where wheelchair users and BIID/transabled unite!


Part One

Krista is in bed enjoying her weekend lie in when suddenly two paramedics burst in her room claiming a terrible accident.


“Arhhhh who are you? What are you doing in my room?”

“No need to panic Miss, we’re from the St. Johns ambulance.”

They said don’t panic…but I am panicking. Here I am enjoying my so called “sleep in” when they burst into my room! As I watched them enter the room I screamed “Get out! Get out! Get out!” This didn’t seem to phase them, they dragged with them a stretcher with what looked like a back board, a neck brace, and a big bag on top of it.

They approached the bed and rolled me onto my side. I could feel them counting the vertebrae in my spine, the most painful stab, and then felt a liquid entering my body. I felt a burning sensation in my spine and suddenly my lower torso went numb. I instantly knew they had paralysed me.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Miss, we got a call from this address saying that you had taken a bad fall down the stairs and are complaining of paralysis, is this true”

“Why have you done this?”

The paramedics seemed deaf to my cries; they continued reassuring me as if I had been in an accident or something.

“We’re sorry this has happened Miss, we are going to get you onto this stretcher and on your way to the hospital.” They then wrapped the neck brace round my neck and I could feel my head being pushed up. Any attempts to move my head would have been futile. They then pushed my bed away from the wall and one of the paramedics moved to my other side. They slid the back board under me and rolled me onto it. I could then feel the straps going across my ankles, thighs, waist, chest, and finally my forehead. Eliminating any movement I had in my neck. I was then lifted on to the stretcher and they placed a blanket over me and strapped me in. As I was rolled out of my bedroom my family was at the door.

“We’re sorry this has to happen to you, we’re praying that will improve Krista”

“What?” I think to myself, “They seem to be in on this too!” My eyes flew round wildly as I attempted to get a grasp of what was being done to me.

“Please, what are you doing to me?”


“Answer me!”


As I started screaming out for help, they undid the forehead strap and slipped a mask over my face. They then replaced the strap and I could smell something nice and fruity. I knew no more.

“Ahh, Miss Krista, your finally awake”

My eyes fluttered open and I had no recollection of where I was or what had happened. I tried to get up to see who I was talking to, but I found that I couldn’t. My head and neck was being held in place with a neck brace, and I couldn’t feel or move my legs.

“Please don’t try to get up Miss Krista. You are probably wondering what has happened. It seems you suffered a nasty fall and have broken your T12 and your C6 vertebrae. You will have no doubt noticed you have no feeling or sensation in your legs hips, this is because your spine was severed at the T12 area as well. You are lucky the paramedics worked so well or you would have had a cut in your C6 area as well.”

Paramedics! Suddenly I remembered what had happened and my eyes flew open.

“You Bastard! Nothing happened to me! Your so called ‘paramedics’ came and forced me into this! They paralysed me!”

Seemingly unaffected by my outburst the man (I can only assume he is a doctor) continued, “Not only have you broken your back Miss Krista, you have broken your jaw too. You had been walking up the stairs to your bedroom with a basket of washing, you slipped, fell backwards and the heavy basket fell right on your jaw. We couldn’t do much of course until you are awake. Your nurse here will be wheeling your bed down to orthodontics where your oral treatment will begin. You will then be taken to orthopaedics where we will measure you for your brace.” Suddenly felt like I was moving and I burst into tears, this seemed impossible.

Because they had me flat on my back I could only see the ceiling and the tops of some of the doors on either side of the corridor. I hadn’t seen this “nurse”, I can only assume she is behind me pushing the bed. I started turning towards the door and heard a woman above me talk to another woman.

“I have the C6, T12, jaw fracture patient here ready to start her orthodontic treatment.”

“Thank you just take her through that door, the doctor is waiting for her.”

I was then moving again and I went through yet another door. Suddenly I heard a man talking. “Ahh, Miss Krista, so good to see you. We will just get you into my dentist chair and we will begin.”

He then approached the nurse and I heard them discussing me. They whispered and I could barely hear what they were saying. Suddenly the doctor exclaimed to her “I am the doctor, you are the nurse, do as you’re told! We merely want to keep her quiet!”

“Yes Doctor.”

This only sparked my curiosity even more.

The nurse then appeared over my head. This was the first time I had seen her. She was beautiful, I could see she was wearing a more “traditional” nurses uniform rather than the “politically correct” uniforms of today. Any self respecting nurse wouldn’t be seen in a short white skin hugging dress today.

The nurse proceeded to sit me up and placed a sling under my back and bottom. She then lay me back down again and threaded the two ends of the sling under my legs and out through the middle. She then wheeled a hoist over to my bed and connected the two ends to the hoist. She then pressed a button and I could hear a whirring sound as I was being lifted off the bed. The hoist was then carefully turned around and I could see the big dentist chair. It looked normal, except I could see straps extending from it; I could see what was coming. I was lowered onto the chair, and as I started struggling the nurse tightened all the restraints over me, including one around my forehead, the brace was then taken off my neck and a lip spreader was forced into my mouth.

“While you were unconscious we took the liberty of taking some moulds of your mouth. After examining the shape of your teeth and jaws I can only recommend full banding.” My eyes widened. Normally when bands are put in little spreaders are put in first to create room between each of your teeth. The doctor then pulled a tray towards the chair and picked up the first band. It appeared to have two tubes on it and he placed it on one of my back upper molars. He had to pull out a hammer and tap the band into place; I could feel the pain of it reverberating through my skull. He then picked up the next molar band. This one had a bracket and a hook on it. He then pushed it on in the same fashion he did the first. Eventually all my teeth had bands on it, and all the last molars had little tubes on them. I felt around my mouth with my tongue and I could not feel my teeth at all, just the discusting taste of metal. The bands were then cemented into place and I was told that the cement was designed to stay there at least five years, and that I would require his special dissolving agent to remove the bands. It became apparent to me that this was no ordinary hospital.

The doctor then placed some thick archwires in the brackets. I had never seen such thick archwires. He then placed a secondary wire over top of the archwires and threaded the wires into the bigger tubes in my molars. He then pulled out some thin ligature wire and tied the archwire and secondary wire down onto the brackets. With each tooth I could feel the tension increasing. When he finished it felt like my entire mouth was on fire!

“Miss Krista, for your orthopaedic treatment you will be placed in a brace that is known to deform the jaw. To combat that we have created a special mouth guard for you. Please remember we only have your best interests at heart.” He then shoved a big plastic thing in my mouth. It pushed down my tongue and he then forced my teeth closed over the mouth guard. I thought he was done but unfortunately he wasn’t. He pulled out some more wires and I learned what all the little hooks were for. He slowly but methodically pulled the wire round each of the hooks till my jaw was locked around my mouth guard. It effectively stopped me from doing anything beyond pathetic groans.

He removed the lip spreader, turned around and I heard him rattling in a drawer.

“Ahh here we are, this is your headgear Miss Krista. You will be wearing this 24 hours a day, you will not be permitted to remove it.” He then approached me and slipped the first facebow into the remaining two tubes in my top molars. He then placed a second facebow on the bottom two molars. The two facebows were so thick I didn’t have a chance of closing my lips around them. This would have been impossible anyway with the archwire, and the secondary wire pushing my lips outwards. He then placed the high pull headgear over the top of my head. The straps seemed sooooo thick, and ugly, and black. Once he pulled the headgear down and connected the two facebows I could instantly feel the pressure. Any pain I had felt before was nothing compared to this.

I then felt him in my mouth again, and he said to me, “I have wired the facebows in to ensure you wear the headgear 24 hours a day. I hope you recover quickly.”

I was then allowed to close my lips. By now I was drooling profusely and I couldn’t suck it up. With my tongue successfully out of commission this was obviously going to be a problem. The nurse returned and replaced the neck brace. She then undid all the straps and hoisted me back into the bed. I can only assume I’m off to orthopaedics now.

Part Two

The corridors seemed endless, white. I could hear the wheels of the bed rolling over the vinyl, and the sound of people walking past me up and down the hallway. The nurse did not utter any word to me the entire time. Of course now I would not have been able to ask her anything. All I could focus on was the pain in my mouth, that annoying drool that was spilling over my chin, and I was scared with what was ahead. Suddenly the bed turned into another doorway, and yet another doctor approached me.

“Miss Krista! As you are aware, you have fractured your spine in both the C6 and T12 level. You have also severed your spinal cord at the T12 area leaving you as a complete paraplegic. In order to treat your broken back and neck we are going to place you in a CTLSO brace, this will extend from your chin to your hips, immobilizing your entire spinal column. In order to do this I will need to make a cast of your torso.”

The nurse approached me again and proceeded to hoist me off the bed and onto the casting table. As soon as I had been raised off the bed the doctor took a whiff of the pungent smell that had filled the room.

“You stupid stupid nurse! She has wet her bed! You didn’t take care of it! Go and clean her bed up immediately!” If I had been able to twist my head down to look I would have seen the lower half of the bed dripping. I burst into tears as I realised I had wet my bed without even feeling it; I was well and truly paralysed!

I was lowered on the casting table. The doctor, and his assistant, removed my gown and covered my torso and neck in stockinette. The doctor’s assistant then placed my head in a halter. She wrapped a strap around my hips, and put my wrists and ankles into manacles. I suddenly felt my head being pulled as the doctor started placing traction on my neck.

The doctor then removed my neck brace and told me, “We will return in ten minutes.”

They left me here. All I could do is wait and think. The thoughts weren’t pretty, so I just waited.

The doctor and his assistant returned eventually with buckets of water and rolls of plaster. Without a word they encased my torso and neck in plaster. The plaster felt heavier and heavier as the wrapped roll after roll of wet plaster on my body. They then left the room again to give the plaster time to dry. What are they expecting me to do? Count flies on the ceiling? The plaster took what seemed an eternity to dry, I felt so relieved when the doctor started up his cast saw and started cutting the plaster open. As soon as he removed the two halves my body felt freezing cold. I thought that ordeal was over, and they would take me back to my room to wait for the brace, but noooooooo the doctor started to speak again.

“Obviously we cannot leave your spine unprotected while your brace is being made up. We will place you in a lighter fibreglass cast. Using fibreglass will make it easier for the nurses to tend to you. What colour would you like?” I don’t think he was really asking me, he then stated he would use Barbie pink. I hate pink!

The process was then repeated, using the pink fibreglass, and I was finally ready to go back to my room. I was immobilized from my hips to my chin; I couldn’t move from my head to my toes, the cast was pushing up on my already unbearably painful mouth. The nurse had returned with the remade bed and the instant I was lowered onto it I could hear the loud unforgiving crinkle of a plastic protective sheet. That sound sent shivers through my body, reminding me of the images I saw in the nursing homes I had worked in. I had vowed I would never end up like that, but here I am, unable to move anything other than my eyes and my arms, I can’t control my bodily functions, and I have other people who are making decisions for me. I was wheeled back to my bedroom.

I just wanted the whole ordeal to be over, but the nurse suddenly peeled back my sheets, and used a different hoist to lift my legs and bottom into the air. Both surprised and outraged by this I began muffled cries that were only ignored. The nurse flashed the largest, thickest, crinklyest disposable nappy in my face I had ever seen! If I barely managed to ever hide it, there was no way I’d get away with anyone not hearing it! She then placed the nappy under my bottom, lowered me back on the bed, powdered my behind, and taped the thick nappy round my waist. The nappy was so large she struggled to do it up tightly. I reached down with my hands to feel it, only to have my hands guided to some manacles on the bed. A strap was then attached round my waist, the bed rails pulled up, and left alone in that cold, white room. It was finally then that everything hit me. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, and I couldn’t control what most people take for granted. I screwed my eyes up as tight as I could and sobbed my heart out, by myself, alone.

Part Three

The day came when Krista’s brace was ready. If it hadn’t have been for the nurse coming in every two hours to turn her, Krista would have lost all track of time. She had no idea what day of the week it was, or whether it was day or night. The only thing that kept her company was the annoying buzz and whirr she heard every now and then. After two or three days of lying in bed, she had become dead to everything that was happening around her. That first time the nurse removed her wet, drenching nappy the whole room was filled with its stench. All Krista could do was cry and moan softly to herself. Her teeth hurt and her upper body felt all stiff from not being used. A nasogastric tube had been forced into her nose and down her throat. The only food she got was the horrible, yucky muck that flowed through that clear tube. The tube was taped out of the way ready for her brace to be placed on her.

“Miss Krista” she heard her doctor call out, breaking what train of thought she had left. The only time anyone ever talked to Krista was when the doctor was giving her some sort of “update” on her condition. “I am very happy to tell you your brace has been finished. Your nurse will be taking you to orthopaedics where it will be fitted. Once we are satisfied that your spine has been immobilised properly we can start thinking about physical therapy.”

Her nurse then approached her and used a lift to raise her hips off the bed. Krista obviously needed a nappy change before her day started. She heard the riiiip of the tapes coming away, and a heavy plop as the nappy hit the sheet covered plastic of her protective sheet. The nurse then started wiping her hairless behind and rubbed in the talcum powder. She then heard the buzz as the lift lowered her hips and legs back on the mattress, and once again the crinkle of all the plastic echoed through the room. The nurse tightly fastened the tapes of the new nappy into place and pulled Krista’s gown down. Krista then felt the head of the bed being raised, and prepared herself for being hoisted into the wheelchair that was sitting next to the bed. This wheelchair was one of the old, heavy, clunky hospital wheelchairs. Unlike most you find in hospitals nowadays, this wheelchair was only designed to be pushed by an attendant, so the rear wheels were small. Krista had lost a lot of weight those few weeks she had been lying in her hospital bed, so when she was lowered into the chair she struggled to sit up. She grasped the armrests with all her strength to stay up. At least she wasn’t being pushed into a bed anymore. Not that the hallways were too interesting. All she could see was white walls, white ceiling, white squeaky vinyl, the occasional nurse or doctor, all decked out in white. The hospital was cold and clinical.

Krista was pushed through a doorway into orthopaedics where she saw the doctor grinning from ear to ear. “Miss Krista,” he started, “we are happy to tell you your brace is ready, I can guarantee your spine will be completely immobilised in this brace, you will not be able to move an inch!” Krista’s eyes widened as a mass of plastic and shiny metal was produced. She could see a plastic corset moulded to the shape of her body, Krista couldn’t see how it was done up but was sure the “kind doctor” would show her how. A metal bar was fastened onto the front and on the end of it a chin cup was attached. There were two bars extending off the back which ended in what the doctor described as “Occipital Pads”. Krista noticed that there were metal bars hanging from the two rear bars.

Krista was completely absorbed by this extensive brace and was jolted when the doctor continued to talk. “Nurse, can you hoist Krista onto this chair so we can get started?” Krista was transferred onto a chair and a head halter was fastened onto her head, the chin and occipital straps were squeezed between her head and her cast. The head halter was then attatched to an over-head traction unit and Krista could feel her head pulled upwards as the traction was increased. She then heard the screeching noise of the cast saw and her body shook as the cast was cut off her body. The nurse washed her torso and neck and the brace was then placed on her torso, the chin and occipital pads seemed to click into place. The doctor then produced a tool that looked very much like a spanner and she felt the plastic corset being pulled tighter, until she struggled to breathe, gasping. The doctor then reached behind Krista’s head and Krista strained her eyes to see what he was doing. He attatched the chin cup to the occipital pads using the metal bars, eliminating any sideways movement. The traction was then removed, but the strain on Krista’s spine wasn’t. This brace seemed higher than the cast she had been in.

“Would you like to transfer to your wheelchair by yourself?” She heard the doctor say. She knew it was an instruction more than a question, there was no way she could answer him. With the doctor instructing her she placed one hand on the armrest of the wheelchair, and the other she pushed as far under her bottom as she could. Spending such a long time in bed without using her arms etc had left her weak. When she went to hoist herself over to the wheelchair seat she fell flat on the floor, a loud crinkle emanated through the room announcing the presence of her large nappy. The impact sent a jolting jar through her spine, her legs twisted in some impossible position. Tears flowed down her cheeks as the nurse once again placed the sling under her and hoisted her into the wheelchair. Her sobs were uncontrollable as she was wheeled back to her room. Her nappy was changed again. Her nurse silently reattached her nasogastric tube to a new bag of feed, and Krista was then left in her bed to “recover”. Fortunately she was not tied down, but the guard rails had still been lifted. For the first time in well over a week Krista raised her trembling hands to her face and wept. She was too exhausted to even examine the new brace and the orthodonture that was restraining her.

Part Four

After an hour of simply weeping Krista lay there, numb. She was at the point where she couldn’t cry any more and didn’t have the energy to do anything. It was at that time when she became acutely aware of the steady stream of drool that was spilling over her chin, soaking her pillow. She reached up and wiped it off, then wiped her hand against the sheets, hearing the “CRINKLE” it made. By then her chin was fully coated again and she simply gave up.

Suddenly she was aware of someone being in the room. The person was just out of her field of vision, she couldn’t turn her head to see. She couldn’t call out to see who it was…she was too weak to sit up…all she could do was lie there, listen to his breathing, and wipe the drool off her face.

A nurse started walking into the room to change Krista’s already drenched nappy. The man who had been standing in Krista’s room turned to her and told her to leave immediately. Without a word she left and closed the door behind her. By now Krista was terrified. The man came towards the end of the bed until finally she could see his face. He was so white and pasty; he looked as if he never went outside. He was tall, skinny, and pimply, he looked like a computer geek basically. He reached over to her ankles and connected them to the lift. Pushed a button and raised her bottom into the air. He slowly removed the tabs to her nappy and took it off. He then proceeded to cleaning her behind. Krista had to lie there taking it.

Suddenly he spoke to her. “Krista, I managed to find a new line of nappies for you. If you thought the other ones you had were horrible you wait until you see these ones. With that he held a massive nappy over her head where she could see it. It crinkled so loudly you could barely hear him talking. He then had her reach up and touch it. It was so thick Krista knew there would be no hiding it. He then placed it underneath her bottom and lowered her over it. He then struggled to do it up. It was so thick it didn’t move too well. Once he had it taped up he allowed her hands to run round and explore it. It was so big…she knew it would look enormous compared to her now skinny body. As soon as she touched it she heard the loud crinkle emanating.

“Krista!” The man then shocked her out of her daze, “these are the clothes you will be wearing.” With that he pulled out a tight skirt that would outline her nappy perfectly. She knew people would be able to see up it when she sat in her wheelchair. He then placed a pair of high heels over her feet. When she saw them Krista was thankful she couldn’t stand, the heels were so long. The mysterious man then took the straps off her headgear and she immediately noticed the pull gone from her teeth. They slowly throbbed. He brushed her hair into a ponytail and pulled the headgear back over.

He then wheeled a hoist over to the bed and lifted her into the wheelchair sitting next to the bed. He arranged her heeled feet on the footrest so people would get an even clearer view of her nappy. He then wound straps over her legs and waist, he finished her off by placing splints over her hands and strapping them to the armrests. Once again she was totally helpless.

The man came and stood in front of her. “You are probably wondering what has happened. You will call me Mr Jenkins, not that you can talk. I own this entire hospital. Well it isn’t really a hospital. It’s more of a play house for me, and you and the staff here are my dolls. You will do what I say when I say. If you are good you can hope to eventually be rehabilitated. If you are not…let’s just say new injuries will arise…You see that mirror in front of you? Take a good look. See how big your nappy is? See how full your mouth looks? Or how visible the straps for your headgear are? You don’t want to look? What about the almost robotic look you have with your brace? Your torso looks like a mass of plastic and metal. You look cold, clinical, just like this hospital.”

For the first time in a long long time Krista was allowed to see what she looked like. She no longer looked like the healthy young woman she used to be. Her arms and legs looked wasted away. She wished she could say the same thing about her torso but she simply couldn’t see it at all. Krista was stuck there to take in who she was, tears filled her eyes…she couldn’t bear to look, but at the same time she couldn’t take her eyes off herself.

Mr Jenkins was talking again.

“Why did I choose you specifically? Well…I didn’t. It seems you had been quite busy on the Internet…yes…your parents found all the files and folders on your computer. All the stories of extreme bondage, ABDL things, Wheelchair things, orthodontia, the list is never ending! It was while they were going through your history in your web browser that they saw the ad I had on one of the websites you visited regularly. It was then that they decided you needed to see what this life is really like that you have read so much about. So they called me, and the rest is history. I have you and other girls here for my enjoyment. You know that buzzing and whirring sound you hear? Those are the cameras I have in all your rooms. I get the lovely honour of sitting in my room watching your struggles every day. I love to see you in pain. Yes I guess I am a sick bastard, but I’m rich, and I can get away with anything. Right! On to today’s activities! I need an escort for an important dinner I’m going to tonight and I feel you would be the perfect date for me. You will of course have an aid with you. So, today we are going to be spending time getting you ready.”

With that he turned and left the room. One of the nurses came back in and took Krista to her first appointment, one with her orthodontist.

“Miss Krista, how good to see you! Let’s see how your progress is going.” Krista felt very uneasy sitting in his dentist’s chair. The chin pad was lowered to allow him to get into her mouth and Krista suddenly felt how weak her neck had gotten after weeks of being held in place. The chair was tipped backwards a little more and her forehead was strapped to the headrest to hold her head in place. The doctor removed her headgear, unsnipped the wire fastening the facebows onto her teeth, and gently pulled them out. He then put a lip spreader in her mouth and started snipping the wire away that was locking her jaw over the mouth guard. As soon as he removed the mouth guard Krista moved her jaws round.

“Tut Tut Miss Krista, your jaw is still broken, we don’t want you doing further damage do we?” Krista resigned herself to staying still. Now that her lower jaw wasn’t being held up her jaw felt so heavy, especially with the bands covering her teeth.

“Hmm…seems your upper palate is healing too narrow. I’m going to have to install a palate expander in there.” Krista’s eyes widened as he displayed the heavy, metallic plate. It had bands round where she guessed her teeth would be. The secondary and archwire was then removed completely from the brackets on the bands and the doctor then dissolved the cementing agent round four of her upper bands, two on each side. He then proceeded to place the expander in her upper palate. After much hammering he finally had it in place. Krista’s teeth felt like they were being ripped apart. He then cemented the four bands in place and pulled out a thicker archwire from his cabinet. He placed it in each bracket and tied it through the end tubes. He then tightened the wire till she felt she was going to pass out from the pain. He then placed the secondary wire over and into place, tightening that too. Then came the ligature wire and if Krista had thought it was bad the first time, the pain intensified tooth by tooth as he tied each bracket down.

“Miss Krista, we have a new mouth guard for you. Obviously your old one wouldn’t fit with your new palate expander in there.” With that he pushed the new mouth guard into place. This one took a lot more effort and it tasted so horrible. Her mouth was completely filled. This one was clear, so as it covered her teeth, her brackets and thick wire was fully shown. He then wired her jaws back together and Krista was once again silenced. The doctor turned around and picked what looked like a key up off a tray. He put it into a little hole between her upper teeth and gave it a turn. Her upper jaw felt like it was going to break as the excruciating pressure was placed on her already tender palate. He then picked up two new face bows. These ones were so big, that once they were wired in place, Krista could not close her mouth, and her new “hardware” was on full display. Krista noticed that he did not put the old straps back on. Instead he pulled a new set out. The straps on this headgear were larger, thicker, black. He threaded the first strap round the top of her head above her pony tail, and another one round just below. He then pulled a strap round the back of her neck, behind the bars supporting the back of her head.

He then held up a small hand held mirror and Krista realised that any attempt to hide the hideous arrangement in her mouth was impossible. A tremendous amount of pressure was being exerted on her teeth and Krista looked totally helpless. The doctor then lifted the chin pad back up and she was completely immobilized again. Krista was hoisted back into her wheelchair and was wheeled to orthopaedics. The doctors there raised her head higher and made a new addition to her brace. A forehead strap was added. Krista was then taken back to her room where her now soaked nappy could be changed.

“Krista! You’re looking so well! The doctors here are doing a wonderful job preparing you!” Krista had only heard Mr Jenkins’s voice a couple of times, but she already hated it. This time Krista was hoisted into a fully padded chair with large thick arm and footrests. As soon as she was placed in it she was fully strapped in. Legs, thighs, waist, chest, arms, head. The nasogastric tube had been removed and a new one was placed in a bag that her aid would carry. This bag had a large supply of her new, thicker noisier nappies. She had no idea where she would be changed, but she had an idea that it would not be good. With that, she was pushed through the corridors towards the door. This would be the very first time she went outside. She was still wearing the miniskirt. And no clothing covered her upper body. The way Mr Jenkins saw it, why hide such a hideous; oops sorry he said beautiful brace. She was wheeled down towards a van and was lifted in. The windows were heavily tinted, and Krista had no way of knowing where she was going.

Part Five

Krista heard the doors behind her open and her aid walked up the ramp towards her wheelchair.  He unfastened the ties holding her wheelchair in place and gently backed her out of the van.  Krista desperately flicked her eyes around to see where she was.  They were at the local Returned Services Association.  In her mind she knew instantly where they were.  Her aid then grabbed the large bag containing her “supplies” and wheeled her up the ramp and into the main hall of the RSA.  They were at the school reunion that she and her friends had started planning months before.

“Krista!  What happened to you?  Your mother called us to tell us you had gone away and couldn’t help with the planning, but we would never have guessed that this would have happened to you.  Freddy?  It’s so good to see you again.  How have you been?”

Freddy? Krista’s mind suddenly started flicking through old memories.

“Well Alicia, Krista was hit by a car recently and sustained some serious injuries.  As you know I’m the manager of the hospital just outside the city and I was very shocked when she was brought in to our emergency ward.  As you would expect, romance blossomed between us and now she couldn’t bear the thought of me coming to the reunion, leaving her in the hospital.  She begged me to let her come, I had to pull some strings, but it got done.  Now I really need to get us registered and to a table.”

Krista knew who Mr. Jenkins was now.

Back in High School Krista had been a part of the “popular” group.  Freddy had always had a crush on Krista, but he was part of the “geeky, nerdy” group.  Krista couldn’t be seen going out with him, regardless of how cute he was.  Freddy Jenkins.  That was his name.  Krista was pushed to the registration desk where once again Freddy “boasted” about how “fond” Krista was of him.  He was interrupted by one of the ladies asking “Whew!  What on earth is that smell?”

Freddy then pulled her miniskirt up, and what ever doubt there had been over the existence of a diaper was instantly eliminated as he inserted a finger into one of the leg holes.  He declared in a loud voice that she was soaked.  “I’m sorry ladies, I need to get Krista changed.  Can you suggest the best place?  I need somewhere where there is floor space.”

“There is a door next to the men’s room, that room should be empty, you can go there.”

“Thank you” As Krista’s attendant pushed her through the door and into the room she could hear everyone gossiping about the state she was in.

“Krista, you have probably guessed who I am now.  If I hear you call me anything other than Mr. Jenkins you WILL pay…keep in mind there are worse injuries that could arise beyond the state you are in now.  Not that you can say anything with your jaws wired shut!”

Mr. Jenkins then helped the attendant lift her out of the chair, and onto a white plastic “changing mat” that had been placed on the floor.  Once the diaper had been un-taped and pulled between her legs, the attendant lifted her legs and exposed her bottom.  Mr. Jenkins then cleaned her up and put her in a fresh diaper.   The miniskirt was pulled back down and she was lifted back into the wheelchair.  With the straps in place she was once again pushed out into the crowds.

“We reserved seats at a table for you and Krista, Freddy”

“Thank you ladies” Krista realized they had spent so long changing her diaper that the dinner had already started.  She wondered what was going to happen to her.  She didn’t have to worry for long.  Her attendant pulled out the new nasogastric tube and a bag of brown muck.  They were going to put that in, in front of everyone!  The people at their table stopped as the attendant stood in front of her and started forcing the tube through her nose.  She groaned, moaned and grunted with pain.  It seemed like an eternity.  Normally nasogastric tubes would be left in.  It seems they took it out so everyone at the reunion could see how helpless she is.  Eventually the attendant stopped pushing and tested the tube to see if it was in her stomach.  It was.

They then hooked the bag up to a hook hanging from her wheelchair, and taped the tubing to her cheek.  The flow was released and the other people at the table continued to eat, whispering to each other about her state.  One of them hesitantly asked Mr. Jenkins why the nasogastric tube was necessary.

“You see, Krista’s jaws were completely broken up when she came into the emergency ward of my hospital.  We had to wire them together completely with a gag to ensure they were held in place properly while they healed.  Because of the added gag feeding her orally is impossible.  She’ll be “eating” through her nose for quite a while.”  They all nodded “sympathetically” and carried on with their meals.  They looked far more appealing than the muck Krista could see flowing through the tubing.

When Mr. Jenkins had finished his meal he stood up and took the much hated key from Krista’s bag.  He then found the hole in her braces and turned the key several times.  Krista screamed a muffled scream.  Tears flowed steadily down her face.  She couldn’t move anywhere; she couldn’t get him out of her mouth.  Krista was very thankful when she was eventually wheeled back into the van and taken back to the hospital.  Of course they didn’t leave before Mr. Jenkins had a chance to readjust the straps holding her head and brace into the wheelchair.  All the other guests could see how immobilized she was after that.  Krista never thought she would see the hospital as a safe haven.  She sure was glad knowing she was going back there that night.

Part Six

More than a week passed and Krista really started to miss the outside world.  Her upper body ached from the confinement it was continually forced to endure.  Her jaw still felt like agony and she had no hope of ever being able to feel her lower body ever again.  When all hope started to feel completely lost, one morning Krista got visitors.

“Krista!  The staff here finally decided you were fit for visitors.  We’re all missing you so much” the three of them cried.  They spent the morning telling Krista about everything that was happening in town.  They were all glad that Krista had made it to the reunion, and were surprised that she and Freddy was a couple now but were supportive as long as it made her happy.  Two of the girls, Mica and Charlie, needed to go to the toilet.  While they were gone Krista madly started indicating to Alicia that she needed a pen and paper.  Now was her chance to get help.  Alicia found a pad and her favourite fluffy pen in her purse and set them up on the table for Krista.  Krista started scribbling.  She did not know how much time she would have.  She ripped the piece of paper off the pad and handed everything back to Alicia.

“This isn’t a real hospital.  Freddy owns the place and imprisons girls for his own pleasure.  My parents found out where I read stuff on the internet and arranged for him to kidnap me.  I do not need any of this stuff except for the diaper.  They paralysed me when they first kidnapped me and I can’t move my legs.  Please get help!”  Alicia read the note and quickly pocketed it.  Mica and Charlie then returned and Alicia suggested that they leave.  Krista did not know what would happen; tearfully she had to let them go.

The three girls were chatting to each other about the hospital, Krista, the staff when they were stopped at the door by a security guard.

“Excuse me ladies, its policy that all visitors be checked before they go, if you could just step through into this security office.”

The three girls went into the office.  The guard told them they would each be checked one by one and each girl could leave as soon as she was checked.  First the guard performed a pat down check on Mica and then instructed her to leave.  The guard then patted down Charlie and had her leave.  The guard lastly patted down Alicia and he found the note she had hastily shoved into her pocket.

“You will have to understand Miss Alicia that we would never allow you to leave this establishment with such privy information” the guard said.  Before Alicia could do anything the guard shoved a gag into her mouth and a gurney was quickly wheeled into the room by two nurses.  With the guard holding her down, the nurses replaced the gag with an endotracheal tube (after applying a local anaesthetic to her upper respiratory organs).  They then placed an EMT collar round her neck and strapped her down onto a back board.  They then strapped the back board onto the gurney and lifted the side rails up.  Before Alicia could think about doing anything, one of the nurses injected a sedative into Alicia’s arm and she quickly drifted right off to sleep.

Mica and Charlie had been standing by the car waiting for Alicia to return.  The car park was a fair distance away from the entrance and they would not have seen anything happening.  The two girls decided to go and see what was taking Alicia so long.  They came to the front entrance and no Alicia.  They had just gotten through the reception area to the main corridor when they saw two nurses pushing a gurney down the hallway, and on the gurney was ALICIA.

The two girls ran to the gurney and spluttered “Alicia, what has happened to you?  Alicia?”

One of the nurses spoke up, while the other nurse continued to pump air into Alicia’s lungs, “I’m afraid she can’t hear you dear.  Unfortunately she was hit by a speeding ambulance just as she came out of the front entrance.  It knocked her unconscious almost immediately.  We are just taking her to one of the emergency doctors to get her patched up.”

“Oh no!  Can we come with her to be with her?” Charlie asked.

“I’m afraid not dear,” the nurse answered, “hospital policy states that visitors may only come during the appropriate hours and are not allowed in the emergency department in case something goes wrong.  Could you just go back to reception and tell the receptionist the contact details of Alicia’s closest kin.  I’m sorry, but that’s the most you can do.  We will ring you as soon as you can visit her.”

Mica and Charlie took one last glance at Alicia and slowly trudged down the hallway back to the receptionist.  They gave the receptionist all of Alicia’s necessary details and left to tell Alicia’s parents what had happened.  The two nurses continued down the hallway and put Alicia’s gurney into an empty room until Alicia could regain consciousness.  The Anaesthetic was much longer lasting than the sedative, so the nurse who continued to pump air was not worried about damaging Alicia’s airways.

Alicia slowly awoke.  All she could remember was that the guard had found her note and everything else was foggy.  She could feel air being forced into her lungs and she was restrained to the gurney so she could not move.  She opened her eyes to see the nurse above her continuing to squeeze the bag, forcing air into her lungs.  Almost immediately a doctor came into the room with another nurse pushing a trolley behind him.

“Miss Alicia, glad to see you awake again.  Unfortunately you were hit by an ambulance while walking back to your car.  It has broken your neck and some of your lower vertebrae, and has affected your ability to breath.  In ordinary circumstances you would be rushed to surgery where your breathing problem would be fixed, but in this facility we prefer to let our patients know what will happen to them before we do the procedure.”

The endotracheal tube was then removed from Alicia’s throat just as the local anaesthetic was beginning to wear off.  A mask was then strapped over Alicia’s mouth and nose and she drifted off to sleep, under the affects of the anaesthetic.  She did not quite know what they were going to do with her, but she was worried as to what it would be.

Alicia slowly drifted awake again.  There was nothing filling her mouth but she felt an awful pain in her neck.  She had been moved to a hospital bed where she was restrained using cuffs round her wrists and ankles, and a vest keeping her body from moving.  A strap that went over her forehead securely ensured she would not be moving her head around.  Alicia tried to cry out, but found she couldn’t.  As she panicked she heard the whoosh of a ventilator.  It finally hit her.  They had performed a tracheotomy and she was dependant on a ventilator.  Alicia was certain none of this was an accident.  She knew without a doubt what Krista had told her was true.  Alicia was now petrified of what else they would do to her.  One thing that made her wonder was how the doctor always knew when to come into the room, because one just had.

“Miss Alicia,” the doctor started, “As you can tell we had to perform a tracheotomy.  You will not be leaving this facility for a while now.  Your parents have been informed of this rather tragic accident of yours, and they will not be visiting you for some time.  Like your friend Krista you have suffered a broken jaw and neck.  Your treatment plan will be slightly different from hers, but will be just as ‘restrictive’, one might say.  You will not be standing for some time, which means I have to make some other preparations.  Struggling will do you no good.  Nurse, bring me my equipment!”

Alicia watched fearfully as the doctor lifted up the skimpy gown until her fanny was exposed.  The doctor donned some sterile gloves and held up what looked like a catheter.  He lubricated the catheter and steadily pushed it up Alicia’s Urethra.  It burned like anything, and there was nothing Alicia could do to stop it.

When the doctor removed the gloves and lifted up a diaper Alicia became thoroughly confused.  Seeing her confusion the doctor once again spoke to her.  “That catheter was an open ended one.  You will be unable to control your bladder with it in, which means you need this disposable diaper.  This diaper is different than normal diapers as it is much larger, thicker, and noisier.  The crotch is also wider.  Overall it is designed to give your behind a more ‘babyish’ appearance.  There is no way you will be able to hide the fact that you are in a diaper.”

The doctor then undid the cuffs holding Alicia’s legs in place and lifted her bottom clean off the bed.  He then placed the diaper underneath.  Before he could place her bottom back down the nurse shaved all the hair out from her bottom, explaining that this will help prevent diaper rash.  The doctor then lowered her back onto the bed and the nurse shaved the remaining hair off her fanny.  It seemed they couldn’t have timed it better; yellow urine seeped into the diaper through the catheter.  The doctor taped the diaper up and re-cuffed her ankles.

“Nurse, take Miss Alicia to Orthodontics,” the doctor ordered, and then left the room.

It actually took two nurses to wheel Alicia down to orthodontics.  One to push the bed, one to push the portable ventilator.  Once there they undid all the restraints.  Using a hoist they lifted her up and into the dentist chair and secured her into it, ensuring that her trach tube did not get caught.  The orthodontist then went to work.  After fitting a lip spreader in her mouth he started with the metal bands.  He forced each one onto her teeth with a hammer.  Alicia’s head felt like it was vibrating by the time he had finished, and her mouth was in awful pain as no spaces had been made between her teeth beforehand.

“Miss Alicia, your orthopaedic treatment will be slightly different to your friend’s, so you will not need a mouth guard.  You will be receiving some different appliances though.”  The Orthodontist then continued working.

He pulled out two plates from the tray.  He fitted one in the roof of her mouth and then welded it to four of the bands surrounding her teeth.  Alicia knew she would not get these braces off in a long, long time.  He then did the same thing with the other plate in her lower palate.  All Alicia could feel on the inside of her mouth was metal, and it was foul tasting metal at that.  Alicia had no time to think about this as the Orthodontist had already pulled out a horrendously thick arch wire.  He clicked the arch wire into each of the brackets on her bands and she felt the pressure increase as they were all connected together.  He then tightened and tied the arch wire down through the rear tubes on her back molars.  He then started threading wire through each of the brackets explaining that he was fitting a power chain.  It went on both her upper and lower jaw, and the pain was immense.  A secondary wire was then fitted over top and it was all tied down with silver ligature wire.

In no way was he done yet.  He then lifted a big coil off the tray next to the chair and welded it onto one of the brackets on the upper left side of her mouth.  He continued to weld these coils onto the sides of her mouth until she had four coils on each jaw.  Two on the left side, and two on the right side of her jaw.  The coils stuck out of her mouth and Alicia did not want to find out what they were for.

“Miss Alicia.  Unlike your friend, your jaw is in no way too far forward, so face bows are not necessary.  They are skew horizontally though, so a facemask is necessary.  Normally rubber bands would be used with a face mask, and they would be replaced daily.  I can’t trust you with the task of replacing your bands, can I?  So I have permanently welded coils on instead.”

He placed a long pad over her forehead, muttering that he couldn’t put it in the middle like normal.  He then connected two bars to the pad that went down the sides of her face.  A chin cup was fastened at the bottom and lastly a pad that went across the bridge of her nose.  Two bars were then fastened on so they ran in front of her mouth.  The coils were then stretched so they could be welded onto these bars.  Straps were threaded behind Alicia’s head so the facemask stayed firmly on her face.  Once the straps were fitted, Alicia felt excruciating pain pushing and pulling her two jaws left and right.  Alicia didn’t know how much more she could take when she saw the Orthodontist once again approaching her mouth with another spool of wire.

“Almost finished” he muttered as he methodically wired her jaw shut using the brackets.  He threaded the wire behind the arch wire, and all the other hardware in a crisscrossed pattern, ensuring that Alicia would not be able to open her mouth.

When he removed the lip spreader, both he and Alicia saw that she was going to have trouble with the inside of her lips and all that wire.  He then wired into place lip bumpers, which held her lips clear of her mouth and declared his job done.

Suddenly he cried out “oh, almost forgot one thing!”  He picked up what looked like a key and inserted it into a slot in Alicia’s upper jaw.  As he turned the key two turns Alicia realised that this was a jaw expander, just like the one in Krista’s mouth when Freddy had tended to her after dinner at the reunion.  The Orthodontist reinserted the key into the slot in her lower jaw and turned that one twice two.  Alicia almost passed out from the pain.  Almost straight away a line of drool slowly dropped out of her relatively open mouth and tears slipped down her cheeks.  If only Krista had not given her that damn note.

Part Seven

Alicia, still recovering from the palate expanders and barely aware of her surroundings, was transferred back onto the bed.  The plastic covering the mattress crinkled from her weight.  Once secured back into place the nurses pushed her out the door and down the hallway wordlessly.  She passed through many doors and found herself in a white room with a table in the middle and lots of equipment along the walls.  As the nurses transferred Alicia to the table she could feel her legs dangling helplessly in the air from the sling she was securely held in.  All she could see was the edges of the sling and the blue ventilator tube coming out of her neck.  Tears trickled down her cheeks as she was moved into place on the table.

One of the nurses steadied Alicia, who was seated on the table, as the other nurse strapped a halter around her neck and connected it to an overhead traction unit.  They slowly increased the amount of pressure pulling her neck upwards encouraging Alicia to stay as relaxed as possible on the table.  They then shaved two patches of her hair off behind her head.  Once they had everything set up a doctor approached her with a trolley.  Alicia couldn’t see that under the sheet on the trolley was the equipment for a halo vest so it came as quite a surprise when a large metal hoop was raised up towards her.  Once the Doctor had the hoop in the right position around her head he requested the nurses hold it steady.  Alicia would have screamed if she could have as she saw the doctor raise a syringe full of local anaesthetic towards her head.  He injected each of the pin sites ensuring Alicia wouldn’t feel the pins being screwed into her head.  Tears streamed down Alicia’s face as she saw the doctor with a screw in one hand and the screwdriver in the other hand.  As he pushed it further into her head it surprised her that it didn’t hurt as badly as she thought it would, the pressure was more difficult to handle than the pain.  It took the doctor a while to get all four pins into Alicia’s skull evenly ensuring the halo wouldn’t be able to move anywhere.

The nurses then pulled a sheepskin lined plastic vest over Alicia’s torso strapping it tightly so Alicia wouldn’t be able to move her upper torso.  The doctor then attached four bars to the vest anchoring the halo down and ensuring zero movement of her head and neck.  Plastic AFO braces were strapped firmly onto her feet and wrist splints were placed over her hands ensuring she couldn’t move her fingers, wrists or ankles at all.  She was then hoisted back onto her bed and pushed down the hallway of the hospital.  Soundlessly tears flowed freely down her face as she tried to come to terms with lying in a bed with her head suspended in mid-air.

Krista could only lie in bed as she always did, unaware of what had transpired.  The longer she lay there the more terrified she became that her friend had been caught.  “How could I have been so stupid and taken that risk?” she thought to herself.  She heard a door open, close, and then footsteps coming towards her.  Stuck in bed how she was she couldn’t see who was coming.  Suddenly the footsteps stopped and she heard the slam of paper on the table next to her hospital bed.

“Did you really think Miss Alicia could have gotten out of the hospital with this note?  Every single room has high quality security cameras in them and nothing you do goes unnoticed.

‘This isn’t a real hospital.  Freddy owns the place and imprisons girls for his own pleasure.  My parents found out where I read stuff on the internet and arranged for him to kidnap me.  I do not need any of this stuff except for the diaper.  They paralysed me when they first kidnapped me and I can’t move my legs.  Please get help!’

Bah! In her current state she won’t be able to help herself let alone anyone else.  A nurse will be coming in shortly to take you to get some additional treatments.”

As Mr. Jenkins walked out of the room a nurse walked into the room and started the process of hoisting Krista into her new padded wheelchair and strapping her in.  Tears welled up in Krista’s eyes as she was wheeled down the now familiar, sterile hallways to the orthopaedics department.  Her diaper was soaked and smelling but Mr. Jenkins had decided that part of her punishment would be to have to smell her diaper for longer than she usually did.

“Miss Krista!  So good to see you!  We managed to put together these new additions for you on fairly short notice after the nurses saw you have trouble with your hands and feet.  Not to worry though, we produce sturdy braces that do their job.” The doctor rattled on.

With the nurse helping holding out Krista’s arms the doctor placed specially designed splints on her hands that fully immobilised her wrists, fingers and thumbs.  They included thin straps that could either be used to tie her hands down onto her wheelchair or her bed, or be fastened around her wrists out of the way.  The nurse then pulled off Krista’s socks and the doctor pulled plastic AFO braces onto her feet.  The braces fit her perfectly holding her lower legs, ankles and feet firmly.  Krista could only wonder when they casted her legs to make these braces.  The nurse then pulled out a brand new, crisp white pair of canvas shoes.  She pulled them onto Krista’s braced feet and tied the laces tightly before strapping her legs and feet back down onto the leg rest of her wheelchair.

Krista was lost in thought, looking at these small items that made such a big difference to her mobility, when the doctor started talking to her again.  “Miss Krista.  It is important for your recovery that you don’t try to stress or strain your new splints.  They are solidly built but I do not want you trying to damage yourself.  The nurse will now take you to where you will be getting the rest of your new treatment.”

The nurse wheeled Krista back out of the room and then down the hallway in a direction Krista couldn’t remember going in before.  They went through several sets of doors before arriving at a set of double doors that looked a lot more solid than the usual doors.  They had no windows and had rubber along the gaps to create a seal.  The Nurse pushed her through the doors into a large room with an operating table in the centre.

Krista was terrified when it dawned on her that they were going to be operating on her.  She tried her best to cry “no no no” as she was pushed closer and closer to the table.  Nothing came out aside from deranged muffled noises.  The nurses in the room used a hoist to lift her up out of the wheelchair and lay her down on the operating table as best they could.  A black mask appeared in her vision and it was firmly planted on her face sealing it up completely.  After a few seconds of holding her breath she had to breathe deeply and succumb to the darkness.

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