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The Backseat of a Car

The backseat of a car is a great place to be especially if it’s a big 1980s Cadillac, and there’s a hot babe next to you. The only problem is, getting in and out can be a pain – the back doors are shorter which makes hauling your butt into that seat a little more difficult. I have found a little trick which makes the entire process a breeze. I must caution you to use it only with family – like on Christmas day when the entire family is on their way to Grandma’s house. Once your friends find out about this skill, your automatic shotgun days are over, and you’ll be back to racing for that seat next to the driver.

The first step is to open the back door and roll down the window. Then transfer by putting your head through the window for a little extra room. Reverse this process on the way out.

Getting In the Backseat of a Car Video

Getting Out of the Backseat of a Car Video

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