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The Parts of a Wheelchair

A – Caster

B – Caster Fork

C – Footrest

D – Legrest

E – Cushion

F – Seat

G – Backrest

H – Rigidiser Bar:  Keeps the Backrest stable, a large rigidiser bar is sometimes required if you want to put a custom backrest on.

I – Camber Tube:  Some wheelchairs use a camber tube others use an axle plate (see O)

J – Tire

K – Pushrim/Handrim

L – Axle

M – Spoke

N – Clothing/Side Guard:  Used to protect your clothes from getting caught in the wheels

O – Axle Plate: used to hold wheels in place in some chairs and to hold the camber tube in place in other chairs.  The axle plate also defines the centre of gravity of the wheelchair.

If you know of a more suitable picture I can use for this post that clearly shows all the parts please email it to me.

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3 Responses to The Parts of a Wheelchair

  1. Ahiru says:

    Those pictures are for measurements and I thought that’d essentially been covered in OTMouse’s Will This Chair Fit Me? post. I will see about adding another picture to it showing where her measurements are for.

  2. Beth says:

    Great info for newbies here. Perhaps you could include stuff like ‘seat dump’ and ‘camber’ though maybe they would need to be on a seperate picture to keep it from becoming too clutttered. And I suppose camber would need to be a front on picture. http://www.epc-wheelchairs.co.uk/measurement.php

  3. Aaron Carter says:

    This is great information to know. I just got a wheelchair for my son and I have no clue about this terminology. I guess it will all just come with the life. It’s better to get started now though.

    Aaron Carter | http://www.southwestmedical.com/category/Wheelchair-Parts/517