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Kink in my neck

It was my first time out in public wearing a cervical collar and I was nervous. I had started my day out as usual when I got in my truck and went to town. On the way there I had this wild idea about going into the local Wal-Mart and doing my shopping with my Miami J cervical collar on. I found the nearest place to stop to put it on and did so. When I got to the Wal-Mart parking lot I thought that my heart was going to pound through my chest. I had the biggest adrenaline rush imaginable. When I went in I got a lot of strange looks from most of the people coming out some of them looked concerned some looked intrigued and some just looked. I had shopped around for about an hour it seamed like looking at all the stuff you really don’t need until I looked up and seen a person of the opposite sex looking at me with the look of lust across their face. The only thing I could think to do was to smile and say hi so I did and they turned around and walked quickly away I think I embarrassed them by talking to them. By this time I had got a headache that would not quit so on my way out I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some Excedrin and decided to take my blood pressure. That’s when I found out why I had a headache my blood pressure was way up there and so was my heart rate so I decided to leave before I had a heart attack or something. On my way through the check stand the cashier made the comment that Excedrin works for just about any thing and how uncomfortable that I must be having to wear such a thing I just smiled and said thanks and left. When I got back to my truck I was thinking that I ought to go some place else so I went to the local Mall and walked around and left not too many people seamed to notice me there. On my way back home I drove by this place that dose old time photographs. I decided to go and have one done I went in and the two employees that were working were more than helpful they were very interested in how I got my brace I just smiled and told them it was a long story so got my pictures and left. That was my first time wearing a collar in public and wont be my last.

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