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The Forward Fall Out

The Forward Fall Out 1

by Leandre Casselman

Falling out of a chair is not the coolest thing that can happen, but fortunately, there are ways to get back in. The first is the complete 90 degree method. Position yourself at a 90 degree angle close the front of the chair. Lock your breaks. Pull your legs in towards your chest as close as you can. With the arm that is closest to the chair, grab the wheel in front of you. With the other arm push yourself off the ground, and put your weight forward. Rotate slightly and pull until you are able to sit on the seat. Then reposition. To practice, remove the seat cushion to make the seat a little lower. Then, break it down into small steps. Practice pulling yourself until you can sit on the footplate. From the footplate, pull yourself onto the seat. You can also place the cushion on the footplate. This will give you a little less distance to the seat.

Forward Fall Out Video A

The Forward Fall Out 2

by Justin Riedler

Position yourself with your back facing the chair, legs outstretched. Grab onto the hand rests, and pull yourself onto the chair. This looks easier than it is. The trick is grabbing onto your chair in a spot where it won’t tip forward on top of you. You want to grab as far toward the back of the chair as you can. Of course, this also takes some tremendous upper body strength!

Forward Fallout Video B

The Forward Fall Out 3 – For Partial

s With Some Leg Strength

by Leandre Casselman

If you are able to push a little with you

r legs, this is the easiest way to get back into your chair. Position yo

urself with your back facing the chair. Make sure you have locked your breaks. Pu

ll your legs in close to your chest. Reach behind you and grab onto the sea

t with both arms. Pull yourself up so that some weight is over your legs. Pull with your arms, and push with your legs until you are able to sit in the seat.

Forward Fallout Video C

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