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My History with Braces XXX

Let Me Start out by saying when I was about 12 I learned to masturbate, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. When I was young, one day I was masturbating and I was about to cum and realized I had no where to put my cum, so I was sitting in my bedroom and the only thing I could find was a shoe, so I used it to cum in. Ever since that day I have been fascinated by shoes and have a habit of when I cum I either like to cum inside or on top of one of my many pairs of shoes. I have always been fascinated by shoes and orthopedic appliances, such as leg braces and back braces.

I am in my late 20’s now. When I was 16 I was fitted for An AFO (below the knee) Leg Brace for a disability. I was in shock that I now had to wear such a device. I did not know this but when I was fitted for it, it really turned me on this shocked me. Later on around the age of 18 as I wore it more often and more publicly, I began to like it and found it to be a turn on to wear. I liked the feel and look and I found that having people stare at me wearing my leg brace. I found that in many ways for it to be a turn on. I found many times when I wore my brace it would make me very horny and I liked to masturbate while wearing it.

Over the years I have had many pairs of shoes, one of my most favorite brands of shoes is Doc Martens, I have over time collected about ten pairs of Doc’s and most of them are sandals, I also like K-Swiss Tennis shoes and many styles of women’s shoes, although I have no women’s shoes, I just like the styles of women’s shoes, I like especially the High Heeled Boots and clogs, I also like Keds Shoes.

After getting my first leg brace, I always had dreams about getting newer bigger and better braces, because of my disability, but I just did not know if that was going to happen. The bigger the braces I saw the hornier it made me, the more I masturbated wearing my leg brace.

In 1997 at the age of 22 I was fitted with orthodontic braces for a jaw condition, little did I know that orthodontic braces were a turn on for me, I only though this happened with the leg braces. To my surprise as I was being fitted I began to get turned on as the orthodontist kept working on me, as I was having my brackets put on I began to get hard, thought nothing of it. The next thing I know I am beginning to get this weird feeling in my cock and had no Idea what was happening and as the ortho was finishing putting the arch wire into my braces, It just happened, I had an orgasm sitting in the chair I was in such shock, it freaked me out. The one thing I thought to myself was O god I hope it did not show through, but since I was wearing cargo shorts (being summer time) I know that it probably when right through, as he was finishing work one my braces he asked me if I was ok and I Said yes with a smile, as I smiled back to him with my new tin grin look, he told me it was ok it happens to a lot of older patients of his, this it was normal to have such excitement like that and that it was more of a reaction of shock.

When I began going to the orthodontist for my checkups, I noticed I would always get hard and sometimes orgasm unexpectedly. After some time I got used to it. Since I have had orthodontic braces I have found that I have a really bad habit of “flashing” them especially when I see other women wearing braces like. I have also found that talking about my orthodontic braces with others really turns me on and many times I find that I end up masturbating because talking about them has turned me on so much. I still wear orthodontic braces to this day.

In January of 2002 at the age of 26 I got a new prescription to get a new pair of leg braces made, I was also at this time getting a back brace made. This was the first time in almost six years that I was getting new braces and yes this time they actually casted both my legs instead of just the one. The new pair of braces was radically different and this really turned me on, once I found out what I was being fitted for. I was being fitted for KAFO’s, KAFO’s are what you would consider long leg braces they go from inside my shoes all the way up my leg past my knee to my thigh, I have knee joint that locks and a cuff that goes around my thigh. My KAFO’s are made of plastic. When I wear them I walk stiff legged with my knees locked. (Little did I know, but when I first tried them on that walking this way turned me on) I found that thinking about them again made me really horny and I masturbated quite a lot before I got my new braces. The day came that I was being casted for my new leg braces and to say the least it was really interesting. They casted my legs from my feet to my armpits. I was in plaster for almost 3 hours, what was interesting was that the plastered was very warm and that the warmth from the plaster was making me have an erection, I figured since I was beginning to have an erection I was probably about to have an orgasm, I kind of expected this as I knew getting the leg braces made would probably turn me on and sure enough as I was laying in the casts waiting to be cut out my cock began to throb. As I was being cut out as the doctor came close to my cock the vibrations from the cast saw sent me over the edge and I came inside the casts. Thankfully unlike the time I got my orthodontics this Incident went unnoticed, that was until the day came when I would go pick up my new Leg and Back braces. The day I went to go pick my braces my fiancé went with me as they were put on me and they were making adjustments I began to get hard again and I was expecting this might happen but was not sure. As they kept working I me I began to feel a little twitch in my crouch and sure enough I came in my pants as they were fitting my braces, my fiancé got a laugh out of it but I was very embarrassed, the doctor said it happens to many people. Another thing I find a turn on about wearing my braces that when I have my knees locked it adds about 2 inches to my height and when I wear my back brace it adds about 3 inches to my height. Another interesting thing about my braces is that when I am not wearing them I wear a size 10 and a half shoe to when I am wearing them I wear either a size12 or 13 shoes. As I sit her writing this right now I am wearing my KAFO’s and Doc Marten boots with them.

One thing that I have learned about my KAFO’s is that when I am having sex with my fiancé I penetrate her deeper and when I wear my corset back brace (it has a fabric front and a hard plastic back), It Make’s my cock bigger, also it is easier for her to wrap her legs around me when I am in my back Brace. Since I have had my KAFO’s I find that I usually have to masturbate while wearing them before I go to bed every night, I have seriously found that since I got my new KAFO’s I am a lot hornier and I masturbate a whole lot more, often time I like to cum on my KAFO’s. I am getting hard sitting here writing this. One thing I have learned is that when I wear my leg braces I like to show them as much as possible so when I can I will wear shorts, I find that when I show them off people stare at my Leg Braces and for me that is such a thrill and in many cases a real turn on.

In October of 2002 I was fitted for new AFO’s this time, I was also fitted for a taller back brace then the one that was made previously, it had gotten to small. The back brace I had fitted was a TLSO and it was almost up to my neck, it went as high as my nipples in front and about 3 inches below my neckline in back. One thing I find really kinky about my TLSO is when my chest is sweaty and the front edge of my TLSO rubs against my nipples I find that to be such a turn on. It makes me very hard. I absolutely Love that. When I was casted for these braces it was very different because I was not casted in my crouch area. I did not get turned on and nor did I have an orgasmic reaction. Although the Day I went to pick up my braces I did get very hard, I did not cum as I was being fitted. When I got home I did masturbate about three times that day. My new AFO’s are the same way as my KAFO’s they make me very horny. The biggest difference between my KAFO’s and my AFO’s is that my KAFO’s have an ankle joint and My AFO’s have solid ankles. I am sitting here writing this and I am so hard I want to cum so bad on my braces. Also another difference between my KAFO’s and my AFO’s is that I strap my legs in from the front on my KAFO’s and I insert my foot into my AFO’s from the Backside of the AFO brace down into the AFO. I have to say this is one of the most unique types of leg braces I have ever seen and I love wearing them. I am sitting here right now wearing my KAFO’s with my Doc Marten boots, It’s about 1 AM and I am hard as a rock thinking about this and my AFO’s are on the floor, sitting upright in my K-Swiss Tennis Shoes. I am sitting here rubbing my cock thoroughly. Thinking about whether I should cum on my KAFO’s or My AFO’s and if I should cum on my Doc Martens or My K-Swiss, Hmmmmm what should I do.

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6 Responses to My History with Braces XXX

  1. Jeroen says:

    what a horny story, I love it.
    thnx J

  2. Jeff says:

    Did u really cum while getting your braces put on? I had a hard on that day lol! Every ortho appt I do. I thought I was the only one

  3. WayneWheeler says:

    @Jeff- Yeah, this is a pretty horny story. I get the same reaction from my KAFOs!

  4. MarkC says:


    Dude! Will ya pour some water on it, man? Take that crap somewhere else!

    Your posts have been deleted- go masturbate somewhere else!

  5. Chloe says:

    Thank you Mark. I like to think I am extremely open minded, but that stuff was making me a bit uncomfortable.

  6. MarkC says:

    I’m all for freedom of speech, but not effusion of vulgarity. I let his first posts go for a couple of days even though I wasn’t comfortable with it either, but he crossed the line. Enough is enough!