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Lab Animals (Fred)

This story was sent to me a while ago from Fred.  I apologise now for not posting it straight away.  It is a revised version of the story Lab Animals (I’m sorry I can’t remember where Fred posted it first).   PLEASE NOTE a while ago when I posted one of Andy’s stories a member of a Yahoo group told people not to come here because it is all porno.  This is not true.  As you know none of my stories involve sex, and I do not dictate what other people write.  I choose the stories that go on the site based on whether I think it’s worth reading in terms of wheelchairs.  I apologise if you don’t like reading about sex, if you do not want to read ANYTHING relating to sex then don’t read this particular story.  Don’t leave the site though…there is PLENTY of non sexual material.

Day One

Drat!  That `partly cloudy’ is going to soak me to the skin!  I thought as I walked from my last class of the day.  I quickly ducked into the nearest building to keep from getting any wetter.  It turned out to be the Medical Research Building.  While I waited for the rain to stop I absent mindedly scanned the bulletin board.  One notice caught my eye. “Research subjects needed for anaesthetic testing. Weekend stay required. Subjects will be paid above minimum wage for the entire weekend.”  Paid for their time, for an entire weekend.  It couldn’t be too bad.  I wrote down the phone number and left.  Back at my apartment, I called the number.

A sweet voiced young woman answered. “Medical Research.”

“I called about the notice for a research subject.” I mumbled.

“Oh, yes. I’ll connect you with Dr. Smith’s department.”

“Dr. Smith” a voice answered.

“I ‘m calling about the research subject notice on the bulletin board.”

“Yes, we need more test subjects for final FDA testing of our new anesthetic device. The subjects must have no medical problems.”

I don’t have any medical problems. I played football in high school.”

“Fine, come to my office in room 350 in the Research building at 4:00 tomorrow and we can discuss it.”

“It does pay something, doesn’t it?”

“Why yes, The study only takes about 4 hours, but you’ll need most of the weekend to rest from the tests and will be paid more than the usual student rate for the entire time. Your meals and lodging are included.”

“Wow”, I thought, “Paid for resting all weekend! I should pinch myself and see if I’m dreaming.”

The next afternoon at 4:00, I went to Dr. Smith’s office. I was welcomed in by his slightly distracted secretary.

“Hi, I’m Lynn Johnson for Dr. Smith” I said as I walked in the door.

“You’re Lynn?” Your file has you listed as female! I’m sorry. I’ll correct the records later. They’re around here somewhere.”

“My name is really Lionel, but I go by Lynn because it doesn’t seem as stuffy.”

“Oh, yes, Dr. Smith is expecting you. Go right in.”

Dr. Smith?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson I assume. You’re here for the research subject job. Right?”

“That’s me. Who do I have to kill to get paid for resting all weekend?”

“No, it’s nothing like that. I’ll explain. We are doing final testing on an electronic anaesthetic device that we developed. It has been completely tested on lab animals and many human subjects, but the FDA wants data from all types and sizes of people before approval for its general use. Sort of quantity not quality testing, if you know what I mean.”

“So, what’s the testing about?”

“We have invented an electronic device that eliminates drug induced anaesthetic for certain patients. The device is positioned on the patients back over the spine, adjusted for the proper level and turned on for about 5 minutes. This leaves the patient completely numb from that point down for at least eight hours and usually more. We need test subjects to record their reactions and responses for FDA data. Different subjects will have the device placed at various levels on their spine to verify it’s effective. If it passes all the testing, it will greatly increase the safety of many medical procedures.”

“So I just strap the thing on and go to sleep for four hours and get paid for it! All right!”

“It is not quite that simple. The device causes paralysis below that point on your body for up to 24 hours after use. That is why the weekend is needed for recovery. We supply a suite for each patient as well as meals and anything else you need. Did I scare you off yet?”

“Uh, well, it might be interesting and it looks like it may help people.  And I get paid for the whole weekend?” I mumbled. I was thinking that this might be interesting for other reasons than just the money.

“Yes, you are paid for the entire weekend and all meals are included.”

“OK, sounds interesting, where do I sign?”

“Fine! I need you to sign some papers explaining that you understand what you will be doing and that you understand that there are some slight risks with this program.”

I took the papers and read them. They mostly stated that I knew I would be incapacitated for 24 hours and inconvenienced for a short time later and that I consented to that. I also noted that I would be paid well above minimum wage for all of the time I was a subject. I signed quickly. The form included some basic health questions as well an odd question about shoe size.

“Fine, glad to have you aboard. You will need to get a short physical examination before you leave to insure your suitability for the project.”

Dr. Smith showed me into a small examining room and proceeded to take a blood sample. He asked me several health related questions poked and prodded me, and listened to various parts of me with a stethoscope. He seemed pleased.

“We should call you in about a week and a half to set up your Friday afternoon appointment.”

I left wondering what I had gotten myself into. The next Wednesday afternoon I found a message on my answering machine. It was Dr. Smith’s secretary.

Lynn, please come to the office at 2:00 PM Friday to begin the study. We’ll see you then.”

I thought that it would be more than a week before I started, but they must have had a change of plans. At 2:00 Friday afternoon I was ushered into the office of Dr. Smith again. The receptionist asked my name and was a little surprised when I said “Lynn Johnson”.  I thought I heard her mutter something about Smith knowing what he is doing. Dr. Smith brought me into his laboratory and explained what he would be doing. He handed me a package and told me to go into the next room and change. “The directions for use of each item are on the package.” I did as I was told. When I got into the room I opened the package. It contained a hospital gown, a diaper, and a package marked “Male external catheter”.

“OK, this was weird, but I’m being well paid and doing some good so here goes.” I could figure out the hospital gown and the diaper, but the catheter was another matter. After I read the directions it was still a little strange. I unrolled the catheter on my penis and fastened the bag to my leg using the rubber bands provided according to the directions. The catheter had a sticky surface on the inside which kept it from slipping off I suppose. Then I put on the diaper and gown. The diaper fastened with three pieces of tape on the front and fit just like a brief. I carefully allowed the end of the catheter to protrude from the left leg of my diaper and connected the catheter to the collection bag on my leg, put on the gown and left. Now I was ready for anything. I returned to the lab and was escorted to a private room filled with electronic devices. “Please lie down on the bed while we get you ready” the nurse said. She measured my legs and returned a short while later with two long leg braces.

“You will need to wear these to keep your legs from moving while the anaesthetic takes effect. There will be sensors attached to you and it is very important that they not be disturbed while the device is taking effect. You might also need them tomorrow for a while.” She said.

I wondered what she meant by that.

She put my right foot in the shoe and tied the laces. Then she snuggly buckled two wide brown leather straps on my thigh, and one on my calf and a smaller one on my ankle. Then she adjusted a pad on my knee and fastened its five straps. She did the same with the other leg. Then she locked the knees so I couldn’t move my legs.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“Fine, I guess”, I replied.

After a few moments, the nurse and Dr. Smith attached several of some kind of sensing devices to various parts of my legs.

“How does that feel?  Is anything too tight?” asked Dr. Smith.

“Fine, I guess. It feels OK.” I replied.

“Good, then we can begin.” Dr. Smith carefully positioned a small box on my lower back and fastened it with a Velcro strap. He then connected it to a panel covered with lights and knobs next to the bed.

“When I turn this on, you should feel the sensation gradually slip from your lower body up to the level of the device. Let me know when that happens. OK?”

“I’ve come this far why not go for the gold.” I replied.

He adjusted a dial and slowly the feeling in my legs disappeared. It felt like an old sci-fi Invisible Man movie where the chief character just disappears only this time it was me and my legs were disappearing at least as far as I could feel! “OK I can’t feel my legs any more.” It felt very odd saying that.”

“I know it appears a little scary at first, but this has been tested on hundreds of subjects and you will be fine by the end of the weekend.”

The next few hours consisted of Dr. Smith and his assistants poking me and pinching me and asking if I could feel it. I seemed to be numb up to my waist, but above that I was fine. I tried to keep perfectly still so as not to move any of the sensors on my legs, but after a while I needed to change position. I tried to move my legs, but nothing happened! My lower body was completely numb and useless from the waist down! I asked the nurse how long this would last.

“It usually lasts 12 to 16 hours and then there is a period of getting used to using your legs again. Most subjects are fine by Sunday morning, but a little wobbly. We have a suite of rooms upstairs for you to use this weekend which are fully handicapped equipped. You will essentially be a paraplegic until tomorrow night. That is why you are paid for the entire weekend.”

I had sometimes wondered what it would be like to be crippled and now I would find out. I didn’t realize then what new difficulties and pleasures awaited me. After about four hours, Dr. Smith said the test was done and he was happy with the results. He told the nurse to help me get dressed. She helped me put my shirt on in bed. Then she unlocked my knees and helped me move my legs over the edge of the bed. She pulled my pants on over the shoes attached to the braces and up to the edge of the bed. I couldn’t feel my legs, or the pants being pulled up on them either. It didn’t even feel like I was sitting on the bed, but like I was floating above it.

“Hold yourself up with your hands while I slide your pants on.” The nurse said.

I did as I was told and she slid my pants over my leg braces and up over the diaper to my waist. As she did it, her breasts appeared to touch my numb legs. I couldn’t feel them at all, but could see her breasts change shape as they touched my legs. She had a loose uniform on and I got quite a sight. One thing concerned me. Usually if I got a treat like that I became “hard” almost instantly, but now nothing happened.

“That’s a normal reaction. Sexual function is the first thing to go in paralysis of your level. It should return early tomorrow. I like to demonstrate that to the guys and then reassure them.” She cooed with a wink.

She wheeled a standard hospital wheelchair over to the bed and explained how to transfer into it from the bed. She moved my legs back on to the bed. I grabbed onto the wheelchair arms and slid myself backwards onto the seat. Then I moved the chair back a little and locked the wheels as she showed me and moved the footrests into position. Using my hands I moved my useless legs one at a time off the bed and placed each foot on its footrest. Moving my legs with my hands would take a while getting used to. It was a little scary, and it was hard to keep my balance in the chair. I wanted to fall forward. Then I unlocked the chair and wheeled it around to get the hang of it. She showed me to an elevator at the far end of the lab.

“Your suite is on the first floor. Just take the elevator over there. There are two suites there and yours is the one on the left. Here’s the key.”

I wheeled over to the elevator, got in, and pressed 1. Soon the door opened to a short corridor with two doors. I was surprised to see a gorgeous young girl with long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, also wearing leg braces and in a wheelchair, near the door on the right. She appeared to be trying to open the door using both hands to turn the key. She turned around and appeared a little startled to see me sitting there in my chair watching her.

“Who are you?”

“Lynn Johnson.”

“You’re Lynn?” She asked incredulously. “Are you here as a test subject?”

She glanced at my legs and wheelchair and said. “I guess you must be. You’re in the same condition as I am though I’m surprised to see a guy here this weekend. They usually have girl subjects on this weekend so they can help each other. The guys are on alternate weekends. I’m Karen Hansen.”

“If you need any help you can call me anytime.” I stammered. In addition to her long leg braces, she had a dark green skirt on that went from a belt on her slim waist to her knees, and a white silk blouse that barely concealed a knockout figure. The belt appeared to hold her into the chair. Her wheelchair was also different than mine in that instead of a smooth rail on the wheels there were little handles like those of an old ship’s wheel on the rail.

“Could you help me unlock the door? This week Dr. Smith used his paralysis gizmo higher on my back than before. I can’t feel my fingers and I’m having a time unlocking the door. “

“Oh sure” I wheeled over to her door, unlocked it for her, and pushed it open. She thanked me and wheeled herself in by pushing her palms against the handles on the chair wheel.

“Thank you so much. Come on in for a minute. “

I wheeled myself into her suite.

“I really didn’t know that I would be this disabled when I started the experiment today. If I had I would have worn clothes that were easier to get out of.” she said. “I’m numb from just below my boobs to my toes and my hands don’t even work right! They gave me this chair when they noticed that I couldn’t grip the wheels on a regular one. It’s really difficult to use. Of all the times I have been here, this is the most disabled I’ve been.”

“You’ve been here before?”

“Yes, this is my sixth time so I’m becoming an old hand at it.”

“If I can help you in any way just let me know. This is the first time I’ve done this and it’s all a little new to me so maybe you could fill me in on what comes next.”

“Sure, you’ll be like this until late tomorrow afternoon. Then the feeling slowly begins to return to your legs and feet. Until then you are pretty much confined to the wheelchair and bed. You can take the braces off anytime now, but leaving them on helps you keep track of your legs. You can run over your feet if they slip off the footrests and you won’t even notice it until you get feeling back. Then it’s too late. Also you’ll probably need braces tomorrow to learn to walk again. As you can see, the room is completely handicapped equipped. The cabinets and mirrors are all wheelchair height. There are no doorknobs but all the doors have lever like handles, and nothing is higher than a wheelchair user can reach. The sinks have handles rather than knobs. Even the double bed is specially equipped with overhead bars to make transferring easier. They also have parallel bars over there to help in learning to walk again tomorrow. They have pizza and TV dinners in the refrigerator and a microwave to heat them. In that closet over there is anything else anyone might need such as crutches, walkers and so on. You’ll get used to it in a little while. I just hope I can get used to not being able to feel my hands. I can move them, but the lack of feeling is a real problem. Just in case I need some help, could you unlock the door between our rooms?”

“Sure,” I replied. I wheeled over to the door and turned the handle that unlocked this side of the door between our rooms. I wanted to stay longer, but I needed to get settled in my room and I thought she would like some privacy.

“Could I come and visit you later?” I added.

“Sure, that would be great! We could watch one of the movies in the cabinet over there. They have some great new movies and…Some X-rated ones too. Just call me on the intercom over there when you’re coming over. There’s an intercom in every room of the suite for convenience and safety. This could be an even more fun weekend than I expected.” Karen said with a wink.

I wheeled myself out the door into the hallway. My suite was number 1 on the left so I wheeled myself over to the door and quickly unlocked it. I wheeled into the room. It was exactly the same as the other suite. I looked in the refrigerator and, sure enough, pizza, TV dinners, Pepsi, a real frozen banquet. They take good care of their “lab animals”. I thought. In the drawers were spoons, knives, and forks as well as specially made utensils for people with limited hand use. I thought of Karen and If she would need them.

“Well, better get settled.” I thought. My small suitcase was waiting for me by the door. They must have delivered it while I was in the lab. I thought about not being able to use my legs for the first time. I felt like my upper body was floating above the chair. I looked at my feet on the chair footrests and useless legs in my jeans. I began to touch them to see if I had any feeling anywhere, but it was like touching the chair. I couldn’t feel a thing. I brushed up against where the bag from the urinal was fastened to my leg and it felt full. “Time to empty it like the instructions on the bag said.” I thought. I wheeled myself into the bathroom. It was equipped with grab rails everywhere: on the shower, tub, near the toilet. There was an opening under the sink for my wheelchair. At least it was going to be convenient. I wheeled myself near the toilet and then realized I had a problem. The nurse had helped my put my pants on, but now I was on my own. I unfastened my belt and unzipped my jeans. “OK now what?” I thought to myself. I pulled my jeans down as far as they would go. Then I lifted myself up on my right side using my right arm and moved the pants down a little with my left. I repeated this with the other side. I continued this procedure several times until my pants were finally clear of the chair seat. From there on it was relatively easy to move them down over my braces to my feet. It had taken me almost 5 minutes to take my pants off! There must be a better way. I decided that I would leave them there for now while I was in my room. I unfastened the pieces of tape holding the front of my diaper up, disconnected the bag from the rubber bands holding it to my leg, unfastened it from the catheter, and then I emptied it into the toilet. After that I washed it in the sink as I remembered the instructions had said. I reattached the bag to my leg and connected it to the catheter. Then I fastened the front of my diaper again. Just as I was finishing the intercom buzzed.

“Hi, this is Karen. I need some help.”

“Wait a few minutes till I get decent and I’ll be right over.”

“I don’t care if you’re decent. I need your help getting undressed!”

I may have broken the indoor wheelchair speed record in getting into her room. She was sitting in the middle of the room with her wrap around skirt off to one side showing her long leg braces and a diaper the same as mine. Her braces were similar to mine, but hers were white and fastened with Velcro fasteners rather than buckles, and they appeared to continue up under her blouse.

“I can’t feel my fingers so I can’t tell if my diaper is wet.” She complained. “Could you put your fingers down the front and tell me if it’s wet?”

I wheeled myself over to her and trying mightily to suppress a grin, quickly complied with her request.

“You having fun down there?” Karen smirked.

“Yes, you’re lucky. It’s dry.” I said after verifying it for quite a long while.

“I was afraid of that.” Karen replied looking very unhappy. That means I’ll have to use a catheter and I don’t know how I am going to insert it.”

“I can help you”. I replied somewhat embarrassed.

“I suppose. It’s not as difficult to insert as the one you seem to have judging from the tube coming out of your diaper.”

“Insert? Mine just fits like a condom and I just had to empty the bag so it appears to be working.”

“Oh. You’re lucky.”

She untaped her diaper and folded the front down. “Mine is a little more difficult than that. I’ve had to use them before, but I could always put them in by myself. I can show you how if you’re sure you don’t mind helping me.

“I’ll help you with anything you need this weekend.” I replied softly.

“OK here goes.” She wheeled into the bathroom with me following. Karen got a small plastic bag out of the closet. She opened the bag and told me to wash my hands, put on the plastic gloves from the package and unwrap the package marked `female catheter’. She then wheeled over to the bed.

“I need to be lying down for this so could you help me get in bed?” she said sweetly.

I helped her move her legs on to the bed.  Then with my help she grabbed the bar above the bed and pulled herself up and over the hospital type bed.  She let herself down slowly onto the bed.  Then she grabbed the bed control and tilted the head of the bed up.  Then she started to undo her blouse.

“Could you help me with these?  I can’t really do buttons well not having full control of my hands.” She said pointing to the buttons on her blouse.

I gladly helped her whether she needed it or not. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse starting at the top. Each button was a new surprise. She was wearing a low cut white lace bra that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“I don’t have any abdominal control, so I can’t sit up by myself.  Will you take off my blouse while I hold myself up with the bar?”

“Sure.” I replied.

She held herself up with her hands, and I helped her get he blouse off.  I could see her breasts were firm and her nipples were like little erasers.  Her bra was certainly needed.  She then began to undo the fasteners holding her corset like brace together.

“I need to spread my legs so this has to come off.  Could you help me with this also?  I also need my knees to be bent.”

I undid the fasteners and then helped her spread her legs apart and moved her legs up so her knees were bent. This gave me an unobstructed view of her vaginal area.

“Don’t you dare smirk!  I see what you’re looking at” she snipped.

“Get the wash cloth from the kit and wash me completely me down there.” She said pointing to her crotch.  “It has to be as sterile as possible if you are going to put the catheter in me.”

I complied and washed her as thoroughly as I could.  Well, maybe more than was needed.

“Now apply the antiseptic solution to the area right there.” She said pointing to a spot near her vaginal opening.

“Now put on the sterile gloves and connect the catheter to the collection bag while I show you where it has to go” She instructed.

She pointed where I was to insert it.

“First you have to put some of the lubricating antiseptic solution on the opening, and then some on the tip of the catheter.  Then push it in right where I am holding my finger.”

I did as instructed and the catheter slowly disappeared into her.  Soon the bag started filling with liquid.

“That’s almost far enough.  Just a little further.” She said. “OK, now take the syringe and the bottle of sterile water and fill the syringe with about 10ccs of water.  Then insert the syringe right there and inject the water in the catheter.  It fills a balloon on the end of the catheter that prevents it from coming out.”

I did as she instructed.

“Now gently tug on the catheter to see if the balloon filled with water correctly.”

I did and met with resistance.

“That looks ok now all you have to do is fasten the bag to my leg and we are done.  Will you help me into my corset?  I can’t sit up in my wheelchair without the brace.  Now can you help me back into my wheelchair?”

I held her legs while she grabbed the overhead bar and positioned herself in her wheelchair on her diaper.  Then I helped her move her legs on to the footrests.

“Thank you so much. It can be very dangerous if I can’t pee in this condition. I’m really glad you were here to help. I hope you didn’t mind doing that.” Karen said. “I guess I hoped I wouldn’t need a catheter this week, but that was an unreasonable hope.” She said softly. “It sure doesn’t look very sexy does it? You’re lucky that you don’t need one. I imagine putting an internal catheter in you would be quite a project.”

The thought of that made me shiver. “I was glad I could help you. Can I do anything else?” Then I was thankful I was lucky that I `worked’ this time.

“OK now, turnabout’s fair play, now I’ll see if yours is wet.”

“But you can’t.” She put her hand down my diaper. I couldn’t feel anything either unfortunately. This would have been great under other circumstances.

“I guess it’s wet too. We should change it.” She chuckled.

“But I’m wearing a … I was cleaning it when you called. They suggested I wear it and now I see why. I guess it beats changing diapers all the time. We should change ours pretty soon.”

“That’s the most inconvenient thing about this experiment, changing diapers.” She said. The girls usually help each other out, but you’re not…”

“I said I would help you with anything you needed. The offer still goes.”

“You don’t mind?”

“I think I could learn to enjoy it.”

She wheeled near the toilet and locked her wheelchair. I wheeled up next to her and did the same.

“Now, take my diaper out from under me while I pull myself up with my hands. Then throw it in that pail there.”

I did as she asked and noticed again that she was a natural blond. Getting the diaper out from between the uprights of her back brace was somewhat more difficult than I had thought.

“I can’t sit up in the wheelchair without the back brace on. It keeps me from falling forward in the chair. The belt keeps me from sliding out.” She explained. I slid the diaper from between her and the wheelchair seat and threw in the pail. This was one of the strangest experiences of my life, and I couldn’t do anything about it. There was a beautiful blond woman in a wheelchair and leg braces half naked in front of me and I couldn’t rise to the occasion if you know what I mean.

I noticed a string between her legs. “It’s your time of the month?” I asked.

“No. but it seems the doc’s device sometimes brings on a period in some girls, and they want to find out why so if my period begins, I have to save the tampon in a specimen bag for them. So, they make us all wear tampons for the experiment.

“All the women.” I replied.

“As if you had a place to put one.” She replied slyly. “I need help changing that too. Would you?”

“I’m not a real expert at that, but under the circumstances I’ll give it a try.”

“Just pull the string until the tampon comes out while I hold my legs apart.”

I carefully pulled the string until the tampon was out.

Karen looked at it. “No period for me. You can throw it in the toilet.  There are some more in the drawer over there.”

I wheeled over to the drawer, picked up a package and unwrapped it.

“OK, while I hold my legs apart just slide it in. I’ll guide you.”

She held my hand while I slipped the applicator into her.

“Now just push that up and pull out the plastic applicator.”

I did as I was told. I could see she was enjoying this as much as I was. I could see her nipples begin to harden through her bra.

“There, you’re now an expert on feminine hygiene. Now, would you wash me and help me put a new diaper on?”

We wheeled over to the sink and I grabbed a washcloth and wetted it with warm water. She put her hands on the chair armrests and pulled herself up. I spread her legs apart and proceeded to wash her. This took somewhat longer than it should have, but we were both enjoying it. I was getting hot and excited and I could see by her hard nipples in her bra that she was too. When we were done, I picked up a diaper from the stack on the counter. She pulled herself up and I slid the diaper under her. Then I slipped it between her body and the harness of her back brace. Then she fastened the Velcro straps on the lower belt of her brace. Just as I was starting to put the front between her legs, she murmured.

“Just leave it like that for now. We really should change yours too. After all I `felt` it and it was wet too.”  She cooed.

“Would you like to help me change the catheter too? The instructions on this said to change it once a day so I suppose I should take it off.  Would you like to help a poor crippled guy?”

“Always glad to help a fellow cripple.” She replied.

I unfastened the tape holding my diaper on and lifted myself up by the chair arms. With difficulty she slipped the diaper from under me using both of her hands. She then grabbed another, unfolded it and placed it on the seat under me. I sat back down in the chair.

“Now to remove that.” she said. “I wondered exactly how one worked when I saw it in the drawer a few weeks ago.”

She tried to carefully unroll the rubber like sheath from around my penis, but it was too difficult for her. Finally I unrolled it. The sticky surface made this difficult. I thought that it was fortunate I had no feeling below my waist as it looked like it would be quite painful to remove. It was difficult for her to use her hands, but she was determined to help me with this task somehow. She helped me remove the empty bag from my leg and set it on the counter. Then she wheeled over to the cabinet and got a new catheter and collection bag.

“Now I’ll wash you.” She slid her hand into a mitten like washcloth and wet it in the sink. She then proceeded to very carefully wash my balls and penis and anything else she could find in that area. I really wished I could feel her touching me.

“I’ll fasten this later.” She said pointing to the diaper fasteners.

“I’m so hot.”

“This is so hot and confining, could you help me take this off too?”

There was only one thing more take off. She leaned forward causing her breasts to hang down making them seem even larger. I unfastened the hook on the front of her bra and slowly moved the straps down over her arms caressing her breasts as I removed the bra. Her nipples were hard and her breasts firm. I glanced at the label on her bra. 38-D and she needed every inch of it. In addition to her leg braces, she was wearing another brace which consisted of leather covered metal strips like a cage from her hips to just under her breasts. This was connected to metal bands that connected to her leg braces with a movable joint. The back brace was fastened with several cloth straps connected with buckles. I quickly removed my shirt. Here we were all alone completely naked with our only clothing being braces on our paralyzed legs in our wheelchairs. A strange fantasy I had only imagined and now it was really coming true. We wheeled ourselves into the bedroom.

“Too bad your organ isn’t working just now.” She murmured. “Maybe there’s something we have here that can help.” She wheeled herself over to the video shelves, selected one, put it in the VCR, and turned on the TV.” When the girls are here alone we must watch this one ten times a weekend.”

The title said “Suction Erection Device Instructional Video.” The video showed and described a hard plastic tube that fit over the penis and provided a vacuum to create an erection. This was maintained by a band at the base.

“But we don’t have one of those.” I said.

She opened a drawer next to the bed. “Oh yes we do!” she said pulling out a plastic bag and handing it to me. “I’ve always wanted to see how this really works. Would you like to give it a try?”

I wheeled over to her double bed, and locked my chair a short distance from the bed. I grabbed my right leg under the knee and put it on the bed. Then I did the same with my left leg. Then I swung the leg rests away. I slowly wheeled my chair closer to the bed and locked the wheels again. I lifted myself out of the chair with my hands and slid onto the bed. It was a strange sensation seeing my braced legs lying crooked on the bed in front of me but not feeling them. I scooted around on the bed until my head was near the pillow. Then I moved my legs around so I was lying correctly in the bed. Karen wheeled herself next to the bed. I watched her breasts bounce up and down as she pushed the handles of her chair wheels. When she reached the bed she stopped and locked the wheels of her chair. Using both hands she moved each leg onto the bed. She then slid out of her chair onto the bed next to me using the overhead bar as much as possible. She couldn’t sit up without help so I held her up while she positioned her legs and herself next to me. There we were in bed with our only “clothing” being our braces. We both had to rest a while after that exercise. Finally I opened the bag and had Karen help me place the plastic tube like device over my limp penis. I squeezed the attached bulb a few times and “voila” hard again! I put the band on my new shaft and removed the suction device. Karen started stroking me. I couldn’t feel anything, but that caused me to be turned on even more. I could see she was turned on too as her nipples were still hard and dark. She moved herself closer to me and pulled herself up leaning on her hands. Then she leaned over and placed my hard organ in her mouth and moved slowly up and down on it. I began to massage her breasts which hung down touching my chest.  Suddenly, she swallowed and took her mouth away. She began to lick my hardness which was covered with sticky white liquid. That should have felt great and I missed it! I couldn’t feel a thing. She lay back down and I continued to massage her breasts. In a few minutes I removed the band and wilted quickly.

“You can keep that up all night if you want.” She moaned. That really turns me on more now because I can’t feel between my legs.

We lay in bed for a half hour wrapped in each others arms, our useless legs still confined to our braces.

“I guess we don’t need the braces any more so we can take them off.” She suggested. “Would you prop me up in bed so I can take mine off?”

I held her in a sitting position while she unfastened her back brace and then the top two bands of her leg braces. Then she undid the knee fasteners and finally undid her shoes. She lifted her paralyzed leg from the right brace using both hands under her knee and moved off to the right of the brace. I noticed how limp and lifeless it looked. Her toes were curled and her foot pointed straight out. Her knee was slightly bent. She removed her other brace similarly. Both of her legs were now free and useless. Then I removed the brace and back harness from beneath her as she held herself up by grabbing the pole above the bed. I helped her lie back on the pillow. Then I removed my braces. First I unbuckled the top two belts, then the kneepads and then the lower leg band. I then untied the shoes and struggled to get them off my limp feet. I placed the brace at the side of the bed and lowered my leg down on the bed with my hand. I proceeded to remove the other one in the same manner. I was amazed how limp my legs were as my feet also pointed out and toward each other and my toes were slightly curled.

“We better put our diapers back on as a precaution so we don’t get things messy. It makes sleeping uncomfortable.”

She lifted her body up with her hands. I placed the diaper under her, pulled it between her legs and fastened the tapes that held it secure. Then she grabbed the catheter and tried to unroll it on my penis. I helped her complete the job. I then fastened the bag to my leg again and connected the catheter to the bag. I lifted my body up and she carefully placed the diaper under me with her numb hands. She carefully arranged me in the diaper and pulled the front up between my legs. I fastened the tape to secure it. We both lay together exhausted from the afternoon’s activities.

“Let’s make something to eat.” She said after we rested a while.” I’m getting hungry.”

Transferring to our wheelchairs was a bit easier now that we weren’t encumbered with the heavy steel braces. Karen slid her butt from the bed onto her chair helping herself by putting her arms over the bar that was over the bed. When she was seated in her chair she released the brake and slowly moved backward. This completed she slumped forward and swung each footrests into position after which she grabbed her leg with both hands positioning it on its footrest. Then she raised herself up with her hands and fastened the belt that held her into the chair. She also fastened another belt around her just below her breasts. “I have trouble slipping out of the chair so this keeps me in it.” She said. Karen looked beautiful sitting in the chair topless with only a diaper on and the belts holding her up. Her legs were bent and her feet pointed inward. I scooted my butt across the bed dragging my legs along. When I got to the chair, I grabbed the armrests and dragged my body into it.  I unfastened the brakes and moved back a little. Then I locked the brakes and swung the leg rests back into position. Then I grabbed each leg with my hands and positioned each foot on its respective rest. It was strange to put my feet on the cold footrests and not feel a thing as I arranged my legs. We wheeled ourselves into the kitchen and selected a pizza to share. I set the oven and popped it in.

“Let’s watch a movie.” She suggested. “What do you like, adventure, sci-fi, porno?”

“You know what they have. Why don’t you select the movie?” I replied.

She wheeled over to the cabinet and pulled out a movie using both hands. “Is `Ghost’ all right?”

“Sounds fine to me.” It was a great date flick and what a date we had had already! The pizza was ready soon so I pulled it out of the oven and set it on the counter next to the stove. Fortunately I didn’t touch my bare legs with the pan as I could have gotten a severe burn and not known it. That would have been hard to explain to Dr. Smith. I didn’t think of that till much later.

“Squares or triangles?”  I asked.

“Uh, what?” She mumbled.

“Do you want squares or triangles?”

“Oh, lets do squares; I don’t think I could grab triangles. Would you put some on my plate?”

I cut the pizza and put half of it on her plate and wheeled over to the table with her plate. She tried to grab a piece, but with her limited hand dexterity, she couldn’t pick any up.

“Could you get me a fork from the drawer over there?” She asked sweetly.


I wheeled over to the cabinet and got two sets of silverware; a regular set and a special set for people with limited hand use. I wheeled them and my plate over to the table next to her. She tried the special fork. It fit well into her hand. She could grab it easily, and could cut and pick up pieces of pizza with it, but with difficulty. It took her so long to eat each piece that the pizzas were starting to cool. It was difficult for me to watch her struggle especially because just a few inches above the pizza were her two large breasts which continued to distract me. Looking at them, I missed my mouth with my pizza a few times which made her laugh hysterically. She “accidentally” dropped some sauce on her left breast.

“Could you wipe me off please? It’s a little warm and so difficult to do things in my condition.” She cooed.

I grabbed a napkin and wiped the sauce from her breast, thoroughly.

“Would you like me to feed you?” I asked.

“I think that would be great!” she replied. “Poor, crippled, and helpless me. You’ve been so thoughtful tonight.”

I wheeled over to her, picked up a piece of pizza and put it in her mouth. A little sauce dropped on her breast which I immediately wiped up very thoroughly. This seemed to happened quite often while I was feeding her and she seemed to enjoy it. I wheeled over the refrigerator, got some cans of Pepsi from the refrigerator, and put a straw in one for her. Seeing her lean over to drink pressing her breasts on the table in the process was a real turn on.

“Could you spend the night here with me in case I need help?” She asked innocently. “There’s plenty of room in my double bed.”

“Oh, that would be really a great sacrifice for me, but I will.” I mocked.

We finished the pizza and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Everything took twice as long as we had to wheel everywhere. The movie was still running so we decided to watch it from bed. First I pulled back the covers. She pulled her wheelchair next to the bed and transferred her body to the bed first using the trapeze assembly. Then she picked up each leg and set it on the bed. I tried the same transfer. I wheeled over to the side of the bed and locked my chair. Then I slid my body over onto the bed and moved each leg to the bed with my hands, and it worked quite well. We arranged our legs close to one another and covered up.

“We need to hang our collection bags lower than our bodies before we go to sleep.” Karen said after a while. She pulled two long tubes out of the drawer next to the bed and handed one to me. “Just take off the bag and connect the tube to your catheter and run it under your leg. Then connect the other end to the bag, and hang the bag on that hook device next to your bed. It doesn’t look very sexy, but is saves a lot of potential trouble in the long run and it’s not like our legs are going to move tonight.”

I did as she suggested. Karen did the same. Then we relaxed and watched the movie with tubes connecting our private parts to the bed.

“What made you get involved in this program?” I asked.

“You may think I’m crazy, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to need braces or a wheelchair. When I heard about this program I knew I had to try it to find out what it was really like. It really turns me on to be in braces and a in my wheelchair or to see someone in a wheelchair. I suppose you think I’m a complete nut.”

“No, I felt the same way. I thought I was the only person in the world with those same feelings and now I found someone else.”

“You, too!” She said excitedly. “When I was a little girl I used to pretend that I couldn’t walk and used brooms for crutches.”

“Me too. I always thought I was crazy too.”

“I suspect that we aren’t the only ones. Some of the girls I met in this experiment seem to be pretty turned on by what they are doing also,” she added.

I was about to spend the night with one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen and she had the same interest as I did. What a great day! It was after 11:00 PM when the movie finally ended. We decided we had had a hard day and turned off the TV and went to sleep in each others arms.

Day Two

I woke to the sun streaming in the small window of the suite. I remember what I thought was a dream about a beautiful paralyzed girl in bed with me and how hard I was. Wait, I couldn’t feel my legs and there was a beautiful girl in bed with me! It really happened! I just lay there smiling realizing that my recovery was beginning in just the right way. I just lay there next to Karen, watching her breasts move up and down while she slept. Shortly, Karen yawned and opened her eyes.

“Good morning beautiful.” I chirped. “Ready for another day as a cripple?”

“If it was anything like last night, it could go on forever. Hey, I can feel my fingers this morning.” She giggled.

“That’s great!” I replied. “I have some other good news.” I took her hand and put it down my diaper.

“Oh! It’s hard!”

She threw the covers off the bed. We were both still only in our diapers and still wearing catheters. She began to rip the tape that held my diaper on. I did the same for her. In a few seconds we were two naked cripples in bed, our useless legs in front of us. She grabbed my cock and carefully removed my catheter and set it the night stand next to the bed. Then she started to pump me up and down. I held off as long as I could, but suddenly my pent up desire was too much and I came all over her. She had carefully “aimed” me so that her breasts and face were covered with sticky white liquid.

“Now I really need a shower. But would you like to lick me clean first?”

Her nipples were hard and I began to “clean” eagerly. She especially enjoyed it when I sucked on them. She moaned her appreciation. I got to her lips and remembered that I had never kissed her. She eagerly responded to my affection and we lay like that for the longest time the top half of my body pressing against hers.

“OK, Enough of this. Let’s get up and get ready for another day of fun.” She said finally.

She scooted over to the edge of the bed using her hands dragging her legs as she went. Then she grabbed the arms of her wheelchair and slid her bare bottom into it. She moved the leg bag from the stand to a hook on her wheelchair. Then she rolled back enough to swing the leg rests into position and again locked the brakes of her chair. She carefully picked up each leg under the upper calves and transferred it to its proper place being careful her heels were in the straps that prevented her feet from slipping off. After that she fastened the belts that held her upright in the chair.

“I’m not sure if I need this, but I’ll use it for a while this morning. Also, you have to remember to use the footrests if you don’t wear braces. They help you keep track of your feet.”

I scooted over to edge of the bed and slid myself into it. I unlocked the brakes and moved the chair away from the bed so I could swing the footrests back into place. Then I moved my legs from the bed to the chair and put my limp useless feet on the rests.  Then I attached my collection bag to my wheelchair. Karen and I wheeled ourselves into the bathroom, and disposed of our diapers in the bin. I emptied my leg bag into the toilet, and she did the same.

“Would you help with this?” She asked. Pointing to her catheter. “Take the syringe and insert the tip into where you put it yesterday.  Then withdraw the 10ccs of water. Then just carefully slide the tube out from between my legs.”

I did as she asked.

As she spread her legs apart with her hands, I carefully removed her leg bag and then slid the tube from between her legs, and handed it to her.

“You’ll probably have to help me insert a new one later as I don’t know if I’m ‘working’ yet if you don’t mind.” She said.

“No problem.” I replied, “I don’t think I’ll need mine today now that ‘it’ is working again though.

“You enjoyed taking this out so much last night I thought you might want to do it again.” She said pointing to the string between her legs.

“Love to, but I think I’ll try it a little differently this time.”

She spread her legs apart with her hands and I bent over in my chair and grabbed the string in my teeth. I carefully pulled out the tampon. I’m sure I looked funny, naked in a wheelchair with a tampon string in my teeth as Karen was laughing, her breasts moving up and down as she did.

“Oh, you nasty man! I’ve never had that done to me before. Then again, I never had a guy put one in me before last night either. “She giggled.

She locked the wheels of her chair next to the shower, grabbed the bars on each side, and easily transferred to the seat inside. Then she fastened an attached belt around her waist to hold her up.

“Care to join me?” She cooed.

I unlocked her chair and moved it aside. Then I wheeled myself next to the shower door and locked the chair wheels. I grabbed the bars and slid in next to her on the large shower seat. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Then she wet us both down and asked me to soap her up. I complied quickly and especially liked applying soap to her 38-D breasts. I carefully washed between her legs while she moaned softly. Even though she said she still couldn’t feel anything there, it made us both hot. She cupped my balls in her now feeling hands. I couldn’t feel everything yet, but it was beginning to feel great. As her hands caressed my cock it again got hard. She unfastened the belt holding her to the seat and slid to the shower floor using the grab bars for support. She took my cock in her mouth and moved her lips up and down on it slowly. While she did that, I moved my limp foot toward her crotch with my hand. I held my leg in my hands and rubbed my toe against her. I could see her nipples get firm as I did this even though she still couldn’t feel it. Shortly I could stand it no longer and I came just like the before all over her. She laughed and said she would need to showers all day if I kept that up. She carefully cleaned my cock and washed it again. Then she grabbed the handrails and lifted herself back to the seat. After we rinsed off she asked me to grab a couple of towels and put them on the seats of our wheelchairs.

“That makes it easier to dry off.” she said.

I scooted on to my chair and sat admiring her. I rolled my chair away and rolled hers next to the shower. She slid onto it easily. We then began to dry each other off. When we were dry she wheeled herself to the counter and picked up a couple of diapers and a tampon from the drawer. I noticed that she didn’t use the footrests and her limp feed just dragged along the tile floor.

“You want to help me with this again?” she said handing me her tampon.

She scooted to the front of her chair and leaned back spreading her legs with her hands. I found where to put it and inserted the tampon without help this time. I removed the applicator and saw the string in the correct location.

“Good job!” She cooed.

She lifted herself up from the seat of her chair. I put a diaper under her and she fastened the tapes. Then she did the same for me. We finished putting on our diapers and, after placing our feet on the footrests of our chairs, wheeled into the main room again.

“What should I wear today?” Karen queried.

“What you’ve got on now is just fine with me.” I replied.

“Silly, we’re going out into town and show off our new wheels today. So what should I wear?”

She wheeled herself over to her suitcase and opened it. Karen pulled out a black lace front hook bra and held it in front of her.

“How do you like this one?” She asked.

“Looks great to me!” I replied.

“Here, help me put it on.” She wheeled over to me and handed me the bra. I put it around her back as she put her arms through the straps. Though she probably didn’t need the help, I held up her breasts while she fastened the front catch. She pulled it up and adjusted her breasts in it with her hands. Then she kissed me quickly on the cheek.

“It’s nice to be able to feel my hands again.”

She took a black blouse from her suitcase and proceeded to put it on. Then she went over to where she had left her wrap around skirt and asked me to help me put it on her. She lifted herself up off her chair with her hands and I slid the skirt under her. She fastened it around her. Then she grabbed some short nylon stockings from her bag. Karen lifted her right leg and crossed it over her left. With some difficulty she slipped the stocking over her limp foot and up to her knee. She repeated it with the other leg.

“Can you help me finish putting these on?” she asked. “Just move them up my legs under my skirt.”

I moved the tops of her stockings up her thigh and smoothed them out. I let my hands wander as far up as they could.

“Oh, Stop that.” she giggled. “You know I can’t feel anything there.”

“But I can.” I replied.

She picked up a pair of shoes from her overnight bag. Karen carefully crossed her right leg over he left again and put the shoe on her foot. I saw that it was difficult because her foot was so limp and didn’t want to go into the shoe. She finally got it on and fastened the clasp. She did the same with the other shoe. Then she straightened her stockings and carefully placed her feet on the footrests of her wheelchair.

“You really can’t go out like that. Do I have to dress you too?” Karen chuckled.

“I suppose I should really get some clothes on.” I replied.

I wheeled myself into my room through the connecting door. I picked up a shirt and pair of pants from my suitcase along with my shoes and socks and returned to Karen’s room. I handed the pants to Karen and asked her to help me put them on. She grabbed my feet and put them on her lap. Then she proceeded to put my pants on over my limp feet. When she got them over my feet she slowly pulled them up to the seat of my wheelchair. The she carefully put my feet back on the footrests. I raised myself up with my hands and she pulled my pants on over my diaper as far as they would go. I zipped them up and put on my old belt. Karen went into the bathroom to put on some makeup and do her hair. I pulled my shirt over my head and buttoned it. I grabbed my right leg and crossed it over my left. I tried to put a sock on my foot, but it was too limp and the sock slipped off. I tried again holding my foot at the same time I slid the sock on it. This time it worked and I pulled the sock up to my ankles. I was getting used to not being able to feel my foot as I put the sock on. I grabbed my slip-on shoe and tried to slip it on. I had to try several times to get my limp foot into the shoe and in the heel. I finally succeeded and repeated the process with the left foot. I put my feet on the footrests and straightened my legs a bit. I thought that the next time I would use shoes with laces so I could get them on easier. By this time Karen returned from the bathroom. She was more beautiful that ever. Her hair fell over her breasts and the black blouse only accentuated its golden color. Her eyes were blue and more beautiful than any I could remember. She smiled at me and asked.

“You like what you see?”

“You look great.” I replied.

“Let’s go,” she said.

“Where are we going?”

“I thought we could take a drive and get breakfast. TV dinners just don’t make it for breakfast for me.”

“Go out like this in our wheelchairs?”

“Relax, it’s summer and no one will know us. Besides, we can go to Centerville. There’s a nice McDonalds there and I don’t know anyone there. Do you? Even if someone does know us, this is a research project that we are assisting in so it’s a good excuse.”

“OK, how do we get there, wheel there?”

“No, silly, the University has a van with hand controls. They taught us how to drive it at the beginning of the project. I used it a couple of times when I got bored just sitting here. They keep it in its own private garage under the building, and we’re free to use it whenever we need it.”

“They really treat their `lab animals’ good.” I said.

She chuckled. “I never thought of myself as a lab animal, but I guess I am.”

We wheeled ourselves out into the hall and took the elevator to the parking garage under the building. The elevator door opened into a spacious garage. There was a new full sized van with handicapped plates parked to one side. We wheeled over to the side opposite the driver. Karen put a key she had into the lock and slowly a ramp began to fold down from the side of the van. When it was fully down, she wheeled herself onto it and locked her wheels. She pushed a green button on the inner wall and her chair was slowly lifted into the van. She wheeled herself into the van and pushed the other button to move the lift back down…

“OK, now you try.”

After the lift slowly descended, I rolled on. I rolled on to the platform, locked my wheels and pushed the button again. I was lifted up to join her in the van. She wheeled her chair behind the steering wheel and fastened it in. I did the same next to her.

“Well here we go. It’s been a while since I drove this and it takes a little while getting used to the hand controls.”

Karen pressed a button on the visor and the door to the garage went up. She backed the van out in to the driveway and continued on to the street. I pressed the button on the visor and the door closed again.

“Well, so far so good.” She said. “Two cripples go for a drive!”

Karen was a good driver using the van’s hand controls instead of her legs. I moved my hands over my now un-braced thighs and was still amazed that they didn’t feel like they were mine. They might as well have been part of the car. I watched her feet bounce up and down in the footrests as we rode over some rough road and felt a twinge of excitement. We were going out in public as wheelchair users! Now I was to find out how that felt.

After about twenty minutes we arrived at the McDonalds in Centerville. I see she chose this one because it was new and completely wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessibility was something I had never really noticed much before, but after this weekend, I knew I would pay very close attention to it. We pulled into the handicapped space farthest from the door. The space nearest the door was occupied by a car without any handicapped identification. I hadn’t thought much about that before and was even tempted to use a handicapped spot once or twice myself. This morning it upset me that some able bodied person was parking there. At least for today we had the correct vehicle and really needed that spot. It must have been quite a sight for the people in the restaurant watching a crippled couple get out of the van and wheel themselves into the restaurant. We ordered breakfast and the counter girl even brought it to our table.

“I don’t know if I could ever get used to the stares of people if I really needed this chair all the time.” Karen said.

I felt uncomfortable too, but it gave me a rush being out in public in “my” wheelchair especially being with a gorgeous blonde who shared my interests. While we were eating, we saw the driver of the car that parked in the handicapped space slink out of the restaurant and quickly drive away.

“I bet he won’t do that again.” Karen laughed.

We finished our breakfast and put our plates in the garbage. Then we wheeled ourselves back to the van and got back in.

“Let’s go for a `walk’ in the park.” Karen suggested. “There’s a nice park near here and it’s completely handicapped accessible.”

Karen drove a few blocks to a little park with paved walks between the many oak trees.

“It’s called `Oak Park‘ for obvious reasons.” She chuckled.

We got out of the van and wheeled ourselves around the park. She led me to a spot back in the woods where we couldn’t see the road.

“Want to lie down under that tree for a while?” she asked. The tree was about 10 feet from the paved path and the grass looked soft.

“Sure, but how are we going to get to the tree?” I replied.

“Watch me.” Karen chuckled.

She locked her chair wheels, moved her feet off of the foot rests, unlocked the leg rests and swung them away. Then she moved her feet in front of the chair, grabbed the armrests, and gently lowered her body to the pavement. She dragged her body across the smooth grass using her hands. Her lifeless legs followed over the soft grass until her back rested on the trunk of the tree. Then she arranged her legs in front of her with her hands.

“OK, now you try.” She teased.

I moved my legs from the rests and swung the leg rests to the side of the chair. Then I also grabbed the armrests and lowered myself to the pavement. Unfortunately, I forgot to move my legs forward so I landed in a heap at the base of the chair on top of them. After regaining my composure I rearranged my legs and dragged myself the ten feet to the tree next to Karen resting my back on the tree trunk. She helped me arranged my legs next to hers.

“It’s funny sitting on grass and not being able to feel it.” She said after a few minutes.”

“It’s like my body is floating on the grass with someone else’s legs in front of me.” I added.

We had been sitting there a while when I saw her move her hand to my belt and undo it. She then unzipped my pants and put her hand down my diaper. I became immediately hard as she touched me. She stroked my cock slowly. I was beginning to feel her hand. With her other hand, she undid her skirt!

“What are you up to?” I mumbled.

“I’ve always wanted to do `it’ outside as a cripple.” She replied,  “Help me pull down my diaper.”

She lifted herself up on her hands and I pulled her diaper down to her ankles. She pulled down my pants and diaper exposing my hard cock.

“There’s one problem, there’s something already in there,” I murmured.

“Well you’ll have to take it out, won’t you.” she replied. She reached up to the pocket in her chair and pulled out a tube.

“You’ll have to use this. I’m probably real dry.” She said.

The tube said “Intimate Moisturizing Jelly”

I pulled her tampon out and began to rub the jelly inside her. I pulled myself on top of her and she helped me move my legs between hers. I had to bend her knees as her diaper was still on at her ankles. I could feel a little something as I entered her. Using my arms I moved my body up and down on hers with considerable difficulty.

“I can’t feel anything there, so can you rub my breasts too?” she asked.

I slid her blouse up around her neck and unfastened the front hook of her bra. I wondered if this was why she chose that particular style. I kissed her breasts as I rubbed them gently. Her nipples were firm and erect again. I continued moving my cock inside her. I kept this up for what seemed to be a long time. She couldn’t feel or move anything so I had to work hard. She grabbed my cock and applied the pressure her paralyzed body couldn’t. After a while she and I moaned in excitement and I knew that I had fulfilled her wishes. I let myself get limp inside her and then rolled off. We relaxed there a while almost naked in the park with my white liquid coming from her crotch. Finally I pulled her diaper back on. I held her breasts while she fastened her bra. She adjusted her breasts in her overflowing garment with her hands. Then buttoned her blouse and fastened her skirt around her. She pulled up my diaper and pants and we straightened ourselves out as best we could. We dragged ourselves back to our wheelchairs using our hands our still paralyzed legs following obediently. She grabbed the wheelchair arms and lifted herself up into the seat with some difficulty. Then she swung the leg rests back into position. She grabbed each of her legs under the knee and easily set it on its rest. Her legs were crooked with her feet pointed in. Then she repositioned them so the toes were pointing forward and her legs were straight and more together.

“I can’t feel if my legs are together or apart, so I have to be sure to move them together. It’s more ladylike. I don’t want to look too much like a cripple.” She said.

I grabbed the arms of my wheelchair and tried to get up on it. It almost fell over. This was going to be more difficult than it looked. Finally Karen wheeled herself behind my chair and held it. With a mighty lunge, I struggled back into it. Not being able to push myself up with my legs made getting into the chair very difficult. Finally I had dragged my body back up on the chair and moved to the back. Then I moved the footrests into position and placed my still crippled feet back on them straightening my feet and legs like Karen did. We then wheeled ourselves back along the path. On our way, we met two joggers, who must have wondered what the two cripples had done to get themselves so messed up this early in the morning.

Karen and I got back in the van, buckled ourselves in, and headed back to the university.

“Home sweet home!” Giggled Karen as we wheeled ourselves into her suite. “I `m so hot and dirty, I think I’ll take another shower.”

“Sounds like a good idea. Can I join you?” I asked knowing what the answer would be.

“I’m going to do laundry while we are in the shower. There’s a washer and dryer in each suite too so I use it whenever I come here. Do you have anything you want washed?”

“Just about everything I have with me.” I replied.

I got yesterday’s clothes and underwear from my suitcase and brought it into the kitchen. She had already taken her blouse and bra off before I got there. I helped her take her skirt and diaper off and she helped me take off my diaper and pants. We got the washer running and headed for the shower again. We got in easily this time. We spent quite a bit of time getting grass out of her long hair. This accomplished, we began helping each other wash.

“I can feel that!” She said as I started washing between her legs. “That feels so good!”

I kept washing her there for a long while. Now it was my turn to lower myself to the floor. I grabbed my legs below my knees and pushed them out in front of me this time. Then I lowered myself to the floor in front of Karen. I slowly spread her legs apart and pressed my lips against “hers”. She moaned and told me not to stop. Grabbing her right leg with her hand she rubbed her useless right foot against my hard cock moving her leg up and down with her hands. It felt great now that some feeling was returning below my waist. We could have kept this up forever, but alas all good things must end sometime. Finally we decided to end our fun for now, and I got back up on the shower seat next to Karen. I put some towels on our wheelchairs and transferred into mine, put the footrests down and placed my feet on them. Karen transferred to her chair and did the same. Karen headed to the supply drawer and handed me another tampon. “This should be the last one I need. The nurse said to use them until feeling returned completely to between my legs.”

She moved her body to the front of the chair and lay back a little spreading her legs. I expertly inserted the tampon and withdrew the applicator.

“Great job again!” She cooed.

We helped each other put on our diapers and wheeled out into the main room of her suite. Clothes were so difficult to put on in our wheelchairs we decided to just wear what we needed for a while. What we needed were only the diapers. Karen put on quite a show of wheeling topless in her wheelchair for me, her breasts bounced up and down with each push of the wheel. I think she really enjoyed putting on a show as much as I enjoyed watching her!

We spent the morning doing laundry and straightening up her suite. Things took so much longer because we needed to do everything sitting down. We watched some TV and relaxed most of the morning.

“You hungry for some lunch?” Karen asked as noon approached.


“Does Chinese sound good to you?” She asked.

“Sounds great!”

Karen put two TV dinners into the microwave and set the timer for 12 minutes. I grabbed some Pepsi out of the refrigerator and began to set the table this time with real silverware. We decided to just stick around the suites for the afternoon, watch some movies and get to know each other.

“I’m glad to finally be able to feed myself.” Karen said. “Though it was fun to be dependent on someone as sweet as you.”

“Thanks. Ah, Karen. Are you seeing anyone?” I asked sheepishly.

“No, I just transferred here to start classes in the Physical Medicine Department next fall so I don’t know many people except for the girls I’ve met here.”

“I could show you around anytime you want.” I added.

“I think that would be great!” Karen replied. “I hope we see each other after this weekend. Maybe I could ask Dr. Smith if we could continue as a team on weekends if that would be OK with you.”

“That would be great. Do you think he’d do that?” I replied.

“I suspect someone in his department screwed up and thought Lynn was a girl and so you ended up with me this weekend. He’ll be happy I’m not mad that I didn’t have another girl to help me. Besides, you were much more fun to have as a helper than anyone yet. Thanks.”

We finished eating and cleaned the table.

“Have you ever tried to walk with crutches and braces?” Karen asked after we had finished.

“I’ve wondered what it would be like, but never had the chance.”

“Well, you have the chance now. “Karen replied wheeling over to the closet and getting a pair of forearm crutches. “Get into bed and I’ll help you put your braces on. Then I’ll show you how.”

I wheeled over to the side of the bed, and transferred my still useless legs into it. She helped me put some socks on and placed my right leg into the brace. She fastened the shoe and then the top straps, calf strap, and finally the buckles on my knees. Then she did the left leg. She then helped me move my legs over the edge of the bed. When that was done, she locked the ankle and knee locks so I was sitting on the edge of the bed and my legs were braced straight in front of me. Then she handed me the crutches.

“I’ll help you get up on them and see if you are recovered enough to use braces.” I put a crutch on each arm and pushed off. With her help, I finally stood up on my legs for the first time in nearly 24 hours. I still couldn’t feel them, and balancing was difficult, but the braces supported my legs.

“Move the crutches forward and then drag your legs forward until you get them ahead of the crutches.” Karen instructed.

It was difficult at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. I had actually tried this with a relative’s crutches a few times when I was younger so it didn’t take as long as she expected. It felt strange, though not being able to feel where my feet were, actually needing braces and crutches to get around. I had to watch my feet to see where they were.

“Why don’t you try?” I asked Karen,

“Feeling isn’t restored to my legs enough to try, I don’t think. I’ll try it a little later and see if I can.” Karen replied.  “I’ ll put my braces and corset back on for use later.”

I crutched over to my wheelchair and placing my crutches in back of me, slowly lowered myself into the chair. My legs flipped straight out in front of me as I sat down. Karen was laughing at the sight. Then I unlocked my braces and let my still numb legs fall to the floor. I put my feet on the footrests and wheeled over to her side of the bed.  She held herself up with her hands on the bed while I put the back corset part if her braces over her head. Then I helped her place her limp legs into the leg braces again putting her feet into the special shoes and fastening each of the bands that held her leg securely in the braces. She lay back on the bed and fastened the belts of the back brace. Now she was braced from her toes to just below her breasts.

“Can you help me get up on these things? I’ve never been this crippled before that I needed this brace to walk.”

I moved her legs over the side of the bed as she sat up pushing herself up with her hands. I locked the knee joints for her and handed her the crutches. She put one crutch on each arm.

“You’ll really need to help me stand up because I can’t move the muscles at my waist yet.”

I helped her struggle to her feet. When she was standing, I locked her hip locks listening for them to snap into place. She was standing now with her legs straight and her body encased in leather bands totally immobile.

“I still don’t have much strength below my boobs.” She said “So you’ll have to watch me so I don’t fall with these things.”

Karen carefully moved her right crutch forward supporting herself with her left crutch and her braced legs. Then she moved her left crutch forward. Karen then slowly dragged her useless lower body forward letting her feet scrape along the floor. I could see she really needed the back brace as the braces fully supported her lower body. As she moved each crutch, I watched her breasts jiggle a little. She moved her crutches so her next movement would cause her to face me. She pulled up on the crutches and her body followed slowly. There she was almost naked balanced on braces that went from her breasts to her toes and crutches.

“Well, how do you like how I can walk?” she asked grinning. “This is a lot harder than when I used this before. Then I could use my lower back muscles, but now they’re useless too.”

“You walk very well, but that outfit doesn’t complement you figure.” I said. She was taller than I imagined, about 5’6”. Her bare breasts hung over the top band of the back brace. There was another band lower down and one over her diaper at her hips. Steel rods connected the bands to her long leg braces. It was like she was poured into a leather and steel mould. I could see she had worked very hard at getting around in this condition.

“That was enough fun walking for a while.” She said. She dragged her body back to the bed using her crutches for balance. I helped her turn her body around so her back was next to the bed.

“That was work! Could you help me get back in bed?” She asked.

I grabbed her by the waist and unlocked the braces at the hips. She collapsed into the bed with her legs and braces swinging out in front of her. She unlocked the knee joints of the braces and put her legs on the bed while I held her up. She was breathing hard from all of the exertion. She scooted herself onto the bed using her hands. While she was doing that, I transferred into the bed next to her. We rested a while next to each other, almost completely covered in rigid steel and leather.

“It’s about time to watch a movie.” she said.

She transferred into her wheelchair and wheeled over to the video cabinet. She still was braced from her toes to her breasts. She actually looked more sexy to me than at any time this weekend.

Karen began searching through the video library and picked out The Maltese Falcon. It turns out she was an old movie lover too, and The Maltese Falcon was one of our favourites. She put it in the VCR and wheeled over to the bed. I grabbed my legs by the braces and scooted over next to her in bed and began to watch the movie. I left my braces on because I wanted to try to walk again and I couldn’t feel them anyway so it made no difference to me. She did too, though it was a little more uncomfortable for her.

When the movie ended, Karen removed her back harness from her leg braces. Grabbing the braces at her knees she moved her legs over the edge of the bed and locked the knee locks.

“Could I borrow your crutches for a little while, I want to try to walk without the back harness?” I handed her the crutches and helped her to stand up.

“It feels great to stand up again!” Karen exclaimed. She was obviously an old hand at walking with braces on her paralyzed legs. “I’ll get you another pair of crutches from the closet.”

I watched as she crutched to the closet. She still appeared to not have complete control of her legs as she carefully moved one crutch at a time and let each leg sort of fall into position. Then she put her weight on that leg and let the other one move forward. Her slim waist contrasted even more with her breasts when she stood up. Karen slowly crutched to the closet and got another pair or forearm crutches. She put one crutch on each hand grip of her crutches and carried them over to me. I moved over to the edge of the bed, locked my knees and got up on the crutches. We crutched around the suite for a while. Finally Karen came over to me and playfully pulled down my diaper.

“Usually by the time you can walk on crutches, you don’t need the diaper anymore.” She said.

I unfastened her diaper too and it fell to the floor between us. She did the same to mine. We chased each other naked around the suite for a while on our crutches until we both were worn out.

“I should wash up,” Karen said as she crutched in the bathroom. “Do you want to help?”

“I’ll help you if you if you help me.” I replied.

“OK, could you help me take this out?” She cooed as she pointed to the string between her braced legs. “I don’t need it anymore.”

I pulled the string and dropped the tampon into the toilet. Then I grabbed a cloth and proceeded to wash Karen between her legs as instructed. She did the same for me. When we finished I was ready for anything. Karen crutched over close to me and moved me close to her as she leaned against the bathroom wall. She grabbed my hard cock, slowly put it between her legs and lowered herself down on me using her crutches. She was just the right height so I entered her easily. She began to carefully move up and down using her crutches. As she did she pulled herself close to me with her breasts pressed on my chest. Her nipples were hard and seemed to become harder and larger as she rubbed them against my bare chest. I balanced us with my one crutch as I put my other arm around her. She was softly purring that it felt great to be able to feel her crotch again and that me being in it was the greatest feeling she had ever had. When we had finished, I crutched backward watching her as I went. I could see she was tired so I suggested we rest a while.  Karen asked me to help her remove her braces so I helped her. We collapsed into bed for an hour for a little old-fashioned cuddling. I was finding that I could move my legs a little now, but I still needed my braces. I couldn’t feel my feet or wiggle my toes, but I could at least lift my legs a little. They felt like they were made of lead. I didn’t think that the braces would be that heavy. I moved them to the edge of the bed and lifted myself up with my crutches. I could move one leg at a time now so I tried to walk around the room.

“Get up sleepy. You up for going out to a nice restaurant tonight?” I asked Karen finally

“Like this?”

“I suppose you should put some clothes on. They like it better that way.” I replied.

“I mean do we do crutches and braces or wheelchairs?” She chuckled.

“We did wheelchairs this morning, how about trying to make it on crutches?”

“OK let’s try it. I never went out with braces on to where I have to sit down so this should be an adventure. We need to find a restaurant that is really handicapped accessible. Would you look in the yellow pages for restaurants in Centerville?”

“Sure, I took the phone book out of the drawer next to the bed. Luigi’s looks good. They even mention that they are wheelchair accessible.”

“Luigi’s it is then. I love Italian food.” Karen giggled.

I called the restaurant and made reservations, mentioning that we used crutches. The owner said that they were fully handicapped accessible and that several handicapped customers had complimented him on the restaurant’s accessibility.

Karen transferred into her wheelchair, put her legs on the leg rests, and wheeled over to her suitcase. She picked something black from her case. Then she pulled out a slinky black dress.

“I like to celebrate after I finish the weekend, so I usually get dressed up and go out to dinner with the girls. Would you help me put these on?” she asked.

“Sure, anything you need help with just ask.” I replied.

“I really should catheterize myself again just to be sure. I still don’t have much control down there.” She said.

We wheeled back into the bathroom and Karen positioned herself close in front of the toilet. She grabbed another catheter kit and with her hands spread her legs apart for me to insert it. “Just let it drain into the toilet.” She said.

I did as requested and after washing her thoroughly, and applying lubricant, I carefully pushed the catheter tube into her. Soon liquid began to flow into the toilet. When it was finished, she asked me to remove it and wipe her. I was happy to comply. Then she wheeled over to the cabinet and got a large feminine hygiene pad.

“I’ll need this to prevent any accidents if I don’t wear a diaper.” She said.

She wheeled herself out of the bathroom and next to the bed again and used her hands to place her legs on the bed. Then she transferred back on to the bed. She put the panties on over each foot and pulled them up as far as she could, placing the pad between her legs. Then I helped her pull the panties up to her waist as she held herself up with her hands. Then she handed me a pair of black pantyhose.

“Could you help me with these also? Just put my legs on your lap, bunch up the pantyhose and put one leg on each foot.” I slid the pantyhose slowly up her paralyzed legs. She pushed herself up with her hands so I could slide them up to her waist. After I finished, she straightened them on her legs. Then I helped her on with her little black bra. It was see through also. She put her arms through the straps and, leaned forward holding her breasts in her hands while I fastened it in the front. She adjusted it with her hands again. I offered to help, but she declined the offer. She grabbed her right leg brace again and picked up her leg and inserted it into the brace, fastened the shoe straps and then the top leather band, the next, the calf band and the buckles on her knee. Then she did the same with her other leg. She slipped the little dress over her head and got it down to her waist. “Can you help me get this on?”

“I’d much rather help you take it off again, but I suppose I could help you.”

As she held herself above the bed with her hands, I slid the dress that really looked like a long sexy shirt, down as far as it would go. She carefully moved her braced legs off the side of the bed and locked the knee locks. Then she grasped a crutch in each arm and carefully pulled herself up. She moved the crutches forward and swung her legs between them toward the centre of the room. I watched her breasts bounce as her stiff legs landed on the floor.

“You like?” she cooed, carefully turning toward me on her crutches.

She was as beautiful as ever. The small low cut dress showed off her cleavage beautifully. The braces made her even sexier, even though she seemed to be “walking” with some difficulty.

I scooted across the bed closer to my wheelchair. Grabbing the arms, I transferred my still naked body into the wheelchair and then laboriously moved each leg onto the leg rests. I wheeled myself into my room while Karen put on makeup. I didn’t know what to expect on this project so I brought a good sweater and dress slacks with me. I grabbed them and some underwear and headed for her room. When I got there I transferred back onto the bed and began to put on my briefs. I picked up each leg with my hands in turn and put in through the appropriate leg hole in my underwear. Then I pulled the briefs up as far as they would go. Just then she crutched back in the room. There I sat naked in bed with my underwear wrapped around my thighs.

“Want some help?” She asked. She was carrying a smaller diaper pad with button on straps. “You might want to wear this, just in case.” she said. She put the pad between my legs and fastened the buttons so it fit like a brief.

I got up on my hands and, balancing on one crutch, she pulled my briefs up over my braces and up to my waist. Then she arranged my hard cock so it fit in the briefs better. Still supporting herself on one crutch, she grabbed my pants and helped me pull them up over my braces and onto my waist. I pulled on the sweater and made myself look presentable. I needed a shave so I moved my legs over the edge of the bed and carefully locked the knee locks. I grabbed my crutches and slowly stood up. Then I crutched to my bathroom. Fortunately I could support myself on the counter while I shaved with my electric shaver. Karen crutched in and watched, fascinated. When I finished, I turned to her.

“Well, Am I presentable?” I asked.

“You look great!” She replied.

“You’re a real knockout too!” I replied. Her black dress was cut very low, exposing the tops of her breasts. She was really gorgeous with her braced legs and crutches! “Let’s go!”

We crutched to the elevator and proceeded to the garage again. We got to the van and Karen unlocked the driver’s door. She folded a seat down and put her crutches onto the van floor. She grabbed the handgrips and pulled herself onto the seat. Then she unlocked her knee locks and moved her braced legs gently, one at a time into the van with her hands. I did the same. It was difficult to get into the van this way. The wheelchair lift was much easier. Karen drove to Centerville again. We found the restaurant easily. It had a handicapped parking space right in front. This time it was empty. We parked the van in the space and I watched Karen get out of her seat. She set her crutches on the side of the van and lowered herself down on the van floor moving her legs out the door with her hands. She locked her knee locks and grabbing the rails on the doorframe, pulled herself up to standing on her braces. While steadying herself with one hand she grabbed her crutches with the other and crutched away from the door. I proceeded to do the same with a little more difficulty. We locked the van and crutched into the restaurant. We were greeted by Luigi, the owner.

“Oh, Karen, nice’a to see you again.” said the Luigi as he hugged Karen.

“Nice to see you again Luigi.” Karen replied. “This is Lynn, he made the reservations.”

“Such a nice’a young man.” He said to Karen. “Come, I show you to your table.” Luigi slowly led us to a table with especially sturdy chairs.

I sensed she had been here before. Karen crutched to the chair, grabbed the table and chair back and lowered herself down. She unlocked the knee locks on her braces and moved her legs under the table with her hands. I did the same. Luigi came and asked if we wanted him to put our crutches in the corner.

“Yes, thank you very much.” We replied.

“The girls and I usually come here on Saturday night. He thinks we’re all handicapped, and keeps suggesting we bring our young men friends sometime. That’s why he is so happy to see you!” Chuckled Karen.

“So you consider me a `gentleman friend’?” I replied.

“I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be with. You’ve been so nice this weekend.” She said.

“I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be with either.” I replied. “Seeing you’re a regular here, what do you recommend?”

“The lasagne’s great!” Karen replied.

“That sounds good to me, too.”

When Luigi came back, I ordered Lasagne for us both with a glass of wine for each of us. Luigi quickly returned with our wine and salads, smiled at us, and left us alone.

“Luigi seems happy the little crippled girl found a boyfriend.” I said after a few minutes.

“Yes, he has sort of adopted us,” Karen replied. “I don’t know what I’ll do when the study is over and we come here without braces or wheelchairs.”

“We could always rent some wheelchairs and come here so he wouldn’t be disappointed,” I said.

“Sounds like fun!” Karen replied. “I’ve thought about it, but never had the courage to actually use a wheelchair in public before without a reason.”

Just then, Luigi appeared with our lasagne. “Here you are.” He said “Enjoy!”

It was delicious; all that Karen had promised!

“Now when I drop some on my chest, you don’t have to clean it off right away. You can wait till later,” said Karen. “Remember, we’re out in public. You can do that when we are back at the University!”

When we finished, I asked for the check. Luigi appeared promptly, and I paid for our meal.

“You didn’t have to pay for it.” Karen said.

“It’s not often that I go out with such a beautiful woman. I’ve really enjoyed it.” I said. “You can treat next time if you want.”

“It’s a deal. I really enjoyed myself too. I hope I can convince Dr. Smith to keep us as a couple till the end of the experiment.”

When we finished our meal, Luigi brought us our crutches. Karen moved her still crippled legs out from under the table using her hands and locked the knee locks of her braces. Grabbing the table and chair she got up from the table and I handed her her crutches. I did the same and, we crutched out of the restaurant. We got into the van and drove back to the University. More feeling was returning to my legs and I could almost feel my ankles. I could see Karen rubbing her thighs like she could feel her legs also. When we got back to our apartments Karen crutched to the closet and got out two canes. She leaned her crutches on the wall and grabbed a cane in each hand. Slowly she moved one braced leg at a time firmly holding on to the canes. She made slow, but steady progress over to the bed and sat down letting her legs fly in front of her.

“OK, now you try it!” She ordered.

I grabbed the canes, as she held my crutches. I balanced myself with the canes and “walked” across the room and back. And collapsed on the bed next to her.

“Pretty good for an amateur.” Karen snickered. “I’ve been thinking, maybe we should stay in your bed tonight. Don’t want Dr. Smith getting any wrong ideas with only one bed used.”

“Ya,” I chuckled. “We probably should stay in my room tonight.”

Karen transferred into her wheelchair, got her crutches and some things from her suitcase and followed me into my suite. We picked out a movie, put it in the VCR and turned down my bed. We transferred ourselves into bed and removed our braces. Our legs weren’t quite as helpless looking as yesterday, but our feet were still pointed out and numb.

“Tomorrow, we should be able to use and feel our legs pretty well.” Karen said. “I’ll be kind of sorry to stop `playing’ though.”

I helped Karen pull her dress over her head. Then I helped her take off her pantyhose. She helped me take my pants and shirt off. I unfastened her bra and helped her take it off. She held herself up with her hands as I removed her panties. I could feel her thighs tense up as I removed them. Then she helped me take my briefs off, and chuckled when they got caught on my hard cock. We moved our still weak legs under the covers and watched the movie.

“I think I’ll get ready for bed.” Karen said after the movie ended.

She transferred to her wheelchair and wheeled herself into the bathroom. I got into my wheelchair and followed her. I watched her as she removed her makeup and washed her face. She was beautiful with or without makeup. She wheeled herself over to the toilet, grabbed the bars on either side of it and transferred herself over on to it.

“I sure am glad I don’t need that diaper any more.” She said, “They’re a real pain.”

I agreed as I finished brushing my teeth. She finished and transferred herself back to her chair.

“This should be the last time we need to use these this weekend.” I added.

“Well, we’ll probably need them for a while tomorrow before we get our legs used to walking again.” Then she picked up a sheer black nightgown from her lap, put it over her and buttoned the top.

“How do you like this?” Karen asked.

“I like you better without in on, but it certainly is beautiful on you.”

“I wanted to wear it just once this weekend; I bought it on Thursday for this weekend not thinking a guy would be seeing me in it.” She said.

She wheeled herself into the bedroom. When I had finished in the bathroom, I wheeled myself back into the bedroom. Karen was in bed waiting for me with two of the small diapers. I transferred myself into the bed next to her.

“We should wear these just as a precaution.” She said.

She helped me put my brief on and I helped her button her brief and pull the pad between her legs. Then I pulled the covers over us. She snuggled over to me and we again fell asleep in each others arms.

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