed in the center. There was someone in the bed, and Dr. Nombrev zoomed in on the bed. Oh my god…It was Amy. Dr, Nombrev said that Amy knew all of his research plans, and wanted out of the project, but wanted to protect me too.

He didn’t want her to give out any information until he had solved the problems with the serum.

So against her wishes he had brought her here to help with the research….., as a test subject.

Amy also had a camera in her room, and could see me too. Dr. Nombrev had to go, but would check back later.

He put a small clicker in my hand that allowed me to zoom in the camera, and said Good-bye.

There was Amy laying motionless, and all alone. I felt bad that I might have gotten her into this situation, and looking at her current state made me feel even more helpless, and a little excited too.

Amy was in a dual hip spica, with her legs spread at an incredible angle, the top of the cast was molded into a cast that covered her head in the back, and neck, and jawline in the front. Her arms were free and I could see the fear in her eyes.

Her mouth was effectively shut from the pressure the cast put on her Jaw so she could not talk, but neither could I so we were left to watch each other lay motionless.

Night turned to day, and day to night, I had lost all sense of time as I could only watch Amy zoom her camera in on me, and me on her.

I saw on the screen as Dr. Nombrev came into Amy, and although he blocked the screen, the volume was still on. I heard him explain, that he thought he found the problem, and needed a fresh break to try out the serum.

He told Amy that he would like to put her under anesthesia for the procedure, but he couldn’t watch the anesthesia and conduct the procedure, so he gave her something in her IV to take the edge off. With that I heard muffled moans, and screams. I wanted to break out of all the casts, and paraphernalia, but couldn’t move. I listened to the screams, and watched the black screen. Then I noticed that whatever was covering the screen was slowly falling off.

I could make out a little bit until the cover completely came off the camera, and I saw Amy struggling to fight off the doctor, but to no avail. Her right arm was tied down and Dr, Nombrev had put some sort of box over her left upper arm. He then tied down the arm, and began cranking a handle on the side of the box. I zoomed in as best I could and noticed a small dial moving the more he cranking. He stopped and said ’80 lbs’ that should do it.

With that he flipped a lever, and I saw what looked like a hammer fly from one side of the box to the other.,

Amy try to scream more, and then she stopped. I zoomed in on her face, and saw that she must have passed out.

Dr. Nombrev saw that the camera cover was off, and looked into the screen and said he was sorry that I needed to see that, but that it was the easiest way to break her arm without having to undergo surgery.

OH MY GOD…HE JUST BROKER HER ARM’ He said that this box afforded the opportunity to provide random breaks, by positioning it in different places on the body.

I then watched as he casted her arm in a long arm cast, and added his serum to the I.V.,

He then walked away, and I watched Amy slowly wake up.

He then entered my room, and told me that he was sorry I needed to see that and that he really felt bad about doing that, but that if I ever wanted out of my predicament, I couldn’t get so upset.

He then explained that he needed to increase the traction forces on my spine. My eyes asked why, and he said that during my time at his private clinic he had come along way in his research thanks to me, but that from and orthopedic standpoint I was in trouble.

In order to test the serum on fresh breaks, he had broken several vertebrae hence the halo pelvic hoop.

He would continue increasing the distance between the two hoops every day, until there was an additional three to five inches added.

In addition I now had two shoulder spicas, because the procedure he just performed on Amy, he had done to me during the two weeks I was sedated.

I started becoming nauseous till he told me that he could remove the respirator for me tomorrow, if all went well.

With that he injected something to my IV, and I became groggy, and fell asleep.

I awoke to someone pulling on my halo. It was Dr, Nombrevs wife.

She said that she had watched the tape of Amy and me in the hospital, and that is how Dr, Nombrev knew we had sex.

She found it quite stimulating, and decided to see what it would be like to have sex, with some one who was immobile.

With that she removed my catheter, and mounted me, and began talking dirty to me. Needless to say, I was not in the mood, and when I could not arise to the occasion she became angry.

‘Don’t you understand, One word from me, and my husband will keep you here forever, as his personal experiment. With that she dismounted me, and pulled out a doctors bag. From the bag she showed me a very large vibrator. She explained that she was sure she could help me…. I felt the tip of this ‘toy’ enter my ass, and go to work on my insides, it must have met my prostate as I became instantly hard, she mounted me again, and rode me for all I was worth.

When she was done with me, even though I never came, she said it was time to remove my breathing tube, but first we would have to find a new way for me to breath. I, really didn’t understand. Then Dr. Nombrev came in and had me close my eyes, as I saw he come towards me with the longest needle I had ever seen. He said that he did not want my vocal cords to become irritated and possibly useless from the long term intubation so he was going to give me a tracheotomy that would allow my mouth to be free. He numbed me up, and performed the tracheotomy. He told me this is how I would be breathing until he felt he could safely remove the respirator.

I guess they felt that I had been through enough because they did not come back for the rest of the day.

I could only watch Amy cry from her situation, and decided I had to do whatever it took to get out of there and free Amy as well.

I watched on the screen as the doctor and his wife came to Amy, and began to cut off all her casts, except for the long arm cast. Amy was still gorgeous, but she looked so pale and thin. With this the doctor said that he would allow Amy to see me, if she promised to behave. She agreed, and they put her in a wheelchair and wheeled her to my room.. After they closed the door, I heard the sound of the deadbolt closing. WE were locked in the room together.

Amy just watched me and cried, and then came over to hug me. It was then that I understood why she was not speaking to me. Dr, Nombrev had some how wired her jaw shut. She could not speak if she wanted to.

I could mouth words, now that my mouth was free, but no sounds came out. Amy could make some sounds, but could not open her mouth.

I mouthed for Amy not to cry that I would figure something out.

I knew that I had lied, but what was I supposed to do.

Over the next several days, I didn’t see Dr. Nombrev, but only occasionally his wife, or the new nurse Simon, a big burley man who looked like he worked out alot and could pass for a model.

He would come and change the IV’s and crank the screws to increase the traction on my spine. Amy was back in her bed, and was IV fed but in restraints on her free arm and ankles.

I began losing all sense of time and could not reconcile the amount of time that I had been at this place.

After what I think was four or five days Doctor Nombrev’s wife returned, and brought Amy into my room.

She said that things were going to change, but that we should both know that Dr. Nombrev was dead. Apparently all the stress from the lawsuits etc were too much for him, and he had a heart attack. She really didn’t look too upset, and said that Simon, was not just a helper, but her lover. He had trained to be an orthopedic surgeon but because of some past incidents could not become licensed. Amy and I would probably be here for a long time but if we behaved, we would not be hurt too much.

My cast heaven had turned to HELL>>>>>>

Chapter Five

Mrs. Nombrev explained that she and Simon were into bondage as well as working to obtain a research grant for Simon. You see Simon sabotaged Dr, Nombrev’s experiment, and he was going to capitalize on the serum. The serum actually worked, but they didn’t want Dr. Nombrev to have the glory, so they sabotaged the serum and kept the original formula available for Simon. They were sure that the drug companies would pay a fortune for the rights.

I wanted that serum, and motioned for Mrs. Nombrev to come closer.

I mouthed to her these words ‘ Please give me the serum…..’

She laughed a devilish laugh and said that unfortunately my system was so screwed up from the fake serum that this would not work on me, and I would have to stay immobilized for some time.

Not to worry though she had always wanted an orthopedic play thing and now was her chance to have what she wanted.

With that she bent down to kiss me. I bit her lip as hard as I could. She pulled away cursing, and screaming. She said that she was going to show me who was in charge. I was afraid of what I had done. But what could she do to me. Here I lay immobilized in casts and braces from head to toe.

Suddenly I though of Amy…Would they take out revenge on her for what I had done.

Mrs. Nombrev approached me from behind, so I could not see what she had in her hand. She forced something metallic into my mouth, and strapped it to the bars of the halo. She then came around for me to see her. This is a whitehead gag, she said. It is used to hold the mouth open during surgery when access to the mouth is needed.

With it I have the capability to ratchet your mouth open as far as I want.

With that she began turning the ratchet, and my mouth began opening.

I tried as hard as I could to bite down, but to no avail. As she kept turning I thought my jaw would become unhinged. Just then she stopped and said she would be right back. She returned several minutes later with what appeared to be some screws which she began threading through the extra holes in the halo. These holes she said are for better halo placement on individual patients. Right now you have four screw, but I think you should have eight. With that she began screwing the nails into my head. I could not scream, or breath faster or close my mouth or move to fight her off. By the time she got to the third screw I simply passed out from the pain.

I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but I woke up in complete darkness. I could tell that something was different, but I was not really sure what it was. My mouth was still spread wide open. My head ached from the halo pins, but I was still sure that something was different.

It was then that heard the soft crying from Amy. She was now in the room with me. I had no way of contacting her, or letting her know that I was awake, so I could only listen. I heard footsteps approaching, and then the lights came on. I tried to adjust my eyes as quick as possible, and noticed that large mirrors had been placed in the room. and that Amy was laying in the bed next to me with only her casted arm not tied to the bed.

Good Morning my pets said Ms. Nombrev. I have a surprise for you today. Amy you are going to get some wonderful new hardware, and you my pet will be allowed to watch.

With that Amy was untied from the bed. She must have known that it was useless for her to fight because she moved with them as they put her on a bar stool in the middle of the room. They then placed a cervical traction bar over her head and some form of head halter, and began cranking the slack in the rope. AS the slack disappeared I could see Amy being pulled slightly off the chair. She was told to stand up, and more slack was removed. She must have been on her tippy toes, but was told that she would hang as straight as possible. They must have pulled her 2 or 3 inches off the floor and then stopped.

With her mouth wired shut she still could not talk, but once again began to cry.

‘WE WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT’ said Miss Nombrev. You will now pay the punishment.

With that Amy was brought down off of the cervical traction and strapped again to the bed. Her legs were spread to where she was doing a split. They then strapped her legs down, and began covering then with cast padding. Quickly they began the casting of her legs in what must have surely been an uncomfortable position. When they had finished the cast ended just below her breasts and went to her toes on both legs.

Let’s see how you like this position… She said as she left the room.

About an hour later Mrs. Nombrev returned and she didn’t look very happy. She didn’t say a word, but went to one of the cabinets and grabbed a box and went towards Amy. She pulled out a SOMI brace, and strapped it on. She then turned her attention to me.

She came towards me with the ratchet tool to extend the halo-pelvic hoop. She said I like my men tall, and started turning the first extensor. Normally I received One turn, but she turned and turned, maybe four of five times. She then proceeded to do the same to the remainder of the screws, the pain became almost unbearable. She whispered in my ear that she liked her men tall. With that I heard something pop. The there was a wave of warmth running through me that turned into nothing. I couldn’t feel anything.

I’m paralyzed……………

Then my world went black.

Somewhere in the darkness I heard my name. Neil… Neil…It’s over.. wake up.. Neil come on open your eyes.

The voice sounded so far off, and then came closer and closer. I struggled to open my eyes. The lights were so bright I couldn’t see who was calling me. A figure in the light. As it moved closer I saw Amy. With a halo of light around her. She looked like an angel. Obviously I must be dead. She asked me how I was feeling. I said I was O.K. She told me to sit up. That I had a reaction to the cortisone shot the doctor gave me for my wrist. A pretty bad allergic reaction, but now I would be O.K.

I tried to comprehend what she said. Was it all a dream.. No it couldn’t…I asked her if it was all a dream, she said she didn’t know what I was talking about. I said the casts, and the surgery…. Amy looked at me quizzically. I said aren’t you a caster.. Don’t you remember. She hushed me and whispered. Yes I’m a caster, but don’t let Dr. Nombrev know. I said he’s dead she said it all must have been a dream come on let me take you out to dinner and explain what happened.

As we left the office I passed by a mirror and looked at myself. I seemed a little taller that usual, and wondered why my jaw hurt, and what were those marks were in my head……

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