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Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID): This is a mental disorder where the person’s body image of themselves does not match their physical body.  It affects people in different ways.  Some feel they are meant to be amputees, others blind, deaf, and some feel they were meant to have a spinal cord injury.  This illness currently has no cure beyond elective surgery.  Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy does not work for most cases.  Some people with BIID describe themselves as Wannabes however not all who have BIID like to use this term as it implies they want their body changed rather than needing this. Latest research points to neurological origin of BIID – one’s body map is different, one’s brain is wired differently already in utero.

Pretender: A pretender is someone who uses a wheelchair for pleasure (not necessarily sexual).  They do not desire a disability.  Pretenders on this website pretend carefully keeping in mind the impact they have on the world’s perception of disabled people.  Some pretenders have other disabilities but these are not related to wheelchairs.

Devotee/Admirer: Devotees are people who are sexually attracted to a particular group of people.  A devotee on this website is someone who is attracted to someone in a wheelchair, crutches or leg braces.

DPW: Devotee/Pretender/Wannabe. Not to be confused with PWD.

Transabled: Transabled is a term coined by Sean O’Connor.  It is an everyday term to use for BIID.  It is an analogy to the term Transsexual (rather than using GID sufferer all the time).

PWD: Person with Disability. PWD are welcome on this website and we are more than happy to help with issues you are having with your wheelchair.  We have an occupational therapist here who can help you with your more technical problems.

AB: Able Bodied.  Someone who has no physical disabilities which affects their ability to carry out normal everyday tasks.

This list is by no means complete and if there is a term you do not understand that has been used on this website please ask in the forums.

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3 Responses to Glossary

  1. Bob says:

    you might add

    TAB – temporarily abled bodied.

    that’s usually what we PWD call most everyone else

  2. Bob says:

    probably should add a deff of “wannabe” since that seems to be missing, probably more appropriate someone else defines this term


  3. Elisabeth says:

    I added those two terms. I also added to Links section Yes, you can! guide. You might have some suggestions in the links section.