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X-Men Evolution – Enter Sophie

This is one of the earliest fantasies I can remember having before even knowing that transabled people even existed.  I had been watching quite a bit of X-Men Evolution and I thought it would be so great if mutants existed.  You’ll find in the story what sort of charactor I wish I were.  I’m writing it down now as this story has been flooding my thoughts again, I can’t seem to shake it.

SCREEEEEEEEEEECH!!! Tyre squeals were heard and then nothing.  I wake with people surrounding me and a bombardment of so many voices.  What confuses me most is that most of them aren’t moving their mouths.  I try to concentrate on what the paramedic above me is saying but it’s hard with so much noise.

“Can you tell me your name?”

“Sophie, what’s happened?  Why is it so noisy?”

“Sophie, you were hit by a car, where do you hurt the most?”

“My head, my head feels like it’s going to explode,” I gasped for air and then continued, “My chest hurts so bad, I can’t breathe properly, my back really hurts…omg, I can’t feel my legs, I can’t feel my legs, I can’t feel my legs!”  They quickly placed an oxygen mask over my mouth and nose and I started to breathe a little easier.  Each breath felt like agony.  Darkness enveloped me once again.

Professor Xavier heard Cerebro and wheeled his chair into the large, expansive room.  He put on the headset and saw a young girl, confused, unconscious.  Because she was unconscious he couldn’t quite detect what her powers were but they seemed very powerful.  He was a little surprised that it was coming from New Zealand as he hadn’t gotten any readings from there before now.  He decided that it was worth looking into and telepathically told Jean and Logan to get ready and go to the X Jet.  He was very curious as to what her powers were as he hardly ever got such high readings.

I groggily woke up in a hospital bed.  I could breathe better, my chest still hurt.  My head still hurt and I still couldn’t feel my legs.  My back didn’t seem to hurt as badly though.  I saw a button on the bed and pushed it, assuming it would call a nurse.

Both a nurse and a doctor came into the room.  It all seemed so hard to understand, it was like a dream.  He told me that I’d broken some ribs and deflated a lung.  I suffered severe head injuries and a T12 complete spinal cord injury.  I didn’t hear much more than that, it was so hard to hear over the voices.  I didn’t know what they were, but they were so loud.  The only way I could make them go away was to drift back to sleep.  While I was asleep the nurse checked my catheter and turned me over onto my side and glanced at my IV to see where it was at.

Professor X told both Jean and Logan where and why they were going just after they had taken off. Logan just wanted to get the job over and done with but Jean was excited to meet the girl.  Prof X had never realised how far New Zealand is from the rest of the world, it took 16 hours and he was very happy to be back on the ground again.  They found a taxi and made their way to the hospital.  It took a bit of convincing to get in and find where the girl was, but that is never a challenge for Prof X.  He doesn’t always like to do it, but it’s often necessary.  They went into the room to see a young girl lying in a bed.  She was still asleep and she seemed covered in bandages.  Prof X waited patiently for her to wake up.

I woke up to a totally new set of voices running round in my head.  I saw a man in a wheelchair, and two other people standing next to him.  I had no idea who they are but the man said “she’s telepathic”.  That truly scared me.  I didn’t think any of that was possible.

“Who are you?” I asked faintly

“My name is Charles Xavier, and this is Jean and Logan.  We’re here to help you.”

“Charles Xavier?  You mean like the X-Men Charles Xavier?”

“Yes, that’s me”

“I thought that was just a comic, a cartoon, a story”

“Well, the man who first wrote those marvel comics is a friend of mine.  I decided to let him print a little of our stories, that way if people heard about mutants we could blame it on the comic book.  It was altered a fair bit, a better representation of us would be the latest cartoon X-Men Evolution.”

All I could say was “wow!”

“You’ve been hearing a lot of voices in your head haven’t you Sophie?”

“Yes, they won’t go away, they’re giving me a headache.  Even now I have so many voices, one of them is yours.”

This seemed to shock Prof X.  I didn’t realise that he had placed mental blocks in his mind to prevent others from reading his mind.  None of this made sense to me, I’d just been told that a cartoon I liked to watch was real.  Prof X offered me the chance to go back with them to his institute so I could learn to control this new power.  I would have done anything to get rid of the voices and it seemed that this was my only option.

“Well Sophie, we’ll be back once we’ve made arrangements with…”  I didn’t hear any more because I’d fallen back asleep again.

Prof X managed to convince the medical staff that Sophie would be safe travelling back to the United States with him.  It did not take long to fill out the necessary forms and get Sophie prepared for the long flight back.  Her catheter was emptied and she was transferred onto a gurney.  She was then transferred in an ambulance to the X Jet.  When the paramedics left Prof X altered their minds so they wouldn’t remember it.  They moved Sophie onto a bed inside the X Jet and connected her up to another oxygen mask.  It was too dangerous to take her in such high altitudes with no oxygen.  They raised the guard rail and took off.

“She’s telepathic Jean, she’s more advanced than I am, this is too good an opportunity to miss” Prof X said as he set the flight for home, “She’ll be sick for a while, and she’ll spend quite a few months rehabilitating before she can be an active part of the team, but it will be worth it.”

“I thought mutations started expressing themselves when the person hits puberty professor”

“Ordinarily that’s true, but there are cases such as Sophie’s where the mutation is brought on by an accident.  Sophie lost the use of her legs and suffered a pretty big head injury; we don’t know everything about the mutant gene yet,”  Prof X then turned on the radio that connected the X Jet to the mansion and began talking to Storm, “Storm, we’re almost at the mansion, we’re bringing the girl back.  I can’t say too much right now, but you need to get the infirmary ready, she’s in pretty bad shape at the moment.  Oh, and have a gurney waiting for us for when we land, over and out.”

They arrived at the mansion and waited no time in getting Sophie off the Jet and into the infirmary.  All the people living in the mansion were curious as to who this girl was, Prof X had to tell all of them to go back to what they were doing, he would explain to them about her later.  He then followed Jean and Storm down to the infirmary where he supervised them getting her into the bed.

“Jean, can you empty her catheter bag please?  Oh and move her so she’s on her side, she’s been lying on her back for way too long.  Use pillows to keep her up.”  Once they had finished getting her set in Jean and Storm raised the guard rails and left the room with Prof X to talk with him.

“For now I’m going to have to say one visitor at a time.  She’s going to be pretty overwhelmed mentally until she learns to get her power under control, and she’s in bad enough shape as it is.  You need to make sure she gets turned over every two hours; I know it’s a pain, especially at night, but until she’s strong enough to turn herself she’ll need you guys to help.  Always make sure her catheter is clean and empty, we’ll worry about the number twos tomorrow morning.  She will probably sleep a lot but someone needs to be round for when she wakes up.  She’ll be pretty freaked out.”  Prof X rattled of a lot of instructions, but these were all things he knew from personal experience.  He’d become a paraplegic when Lucifer dropped a huge stone block on him.  He knew that it would be a long road to recovery for Sophie but it would be worth it.

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