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Bromakin Street Classic

Type: Rigid Manual
Material: Aluminium

I got my chair second hand, through ebay so I haven’t got the figures for weight etc, it will vary depending on your size of frame anyway.

Mine is 16″ wide, 17″ deep with 24″ rear wheels and 5″ front wheels.

As this is my second chair I can provide a bit of a comparison with the first (a Quickie GPV) but I sold that one so long ago I can’t remember it very clearly.
Car Loading: The ‘box’ frame of my Bromakin does make loading it across my lap into the car a little fiddly but it’s perfectly possible and I do so regularly-ish (whenever I’m going somewehere on my own) It would just be easier if there was less frame, to give my knees more room etc. I don’t want to sound too down on it though because I find the Bromakin Street Classic muh easier to load across my lap than I did my old Quickie GPV.Putting the chair in the boot is easy, it fits without any trouble in my hatchback.

Handling: I don’t really feel that I can comment much here, it goes in a straight line, fits through a standard doorway etc. There are lots of options so you can get your chair set up with the camber etc that suits you, I doubt anyone would have handling problems if they’ve got it set properly for them.

Camber: adjustable if you buy a new camber tube
Centre of balance: easily adjustable with an allen key
Footrest height: adjustable with an allen key, within a range, if you’re particually short or tall you’ll need to order a chair to measure.
Backrest height: partially adjustable, but I can’t get mine short enough. You’ll need to buy new upholstrey if you change it too much.
Seat height, width, depth: not adjustable
Backrest angle: not adjustable

There are optional extras too, mine came with detachable push handles, there are also clothing gaurds available, and I think a number of other optional features.

– Beth

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