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Mowing the Lawn

By: Michael Humphrey

This tip/trick will probably be more popular with the wives/girlfriends than anyone else. What I have done is take a standard model 42″ Cub-Cadet Zero Turn lawn mower and with a few modifications made it into something I can use to mow the lawn. I chose the Cub-Cadet due to the fact that you don’t need your feet for any of the controls and it is priced cheaper than some of the other mowers I looked at. The modifications that I made are as follows:

I added foot straps to keep my feet and legs from bouncing around. As a T-6 Para, I changed the standard seat to a high backed seat for more support. I used the seat belt that I took off my wheelchair for the seat belt on the mower. Other than learning an efficient way to transfer, it’s all pretty easy.

Mowing the Lawn Video A

Mowing the Lawn Video B

Mowing the Lawn Video C

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